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  1. Can we all agree on the following:?
  2. Just Remember: John Kerry vs George Bush
  3. Romney wins on style, Obama on Facts
  4. Debate Apologists 2012
  5. Obama's Policies
  6. Romney Goes On Offense, Pays For It In First Wave Of Fact Checks
  7. PinkSlip on GAYS??
  8. What PinkSlip Got Away With
  9. And now for the Truth about Offshoring Jobs ... Mitt didn't know anything about this.
  10. BREAKING: Mitt Romney finally releses the specifics of his Economic Plan
  11. Trust - New President Obama add
  12. The October 3 presidential debate
  13. Leading from behind, the Obama way!
  14. Redistribution Redux
  15. FACKcheckin' Obama Debate Lies
  16. If Sarah Palin were the running VP.....
  17. Obama Campaign Shifts Strategy
  18. ‘I Said Something That’s Just Completely Wrong’
  19. Good News for America, not so Good for GOP
  20. What happened to the GOPs concern with Voter Fraud? Sure is Quiet on this Forum!
  21. The Five Lies Of Obama’s Re-election Case
  22. More Obama Videos Reveal His Disturbing Drive for Further Division Read more: http:/
  23. Paul Ryan v Joe Biden Debate Will be More Like Lion v Jackass Read more: http://godf
  24. Paul Ryan v Joe Biden Debate Will be More Like Lion v Jackass
  25. Obama Like a Broken Record Repeating Same Lies Over and Over and Over Again
  26. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Obama Lost During Debate Without Teleprompter
  27. Obama Doesn’t Care About Hispanics, Just Their Votes
  28. Rev. Wright Played Matchmaker for Gay Men
  29. Romney's Amazing Sleight of Hand Performance!
  30. Typical Mitt Flip / Flop
  31. Get Ready for Chicago Rules
  32. October Surprise? Obama secret Iran deal cut
  33. Jesse Jackson, Wright 'arranged' Obama marriage
  34. Americans' distrust of Obama birth story rises
  35. The presidential race in Ohio tightens
  36. President Obama's Madison Wisconsin rally yesterday.
  37. Maybe I am overgeneralizing - WELFARE!
  38. Mitt Romney on the issues
  39. Desperate Dems Hide Behind Big Bird
  40. Swing State Polls are Rigged
  41. Folks, We Have a Brand New Ballgame
  42. Obama Raises $150M in September, Tries to Block 'Blockbuster' Donor Scandal
  43. Social Issues - Obama/Romney Debate
  44. Romney takes a slight lead in Florida
  45. Romney edges ahead in Virginia
  46. Obama couldn't run a Lemonade Stand
  47. "Debate" Unfair to Obama
  48. Romney: Issues, Obama: Romney
  49. Mitt Romney Flip Flops
  50. Snoop Dogg uses typical liberal logic to show us all why we should vote for Obama
  51. rRomney is now significantly ahead among independents
  52. Hussein vows to keep free Birth Control mandate
  53. The Presidebt promotes racial hatred, division and warfare
  54. Uh...
  55. Barack's bullshit bingo
  56. Wisconsin is now very tight
  57. Debate remix - hip hop style
  58. Why Obama Now
  59. To People Voting for Obama
  60. Business Owners/Businesses
  61. Top Reasons Obama Lost The Debate
  62. Far Left Meltdown
  63. Minnesota's Encouraging New Trafficking Law
  64. Does Barack Obama really want to be president?
  65. Scare tactics.................
  66. Backlog of Veterans' Disability Claims Increases 179% Under Obama
  67. What does it say when the VP needs almost a week to prepare for the debate?
  68. American Outraged
  69. Why Obama's Campaign is Falling Apart
  70. Enthusiasm
  71. Did robmoney see the crash coming?
  72. Princeton Economist: Obama Campaign Is Misrepresenting My Study on Romney's Tax Plan
  73. Even Big Bird knows the truth
  74. A Taste of the Debate to Come?
  75. OH YEAH ROMNEY!! (VIDEO) Libya attacks were not an isolated incident
  76. Typical racist liberals attack a black actress for proclaiming her support for Romney
  77. Lara Logan wants US to exact vengence on Libya
  78. Has The Tide Turned? Romney has the lead in the PEW poll
  79. Just some more Math Republicans will Deny and call a Conspiracy
  80. Mitt Romney’s Most Dishonest Speech
  81. Obama: To win this.....
  82. yes, "truth" matters
  83. Obama & Socialist Party
  84. Catholic group flunks Obama on religious liberty
  85. Howard Stern Exposes Obama Supporters 2012
  86. Another Home Run: Romney Speech Lays Out Clear, Confident Foreign Policy Vision
  87. Ten Dates to Remember from Obama's Amazing 1st Term
  88. Willard Mitt Romney finally tells the the American People the Truth ...
  89. 'These people make me sick'
  90. Welch can't take the heat: I quit
  91. Mitt Romney in tribute to fallen seal
  92. Halloween Masks Sales and the Election
  93. There Was No Protest At Benghazi Consulate
  94. Democrats finally integrate their terrorist arm
  95. Paul Ryan walks out of interview
  96. Ryan vs Biden - Predict attacks and best responses
  97. There are two paths & it is Imperative to make the RIGHT CHOICE
  98. WBUR Poll: Brown Leads Warren By 4 Points
  99. How does this video about the military make you feel?
  100. As a child, Obama claimed to be Kenyan/indonesian Royalty
  101. Foreign Nationals Donating
  102. The Truth about The Republican Party
  103. Debate Rigged?
  104. David Siegel Email To Workers Threatens Layoffs If Obama Is Reelected
  105. Classy Ann
  106. Latino support for GOP plunges in Arizona
  107. Willard Mitt Romney - The Great Debator, Debates himself
  108. Romney, aides can't keep their story straight on reproductive rights
  109. House of Cards Collapsing
  110. Bad News For Biden
  111. Some more Crap Republicans can defend!
  112. Post your Best Willard Romney Pictures and Quotes
  113. Jamie Dimon CEO with the stones to tell the truth - I'll pay more in individual taxes
  114. The Grieving Widow Behind Romney's Personal Story
  115. For Obama Big Bird is More Important than US Embassies
  116. Obama’s Allowance of Gays in Military Fails to Buy Him Votes
  117. Radical Islam is not in Retreat
  118. Swing State Ohio Swinging Towards Romney
  119. Obama Defends Debate Performance: 'I Was Just Too Polite'
  120. Joe Biden's Greatest Hits!
  121. (R-Tea Party) Jason Chaffetz admits to defunding Libyan Embassy
  122. Florida; Here we go again!
  123. How to Piss-Off a Republican; Give them Good Economic News
  124. Wasserman-Shultz at it again....
  125. More words of Wisdom, From Mitt - Let Mitt be Mitt
  126. Obama is winning Ohioans who have already cast their ballot by a 63-37 margin
  127. Wow: Great Obama Add on Paul Ryan Lies - Must See!
  128. Obama Family Foundation Funds Scholastic Training of Jihadis
  129. “Ahmadinejad to Wed Gay Lover in Mecca”
  130. Obamacare Will Make the Poor Even Poorer
  131. TSA Humiliates Dying Passenger In Front Of Other Passengers
  132. State Department Creates Time Paradox, Says It Never Blamed Video in Libya Attacks
  133. Sabato: Things are looking better for Romney in Florida and Virginia
  134. 5 Life Advantages You Acquire From Experiencing Poverty
  135. Ryan: Romney’s Best Spokesman
  136. A Lawyer by Training, Obama Ignore Rules of Law
  137. The Axis of Liberalism Marches to Re-elect Obama
  138. Why Obama Now?
  139. Something Big Is Going On
  140. US Govt Massacres Virginia Family
  141. C'mon Mitt; Give A Mother A Break!
  142. The GOP can kiss my ass
  143. Class Warfare in the Trenches
  144. Navy spy sold secrets to Russia for $3K a month
  145. Ryan & Walker withdraw endorsements after *some girls rape easy* remarks
  146. Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida Michicgan all "toss ups" -- Real Clear Politics
  147. So, who won the VP debate? Does anyone care?
  148. Solyndra--Obama taking care of his one percenter buddies
  149. The Zero Bound--Is Japan's impending debt collapse the future of America?
  150. I think Fox News is going to cry ...
  151. OMG ... Alert Fox News ... I see a Smerk
  152. Mitt made it to the Big Times
  153. School Choice Advances
  154. Forget Surgery if you're a Senior
  155. CNN Debate Poll
  156. Romney Leading in 11 Swing States
  157. Black Religious Leaders Spending $1 Million to Defeat Obama
  158. Joe Biden – Ill Mannered, Rude, Lying and Condescending Read more: http://godfatherp
  159. 1913 - The Darkest Day for Freedom In American History
  160. Avoid socialism
  161. Those Pesky Ol' Debates
  162. New Element Discovered--Obamachronium!
  163. Pile Of Manure Dumped On An Ohio Democratic Headquarters
  164. Libertarian candidates for president, statewide offices can remain on PA ballot
  165. Democracy Now - Expanding the VPOTUS Debate
  166. My Prediction for the Town Hall Debate - What's Yours??
  167. UN Internet Tax Gaining…
  168. Suffolk Polls Pulls out of FL, VA, and NC
  169. Obama Admin put islamist Militia in charge of Benghazi Consulate security
  170. The Left Should Stop Arguing and Take Action!
  171. It may take a few days. . . .
  172. Mitt Romney - Denver Debate Fact Check: 30 Lies in 30 Minutes!
  173. If the election were held today, who do you think would win?
  174. Black Pastors/Christians turning on Democrat Party
  175. Welcome to the fourth year of trillion plus deficits
  176. Picture Ballots
  177. Voter Intimidation
  178. Read The Comments
  179. Paul Ryan Calls Social Security a Welfare Program
  180. Do you consider yourself unbiased and objective?
  181. Quelling panic in the ranks is Job 1 for Obama campaign
  182. Chris Wallace Questions Romney Tax Plan on Fox News Sunday
  183. This Political Add Hits a Home Run!
  184. the Republican party is the party of sociopaths
  185. Obama grabs wide lead among those who have already voted
  186. Political Insiders Give It To Obama 82% to 18%
  187. The 47% ain’t buying the crap you’re selling.
  188. Ronald Reagan’s budget director: Romney Is NO Job Creator
  189. Obama will do a better job; Philadelphia Inquirer
  190. Tomorrow's Debate Will Likely Decide the Election
  191. Ashley Judd: Vote Early
  192. 40% Of Small Business Revenue Goes To Regulatory Compliance
  193. What a Puzzy ... Mitt Romney Cancels On ‘The View’
  194. American Hero John Glenn tells Ohio why he support Obama
  195. Leader of Freeworld back to hawking $10 car magnets on Twitter
  196. Get those absentee ballot in ASAP?
  197. The Real Mitt Romney in his “own words”.
  198. If Being Governor Is a Test of Leadership, Romney is Getting His Ass Kicked in Mass.
  199. Welcome To The Party - Warrior Soul
  200. Why no Noise from The Right - Outsourcing Illinois jobs in Freeport to China
  201. The state of the presidential race in Ohio
  202. FDR Warns Americans about Mitt Romney
  203. What Republicans Really Think About Mitt Romney
  204. The Things We Know About Romney
  205. Republican Racism is a thing of the Past!
  206. Twitter full of Calls for Riot if Obama Loses
  207. Charity president unhappy about Paul Ryan soup kitchen ‘photo op’
  208. So when $400 Million and your Candidate isn't good enough to Win an Election ...
  209. D-Day Campaigning
  210. Democrats on the verge of Delirium Tremens
  211. Obama On Mariah-Minaj Dispute
  212. Where's the Race-Baiters in 2012?
  213. A Clear Choice
  214. ObamaTax: Government Rationing Of Health Care
  215. Mitt's New Math
  216. Paul Ryan is Ayn Rand... Ayn Rand is Paul Ryan
  217. Need Tips on how to promote a Conservative Children's Picture Book online!
  218. Obama free fall continues, avoids questions on Benghazi
  219. Obama could drive 'a stake through his own heart' in do-or-die debate against Romney
  220. The second 2012 Presidential Debate
  221. Real Monsters
  222. Ok, who do you think won the debate?
  223. Obama and Romney set for round two !!
  224. Facts Matter: Obama's Rose Garden Speech After Sept. 11 Benghazi Attack
  225. Another Obamanomics failure
  226. Waiter … Check Please!
  227. No More Homework
  228. Federal land use policy preventing Utah energy independence
  229. Yes, it also takes some brass to say that too, Mr. President.
  230. GALLUP: Mitt Romney Now Has A Gigantic 6-Point Lead Over Obama
  231. Latest Gallup poll: R: 51A% O: 45%
  232. "Can You Say That A Little Louder, Candy" -- Romney Creamed By Moderator
  233. Romney Warned Against Pointing Fingers At Bush Administration After 9/11 Attacks
  234. What a surprise! Democrats talk more and interrupt more in debates.
  235. US Security problem? What Security problem?
  236. Surprise surprise. Look at what obamacare unleashes next year.
  237. Policing Our Kill Crazy Presidents
  238. Isn't this true, based on everything you're reading on this Forum?
  239. What a Surprise, another Lie!
  240. Tagg Romney wants to *take a swing* at the President
  241. Welfare spending jumps 32% in four years
  242. Gallup ... what do they know anyway?
  243. Liar in Chief does it again! Lied about his pension this time!
  244. All Due Respect To Fox’ But ‘Taxes Are Too Low
  245. It’s Lonely being a Republican
  246. Latest Gallup poll: R: 52% O: 45%
  247. Obama is done and Here's Why
  248. How long before we hear "It's Obama's fault" coming from the GOP & neo-cons?
  249. Ohio University Obama Event
  250. Joe Biden and foot-in-mouth disease