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  1. Could Pennsylvania turn red this year?
  2. Mr. Schwab tells it like it is--how Obama/Bernake are screwing seniors/small savers
  3. Obama describes deaths of 4 Americans in Libya as 'not optimal'.
  4. How about this ... ? A place for Presidential Predictions
  5. Eva Longoria gets her hiney handed to her
  6. Doctor Joe Walsh renders is professioal opinion on Abortion.
  7. So much for Mitt's 14 Day Argument! Please Proceed with your Next Lie
  8. Ok so let’s get the excuses out of the way now!
  9. Ann Romney's Kids Served ...
  10. Whoopi Attempts Gotcha On Ann Romney, Wrongly Says Mormonism Forbids Military Service
  11. Muslim Democrat Reveals His Hate Speech
  12. The Left is Now Reduced To Physical Violence
  13. Hey Clint Eastwood: Why I'm Supporting President Obama
  14. Mitt has Romnesia
  15. Still want your America “back”?
  16. Unemployment falls in seven key election swing states
  17. "Vote for the Mormon, not the Muslim" (church-front) sign stirs controversy...
  18. Obama Gains in Forecast on Resiliency in Swing State Polls
  19. I forgot, what branch of the service was owebumbles in?
  20. How The Republicans Lost My Vote
  21. Voices Of The People
  22. Contract to Va. GOP charged with voter registration fraud
  23. Lee iacocca endorses romney for president
  24. Electoral maps
  25. Your Government At Work Under Barry Soetoro
  26. Women in Obama White House earn less than men, amid 'equal pay' debate Read more
  27. Is Obama Buying the Election With His Welfare Explosion?
  28. You Don't Deserve a Bunch of Name Calling
  29. Hi-ho Silver
  30. For all of you Republicans who think that spending and taxes are too high...
  31. Biden? Brilliant Choice
  32. Romney Polling…
  33. Crumbling Walls
  34. Gallup Has Romney Up by 7: Should Obama Panic?
  35. Obama Campaign Borrows $15M from Bank of America
  36. Yet another interesting email from my buddy
  37. The cost of owebumbles Czars, this is sickening.
  38. Luntz on Florida
  39. Obama under pressure to spell out his agenda for a second term
  40. Final Debate Prediction
  41. PPP shows Romney within one point in Ohio
  42. Canada for President of the United States -- The New Utopia
  43. Vote 'em all out!
  44. Romney wins in a landslide -- Las Vegas oddsmaker doubles down on prediction
  45. Benghazi
  46. The Body Language of the Second Presidential Debate
  47. We Found Them
  48. Illegal Donation System
  49. Debate Schedule
  50. Gov. Romney pulls almost even among likely women voters
  51. Ache'in Akin
  52. The Logical End Of ObamaTax
  53. Full-Time Employees
  54. How the Obama-Romney foreign policy debate could determine the election
  55. Blacks' contempt for Obama and the Dem party
  56. Ohio voter fraud billboards to come down, sponsor stays unnamed
  57. United Nations to monitor conservative groups at polling places
  58. Largest paper in Ohio Endorses President Obama
  59. National Review Reader Survey
  60. Washington Insider: Obama Member of Chicago Gay Man’s Club
  61. Looks like All Republicans suffer from Romnesia when it's convenient
  62. Endorsements
  63. Clint Eastwood’s Empty Chair…
  64. The Last 11 Presidents In Their Uniforms
  65. Romnesia Crash Lands near Fort Lauderdale
  66. Fox News tries to Re-Write Preosident Obama September12th Speech
  67. State Papers Flock to Obama
  68. Bowles And Simpson Say Romney’s Tax Math ‘Simply Doesn’t Work’
  69. Decisions; Debate or Monday Night Football? WhaCha going to do?
  70. Is Ann Romney suffering from Romnesia also … ?
  71. Newspaper Owned By Top Right-Wing Funder Falsely Claims ID Is Required To Vote
  72. It's time to stop fighting over there and start rebuilding here !
  73. African American Turnout Doubles White Turnout in NC
  74. Viva-La Opps! President Obama Up Huge with Hispanics
  75. Do we really need this Foreigh Policy Debate?
  76. Dinesh D'Souza's Christian Values America
  77. Abandoned Power Plants In America
  78. Obama Gets Most of His Money From Foreigners
  79. I’m The Whitest White Man in The USA!
  80. Pew Research: Repubs smarter than Dems
  81. A Serious Question For Obama Supporters
  82. Beware of Mitt Romney's Foreign Policy Advisors
  83. Only Americans understand America...
  84. Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up?
  85. Election Fraud Starts
  86. Feds to probe possible voter fraud in Florida
  87. The Left’s National Vote Fraud Strategy Exposed
  88. 'Not Obama' Wins Again
  89. All paid Posters have been called in
  90. The State of the Presidential Race
  91. Mitt Romney's 20 Percent Tax Rate Cut Scam
  92. Man claims Obama was a Collegiate Coke Dealer
  93. Mitt Romney Tells Employers to Intimidate Employees
  94. Anna Wintour. AGAIN
  95. Pakistan Supports Mitt Romney, but No Other Country Does
  96. No So Fast...Let's not get all excited about "President Romney"
  97. Chris Matthews Race Card. *Sigh* Again?
  98. White House told of militant claim two hours after Libya attack: emails
  99. Obama has massive lead -- In other countries!
  100. O-Bots Are Slobs…
  101. Keeping A Campaign Promise
  102. Ultimately, OBAMA is responsible for Benghazi.
  103. Trump calls Obama out, 5 million dollar challenge.
  104. At Stake
  105. Gota Love The Donald
  106. A Special Young Man Responds to Ann Coulter.
  107. Words from Maya Angelou
  108. Do you think Obama will meet Donald's request?
  109. I realy feel sorry for Republiccan / Conservsative Women
  110. Bill knows Barack
  111. The Last Republican with Real Balls
  112. Why No Woman Should Ever Vote For Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan
  113. Don't Mess With Us.
  114. Condoleezza Rice
  115. Wow: Hal Holbrook nailed it ...
  116. Dear Sexist Leftists,
  117. Colin Powell Endorses Obama, Will ‘Stick With Him In 2012’
  118. Feds investigate phony letters warning Florida voters they're not eligible to vote
  119. IIs It Possible....
  120. Obama want to build clean energy "here in China
  121. How the right wing lost in 2012
  122. While Obama wants jobs in China -- Biden is confused about where he is too!
  123. Obama Out Flip-Flops Romney
  124. I’ll Donate $1 Million To Charity If ‘You Let Me Dip ....
  125. BREAKING: The Real Mitt Romney caught on tape ... Yet Again!
  126. Arizona Republican Family Values
  127. Will Voter Fraud Win Obama a Second Term? Ask yourself why the Democratic Party has
  128. Finally Someone Is Talking About Obama’s Imperial Presidency
  129. The Most Important Article
  130. Dem campaign boss caught in voter fraud resigns
  131. Colorado Group Paying $20 Per Obama Vote
  132. New Obama Ad ‘537’ Warns Of Bush 2000 Repeat
  133. Democrats Desperate to Tie Romney to Mourdock Comments
  134. Burglar Sues Man He Shot
  135. Hey Undecided Voters....
  136. 10 Forgotten Scandals Surrounding Mitt Romney
  137. Reagan Staffer Calls Bullshit On Romney Calling Himself A Businessman
  138. Obama Keeping it Classy...NOT!
  139. How Big Was the Crowd in Richmond, Virginia?
  140. Great News for Women; Mitt Romney has your back, just don't ben over.
  141. Texas Says No Way, Jose to U.N. Election Monitors
  142. Obama Says Ayn Rand Is For Teens
  143. Obama Strategy: Squirrel Du Jour
  144. These Guys!
  145. Who is Romkey?
  146. Absentee ballot requests in Iowa exceed total early vote in 2008
  147. Who Has Obama Helped?
  148. Thanks, President Obma
  149. Where did all the Debt come from?
  150. Mitt Romney wants to hide from the Truth trailer
  151. GOP Rape Advisory Chart
  152. Five $ per vote -- yikes!
  153. Hold ON. Obama defended rights of violent Sex Offenders
  154. Former Biden Aid says Biden is an Egomaniacal Autocrat
  155. Katy Perry Last night at a President Obama Rally - Dam Baby
  156. The Hotties are out for President Obama - Alicia Keys
  157. The disappearing gender gap
  158. Michigan is very tight now
  159. We have an alternative to Obama & Romney...
  160. Blockbuster Interview with James Traficant
  161. Lake County veteran's Mitt Romney signs, flags torched in yard
  162. Democrat Base
  163. No Comment: Just Watch for yourself
  164. Mitt Romney's Navy
  165. The Hotties come out for Mitt Romney
  166. Your money is no object for the Royal Couple
  167. CEO who threatened workers if they voted for Obama violated Wisconsin law
  168. Stop This Politicizing’ Of Libya; Geraldo Rivera
  169. Your World Under Republican Rule
  170. Yet another Romney LIE!
  171. The Real Willard Mitt Romney Exposed - Please try to Defend
  172. To parents who have lost a child...
  173. Obama On Defense
  174. Liberals Hate Success, Religion, Tradition & Independence
  175. Oops: Condi Rice Pours Cold Water On ‘Benghazi-Gate’
  176. Republicans for Obama group makes case for Obama
  177. Colin Powell Endorsed Obama Because He Is Black
  178. A serious question to THP members
  179. News From Obama’s Home State
  180. Harry Reid Hospitalized
  181. Obama Supporters disagree with his policies
  182. A late break in the presidential race?
  183. The Power of the Tea Party
  184. Mitt Romney's Health Care Plan - Myths and Lies
  185. More Obama Enrosements
  186. Watch your kids around Obama says top NY PR Firm Owner
  187. The Des Moines Register endorses Romney
  188. President Obama on a Roll
  189. Florida: Another Major Newspaper Abandons Obama, Polls Romney up
  190. Obamabots dump nails in parking lot ahead of Romney Rally
  191. Republican Love Affair with African Americans..........
  192. The Des Moines Register endorses Romney
  193. Brandon Darby, former Radical, FORMER.
  194. Obama's internal numbers are down
  195. Growing Concerened
  196. The latest electoral map.
  197. Romneys' massive Profits from the Auto Bailout
  198. Barack Obama's BBQ
  199. My party, unfortunately, is the bastion of those people -- not all of them, but most.
  200. Democrats use children for propaganda...again
  201. GOP Presidents Have Been the Worst Contributors to the Federal Debt
  202. Gallup on the presidential election
  203. Republicans Voted Down A Democratic Amendment To Increase Flood Control Funding
  204. Speaking Of Cultures
  205. Josh Whedon says Romney win will bring on Zombie Apocalypse
  206. Black Americans
  207. Outrageous and Sometimes Stupid Obama campaign ads
  208. George Will on our public debt and our national character
  209. God must be telling you something.
  210. The Greeks still have nothing on Romney and his ilk
  211. Is this idiot Romney for real?
  212. Mitt Romney's EPIC LIE about Jeep and China is getting CREAMED by The Press
  213. Romnopoly: AmericanBridge Super Pac Releases Ad on Ohio TV
  214. Romney on Eliminating FEMA: "Absolutely!"
  215. Nate Silver: Ohio is not a toss-up
  216. The New York Times - A Big Storm Requires Big Government
  217. Is this IDIOT Obama for real?
  218. Storm Relief Rally? WTF
  219. Foul Mouthed Seniors for Obama
  220. Obama is OFFENDED over Benghazi News Coverage
  221. Jennifer Lopez: Join Latinos for Obama
  222. Less than 24 hours for the Country First Americans
  223. Race is tied, but most think Obama will win: Reuters/Ipsos poll
  224. 'Politics of insult' alive and well despite Obama's 2008 lament. Classless
  225. Question: Is Chris Christie trying to distance himself from the romney campaign.
  226. Gallup on the trend among early voters
  227. George Will on the "racism" hypothesis
  228. Facebook has Obama's Back, too
  229. This election is primary about race....
  230. Mitt Romney Flip-Flops on Over 20 Major Policy Issues
  231. Gucci bags and massage parlors
  232. Thank you, Mr. President.
  233. Statistician; Nate Silver has Obama at 299 - 238 Romney, 77.4% chance of winning
  234. Get The Facts: A Very Quick Look at President Obama's First Term
  235. Raising Taxes Ain't Gonna Do It
  236. Caption: Where's Mitt? In the Can with Diaper’s!
  237. We’re looking at a Hubble telescope-length distances between campaign ads and reality
  238. Romney wants to outsource FEMA
  239. Romney manipulated stock prices of Staples??
  240. Republicans and Rape
  241. Republican Governor of Virginia, Robert McDonnell praises Obama's hurricane response
  242. Machele Bachmann still making a complete Ass out of Herself
  243. BREAKING: Dick Morris predicts a Romney landslide
  244. All that Debt can from somewhere ....
  245. Vote for the Adults
  246. Will there be no peace with the democrat barbarians?
  247. 10-Year Old Campaigners
  248. This Early Vote Calculation from Gallup Looks Terrible for Obama
  249. Another state warns UN inspectors. CLue. not a southern one.
  250. Is there a single Liberal ad that isn't completely insane?