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  1. Biden in 2016?
  2. Random - Is Bill O'Reilly a Republican?
  3. More Quaint Presidential Firsts For Obama
  4. Court may force woman to have abortion
  5. Menendez called for secret service agents to be fired over prostitution scandal
  6. A Message for my Republican Bill Cosby Fans.
  7. Who's Yo Daddy Now?
  8. Mitt Romney summed up with one word ...
  9. Hurricane Relief Romney Administration Style
  10. This is why we don't want a Business in Chief
  11. US to hit borrowing ceiling at year-end: Treasury
  12. Proof that Republicans Really Do Want Voter Suppression to Occur
  13. Romney - $5,000 on granola bars, canned food, and diapers to put on display
  14. Look Familiar?
  15. Obama Phone Song...
  16. Allen West's GOP Primary Opponent says he's "embarrassed" by West, endorses Democrat
  17. I think it's over when ...the fat Man Sings
  18. Dam, Bill sticks it in and breaks it off!
  19. Obama endorses Romney's ideas of cutting bureaucrazy and red tape...
  20. If Early Voting goes against Obama do you think Dems will agree its a bad idea?
  21. Obama’s campaign goes empty and strident
  22. Gore: On Hurricane Sandy
  23. Surprise!! Bloomy endorses Obama
  24. Al Sharpton and taxes, something just for fun.
  25. Member Of Obama’s Jobs Council Endorsed Mitt Romney
  26. DOE Loans Were Used To Help Harry Reid In Nevada
  27. Obama Has An Army Of Lawyers Ready For Election Day
  28. No Voter Fraud?
  29. Trumka blames Romney for Obama's EPA
  30. Charges against Romney on bail out profiteering
  31. Pew: Romney is up in early voting.
  32. Obama did not convene its top interagency counterterrorism resource durring attack...
  33. Recounts likely -- James Baker
  34. Guess what Mitt Romney's new slogan is ... ?
  35. Seeking Likely Obama Voters
  36. President Obama has 2500 Lawyers just in Ohio watching the Polls
  37. Latest Jobs Report
  38. Bill Clinton : The Only Moron In America.
  39. Swing State Scorecard - Keep handy on Tuesday
  40. The Facts on Jobs
  41. Reid says he can't work with Romney
  42. Really, you have to love Joe Biden
  43. My (Tentatively) Final U.S. Election Predictions
  44. For every 1 new job under Obama 75 new people added to food stamp rolls.
  45. Media Favoritism May Be Hurting Obama
  46. If Regan could fix the Carter disaster in 4 years why couldn't Obama?
  47. Romney's "fake" fundraiser
  48. And so it begins: voter manipulation. Armed Forces Persnel not allowed to vote
  49. Michael Barone calling the election
  50. Obama tells people to vote for REVENGE - Video
  51. Mark Levin...The Liberal Mindset
  52. Obama! Obama! Obama! Get Out and Vote!
  53. Maher to Romney Supporters: 'Black People Know Who You Are and Will Come after You
  54. Reid says he can't work with Romney
  55. Dependence and Ignorance Fomented by the Left
  56. Is Barack Obama a Compulsive Liar?
  57. Obama! Obama! Obama! VOTE FOR THIS RACIST!
  58. Israel's Oldest Daily Newspaper Endorses Obama
  59. NC: Dead people are voting. Man admits to voting numerous times for obama
  60. Perhaps Obama should talk to NZ
  61. Racist Liberals -- Bill Maher
  62. Man up - if your candidate loses on Tuesday...
  63. Very Little Race Card Play This Election
  64. Looking Askance at Obama makes YOU a Racist!
  65. Obama leading by Faith
  66. Political Observations
  67. COMMIECRAT FUNDRAISER loaded with jokes about rape, nazis, and racism.
  68. Florida Democrats: Early voting extended in 1 county Dems are pathetic!!!!
  69. RIP positive ads in 2012
  70. Final election predictions
  71. NAACP Takes Over Houston Polling Station
  72. A warning to all about exit polls....
  73. Romoney's lies about job growth under Obama
  74. Who would have thought Pennsylvania would become a questionmark for Obama - IT IS!
  75. Fineman: Dems want Ashley Judd to run against McConnell
  76. Dancing for Obama
  77. A Friendly Reminder - Odumba Is A Child Hater
  78. Really CNN you put out such a clearly bad poll and want us to take you seriously?
  79. BREAKING | "Clinton Calls Military “Racist, Sexist, & Homophobic" Will Obama Disavow?
  80. Obama's Words Come Back to Haunt Him
  81. Dick Morris Predicts Romney Will Win with 325 Eletoral Votes
  82. Who is having an Election Night Party?
  83. I’m embarrassed for America
  84. Huge Crowd waiting for Romney to speak
  85. Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today
  86. The real reason why we will win tomorow
  87. The Gambler
  88. What’s going to happen to Chris Christie
  89. The Choice is Easy
  90. Electoral-vote predictions
  91. Any Bets...
  92. So Vote Already
  93. Imagine 4 more years of ObamaDeficits
  94. Who will Obama pardon?
  95. Vote for Mitch
  96. HELP!!!! I have a question.
  97. It is now Tuesday, November 6th
  98. Disenfranchised Voters
  99. Obama Then and Now
  100. Today Is The Tea Party’s Moment
  101. Four Years Encapsulated
  102. Where Are The Perps Now?
  103. Proud to be an American
  104. Rule of the King not the Law
  105. How far will they go?
  106. Today is the day people died for...
  107. Ohio is seeing low turn out in Democratic stong holds.
  108. How Obama and Democrats view race
  109. CO counties that went Obama in 2008 have GOP outvoting Democrats by large margin
  110. Joke of the day: Clinton asks 'Who wants a president who will lie to you?"
  111. PA Voting Machine Romney Glitch?
  112. Romney met by huge crowd in Pittsburg
  113. Romney winning the popular vote.
  114. I'll call it now Virgina goes for Romney (exit poll numbers)
  115. I'll call it now North Carolina goes for Romney (exit poll numbers)
  116. Early results are going for Romney more than Bush in 2006.
  117. I'll call it now Ohio is going to go Romney...
  118. Exit polls shows PA and WI is anyones...
  119. The GOP circus is over. The clowns and elephants are all back in their cages.
  120. Ohio results coming in very slowly only 44% in so far.
  121. Sigh....
  122. Calling it a night
  123. Obama Impeachment
  124. Obama Wins!
  125. America died tonight
  126. Now the impeachment of Obama over Benghazi can continue
  127. Very Gracious Concession Speech by Romney
  128. Weird Question to Republicans about Obama
  129. Obama Wins VA, FL too close to call
  130. Now here's the good news
  131. 4 More Years!
  132. 3 Key Points for Republicans to take away from tonight and 1 for everyone.
  133. Old President and Same ol', same ol' results
  134. Dow down -366 points, thanks obama!
  135. Welcome back, Congressman Grayson - FL
  136. We are screwed in the next election as well.
  137. How Nate Silver and two university profs went 50-0 in predictions
  138. The Official Amendment 64 Debate Thread
  139. Chris Matthews "grateful" for Hurricane Sandy
  140. Two Americas
  141. Reid moves to limit GOP filibusters
  142. It's a mystery to me why these Republicans Lost
  143. Thank God, the country dodged a bullet last night
  144. Stocks clsoe sharply down 2.4%
  145. An incisive discussion of the election
  146. The Democrats did not win the election.
  147. Romney/Ryan and their home states
  148. In a Nation of Spoiled Brats you can't beat Santa Claus
  149. Some post-election thoughts
  150. Obama asskissing to continue unabated at MSNBC
  151. Let's Hear it for Fox News
  152. Who was it here that was extolling the virtue of big government because of Sandy?
  153. Absolute must see for Liberals: Time for the right to leave the bubble
  154. Elections have consequences
  155. How many legita-rape (R) candidates survived the election ?
  156. Gabrielle Giffords to appear at Loughner sentencing
  157. To the repubs who now want to move to Australia
  158. Karl Rove to answer to SuperPAC donors ?
  159. What to do when the people you dismiss, Kick Your Ass…
  160. After Obama Win, David Siegel gives workers Raises
  161. Asian Voters Send a Message to Republicans
  162. War on Women or Children
  163. A Business Opportunity
  164. Obama Disarms America
  165. GREATnews. With Obamapocalypse II, he is free to be HIMSELF
  166. Going Galt
  167. Squeezing the MSM
  168. Republican Economic Stimulus Program - Someone got Rich
  169. Conservative rant on tape
  170. Romney Surrenders Florida
  171. Markets fall for the second day after the election.
  172. Republicans only have to look at their base turn out for why they lost the election..
  173. Presidential Election Results by County
  174. I won
  175. This is exactly how I feel - DEPRESSED!! VA Store Owner Closes Shop for a Day.
  176. At least give us a reach-around
  177. PlannedParenthood to Repubs: Come join us
  178. Romney was a fellow Democrat destined to lose by design.
  179. Thanks Karl for your Stimulus Package
  180. Important Message for Republicans
  181. Ashley Judd doesn't rule out challenge to U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell
  182. For those who can't get enough BUSH!
  183. Republicans ‘Test’ For Voting Fraud, Wind Up In Custody
  184. Four More Years of this ...
  185. Rachel Maddow nailed it last night - 15 things that will not happen!
  186. Apostle Barrack and his holy words contained in his speeches
  187. Downtime Contemplations.
  188. More Thoughts On Combatting The Biased MSM
  189. After Obama reelection coal company CEO reads prayer to staff, announces layoffs
  190. No One Says it Like Ron Paul
  191. Breaking: CIA Director David Patraeus Resigns
  192. Time to revive The American Party
  193. Obama "I'm Serious About Deficit Reduction" HAHA lol
  194. Why They Won The Election
  195. Barack Obama is a Racist
  196. Obama vs Romney by County Map
  197. Fiscal Cliff will we solve it in time? Yes or No...
  198. 2016 Dream Team
  199. I don't watch Fox News. I have more respect for my penis.
  200. Poor Petraeus. Shated for what I think is exemplary behaviour.
  201. Katy; Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
  202. Actually Obama Does Want Sequestration to Occur
  203. HP? What Honeymoon Period?
  204. Hello everyone!!
  205. How odd that Oprah was nowhere to be seen during this election
  206. Six remaining House races still to close to call.
  207. More manipulation of government data releases by Obama
  208. So your fascist "allies" want to plunge you into war again.
  209. Hillary Clinton departing Secretary of State position
  210. Jesse Jackson: Blacks deserve a return on their Election INvestment
  211. what happens IF we go over the cliff?
  212. What the 2012 U.S. Election Implies
  213. Specific Mandate versus a General Mandate
  214. Sanctuary cities protect illegal, unlicensed murderous drivers
  215. 10 more companies lay off employees, cut hours, or cancel new locations post election
  216. Map Tracks Racist Tweets on Election Day
  217. The Welfare State
  218. fox news Lied for a good month to republicans about polls and the election
  219. Republicans Agree: 332 really is a Landslide!
  220. Why Did Mitt Romney Lose The Presidency?
  221. Is Hussein Obama Buying Off Libertarians…
  222. Cartoons – The Lighter Side of The Election Results - Let see yours
  223. *Wackos, Weirdos and Witches*
  224. Voter fraud, illegal activities reported in several states
  225. Good News for Republicans
  226. President Obama Finally Shows Donald Trump His College Transcripts
  227. When Ronnald Reagan speeks, Conservatives need to listen
  228. Sam Seder on Bill O'Reilly's bemoaning the death of the "White Establishment"
  229. Is The GOP Dead?
  230. Democracy in Government
  231. Obama Already Closing Federal Lands to Energy Production
  232. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Likely Heading to Jail Instead of Returning to Congress Last
  233. Thousands Losing Jobs Due to Obamacare
  234. Will We Ever Again Have a Conservative President?
  235. Hispanics Now Demanding That Obama Give 11 Million Illegals Amnesty
  236. College Students Cheer for Karl Marx, Socialism, and Barack Obama
  237. Ohioans’ food stamp aid to be reduced
  238. Legal Challenge to Obamacare Moves Forward
  239. The Hand of God, the Rise of Evil and Obama’s Victory
  240. Israel Strikes Syria, White House Silent
  241. Abbas ‘No’ Puts Obama in His Place
  242. Texas did it.
  243. Where's the Mitttster ?
  244. The Five Stages of a Country's Life
  245. How will the Tea Party continue to brew its particular cuppa?
  246. What is the Single Most Important Thing The GOP wants?
  247. Leftist Hipsters use food stamps for Butered Rabbit and gourmet items
  248. Are Liberals really Smarter than Conservatives?
  249. Some Republicans are actually starting to get it
  250. Petraeus Scandal Grows to Include Top General in Afghanistan