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  1. Gun Control, Ad Infinitum
  2. Only outsiders can give Yanks the real McCoy on what they are, absurdly, doing.
  3. Ohio Secretary of State Husted changes tune, says voter fraud 'very rare'
  4. View profile Jobless claims improve sharply, match four-year low
  5. Republicans reap the fruits of redistricting
  6. GOP struggling badly with public attitudes
  7. Does Talk Radio Hold Influence And Form Opinions Or Just Entertainment?
  8. The New and Improved Republican Party really is a Cartoon
  9. Did Over Pandering To Pro-Life Cost Romney The Election?
  10. State Rep. Lisa Posthumus Lyons tried to exempt husband from right-to-work law
  11. Why Is It…
  12. Taxes Are Already Higher Than You Think
  13. She's Back: Bachmann Shares Another Wild Conspiracy Theory About Obama
  14. Republican legislators had not reviewed law = "epic incompetence"
  15. Why Republicans Can’t Propose Spending Cuts
  16. Now this is a good one; McConnell suggests Obama ‘manufactured’ poll
  17. Susan Rice withdraws name from consideration for secretary of state
  18. Democrats: "Do as we say, not as we do."
  19. NOBODY is more racist than a black man
  20. RACIST DEMOCRAT UNION THUGS call black hot dog vendor a nigger.
  21. Today in Republican History - December 14, 2004
  22. Insight Into Right-To-Work Victory In Michigan
  23. Suggestion For GOP Donors
  24. Radio Host Asks Snyder to Explain How Union Busting Attracts Jobs to MI
  25. What's your prezzy gonna do next?
  26. We'll Be at your Daughter's......
  27. Obama administration, Congress quietly let school security funds lapse
  28. Gun Confiscation = Racism
  29. Ducking the Big Question About Unionism
  30. Michigan Dems Getting Old
  31. Good news for Democrats; Republicans are doing their own digging.
  32. Electoral College set to affirm Obama re-election
  33. Could we solve the budget problem?
  34. Recent Mass Shootings Bring Out The Nuts On Both Sides Of Gun Control Issue
  35. Keep this in mind when you hear the phrase Union Thugs.
  36. Got your Man-Card yet?
  37. Let's "Define" what exactly is an "Assault" weapon?
  38. For Those Who Believe Arming Teachers, Theatre Ushers is a Great Idea
  39. Dam; Smack-Down by Michael More
  40. Gun groups rate U.S. senators
  41. Why The Second Inauguration Bash Whats The Point ?
  42. The Ted Nugent watch continues ... Keep Hope Alive
  43. What Needs To Be Discussed Concerning Mass Shootings.
  44. Really, it is not about who is in the White House at the moment
  45. When politcs becomes grotewsque greed - Obama fund raising
  46. Majority Say Republican Policies Too Extreme
  47. Poll: Michigan Gov. Snyder’s Popularity Tanks After Right-To-Work Bill
  48. Obama’s 4 Year Stimulus Plan Works - Shooting is Business, and Business is Good
  49. Obama: 'I Don't Think I've Been on Vacation'
  50. Who Is Buying The Guns?
  51. Newt Gingrich blames Mitt Romney for being a bad candidate.
  52. Anti-Obamacare Campaign Backfires
  53. It Looks Like Clinton Knew: Benghazi
  54. New Joke Times Calls Tim Scott A Token
  55. The Israel / Swiss gun model
  56. More Stimulus Yeah We Tried That Already But Obama Doubles Down On Failure
  57. Time Magazine Selects Mass Murderer As Person Of The Year 2012
  58. We need to ban hands, fists, feet
  59. A Tweet from Atlanta's Mayor going around FB
  60. "I will be Happy to take your guns from your cold, dead hands..."
  61. What Is A "FAIR" WAGE ?
  62. The elvisroy0000 experiment
  63. The Obama Success in 75 steps.
  64. Why Do Democrats Hate Black People And Continue To Destroy The Black Community
  65. How 'Cliff' Talks Hit the Wall
  66. Weirdest American Film disaster of 2012
  67. The Green New Deal that will never be
  68. President Obama's arrogance
  69. US courtb rules in favour if randy dentist
  70. Sam Donaldson: "It's not your country anymore!"
  71. Chicago Public School Students Shot This School Year Highest Since 2008
  72. Should Piers Morgan be Deported?
  73. Republicans try to overturn the 1st Amendment...again.
  74. Why are there not more believers in democracy of this forum?
  75. Russian Lawmakers Pass Bill To Bar U.S. Adoptions
  76. George H.W. Bush in intensive care
  77. What Would Churchill Do?
  78. Abolish the Electoral College?
  79. Left can't stick heads in the sand on entitlement reform
  80. Democrat media says Tim Scott hinders "black America"
  81. Simple Budget Information
  82. Michael Moore...
  83. A liberal's case for the Second Amendment
  84. Another Great Obama Achievement--government dependents outnumber workers in 11 states
  85. Black Unemployment Rises Under Obama
  86. Obama Administration: We Can and Will Force Christians to Act Against Their Faith
  87. Extortionists/Socialists Push Agenda
  88. Congress Extends FISA Wiretapping Act To 2017; Awaits Obama's Signature
  89. Has White Guilt Passed its Expiration Date?
  90. Tax deal?
  91. The MSM "forgot" to report on this shooting
  92. Frack what people think. Oil, oil, oil. It's fracking good for you.
  93. OK. Some nitty-gritty. What can the US or IK teach New Zealand?
  94. Happy New Year?
  95. Thank God We're Saved!
  96. Are the rich toxic to society as a whole?
  97. 8 Huge Corporate Handouts in the Fiscal Cliff Bill
  98. Boehner to Reid: "Go Fuck yourself"
  99. Elvis has left the building …
  100. Fox News' Worst Ratings Nightmare
  101. Paul Ryan; ‘I Came To Congress To Make Tough Decisions — Not To Run Away from them
  102. The Fiscal Cliff Negotiations, in one chart
  103. Fiscal Irresponsibility Day
  104. Forget about the terrorists and focus on home!
  105. The Best Video Clip of 2012
  106. John Boehner Yelled At Frank LoBiondo Over Sandy Aid
  107. Guess who is talking about death panels?
  108. Glenn Beck: No One On My Show Can Mention ‘That Man’ Obama Anymore
  109. Liberal is the way to go ...
  110. Stop Bashing the Republicans.
  111. Deal Contains Pork From Hog Democrats.
  112. Why Americans are fed-up with Congress!
  113. Dimbulb Democrats Out Gun Owners
  114. Obama kills kids and dosen't give a damn!
  115. Who Is The Socialist?
  116. Cronyism Lives On
  117. WH Petition Asks For Biden's Own Reality Show
  118. Why the GOP is Falling Apart
  119. Good Question
  120. Politicized Justice Department Gets Caught...
  121. Chris Christie - 2016?
  122. Why does Sean Hannity say marijuana decriminalization is a left idea?
  123. Friday's Unemployment: "Good" Only By "New Normal" Standards
  124. Rick Santelli Is Right!
  125. The Stupid Young Voted To Be Out of Work
  126. According to The GOP, Spending is now the Problem; Yea Right!
  127. 37 GOP Congress members opposed Sandy relief
  128. Do You Hate Unions, move to a Non-Union State
  129. New York Democrat Wishes To Throw The Constitution Under The Bus
  130. Blast From the Past
  131. Why are conservative Americans so ignorant?
  132. I’m Furious at My Own Party
  133. G.O.P. Freshmen Saddened by Failure to Shut Down Government on First Day
  134. Interesting Stat on who’s Talking about Climate Change on Sunday Talk Shows
  135. The Ten Best and Worst Actions of Obama's First Term
  136. "Tell Me About It"
  137. The Tea Party is alive and well!
  138. Portrate of a Popular Republican
  139. Why the Death Panels are Coming
  140. John Stewart’s Daily Show make Gun Nuts … Well look like Nuts!
  141. Being A Thug Isn't Enough?
  142. My My … it looks like we havn’t come that far in Politcs
  143. 5 reasons why America has a Republican problem
  144. The Crumbling Monopoly Of Public Education
  145. Gun Regulation Simplified
  146. Georgia Rep Paul Broun Introduces “Audit the Fed” Legislation
  147. President Obama and Joe Biden can you say Treason?
  148. The True Poll/Litmus Test
  149. How do you fix a failing US economy?
  150. Obama's Brave New World
  151. Welfare Reform Thought, is it ok, or did I take it too far?
  152. President Obama insists that there is no spending problem in Washington
  153. Cower you Bastards
  154. Alexander Solzhenitsyn Opines On The Disarmed Populace
  155. RGIII And The Yawning Chasm In Society
  156. Abuse By The EPA
  157. NRA Releases List of Celebrities, Organizations that Support Gun Control
  158. Excellent Bill Maher quote ...
  159. GOP Loves Big Govt When It Comes to the Miltry, Prison-indust Complex, Corp.Subsidies
  160. So who is Against Background Checks for Gun Buyers?
  161. I think we have a LEADER in the Senate
  162. Father of the Year Award Goes to....
  163. For the first time in five years, California is not facing a deficit
  164. Proof that Concealed carry permit holders live in a dream world.
  165. Shot while surrounded by the best trained armed guards in the history of the world.
  166. Ladies and Gentlemen we have a Poster Child Winner for Gun Appreciation Day
  167. Why I'm a Pro-Abortion Conservative
  168. Guns in America: Rights vs. Reality
  169. Friday Joke: Deficit Attention Disorder
  170. The GOP soul-searching is over, and Republicans are back to square one.
  171. Simple Math
  172. Democrats calling for total ban and confiscation!
  173. Kimmy Thanks You!
  174. 97%????
  175. Where did this "tyranny" nobsense come from...
  176. Spending cuts. Easy peasy.
  177. Wwrs?
  178. Colin Powell gives more Tough Love for The GOP
  179. Bob Schieffer Grills John McCain: Why Is The GOP ‘Against Every Single Person’
  180. Abortion
  181. The NRA’s New Target Practice App Teaches Four-Year-Olds to Shoot
  182. Obama on Debt Ceiling
  183. Things That Can’t Last…
  184. There’s Conspiracies And There’s Conspiracies
  185. Hussein Obama – Best Gun Salesman Ever
  186. Paul Ryan Once Again Sponsors the Bill That Would Make It Possible for Women’s Rapist
  187. Tea Party Now More Unpopular Than Ever
  188. The Battle of Athens, TN
  189. Obama's Gun Vote
  190. We may very well be a nation of deadbeats
  191. It is extrordinary how Yankee cons are able to deny the truth...
  192. Why do Americans keep sending help to people that don't like the USA
  193. Racist Successes
  194. Liberals Win/Citizens Lose
  195. The Official Pre & Post Inauguration Bitching Thread
  196. Simple Ideas that Produce Jobs and Make Money
  197. House Republicans Can’t Find Any Co-Sponsors For Their Latest Obamacare Repeal Bills
  198. What is The Point Of Gun Registration…
  199. When you've lost the Koch brothers, you've lost the game. Game Over!
  200. TIME Magazine Cover Features ‘Gunfighters’ Bloomberg, Biden And Giffords
  201. Hitler & Obama picture for cigar
  202. Meanwhile; in the Republicans World of Insignificance Bills
  203. U.S./Begium Homicide Rates
  204. We Know What's Best for...Everyone
  205. Parting Shot
  206. Statement by Gov. Perry on President Obama’s Executive Actions
  207. Who would you like to be president in 2016?
  208. Words from a Republican Presidential Leader on The NRA
  209. Tyrants and Kids As Props
  210. Dick Morris - The Sixth-Year Curse
  211. America's Brutal Treatment of Its Struggling Wealthy Class
  212. Hillary Clinton the Tomboy and Her “Ah-Ha” Moment
  213. President Obama Didn’t Sign Any Executive Orders
  214. Well if there's noway to Win by Popular Vote ... Cheat
  215. 'AK-47 Bandit' robs banks all over Western US
  216. President Obama's rising popularity
  217. What does backgrounding really amount to?
  218. More Guns = More Murders? A Myth. More Guns = Fewer Murders
  219. I Told You Guys This
  220. Reince Priebus Now Courting Ron Paul Supporters
  221. The DNA Protection Act of 2013
  222. Christie Looks More and More like a RINO everyday.
  223. No Budget, No Pay!
  224. Appellate court finds Wisconsin law constitutional
  225. White House Gun Policy: Like Ignorant Emotional Appeals From 8-Year-olds
  226. Remember Ray Nagin ??
  227. Difference?
  228. Government spending
  229. For All The Partisan Fools Here
  230. Stephen Colbert's Sister Will Run For Congress
  231. No Sarah's In My Time
  232. For the Doubters
  233. How far are you willing to go?
  234. Round II
  235. Does anyone know what time the GOP Meeting is tonight?
  236. Mitch McConnell Campaign Email: Obama Wants To Take Your Guns
  237. State of the Union Address
  238. The Republican Obama Conspiracy Theory Quick Reference Chart
  239. Failure To Respond To Threat Of Climate Change, ‘Would Betray Our Children And Future
  240. The MSM's non-coverage of the leftist agenda
  241. Second term unlucky
  242. International rescue team looking for the world
  243. How DARE this president be so partisan after his reelection?
  244. Mitch Daniels Latches Onto Purdue
  245. Nostalgia: George W Bush at Obama's first Inauguration Introduction
  246. Michelle Obama rolls her eyes at Speaker Boehner
  247. The Anatomy of a Tea Bagger
  248. Obama's Smackdown to The Right Wing
  249. 5 Reasons The Republican Party Is Bound To Self Destruct
  250. From NASA: Watch 128 Years of Global Warming in 52 Seconds