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  1. What The Constitution Explicitly Says About Militias
  2. Senator Barbara Boxer introduces Bill on Day One to Fight Long Election Lines
  3. Where will Obama go next?
  4. 7 Uncovered Quotes That Show How Far off the Rails the NRA Has Gone
  5. 12 ways Obama’s inauguration speech humiliated the Tea Party
  6. Hillary Set To Testify
  7. The spending surge that didn't happen
  8. The 38 States That Have Slashed Higher Education Spending
  9. Fox's Calls Themsaelves Out For Perpetuating Falsehoods
  10. It's a Mystery....
  11. Stevie's Got a Gun
  12. Obama The Union Guy?
  13. Carter Deja Vu All Over Again
  14. Getting a Story Straight
  15. If You Must Shovel Snow....
  16. Short term spending deal? The ggod, the bad and the ulgy!
  17. The 8 Most Extreme Moments of the New Congress
  18. The Absurd Contradictions of Capitalism
  19. Hillary mocks the Repubilicans
  20. Somebody At NBC Didn’t Get The Memo
  21. Compromise?
  22. Can Dirty Harry Get Gun Confiscation Through The Senate?
  23. Why Young Women Want AR-15s
  24. Boehner: Obama Wants To ‘Annihilate’ The GOP
  25. FOX Analyst Gets One Right: GOP ‘Looked Like Weenies’
  26. Conservatives Have Their Worst Week Ever
  27. How Republicans Plan To Rig The Next Presidential Election
  28. Obama Puts Wall Street’s Worst Nightmare In Charge Of SEC
  29. America is NOT Center Right
  30. Buchannan-Obama Has Hijacked the American Revolution
  31. Don't be 'the stupid party' - Oops too late
  32. Breaking News: Obama Abuse of Power With "Recess" Appointments
  33. The Motor City Blowhard
  34. Appeals court finds President Obama's "recess" appointments unconstitutional
  35. Gun Laws and the Fools of Chelm
  36. Voting Integrity
  37. "Mommy............."
  38. Uncle Justice Tom
  39. While Obama has enriched the one percent
  40. New Yorkers may defy the state's new anti-gun law
  41. At War in Mali
  42. Welcome to Government Healthcare
  43. Above the Law--Even His Own
  44. Teabonics
  45. Unequal Math
  46. Forget the 2nd Amendment
  47. Soviet Style Price Controls
  48. Why does Communism only exist at the end of a gun?
  49. All Knowing - All Seeing
  50. Training Tea Party Activists In Guerilla Internet Tactics
  51. Fox News firing Sarah Palin, Barbour & Jindal admitting Republican stupidity
  52. CNN Anchor Brilliantly Tricks Her Sexist Guest Into Accidentally Endorsing Racism
  53. And Once Again, Liberals Demonstrate They Are Incapable of Grasping Reality
  54. Hubris?
  55. College and job prospects: don't look good
  56. PAC 'Ready for Hillary'
  57. Dial 911 and Die
  58. Father of Newtown victim heckled at hearing
  59. President Obama Laments Rush Limbaugh And Fox News’ Influence On Public Debate
  60. The 3-day DNC was Charlotte's largest convention and its most lucrative in History
  61. Proving once again; Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck are Always Right!
  62. Why Republicans won't win Latino voters with immigration reform
  63. Newtown first responders: “Words can’t describe how horrible it was”
  64. Kerry confirmed as Secretary of State
  65. Al Gore Defends Al Jazeera
  66. The tea party is losing a few of its revelers
  67. Only 17 percent plan to vote for Mitch McConnell
  68. Why Do Supposedly STRAIGHT Guys Care So Much About What Gays Do In Their Own Bedroom?
  69. Maddow Calls Out Sen.Ted Cruz, ‘THATS SOME BRASS SENATOR’
  70. The Newtown Heckling Controversy
  71. President Obama's popularity among constituents is rising.
  72. Rock Pyle Marriage Bliss
  73. When Are You Big Bad Militia Types Going To Rise Up And Start The Next Civil War ????
  74. The Hispanic Panic Button
  75. George Ryan, (R) - Former Illinois Governor Is Freed From Prison
  76. Congress Needs To Act On Global Warming Before Its Too Late
  77. There is no future in progressivism
  78. King of Hearts
  79. If Looks could Kill!
  80. Economy adds 157k jobs in January, revisions way up
  81. Educational Debt Overhang
  82. Nobody Can Retire…
  83. Obama Promises Vs Reality
  84. NAACP president: Black people worse off under Obama
  85. Can We Realistically Win The War On Drugs Or Is It Time To Change Our Thinking
  86. What? An Arrogant White House?
  87. Obama, lawyer, community worker, president and now:P Magician!
  88. 170K Jobs disappear - but the rate is gooid
  89. So Now we're going to "talk to Iran"
  90. AT Last! Obama has something new and wonderfull vague on which to blame his incompen
  91. Good thing she's leaving - eight attacks in 4 years, Bad Hillary
  92. Shrinking Government
  93. Double Talk Wayne
  94. The Good News And The Bad
  95. Out of the Closet
  96. Dems Turn Against Andrew Jackson
  97. Rove’s Move Into Republican Primaries Enrages Tea Party
  98. 10 States Where People Are Living On The Edge Of Financial Ruin
  99. Affordable Care Act Timeline
  100. How Disingenuous Can Obama Get?
  101. More Thuggery from the Obama Regime
  102. A Boom For California?
  103. DC Prospers While Chicago and LA Fade
  104. Taxes: The Basis For Grumpiness
  105. The Last Stop Before Revolution?
  106. Another Obama Goal Being Met
  107. The White South’s Last Big Defeat
  108. Barack Obama & The Democrats--Taking Care of the Working Folks!
  109. Barack Obama--Taking Care of Terrorists
  110. Guess I Forgot
  111. Obama's authority growing visibility .
  112. Another Great Obama Achievement--Record Number on Disability
  113. Rand Paul and conservative foriegn policy.
  114. President George W. Bush now?
  115. Reid lies, what a surprise!
  116. The Hashish Army
  117. The NRA "enemy list"
  118. The Most Important Chart in American Politics
  119. Predictions for 2016
  120. Foodstamps Are Just As Much Corporate Welfare As They Are Welfare
  121. Tell us again why we don't need guns
  122. Fox News' credibility has fallen 9 percent in the past two years
  123. This is what the Gun Nuts don't want you to hear!
  124. Graham: Protect President Obama from "Libertarians and the Left"
  125. After being absent for 4 years, Code Pink is back!
  126. How Right-Wing Billionaires Threaten To Undo 40 Years Of Voting Rights Progress
  127. The Belly of the Beast
  128. Shoddy Journalism
  129. GOP Swears It’s not Stupid
  130. Cop-Killing Terrorist Big Fan Of Obama's And Gun Control
  131. Rand Paul Asks for YOUR HELP to stop Gun Control.
  132. Thank goodness for Obamacare
  133. How Kind
  134. America Needs TV Like This
  135. From The Masters of Hypocrisy, A New High
  136. The Racist Double Standard Yes Double Standards On Race
  137. #opreclamation
  138. The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America
  139. Wondering if it is still a Great Idea!
  140. Bill O'Riley - Senior Citizen
  141. Kick Kuick Karl to the Kurb
  142. Why The Obama/Bernake Money Printing Is A Failure
  143. To Sequester or Not to Sequester
  144. Roll Call; Are there any more Progressives/Liberals Remaining? BTW Thread #2 today
  145. Obama Sticks It To His Supporters
  146. Even Jimmy Carter…
  147. Insecure Future
  148. ObamaPhones--Still more government fraud and waste.
  149. The Need For Gun Confiscation…
  150. T3 - - GOP Backs Path to Citizenship Unless Obama Supports It
  151. T4 - No, Liberals Aren't Making Alleged Killer Christopher Dorner Into a Hero
  152. Jesse Jackass thinks guns can blow up trains.
  153. Completely Predictable
  154. Obama's Economic Growth Record Is The Worst In 60 Years
  155. Sen. Rand Paul Delivers Tea Party Response To State Of The Union
  156. Dumbocrats - Haters Of Democracy
  157. Ghost Of SOTU Past
  158. The 2013 State of the Union Address (and Responses)
  159. They Know
  160. Ladies & Gentlemen, God’s Gift to Progressives – Wayne LaPierre speaks again
  161. Ted Cruz slanders war hero and embarrasses the State of Texas
  162. This is exactly what I like about Rand Paul!
  163. Child Abuse In K-12 Education
  164. So Why Bother?
  165. It's Cultural Deviancy, Not Guns
  166. The President’s Miracle-Gro Government
  167. Segregation in School Tutoring
  168. The Truth About Who's Responsible For The Explosion In Government Spending
  169. The Truth About Who's Responsible For Our Massive Budget Deficit
  170. Elizabeth Warren Embarrasses Hapless Bank Regulators At First Hearing
  171. Some disturbing remarks about Dorner...
  172. It's good to know The GOP still puts Country First
  173. New Hampshire Like Ohio Says NO To Extremism
  174. Your Brain on Politics
  175. Unfortunate Son
  176. President Obama's "balanced" approach
  177. John McCain is concerned about the deaths of only 4 Americans, not 2989 Americans
  178. Join The Good Old Party
  179. Recommendation to Fire Tenured Professor
  180. Hispanic Senators And Press Coverage
  181. ON TONIGHT: "Hubris": New Documentary Reexamines the Iraq War "Hoax"
  182. This is what happens when Democrats are in control
  183. It's Not What You Do, It's Who You Are
  184. DoJ Researchers Agree With Joe Biden…
  185. An Effective Challenge To Mitch McConnell
  186. Bad Idea: Universal Pre-K Schooling
  187. The Monica Lewinsky Story Proved This
  188. So The Chiropractor Said.....
  189. Irony In Action
  190. Obama rated as the 4th best president ever!
  191. Newt Speaks: GOP failing to grasp new demographics
  192. Cato Responds to the State of the Union 2013
  193. John McCain needs to concern with his own constituency
  194. Oh no, it is Joe- again
  195. Memories or the lack thereof
  196. Hilarious GOP 'Thugs and Criminals!' Candidate Arrested
  197. Democrats and One Party Rule
  198. The Environmental Risk of NOT Building Keystone XL
  199. The Opposite of what America Does
  200. The First Lady has a message for her Critics
  201. Should big government be the answer to all of our problems?
  202. Sequester Is A Pittance
  203. Chamber of Commerce pimping for worst elements in business
  204. Woman Who Admits Voting Twice For Obama May Have Voted Six Times
  205. Americans Favor Obama Over GOP on Most Issues
  206. Laura Bush Objects To Being Quoted Accurately Supporting Marriage Equality
  207. Repeal Obamacare … Yea Right!
  208. Majority of U.S. citizens say illegal immigrants should be deported
  209. Survey Said.......Why do I feel like I'm on Family Feud
  210. US population psq 1775 vs. 2010
  211. The Answer
  212. It is really very simple The Budget!
  213. Why Republicans Are Bungling the Sequestration Debate
  214. I’ll NEVER Vote Republican Again — EVER!
  215. Favoritism and Selective "Justice"
  216. Gas headed to $6/ga in CA
  217. Libertarians Are Pussies
  218. What is the % of elected officials that are Chamber of Commerce members
  219. Do you think that this country is worth dying for?
  220. Curtain Call Quote
  221. Sequester, the Politics, the Bigger Problem
  222. How to make The Michelle Obama Haters go Bat Shit
  223. All while Producing Absolutly Nothing ...
  224. Protecting the Enviroment....????????
  225. 49ers and 29ers
  226. Poopstain McCain meets Mexican President
  227. Gun Owner and Vietnam Vet talks about Assault Weapons
  228. McCain and Obama to light each others f--ts.
  229. Ted Cruz is correct; Texans Will Elect Anyone, No Matter How Stupid if He’s A Repi
  230. Workers over 50 are the new 'unemployables'
  231. Why Is The AR-15 So Popular?
  232. CPAC 2013 and no Christie?
  233. Walker Leads all but Feingold in Wisconsin Polling
  234. Obama and gay bath house membership.
  235. 5 Sequester Facts to Know Before Committing Suicide
  236. Colorado Man thretins Rep. Rhonda Fields with Racist emails over Gun Control Laws
  237. Feds release hundreds of immigrant detainees in face of sequester
  238. 'Her rightful place': Rosa Parks statue being unveiled in the US Capitol
  239. Black people need to wake up and smell the tacos
  240. Incarceration Rates for Blacks Drops sharply, rising for whites and hispanics
  241. Cispa
  242. In Blind Poll, Republicans Choose Progressive Budget Solutions Over Their Own Party's
  243. Oops ... Bob Woodward Cites Bogus Threat
  244. States Saying No To Health Care Marketplaces Is Good News for ObamaCare
  245. Gun sales up...
  246. And how's that GOP Rebranding effort going ... ?
  247. Obama: POTUS of an Alternative Universe
  248. Why Should Taxpayers Give Big Banks $83 Billion a Year?
  249. Bradley Manning pleaded guilty to some charges
  250. Strange Bedfellows