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  1. Political Statement of The Year, and it's Only March
  2. Sequestration, Tea Party conspiracy?
  3. President Obama's cynical blame game
  4. Should America ship it's homeless to Mexico?
  5. Claire McCaskill: Cut pay for members of Congress if federal employees are furloughed
  6. Government Schools Running Amok
  7. Minimum Grade?
  8. Ruin Porn and Retinal Scars
  9. Texas Republicans May Throw $100 Million Back At Women's Health
  10. President Obama's Golf Trip Could Have Saved 341 Furloughed Jobs
  11. Major Issues and Solutions
  12. Has Hussein Obama Killed The Wagner Act?
  13. Gunshot wounds and death cost $12 billion a year
  14. Anti-Gay Marriage Ad Hits a Home-Run ... and its Funny as Hell
  15. Left or Right, this is a enlightening. Top 1% has 40% of US Wealth
  16. UN fascists seek to circumvent US drug laws.
  17. Asinine liberal rape comments
  18. Even The Liberals Are Tiring Of The Constant Lying
  19. President Obama's desire to inflict pain upon the American people
  20. Rand Paul's Filibuster Gives Civil Liberties A Rare Washington Moment
  21. An Oregon bill to nullify ObamaCare
  22. Spending Cuts May Be Answer to Slow Economic Growth Read more: http://www.realclearp
  23. How We Can All Make Money Like the Billionaires
  24. budget in simple english
  25. We Could Use More ‘Robber Barons’
  26. Still more evidence of how Obama is wiping out the folks while he enriches the 1%
  27. Lost-Election Blues? Want to get away?
  28. Why we need term limits
  29. To Compromise or Not to Compromise
  30. Tax Brackets since 1964
  31. Top NRA official in New York no longer has the right to bear a
  32. How Workers Laid Off from a Chicago Factory Took It Over Themselves
  33. Unemployment drops to 7.7% in February; economy adds 236,000 jobs
  34. Divide And Conquer
  35. Freakin pacifists --
  36. Extremists
  37. Finally the Republicans got their case for Voter Fraud; Congratulations
  38. Jeb Bush: “I don’t think there’s any Bush baggage at all."
  39. Who Benefits From the Safety Net
  40. What Obama Is Doing For U.S. Energy Production
  41. Pay Your ‘Fair Share’ Of Taxes
  42. Get ready for the republican budget plan - the revised Ryan plan....
  43. The wrong poll for Boehner to tout
  44. Pentagon needs $12.6 billion per year through 2037 for F-35
  45. Report: Immigration costs Miami-Dade schools $22 million a year
  46. Breitbart.com Duped Again ... along with other lemmings.
  47. Some Practical Thoughts On Dealing With Income And Wealth Inequality
  48. ObamaTax Bites Fido
  49. Ejaculation inside of a colon - Causes AIDS
  50. Number 34 - Republicans at work again
  51. So much for the Minimum Wage argument - Costco's Profit Soars To $537 Million
  52. Why Obama will never get my support
  53. Public Service Announcement: The 47 % Film maker on MSNBC's "The Ed Show" tonight.
  54. Doubling Down On Failure--The Democrat Way
  55. Why The GOP/Ryan Budget is a Non-Starter for Libertarians
  56. ‘Not One Dime’: Health Care Law Projected to Add $6.2 Trillion to U.S. Deficit
  57. America's Downward Slide.
  58. Understanding the Left’s Demands on What Others Own
  59. Florida ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Killed After Allegedly Threatening Police
  60. This is exactly why we got out
  61. Bill Maher on California Income Taxes; 'Liberals - You Could Actually Lose Me'
  62. Once again the foreign press tells the truth about Obama
  63. Linear Thinking in a Chaotic World
  64. Republican Cartoon, which came first, the Cartoon or The Republican
  65. Hillary fires a shot across the Bow … Republicans, your turn!
  66. RNC Growth and Opportunity Project Final Report
  67. Study Finds Fox News Spends Far More Time on ‘Factual Reporting’ Than…MSNBC
  68. Will "Cyprus" happen in the US?
  69. Mr. President, please End this War!
  70. 'White Student Union' Members Defend CPAC Segregation Comments
  71. Assault weapons ban dropped from Senate bill
  72. CPAC: Rand Paul, Libertarians Rising
  73. City Pulls Name Of New Mayor From A Basket
  74. Well WhaDaYa Know, Obama’s Infrastructure Plan Works Afterall
  75. Kevin McCarthy on President Obama: Brackets before budget
  76. Chicago and DC Are Worst for Gun Violence Despite Gun Safety Laws
  77. Fusion Power on the Right
  78. Climate Change Denier Switches when Land Taken by Keystone XL-Pipeline
  79. Obama 'Worse than Nixon" on Secrecy and Press Freedoms
  80. More Proof The NRA Owns Government - but not The American People or Texas
  81. Biden: Gabby Giffords was mortally wounded
  82. If at first you dont succeed
  83. I Am Really Sick Of All This GOP Rhetoric
  84. Question for any Minnesota Republicans on this Forum
  85. Gingrich & Santorum tried to form anti-Romney unity ticket
  86. Want to know where your Money is going .... ?
  87. Just a matter of Time Mr. Wayne LaPierre
  88. I Smell a Rat! Dominican official links Daily Caller to paid lies about Sen. Menendez
  89. ObamaCare Could Cost This Bakery Half Its Annual Profits—or Nearly Half Its Full Time
  90. President Obama's apparent desire to crush the American suburbs
  91. Your family can't visit their (?) White House But. . .
  92. Constitutional Gun Rights Reality Ya In Or Out
  93. School Closures Pit Race And Poverty Against Budgets
  94. Senate narrowly passes first budget in four years
  95. At Age 3, Affordable Care Act Is No Less Controversial
  96. $320 million Powerball jackpot
  97. Warning: Drug Overdoses Heroin Use Rise Sharply In Kenosha County
  98. Watch fox become so ignorant you will not question tea bag liars
  99. Can Detroit Return To Its Former Glory?
  100. The numbers prove it: The GOP is estranged from America
  101. What Makes a Republican?
  102. Former Bush Aide Pushes 'Conservative Case' For Gay Marriage
  103. You can't visit the White House but. . .
  104. Bloomberg can't 'buy America'
  105. ‘I cling to my Bible, guns,’ says black female Senate hopeful
  106. An Inconvenient Truth for Republicans - Seattle is Booming
  107. The 5 biggest lies about "Entitlement" programs.
  108. The G.O.P.’s Bachmann Issue
  109. Looks like President Obama is creating JOBS!
  110. Libertarians news blogger proved idiot by Matt Damon
  111. Obama Will Appoint Julia Pierson As Secret Service Director
  112. Another great email from my buddy
  113. Oh Snap – OH Senator Nina Turner just went Raw on Mens Reproductive Rights
  114. Scalia - The 7 Worst Things Antonin Scalia Has Said or Written About Homosexuality
  115. Are Stupid Laws Driving the Deficit?
  116. Hunting With An AR-15?
  117. Is Mike Bloomberg The GOP’s Best Friend?
  118. Major Victory For School Choice
  119. Chicken Little In The White House
  120. 2016 ( for Republicans Only )
  121. Indebted California county grants its administrator $400k salary for life
  122. Monsanto Protection Act
  123. Biden
  124. woman hops border in front of Senators LOL
  125. Great political Comment by a Comedian
  126. Freedom Attracts Americans
  127. Ipone factories have suicide nets? What the is heck is going on?
  128. The death of the Democratic Party in Texas
  129. Communist, pro-terrorist propaganda?
  130. This GOP Party is fun to watch - Huckabee Hints at 2016 Presidential Run
  131. Report: Lanza fired 155 bullets at Sandy Hook in less than five minutes.
  132. Your family can't visit their (?) White House But. . . (continued)
  133. They Know No Shame...
  134. Free Phones or Free Guns?
  135. Boehner: Young’s Comments Offensive, ‘Beneath The Dignity’ Of His Office
  136. Dr Carson for President!
  137. ObamaCare and dispelling of lie about, read if you can
  138. Remarks on Same-Sex Marriage
  139. History Lesson: Racist Democrats and the Big Lie
  140. Will Hillary Clinton Run in 2016?
  141. Sundown in America
  142. 45 Odd Facts About U.S. Presidents
  143. Your IOU's are due, your majesty
  144. If Women Want to Paid As Much As Men…
  145. Eureka they struck Oil in Arkansas
  146. Yeah, right!!!!
  147. God gives less miracles to ‘too-educated Americans’ who learn science
  148. The Success Of Charter Schools
  149. Obama Throwing Away Talent…
  150. Super PAC ready for Hillary
  151. Shocking Facts about Thomas Jefferson
  152. So is the Sequster effects a White House Hoax?
  153. North Carolina May Declare Official State Religion Under New Bill
  154. Ooops, didn’t think of that did yea. Ten. Rep. threaten to kill GOP voucher bill.
  155. Poll: 13% think Obama is the anti-Christ
  156. Exxon Mobil hit with $1.7M pipeline safety fine days before Arkansas oil spill
  157. Pittsburgh mayoral candidate A.J. Richardson denies drunkenness
  158. His Greatest Failure
  159. Survey: How Do YOU View the Republican Party - 30 or Under
  160. NRA - Support for Gun Control is falling like a rock!
  161. Breaking News: Sky really isn't falling; SS is really Good for a lot longer than 2030
  162. Obama Says Kamala Harris Is 'By Far, The Best-Looking Attorney General'
  163. Gop rebranding attempts – their success so far..
  164. Is The Two Party System Still Needed?
  165. Tea Party or Republican Party
  166. The Randomness and Costs of Pursuing the Death Penalty
  167. Mr. President, Mr. President!!
  168. A Recovery Isn't Supposed To Be This Way
  169. Tax Freedom Day® 2013 is April 18, Five Days Later Than Last Year
  170. Politics and Sex
  171. Has Obama Done Enough for American Blacks?
  172. You'd never know..
  173. 1500 pages
  174. Margaret Thatcher - The Great Conservative
  175. McConnell Shows Some Backbone…
  176. Job Openings at Highest Since 2008 Signal U.S. Rebound
  177. What's the difference between a Knife Attack and a AR-15 Attack?
  178. Guns Responsible for Global Warming
  179. Larry King supports Obamas communist policies!!!
  180. Segregation still exists! OH MY JESUS ON TOAST!
  181. Yes We Can - Maybe
  182. Only Democrats Like Income Taxes
  183. Not Negotiable
  184. Wtf Mitch McConnell?
  185. Rand Paul bringing his message to Howard University
  186. Guns being confiscated on the down low!
  187. Best Ad for Gun Control Ever
  188. Al Qaeda Spokesman Instructs Terrorists To Stock Up At Local Gun Shows
  189. MSNBC and DNC Merge
  190. A rather startling different way of looking at government spending
  191. Obama’s Budget: Spending Too High, But Bush Was Worse
  192. Inside the wage gap
  193. Both Parties Set Aside Their Differences in Congress to Unite Behind a Common Cause
  194. Prosecuting Bankers; time running out
  195. Another Occupy-Like Moment Arriving?
  196. Bob Perry passes
  197. Republican to become Sir. Republican
  198. Federal Tax Law Keeps Piling
  199. 5 Unacknowledged, Unexpected, and Unavoidable Facts about Govt Spending and the Econo
  200. Insider Trading a Job Perk
  201. Progress?
  202. Gun Confiscators Admitting Defeat?
  203. Gun Safety Ad that makes the Point for the Intelligent people.
  204. In 2014, it will be the NRA against the American people
  205. Poverty Has Been Eradicated in the US
  206. New video of Texas explosion and damage to area. WOW
  207. New Time 100 Most Influential People Cover..
  208. The Real Republican Agenda isn't hard to see ...
  209. Reasons not to past the FASTR act?
  210. Black Helicopter Hoax Debunked!
  211. Congressional Muslim Terrorism Hearings: the Mathematical Witness Transcript
  212. The Elusive Tea Party Murderer Remains At Large
  213. Changing The Subject
  214. Hope and Change
  215. Boston Bombing Suspects Did Not Have Valid Handgun Licenses
  216. Guns are Rarely Used to Kill Criminals or Stop Crimes
  217. This Breaks My Heart
  218. He will not be tried as enemy combatant! So STFU Lindsey Graham
  219. You can buy all the Guns you want ....
  220. Please Support Federal Disaster Aid for Texas
  221. Well WhaDaYea Know; A Conservative Wife is Not Fair Game
  222. Please ask Lindsey Graham of what questions he required after 911
  223. So, what's the definition of a Flake?
  224. Hey Lindsey Graham: Is a Confession Good Enough 4-Yea Sport
  225. Terror in two (2) different aria's - 2001/2002 and 2013
  226. Canadian Gun Laws
  227. Immigration reform could be bonanza for Democrats
  228. Senator Lindsey Graham Says Suspend the Constitution
  229. The Most Important Economic Chart…
  230. Sometimes A Gun Isn’t Necessary
  231. How the "News" Media Let Banksters and Repubs Off the Hook (By Blaming "Entitlements"
  232. The Top 5 Hate Tactics Used To Get People To Freak Out About Immigration
  233. The Case Against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: A Guide
  234. What's your political party affiliation?
  235. Lawmakers trying to exempt themselves from Obamacare
  236. Ok did everyone really lose their Fucking Memory or is it just the 47% of us?
  237. Congratulation President Bush on the opening of your New Library
  238. Republicans are Foiled by Math, yet Again! Austerity's Spreadsheet Error.
  239. More Memory Problems for Republican Law Makers - Fisker Automotive Bankrupted
  240. Obama say Bush called Bush a man of" strength and resolve" and a "good man".
  241. Conservative Group Photoshops Out Minorities In Mailers
  242. Breitbart Is Vindicated
  243. Private Schools For Me, But Not For Thee
  244. Are Chicago Gangstas Terrorists?
  245. Feds Spend Money for Nothing
  246. Don't believe the naysayers--gun control works!
  247. Proposed 28th Amendment Y/N
  248. 'I'm Not The Strapping, Young, Muslim, Socialist I Used To Be'
  249. Congress votes to keep helium program
  250. Black Voter Turnout Rate Surpasses Whites for the first time - 2012