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  1. Obama's Best Jokes from the White House Correspondents' Dinner
  2. Funny Thing
  3. Time To Scrap Affirmative Action?
  4. Obama should blame Tea Party, not NRA, for gun control defeat
  5. Polls Plummet For Senators Who Voted No On Gun Background Checks
  6. You don't know what ya got... 'til it's gone
  7. Another court challenge to Obamacare
  8. The Unholy Obama
  9. Wow - Four Republicans Who Don't Understand the Constitution They've Sworn to Defend
  10. Case Worker: Illegal Aliens Got Food Stamps by the “Vanload”
  11. Is The U.S. Spending Enough On Education?
  12. Subsidizing the Security of Wealthy Allies
  13. Average Folks Excel At Home Schooling
  14. Holder’s Corrupt DoJ Supports Vote Fraud
  15. Opps .. someone spilled the beans and told the truth!
  16. Report: Ted Cruz weighing W.H. run
  17. How to Weaken a President
  18. How about a good Political Joke ... ?
  19. Phoenix rolling out largest gun buy-back in city history
  20. In your face Democrats We Won!!!
  21. Benghazi hearings; Wednesday
  22. What Austerity?
  23. Muzzling free speech about taxes
  24. Obama finally gets it right.
  25. After watching clips of Palin at the NRA conference...
  26. Global Warming Strikes Again
  27. Benghazi: Twenty-first Century Watergate?
  28. Gun Protesters Plan March On Washington With Loaded Rifles
  29. Election over, Media can now be honest....
  30. It's not just a Southern thing, anymore. It's a republican thing.
  31. GOP seeks alternative to overtime pay
  32. Red-State Democrats Buck Obama On Social Security Cuts
  33. ther federalist papers kill the right wing memes dead, lets discuss every last one
  34. decades of republican voter fraud in the court documents
  35. What Happened To Entrepreneurs?
  36. WTF: Why would put someone on Science Committee who doesn’t believe in Science?
  37. Welcome to The Minority Outreach Program
  38. The Texas Senate approved The Tim Tebow Bill
  39. So do you still support Armed insurrection against the Government?
  40. There is NO Benghazi Cover-Up.
  41. Why the recreational usage of marijuana Should Not Be Legalized
  42. Now They Want to Take Away the 8-Hour Day and 40-Hour Week
  43. Obamacare exposes Hospitals who jack up their prices for patient care.
  44. Gun Fiction vs. Gun Facts: What Gun Control Supporters Don't Know
  45. What regulation would have prevented (pick your mass murder)
  46. Congratulations House Republicans On The Newest Member Of Your Caucus
  47. Ted Cruz Seeks to Ban Illegal Immigrants in U.S. from Citizenship
  48. Immigration Reform Is about Votes
  49. McCain in Left Field
  50. GOP House ready to pass budget priority bill
  51. Just one of the reasons why The GOP Demographis is shrinking.
  52. who says fiscal policy is hurting the economy?
  53. Ariel Castro, Cleveland Kidnapper, Is a Registered Democrat
  54. NYC Considering Allowing Non-Citizens To Vote
  55. There's a New Sharif in Town
  56. US Embassy and Consulate Attackes - and The Republicans Outrage
  57. Why All of Us Should Mistrust the Government
  58. Top 10 conspiracy theories of the Radical Right
  59. Job Creation Obama Style
  60. Spending and Spending Control
  61. 61% of Israelis Back Barack Obama's Foreign Policy
  62. How can you tell when Republicans are worried about the next POTUS Election?
  63. The Answer to GOP Demographics
  64. This is what Obama and the Democrats are all about.
  65. MSM Benghazigate cofferdam breached
  66. Tea Party and Conservatives Targeted by IRS
  67. GOP Hypocricy shines when Obama finally relents to cuts in Social Security
  68. Liberal Democracy and Juvenile Delinquency
  69. CBO study: A tour of the federal budget
  70. Mothers' Day Irony
  71. Pat Smith tells Clinton ‘Happy Mothers Day’: She’s got her kid but I dont have mine
  72. A Dream Revered - Poignant Film, Very informational with hard fact....
  73. The Bloody Hands of Barack Obama
  74. Incarceration Nation
  75. Jury finds Dr. Kermit Gosnell guilty of 1st Degree murder
  76. Insurers predict 100%-400% Obamacare rate explosion
  77. Obama Tells Harvey Weinstein, Justin Timberlake to Blame Rush Limbaugh
  78. AP IMPACT: Wind farms get pass on eagle deaths
  79. Forty Years Ago…
  80. CBO report: deficit to plunge 642 billion
  81. Potential problems with Obamacare; a view from the left
  82. Benghazi ‘One Of The Worst Incidences I Can Recall In My Career - Says the Dick
  83. Obviously flying under the radar …
  84. The Barack H Obama Foundation Received Tax Exempt Status in 30 Days in 2011
  85. Federal deficit shrinks at surprising rate
  86. Democratic Party Orders IRS to Investigate
  87. Can't help but laugh at republican cries for investigations and impeachments
  88. Of course that's the problem, you're going to love this one
  89. ADIOS Mo-Fo's
  90. The new era of "defense"....
  91. Irs sued for stealing the medical records of 10 million americans
  92. IRS destroys First Amendment rights and plays politics
  93. National Treasury Employees Union
  94. In Coming ... Please take diversionary cover.
  95. It's Official - Benghazi Scandal it's Done - Put a Fork in it.
  96. Obama and Nixon Administrations
  97. Why We Cannot Trust The IRS
  98. Inept Damage Control In Obama White House
  99. Big Loser In Hussein Obama’s Scandals
  100. Big Winner In Hussein Obama’s Scandals
  101. Hussein Obama Making The Small-Government Case…
  102. How the WH escaped blame for the IRS scandal
  103. The GOP at it's best ... Late Night Comedy
  104. House Republicans hate Obamacare. But they also kind of need it.
  105. The Weekly Series in: The how we shoot ourselves saga …
  106. Maybe The IRS has something the GOP doesn't ... 20/20 Vision
  107. Obama Just Can't Win One.
  108. The Next Senator From Georgia Will Probably be Nuts
  109. Heritage letter to Republicans - Capitol Hill: don’t legislate, just scandalize Obama
  110. Reason-Rupe May 2013 National Survey
  111. Lerner’s admission of IRS’s inappropriate behavior was pre-planned public disclosure
  112. Government makes $51B on student loan interest payments
  113. I Heart You Maryland!
  114. Oopps; Judge rules tea party group a PAC, not a nonprofit - Well No Shit
  115. Get your Gold everyone ....
  116. Going ‘The Full Nixon’
  117. Dumb and Dumber…
  118. Wow a Cantor B-Slap
  119. Meet the Republican who is demanding that the government let poor people starve
  120. Last Farm Bill
  121. My life on the Republican right—and how I saw it all go wrong.
  122. Going Bulworth
  123. The Obama administration targets a news reporter
  124. Out of Curiosity
  125. A Clean Slate
  126. Oklahoma Senators Jim Inhofe, Tom Coburn, Face Difficult Options On Disaster Relief
  127. House Speaker derails Fallin's plan to save Insure Oklahoma
  128. More Examples of Small Government GOP Style
  129. The Obamacare Myth About Small Business
  130. GOP Aides Mock House Republicans’ ‘Crazy’ Benghazi Witch-Hunt
  131. Unions are bailing on Obamacare
  132. Taking the Fifth
  133. As conservative children died, liberals politicized, but didn't cry
  134. Paul defends Apple tax shelters
  135. In Times of Disasters, Public School Teachers are The Hero's
  136. The Deep South Strongly Support Medicaid Expansion, Despite Governors’ Opposition
  137. Permit Power
  138. Three Reasons To Fear The American KGB
  139. Michele Bachmann just made an 911 to God
  140. The lunatic left, and their need to politicize tragedies...
  141. The Debt Problem Hasn't Vanished
  142. Holder says 4 Americans died in US drone strikes
  143. Medical Equipment Company Invoked the Fifth Amendment at Senate hearing
  144. Top 400 taxpayers pay an 18% rate; down from 51% in 1955.
  145. What you get for Less Government - Just politely ask Criminals to Go Away
  146. Jobless claims show sharp improvement - Quick we need another scandal
  147. Permit Law Causing Courtroom Comedy
  148. “I Knew Richard Nixon…Barack Obama You Are No Richard Nixon”
  149. Tales Of the 1%...
  150. Do We See A Pattern Here?
  151. “Civility” Defined…
  152. McCain criticizes Tea Party Senators for blocking budget process
  153. The REAL IRS Scandal
  154. House Republicans Destroy the GOP by Voting to Raise Student Loan Interest Rates
  155. You got it give it to them Republicans, they're consistent.
  156. Obama calls on Congress to allow transfer of GITMO detainees
  157. Teachers
  158. Voter fraud!!!
  160. Reagan insured Obama ReElection
  161. Now They Make Sense
  162. Another Approach
  163. Republican congressman fined $500 over sexual misconduct
  164. Document Reveals Fox News Reporter James Rosen Wanted To Impact U.S. Foreign Policy
  165. Durable Goods Orders Bounce Back In April, Jumping 3.3%
  166. The Obama "Recovery" compared to others
  167. Obama speech suggests possible expansion of drone killings
  168. Bob Dole: Reagan 'wouldn't have made it' in today's GOP
  169. Protecting the Rich?
  170. Interesting Article: gap between military and soiety
  171. Rick Perry vetoes GOP sponsored bill
  172. President Obama’s arrogance is undoing his presidency
  173. Health Insurance Rate Shock-California Obamacare Insurance Exchange Announces Premium
  174. US home prices rise 10.9 pct., most since 2006
  175. After the CUTS HIT THEM, 68% of Republicans DISAPPROVE of Sequester
  176. Show me The Birth Certificate
  177. The Life Of A Public Employee Union Fat Cat
  178. Laura Ingraham To Tea Party: Avoid ‘Stupid Comments’ On Women, Abortion
  179. Tulsa Public Schools budget missing millions due to unpaid Tulsa Cnty Taxes
  180. Fewer Americans Identify as Economic Conservatives in 2013
  181. As Usual; Outrage first, Facts Later - What the IRS did right!
  182. The Obama arrogance & threats to opponents...
  183. Republicans Sabotaging Obamacare At The Expense Of The Middle Class And Poor
  184. Democrats and their Welfare Pargrams-Just who are they helping?
  185. What can you get done without Obstruction?
  186. Lol... IRS gives preferential treatment to shady Obama Foundation...
  187. Enough With the Bipartisanship
  188. Lincoln Chafee becomes a Democrat
  189. Conservative Activist Advises GOP: Ignore Hispanics, Go For White Voters Instead.
  190. Poll: Huge Majority Says Economy Should Trump Congressional Investigations
  191. Why Democrats might reject Hillary Clinton in 2016
  192. Immigrants Give More to Medicare Than They Receive, a Study Finds
  193. Obamacare Saved Newly Insured Dependents $147 Million in 2011
  194. Obama's Chicago Way--This guy hits it right over the fence at Wrigley Field
  195. God Gift, just keeps on giving ... Bachmann - 2016
  196. Republicans lie three times more than Democrats
  197. Ex-EPA chief Lisa Jackson to lead Apple’s environmental efforts
  198. White House Memo: 120 Health Insurance Plans Applied To Participate In Exchange
  199. There's Village Missing it's Idiot
  200. TN Public School brings in Christian Women to Teach Students About Sex ...
  201. Dead People can't Vote for Democrats in Wisconsin
  202. The WORST Scandal Ever - unearthed by Andy Borowitz
  203. Want a really good laugh?
  204. Tea Party continues to eat its own.
  205. God Bless America
  206. Rubio is slammed over Immigration support
  207. This is Funny!
  208. Hagel makes a fool of himself
  209. Keywords to avoid
  210. America angers China
  211. Tea Party Movement Revival
  212. Report details how GOP lost young voters
  213. 4 Major Ways the Rich Pile On and Exploit the Rest of Us For More Money and Profit
  214. 1 Walmart in Wisconsin cost taxpayers $900k from providing social safety net programs
  215. Borowitz Reports: Issa Demands Hearings Into Why No One Listens to Him
  216. SEC may be ready to start prosecuting accounting fraud again
  217. Difference Between Government and Business
  218. Hearing: sexual assault in the Military
  219. LOL, your stimulus at work
  220. Liberals are about to ban all beverages in NYC.
  221. To Win Millennials, the GOP Needs to Embrace Its Inner Libertarian
  222. Christie calls special election for Senate post
  223. this is an interesting article
  224. 'Outrageous': Verizon reportedly forced to turn over customers' phone records
  225. GOP fears Issa is going over the edge...
  226. Is the Obama presidency in trouble?
  227. Auditing Free Stuff Costs You Big…
  228. More NSA Spying on Citizens
  229. Where Is The Dividing Line...
  230. Liberal Hawks are back
  231. Reasons Why I Don't Consider Obama to be my President.
  232. Attorney General Holder lied
  233. Congress Has Passed 13 Laws This Year
  234. DOJ launches criminal probe of NSA leaker
  235. Trust
  236. Striking the Wrong Chord
  237. Bush More Popular than Obama
  238. Soldier Who Read Conservative Books Now Faces Charges
  239. Edward Snowden: "I'm neither traitor nor hero'. Im an American."
  240. Darrell Issa won't Release IRS Transcripts because they prove him wrong
  241. China warning to USA on cybersecurity.
  242. CIA Deputy Director stands down amid international scandal.
  243. Another Republican congressman ventured into the realm of rape and pregnancy
  244. Shhhh Keep it Quiet - Deficit reduction picks up speed
  245. When the Personal Becomes Political: Another IRS Misadventure
  246. Has USA already defaulted?
  247. Lawmakers to leave Congress over Obamacare?
  248. NSA Surveillance, Then And Now
  249. Article on US Cyber abilities
  250. Nancy; A "Small Government" Conservative