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  1. Christie joins Clinton at Jobs Conference
  2. Americans' Confidence in Congress Falls to Lowest on Record
  3. These are moments that stay with us forever - From Gabrielle Giffords & Roxanna Green
  4. Hilarious Spoof Of Biracial Ad Responds To Haters
  5. You always scream the loudest with your last gasp.
  6. ‘Restoring faith in government’ is the ‘wrong solution’
  7. Immigrants are more fertile, and they love families.
  8. Too Small to Fail
  9. “I Don’t Have Anything to Hide.”
  10. Electricians’ Tape
  11. Convicted U.S. spy Christopher Boyce: 'Snowden is doomed'
  12. Congressional Approval Falls Between Chavez and Castro
  13. Paul Krugman's view of social justice
  14. Detroit Defaults
  15. Hong Kong protest. What will US media say?
  16. Former GOP Governor supports Democratic nominee in Virginia
  17. Entitlement America: The high cost of free
  18. Brutal Poll Shows That Even Republicans Are Fed Up With Republicans In Congress
  19. Justices Reject Arizona Voting Law Requiring Proof of Citizenship
  20. Rotting, Decaying Detroit: Another Progressive Success Story
  21. Someone put a Microphone in front of another Republican Representative Mouth
  22. Panic on the left...
  23. Elbert Guillory: "Why I Am a Republican"
  24. The Shield Act
  25. Barriers To Riches
  26. Creeping Complexity
  27. Gasland II: More Extremist Lies
  28. Gitmo vs food stamps GOP Hypocrisy Exposed
  29. If "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" Is So Popular...
  30. Most expensive presidential vacation in history ?
  31. White House Was Not Involved In Targeting Of Conservative Groups
  32. The Biggest Fool of All
  33. Health Care Plans Under Obamacare Will Cost Even Less Than Expected
  34. Wow - for The Pro-Lifers
  35. Now There Are 3 Republican Senators Who Support Gay Marriage
  36. The Joys Of Regulation
  37. GOP Hispanic Outreach Hits Tea Party Fury
  38. Holder makes GOP Congressmen look silly
  39. Pentagon Reveals Plans for Moving Women Into Combat Roles
  40. Weiner... what a sorry excuse for a man...
  41. Another day of priceless GOP Quotes
  42. Founding Fathers Appalled At Attacks On Public Education
  43. Has Rand Paul Taken Over the GOP?
  44. Thanks but no thanks!
  45. Journalism and bias?
  46. Federal funds end in NC
  47. Why does the left want to suppress free speech?
  48. The IRS Targeted Groups Containing 'Tea Party,' 'Progressive,' 'Occupy,' And 'Israel'
  49. Texas Legislator Claims Rape Kits Are A Form Of Abortion
  50. Obama Facts
  51. Executive Orders Liberals Can Believe in
  52. Dealing with a dead horse: How lovers of government approach the problem
  53. Rev. Jesse Jackson: Paula Deen Can Be 'Redeemed'
  54. Democrats Beat Up GOP for DOMA Spending
  55. Gay Agenda Exposed: Shocking!
  56. John Lewis Voting Rights Act
  57. Darrell Issa: "Fool me once..."
  58. Immigration Bill passed the Senate
  59. Why Cold War Presidents Were Better
  60. Obama begins $100 million African tour at slave port.
  61. Peeing During Filibusters, Explained
  62. Democrats Squabbling Over Free Stuff
  63. Hussein Obama’s Vacation In Africa Includes Distorted History
  64. Not Just Your Phone Calls and Internet…
  65. J. Roberts takes the long view
  66. PAT BUCHANAN says: Some unintended consequences of Immigration reform. Don't blame me
  67. Quality Software Systems is setting up the ACA exchanges and guess who owns it
  68. Most Unifying President in U.S. History?
  69. Discrimination Against Boys In Schools
  70. Sarah Palin Open to Creating New 'Freedom Party
  71. THE POLICE MAKE AN ARREST: Will it make the headlines?
  72. Hiring Convicted Criminals
  73. Republican Obstruction Of Budget Process Hits 100th Day
  74. Who are the George Zimmerman trial jurors?
  75. Do-Nothing Congress Somehow Manages to Do Even Less
  76. We Must Rewrite The Constitution Because ‘Elections’ Haven’t ‘Worked’
  77. Gov. Bob McDonnell told to either "come clean" on his scandal(s) or step down.
  78. Marco Rubio immigration bill imperiled by Tea Party defiance
  79. On FaceBook today ... with a call to "throw the clowns out" in NC
  80. Not all liberals want to be spied on by their government
  81. Celebrating the Declaration of Independence
  82. Texas Rises
  83. Guilty of being Southern
  84. Adios, Colorado!
  85. Radio Host: Texas Most Likely To Secede
  86. Why we have the ObamaMedia
  87. Cuomo aide turns Wall St. hammer
  88. America's Liberal Left Is Intellectually Bankrupt
  89. How to Repeal the 16th and 17th Amendments
  90. Should an ex-President Stay On or Off Stage
  91. There's Profit From Passing the Extreme Texas Abortion Bill
  92. Yet Another Fox Voter Fraud Story Dies ,,, like a Fart in the Wind
  93. Obama administration Voter ID hypocrisy
  94. So Have Republicans Been Lying to US ?
  95. Just in case you ever forget; FDR can give you a Pep-Talk
  96. What Happened to the Obama Scandals?
  97. Actor & Musician Mos Def (known as Yasiin Bey) volunteered to be forced fed
  98. Shhhh Don't tell anyone that Once Again, A Democratic Pres Cuts a Republican Deficit
  99. Bias in the Media
  100. Regulations Drive Small Farmers Under
  101. Bloodbaths
  102. Is The Judge In The Zimmermann Case Paid Off?
  103. Illionis House overrides governor's veto of concealed carry bill
  104. What exactly is "compromise"?
  105. Rev. Al Sharpton respond to the Right who are gleefiul for Violence
  106. The Great Wall of Texas: How the U.S. Is Repeating One of History's Great Blunders
  107. Looks like a really Good party going on in Houston Texas
  108. Docs: Justice Department facilitated anti-Zimmerman protests
  109. A Sad Dose of Reality for the Obama-Bashers (Left- and Right-Wingers Alike)
  110. Republicans Essentialy Vote to Double Interest on Student Loans
  111. CPC protects Chinese from US corporate giant GSK.
  112. Killed The Senate
  113. White Board: Why Immigration Reform Is Good For Our Economy
  114. Yet Another Rogue Agency
  115. Racism Reversed
  116. Palin considers running for Senate seat
  117. Military sexual assault trials: undue command influence
  118. Illinois town bans Stripping in preparation for Invasion of Frackers
  119. Honoring George H.W. Bush
  120. Where Have All The Scandals Gone?
  121. Union Leaders are not getting their way under Obamacare
  122. North Carolina abortion bill hurts Gov. Pat McCrory
  123. The Opposition
  124. Why would a progressive support President Obama?
  125. Mitch-Slapped
  126. Senate Filibuster Deal An Embarrassment For Mitch McConnell
  127. The Advantages of Stand Your Ground Laws
  128. Michele Bachmann finaly get's her Big Obama Magic Wand!
  129. Bravo North Carolina.....
  130. Grid-lock Top Reason People Disapprove of Congress
  131. Due to Increased Regulations, Millions of Americans Abroad Forced to Reconsider U.S.
  132. Fox News Helps Promote George Zimmerman’s Latest Fundraiser: His Lawsuit Against NBC
  133. Jobless claims show sharp improvement, reach three-month low
  134. House Republicans reject proposal to Ban Gun Sales to Suspected Terrorists
  135. Today's Huge Number = 561
  136. The NSA Admits It Analyzes More People's Data Than Previously Revealed
  137. Government In The Way Of Broadband Competition
  138. The IRS Scandal Won’t Go Away
  139. Part-Time Workers Say Schedules Are Getting More Erratic
  140. Coming Soon
  141. Beyond Obamacare: How a Single-Payer System Can Save US Health Care
  142. Homeschoolers to Supreme Court
  143. Hispanic Influx Causes Tensions with Blacks
  144. CNBC Gets Smacked Down by The Facts from Elizabeth Warren
  145. Darrell Issa Compares Elijah Cummings To 'Little Boy' In IRS Hearing
  146. The Real Creepy-Ass Crackers
  147. Fox News contributor wasted little time in blasting President Barack Obama
  148. Do Americans Believe Capitalism & Government Are Working?
  149. Roderick Scott — the black George Zimmerman?
  150. Race-Bait and Switch
  151. Zero Boehner
  152. Sen. Rand Paul’s aide resigns over pro-Confederacy comments
  153. The Snowden Principle
  154. Government Motors Is Alive And Detroit Is Dead
  155. America needs change
  156. Obama, bring back America's conscience and save Israil
  157. Obama, - pragmatism or cowardice
  158. Newt Gingrich: Gangs of Black People have increased 40% since Obama's Election
  159. The Reasons Why So Many Black People Are in Prison Go Well Beyond Profiling
  160. Statism is turning America into Detroit – Ayn Rand's Starnesville come to life
  161. Forget About Tolerance -- What's Needed Is A "Tolerant Tone"
  162. Cities in trouble
  163. McConnell tries to tamp Senate GOP revolt
  164. Republicans Reveal Their Economic Plan To Make America A Better Place
  165. Media: President gives State of Economy Speach today.
  166. Anthony Weiners wife.
  167. Proposal to restrict NSA phone-tracking program defeated
  168. Those Hoodie Waring White Thugs
  169. House “Republicans” Declare War on the American People and Economy. Again.
  170. Gimme That Old-Time Macroeconomics
  171. Steven King (R-Iowa): Keep Dreamers out, they are drug mules with cantaloupe calves.
  172. On This Day In 2000, George W. Bush Decided Dick Cheney Would Make A Good VP
  173. Post-Racial President Fouls Up Race Relations In America
  174. The Democrats’ War On Women
  175. The Rich Are Not Like the Rest Of Us…
  176. Best Case Against Limiting Voting Rights From First Black Navy SEAL
  177. The Best of Anthony Weiner - Now you know why Republicans are afraid of him
  178. Thanks Obamacare, Rebate Check In July, Health Exchanges In October
  179. Blueprint for the GOP's Attempt to Sabotage Obamacare
  180. Holder Tries to Re-grab Texas
  181. Obama threatens defense veto if health care premiums for military not increased
  182. Background checks aren’t gun control, they’re crime control
  183. Alison Grimes Fires a Brilliant Warning Shot at Mitch McConnell
  184. Weiner Riding the Big One
  185. It's War! Republicans Battle Republicans Over Government Shutdown
  186. The Tea Party’s Revolution and the Battle Over American History
  187. Tom Toles Gets It Right On the ACA
  188. He was for it before he was against it
  189. Should food stamp recipients be required to work?
  190. The next leader of the Fed
  191. Rep. Peter King: Libertarians in GOP Risk Destroying Party Read Latest Breaking News
  192. More Than 40 Radio Stations Might Drop Limbaugh and Hannity
  193. Obama hosts Hillary Clinton for lunch
  194. How Do We Fix Race Relations?
  195. Rubio: Let Obama Choose Between A Government Shutdown And Defunding Obamacare
  196. People Kill People ...
  197. Why Obama doesn't dare speak about Detroit
  198. Where does that crazy idea come from?
  199. MSNBC-UP How far NC will go to suppress the vote
  200. Meet the Repealicans: 40 votes to repeal health care reform, 0 votes to create jobs.
  201. Surprise Surprise ... Republicans Say NO
  202. One of the GOP's potential leading Presidential Candidate, speaks to the Voters
  203. Ta Daaaaa: More Oppps in Florida Voting, but don't call it Voter Fraud
  204. Why Almost All Rural White's are In Poverty
  205. Really Mitt: Actually, I Didn't Say That' About Personal Responsibility
  206. SECRET AUDIOTAPE REVEALS: Groundswell Group Stoked Scandals with Help From GOP Leader
  207. President to propose 'grand bargain' on jobs
  208. 10 Years Ago: The Lie we're still paying for in American Blood
  209. Obama to propose 'grand bargain'
  210. Harry Reid stops Senate immigration bill at House border
  211. Govt. pays millions in benefits to dead farmers
  212. Ginsburg says push for voter ID laws predictable
  213. Experiments to make Medicaid better at no extra cost instead ran up $32B tab
  214. How do we Fix the Violent White Culture of Lawlessness?
  215. Repealidus ... is curable with Obamacare
  216. Send Me A Congress
  217. merica is about to change drastically and it’s tearing the GOP apart
  218. Obama Tells Republicans To SHOVE IT
  219. Chris Christie Hits Back At Rand Paul Remark On Sandy Aid
  220. What if Mitt Romney had won?
  221. Obamacare mandate delay will cost $12 billion
  222. Could Obamacare be boon for identity thieves?
  223. Obama’s health care law shifts big unions’ political alliances to GOP
  224. How Obama Can Weaken the GOP
  225. Obama is a Bitch!
  226. Woman charged with vandalism had can with green paint
  227. Bill giving Congress power over regulations draws veto threat
  228. 65 Million People Could Lose Employer-Sponsored Coverage
  229. Another Failure
  230. Ted Cruz: 'Right Now We Don't Have The Votes' To Defund Obamacare
  231. Shocking Things Liberals Believe
  232. Rand Paul rebuked by fellow Republicans
  233. Boehner Criticizes President Obama's "Low" Approval Rating
  234. 50 Years of Data doesn't Lie!
  235. Obama was 'rude and dismissive' in exchange with Democrat
  236. Milton Friedman: Father of the Tea Party?
  237. Poll: Most Americans Support Health Care Reform or Want to Make it More Progressive
  238. Democrats and Phantom Voter Discrimination
  239. Now that’s what I call voter suppression
  240. Obama's Creeping Authoritarianism
  241. Bill would force federal employees onto insurance exchanges
  242. IRS chief says he'd rather not switch to ObamaCare plan
  243. More on Benghazi
  244. Why Elites Want to Mask the Suffering of Poor Whites
  245. Surveillance critics face Obama in Oval Office
  246. More Bad News; Unemployment Drops to 7.4%
  247. Liberty vs Security
  248. Krugman: 'The madness of the GOP is the central issue of our time'
  249. Sides Taken
  250. Charlie Rangel: Tea Party Is ‘Same Group’ Of ‘White Crackers’ Who Fought Civil Rights