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  1. Tea Party Stands for Liberty of Conscience
  2. Walmart is indeed scum to how they treat their employees
  3. David Frum On Abortion
  4. Closing embassies
  5. Poll: Christie, Clinton ‘hottest’ politicians
  6. A Thought on Compromise?
  7. Under Obama, we’re off to our best Private-Sector Job Growth since 1999
  8. Fox News Drops a REALITY BOMB on House Republicans
  9. Election Officials Catch Dead Man Donating $100,000 To Sen. Mitch McConnell
  10. Jimmy Carter's ghost stalks Obama White House
  11. The 'race card' is all that the Democrats have in 2014
  12. Rick Perry at RedState: We're In Florida - Someone in Crowd: We're in Louisiana!
  13. Tanning Beds and what racism really is
  14. GOP not conservative enough?
  15. Meet the Repealicans
  16. Join the Movement, Change America
  17. Obama's canceling of Putin meeting draws bipartisan praise
  18. Members, staff will keep health-care subsidies under Obamacare
  19. Texas as a Safe Haven Nation, Magnet For Wealth Preservation
  20. Ron Paul's 2012 presidential campaign accused of bribing state senator
  21. Wow - work place violence
  22. Political Perspective: 39 years ago today
  23. Exclusive: IRS manual detailed DEA's use of hidden intel evidence
  24. Why Seniors Are Turning Against The GOP
  25. Wow ... Dear Whiny White People
  26. Misguided Democrats - Wendy Davis and Abortion
  27. Spy vs. Spy: Mad Magazine nails your spying government
  28. Racists Go Wild Outside Obama Speech in Arizona
  29. The FACT is, we have a shrinking deficit.
  30. How Putin outfoxed Obama
  31. Scott Brown’s Brother Accused Of Impersonating Officer, Commandeering Boat
  32. 20 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in the US
  33. Gutierrez: 40-50 House GOP will back reform of immigration
  34. The Importance of Social Conservatism as it Relates to the GOP
  35. Obama Who?
  36. Jobs are not the answer?
  37. This is how you put a NAME, FACE and Conviction to Voter Fraud
  38. The Republican Party is Unified.
  39. The Budget Sequester Is a Success
  40. Detroit-a shining example of the one party rule Democrats want for the US
  41. Well Lord Have Mercy On Us
  42. Huge Turn-Out for Rep. Steve King (R-IA) Stop Amnesty Rally
  43. Bush Family Fortunes
  44. Another Scandal?
  45. Worth a Read
  46. Oh, come on.
  47. Cory Booker revealed time he groped friend, and she resisted
  48. U.S. Payroll to Population Rate Shows No Improvement
  49. North Carolina governor signs extensive Voter ID law
  50. First dog Bo is airlifted to Obama holiday home
  51. Most 2013 job growth is in part-time work, survey suggests
  52. The real reason for the GOP's all-out war on Obamacare
  53. Who is Norma McCorvey?
  54. On August 14, 1935, President FD Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act
  55. Rand Paul Face Plants On Fox News By Not Knowing What The President Actually Does
  56. Appeals Court: Obama Violating Law on Nuke Site
  57. Rick Santorum tweet and the responce ... Bam!
  58. Gov. Pat McCrory Approval Rating Tanks
  59. We'll all fight for freedon 'till we're free ...
  60. 'You're Building A Domestic Army, Are You Blind?'
  61. Obama's Economic Approval Slips to 35%
  62. Watch & Listen to Con. Mike Rogers on obamacare....
  63. More Fast and Furious guns surface at crimes in Mexico
  64. Obama golfs, Kerry lectures, Egyptians die in droves
  65. Obama’s unconstitutional steps worse than Nixon’s
  66. Peace
  67. Raise your hand if you didn't see this one coming: Rep Angrily Demands FEMA Relief
  68. Clowning Around
  69. Texas Doesn't Let Us Down
  70. Know what you get when you have 50 years' worth of unrelenting Democrat rule?
  71. Get Ready for Obamacare, for those who want the truth about Obamacare
  72. Blacks File 10 Articles of Impeachment against Barack Obama
  73. Michigan appeals court rules against unions in right-to-work case
  74. 18.1 Million Vacant Homes in America
  75. Obama Flouts the Law
  76. Video for you leftists and advocates of abortion and population control......
  77. My thoughts on racism
  78. GOP’s secret fear: House majority is in trouble
  79. Obama Admin Has Missed Half Of Obamacare's Legally Imposed Implementation Deadlines
  80. Right-wing push poll accidentally finds Obamacare popular - Oops
  81. Op Ed: Why Libertarianism Will Crush Conservatism
  82. Rand Paul Doesn’t ‘Think Shutting Down The Government Is A Good Idea’ But He’ll Do It
  83. Illegals snared as immigration debate continues
  84. Just for the dreamers who think Social Security is solvent until 2033
  85. The Ongoing Failure Of American Education…
  86. A Moment Of Change?
  87. Ted Cruz releases birth certficate
  88. Young people better off not enrolling in Obamacare
  89. Christie’s debate phobia
  90. Why would someone donate $25,000.00 to a Grievance Industry Race Hustler& Parasites
  91. The Republican Circular Firing Squad
  92. Starry-eyed Liberal Meets the Reality of Medicaid Patients
  93. Are Scandals Undermining The Law?
  94. Changing The Debates
  95. Maybe it’s Time to Go Back To Gender-Segregated Schools
  96. If The GOP Is Dying…
  97. John McCain Confronted by ‘A Taker’, A Citizen, A Taxpayer
  98. Obama DOJ Asks Court to Grant Immunity to George W. Bush For Iraq War
  99. Birth of U.S. Citizens Abroad - Humm I have Questions
  100. Political cartoons
  101. President McJobs List of Accomplishments
  102. Black Okie Murderers could be obama's sons.......
  103. The National Security Agency has an intelligence problem: It won’t admit how dumb it
  104. Everyone who is surprised at this admission, please post here
  105. Republicans wave white flag, admit shutdown tactic is hopeless
  106. Rush Predicts Chris Christie will be Dem's 2016 nominee for president
  107. Don't Cross Mexican Border Illegally!
  108. Colin Powell Blasts North Carolina Voting Law
  109. UPS drops Insurance coverage for Spouses - Way to go Obamacare
  110. Obama Administration Considers Plan to Bolster Mexico’s Southern Border
  111. DHS employee promotes race war in his spare time
  112. Baseless calls for Obama’s Impeachment
  113. Rick Perry Quietly Lobbies The White House For $100 Million In Obamacare Funding
  114. You just can't make this stuff up
  115. Who's Yo Daddy - Republicans
  116. Obama's Economy — We've Fallen And Can't Get Up
  117. How Responsible Is Obama for the Oklahoma Killing?
  118. The Federal Government Sucks
  119. ObamaProsperity In Four Easy Charts
  120. Aren't you glad only the right are "nutters?"
  121. First, defund Obamaphones
  122. Income Inequality in America
  123. Progressives fulminating over impeachment talk
  124. Hillary Clinton Crushes All Republicans As Ohio Swings Towards Solid Blue
  125. Why are Liberals Unhappy, Angry & Depressed?
  126. Another accomplishment of the Obama administration
  127. America’s educational madness
  128. Detroitification--It's the government, stupid
  129. Progressives Against Blacks
  130. Tea party trivializes themselves again with impeachment talk
  131. Obama Will Continue to Ignore Republicans on Middle East Policy
  132. Can Boehner Save The GOP From Self Destruction?
  133. 15 Moronic Things Liberals Have Called Racism
  134. Some Democrats are starting to speak out about Obama/Holder's abuse of government
  135. For the partisan hacks here
  136. David Koch and those tea party write-offs
  137. Can tea party become any more trivial?
  138. Obama hides Obamacare subsidies for foreign students, guest workers
  139. GOP bill to eliminate health-care subsidies for Congress and staff under Obamacare
  140. Despite backlogs, VA disability claims processors get bonuses
  141. Obamacare Is Not A Good Deal For Young People In The Long Run, Not Even Close
  142. States scramble to get health-care law’s insurance marketplaces up and running
  143. Biden to seek to impeach Obama if he attacks Syria?
  144. MLK III's Racist remarks at 50 year year Commemoration
  145. Phony Scandal Effect? ... President Obama spikes to 50% approval in Rasmussen Poll
  146. Despite the SCOTUS, Obama Retains the Freedom & Right to Block Voter Suppression Laws
  147. Bachmannistan?
  148. White Woman Brutally Beaten by gang of black teens.....
  149. No Correlation Between Gun Control and Less Violent Crime
  150. Boehner, Cantor Turned Down Chance to Speak at March Anniversary
  151. Jobless Claims Drop Again, GDP Grows Faster Than Expected
  152. Dems hope for trickle-down Obamanomics
  153. Aristotle anticipated Obama
  154. America's Social Recession-Five years and continuing
  155. FBI: "Marthin Luther King is The Most Dangerous Negro ...."
  156. Why do Socialists 'Hate' Capitalism?
  157. Republicans Confused on how to attack Assad - and still embarass Obama
  158. Inflation hits the Tooth Fairy
  159. Why the Left Really is against Voter ID Laws
  160. The truth about wages: Obama's economy
  161. The Liberal Creed: Punish the Innocent and Reward the Guilty
  162. Anti White Racism has reached Critical Mass (Video)
  163. Reality Catching Up to the Political Class
  164. Democracy and Racism Expalined in easy to Understand terms.....
  165. God Bless America
  166. House Republicans Refuse to Come Back Early from Vacation to Discuss Syria
  167. A great reason for Mr. Nobel Peace Prize to be allowed to get us in another war.
  168. The President Has Republicans Backed Against a Wall
  169. 9 women remaking the right
  170. GOP Split to the Right Sends Business Money Into Pockets of Democrats
  171. Ann Coulter rips Liberals a new one...
  172. Half of U.S. Lives in 146 Counties
  173. Hypocrisy: Fox Demanded Obama Get Congress Approval, Now Offended He Asked
  174. U.S. Economy Added 176,000 Private-Sector Jobs in August
  175. Millions still struggle with hunger in U.S., USDA finds
  176. Georgia Republican Caught Bragging About Sabotaging Obamacare
  177. Sarah Palin Completely Destroys Obama....
  178. Cheney On Two-Thirds Of The American Public Opposing The Iraq War: ‘So?’
  179. Classic George Carlin; and he's RIGHT
  180. Dissociative Amnesia, Bright Shining Lie, And No's
  181. Ann Coulter Desroys Obama over the Syria decision
  182. Tea party Is On The Same Page with Putin on Assad .... GOP thinking about it!
  183. Rush Says Obama financed and planned Assad's chemical attacks .... and guess what?
  184. Obamacare Insurance Costs Affordable, Kaiser Survey Finds
  185. Brit Hume: "Rand Paul Doesn't Know Jack About The Syrian Rebels!"
  186. Map: All The Countries John McCain Has Wanted to Attack
  187. Why the Pilgrim's Socialist Experiment Failed...
  188. A war the Pentagon doesn’t want
  189. Marcus and Michele Bachmann could be heading to prison
  190. Obama Has The Economy on a Roll: Ford And GM Report
  191. Many Texas Schools Teach Creationism
  192. Socialist Science in the Climate Science Neighborhood
  193. President Obama Owns NSA Scandal
  194. Democrats taking care of the ordinary folks in D.C.
  195. LA Times Op-Ed: "There's No Unlimited Right To Bear Arms"
  196. Today in the Polls: Obama approval 48% Congress Approval 14%
  197. A Child Walks to School.
  198. Is America headed to the way of Rome?
  199. Krugman: Republicans perfect the "wonk" mentality
  200. Republicans Condemn Michele Bachmann’s Claim of an Islamist Plot
  201. Downsizing the Federal Government
  202. Raising the Debt Ceiling again?
  203. Obama Supporters sign petition for Karl Marx for president...2016
  204. New Yorkers: Please Vote For Bill de Blasio Today!
  205. Obama gives support to his Murderous Muslim Brotherhood....
  206. Sen. Rand Paul, Kentucky, will deliver response to President Obama's speech on Syria
  207. Picture of an Idiot!
  208. Rand Paul steps up.
  209. Please Remember 911 and 806 2001
  210. One year later, families have few answers on Benghazi attack
  211. 10 Years Later, Families Have Few Answers on the illegal Iraq Invasion
  212. Corporate Hypocrisy
  213. Missouri House votes for nullification of federal gun laws
  214. PA Man Pays Property Taxes in $7143 One Dollar Bills
  215. Glenn Beck: Syria Designed to Cover Up Benghazi
  216. Finally, the real truth about Obama's Birth!
  217. HUGE turnout at the Benghazi memorial!
  218. Missouri and U.S. Republicans Suffer Stinging Defeats on Taxes and Guns
  219. Show proof of citizenship for obamacare
  220. Bush official charged with ethics violations
  221. US consulate attacked in Afghanistan
  222. For Those Who Spent 9/11 Focusing On The First Anniversary Of Benghazi
  223. God I hope Ted Cruz Dream Comes True
  224. White House H2O evidence murky
  225. Obama Redistributes Income to Top 1%
  226. The Rise of the New New Left
  227. Poll: New low for government trust
  228. While the IRS was busy screwing the TP
  229. Punishingly Slow Growth For Obama's Biggest Supporters
  230. Obama's Split Personality
  231. OBAMA-PUTIN Agreement marginalizes Republicans & removes them from the table
  232. Rand Paul responds to Putin
  233. Impotance of Tea party Patriots.
  234. Progressive Liberals Indoctrinating our School Children
  235. Obama picks Bain executive as top economic deputy
  236. Sen. John Morse concedes in Colorado recall election
  237. Treasury to unions: No Obamacare carve-outs for you
  238. The Myth of Live-and-Let-Live Liberalism
  239. McCain, Graham Blast Syrian Chemical Weapons Deal
  240. House panel accuses State Dept. of obstructionism in Benghazi investigation
  241. U.S. releases illegal immigrants who are sex offenders
  242. The Morning Star Packing Company, screwed by CARB
  243. We all thought Libya had moved on – it has, but into lawlessness and ruin
  244. President Obama: You Lost The Election
  245. The Newsroom Will McAvoy nailed it cold!
  246. Amazing Reagan Political Quotes...........
  247. Warren Buffett: Scrap Obamacare and Start Over
  248. Republican sequestor follow up to "Benghazi" is "Navy Yard"
  249. ECOtality fatality Green company files bankruptcy after 115M stimulus funding granted
  250. FERC nominee too much of a greenie for key energy post