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  1. Ever Wonder What A Double Standard Within A Double Standard Looks Like?
  2. The NRA Myth of Gun-Free Zones
  3. Mission Creep
  4. GOP House Of Cards
  5. Undocumented LA County Parents On Pace To Receive $650M In Welfare Benefits
  6. As Budget Fight Looms, Obama Sees Defiance in His Own Party
  7. USC Students fail to explain why Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize
  8. Justice Department office overstated terrorism conviction statistics
  9. The Second Amendment was Ratified to Preserve Slavery
  10. Congresswoman Uses Steak, Vodka, And Caviar To Hammer Republicans On Food Stamp Cuts
  11. The GOP Accountability Plan
  12. Chang you can believe in
  13. Where are the anti War Hypocrites now that Obama is President?
  14. My Name Is Jason, I’m A 35-Yr-Old White Male Combat Veteran…and I’m On Food Stamps
  15. hat's keeping Ted Cruz from finally renouncing his Canadian citizenship?
  16. Americans Like the Idea of Government Much Better Than the Reality
  17. 9 Takeaways From the CBO’s New Budget Report
  18. President Obama Refuses To Be President
  19. Lindsey Graham what a joke!
  20. Ted Cruz's Threat To Shut Down The Government Is Brave And Principled —
  21. No More War
  22. Privitization of prison
  23. The Health Exchanges and Employers
  24. Budget cuts? The cupbord is bare?
  25. Thomas Paine on Government
  26. Once Again: What The Right Doesn’t Want You To Know About Welfare: 9 Myths Exploded
  27. FOX NEWS Admits That Republicans Sent Them OPPOSITION RESEARCH To Use AGAINST CRUSZ
  28. Detroit Without Government--What People Will Do for Others When Not Forced
  29. "Most Americans these days are simply ignoring Republicans. And they should"
  30. Tennessee denying citizens right to happiness?
  31. Looks Like I Was Right About The Unemployment Problem.
  32. Do the American People have the power to change things in government?
  33. 10 ways a government shutdown would affect your daily life
  34. Obamascare
  35. Question for supporters of Obamacare: What do you SPECIFICALLY like about it?
  36. 10 Members of Congress who Receive Farm Subsidies Voted to Cut Food Stamps
  37. Krugman re Obamacare: What matters is how the thing works
  38. How Republican states screwed their citizens
  39. Government shutdown
  40. Here Is What Will Happen If Congress DOESN'T Get Its Act Together BY MONDAY
  41. Gang of Three new Tea Party Leadership?
  42. The 5 poorest states are all in Daa-South
  43. Surprise! Obamacare is going to cost most people way, way, way less than expected.
  44. Family Saw their Premiums Tripled Under Obamacare
  45. Just stand back and not get in the way when an opponent is self-immolating.
  46. Poll: Republican Party Mostly Wants To Help The Rich - No Kidding
  47. Collaborative e-democracy
  48. SCOTUS may get 2nd chance to kill Obamacare's Insurance mandate
  49. Lew Issues Debt-Ceiling Warning
  50. Government Dependents Squealing For Their Government To Stay
  51. D.C.’s Obamacare fail: Prices won’t work until November
  52. Wedding Tax
  53. Obama, Johnson, and Congress
  54. Obama on Obamacare: “We did raise taxes on some things.”
  55. Krystall Ball totally shames The GOP on The GOPs own Health Care plan
  56. After all the GOP lies about Obamacare, the Truth is in Writing.
  57. (D) Sen Mark Udall and (R) Sen Rand Paul Bipartisan NSA Surveillance Bill
  58. Morning Bell: $43,000 Per Household
  59. Cruz Gets His Healthcare From - GOLDMAN SACHS
  60. The Next Campaign To Paint Obamacare As A Failure
  61. Leading from Behind Again?
  62. What Are Our Ideas to Fix US Healthcare?
  63. A Conservative Wakes Up
  64. 1993 Voter Registration Act Guarantees Right to Register when Applying For Health Ins
  65. The Biggest Obamacare Lie of Them All
  66. New Rule: Conservatives Who Love to Brag About American Exceptionalism Must Come Here
  67. Why can't we get good people in office?
  68. Why The FHA Bailout Should Surprise No One...
  69. Pulitizer Winner Seymour Hersh on the NSA, Obama and Pathetic America Media
  70. Christian groups sue to stop Kansas schools from adopting science standards
  71. ObamaCare Employer Mandate: A List Of Cuts To Work Hours, Jobs
  72. Collectivists, and Individualists.
  73. Obamacare Made Simple
  74. Government shutdown likely
  75. CNN Poll: GOP would bear the brunt of shutdown blame
  76. Obamacare Could Lead To 33% More New Businesses Over The Next Few Years
  77. While Republicans act like clowns,
  78. Texan's need to Replace John Cornyn!
  79. Republicans in a Nutshell or just Nuts in a Nutshell
  80. Let me be the First; Starting Tomorrow-Endless Bitching of Exchanges not ready
  81. So how funny is it to not get paid?
  82. Harry Reid: Those Darn Tea Party Anarchists!
  83. It's 12:01 am. Do You Know Where Your Government Is?
  84. Obamacare and possible default of USA
  85. Obamacare happens
  86. So Who's To Blame For The Shutdown? Well Just Look Who's Cheering For It!
  87. Millions Flee Obamacare
  88. Rand Paul says open the government
  89. Daily Beast: Rand Paul most liberal man in Congress right now
  90. Congressional Republicans are NOW ready to Debate the Budget
  91. Quote:Elizabeth Warren
  92. The little wifey misspoke
  93. ObamaCares Fats
  94. Republicans More Insulated than Democrats from Backlash
  95. Beginning of the End for Government? hooray!
  96. Bill Clinton says Americans will get used to Communism
  97. FYI: Government Shutdowns Are Fairly Common
  98. I cannot afford obamacare
  99. The Toles: What Republicans missed in their effort to Kill ObamaCares
  100. Straight Talk from Andrew Sullivan
  101. U.S. On Verge of Full-Scale Government Hoedown
  102. WWII Vets still have it
  103. For those who ask the question: Who is really Hurt by a Government Shutdown?
  104. The End Of Christian America.
  105. Harry Reid: Been carrying this in my wallet a long time.
  106. ObamaCares Reality Check
  107. Probable advice to Republicans from Einstein
  108. How Obamacare is going to change society
  109. Republican brilliance on display
  110. More Truth About Shutdown From Schumer
  111. Why are the states health exchanges having so many problems?
  112. Republican Strategy
  113. Curing What Ails Us: Obamacare
  114. Corbett compares gay marriage to marriage of brother and sister
  115. Top 10 Most Useless Socialist Run Government Agencies......
  116. McCaskill: We Voted On GOP's Bills, So Why Won't Boehner Allow Vote On Ours?
  117. Salon: NSA Director admits he lied about terror threats to scare the public
  118. Prisons Cost More than an Ivy League Education
  119. WH: We're Winning...Doesn't Matter How Long Shutdown Lasts
  120. Republicans considering new bill to end shut down
  121. wtf is up with Republicans
  122. Who's right, Democrats or Republicans?
  123. Tea Party loosens K Street's stranglehold on the GOP
  124. Welcome to Obamaville
  125. Do you think this might have something to do with how leftist the MSM is?
  126. Ken Cuccinelli avoided taking the stage with Rafael Cruz
  127. Rachel Maddow pulls the curtain back on Republican obstruction...
  128. Three buttons, One Image, Same GOP Lie
  129. Save us from the madness
  130. The GOP Has Been PLANNING The Government SHUTDOWN Since Last Year.
  131. School vouchers pretty much a flop
  132. One chart destroys the debt ceiling truthers.
  133. Liberals Don't Want Diversity In Thought
  134. If We Breach The Debt Ceiling, Jack Lew Must Decide Which Law To Break
  135. Refreshing words from a Republican?
  136. How can we have a rational conversation about Health Care when we question the basics
  137. Common Sense from Califonia?
  138. Conservatives, Liberals, and the Green Arrow Principle
  139. Leadership In Your Face; Now it your move Boehner to show some Balls
  140. Obamacare is here. Get used to it.
  141. Something you never hear Republicans say anymore!
  142. Ex-GOP insider unloads: Blame “neo-Confederate insurrectionists” for shutdown!
  143. Jimmy Carter Todays Middle Class is Yesterday's Poor
  144. "We can't make extortion routine as part of our democracy"
  145. Heritage Foundation Will Sacrifice Its Own Son, Obamacare, To Appease Angry God
  146. Sixty Percent of Americans Feel the Federal Government is Too Powerful
  147. Senate Dems to call GOP’s bluff on debt limit
  148. The business end of obamacare
  149. Bill Maher And Congressman Give Tea Partier Lesson In Obamacare
  150. Dick Morris on the government shutdown
  151. World War 2 Memorial is actually open
  152. "Routine, Preventative Healthcare -- not just "Urgent, Emergency Healthcare.
  153. Vote now to end shutdown
  154. Repuplicans hit record low
  155. U.S. Taxpayers Shelled Out $634,320,919 To Build Obamacare Website that doesn't work
  156. 110 people own 35% of Russia's wealth
  157. Wind is a finite resource - Tea Party congressman Joe Barton; TEXAS
  158. Bet you don't see this on FoxNews: 91 yr old WW II VET To GOP
  159. Republican party continues to crack
  160. Republicans chaned House rule to force shutdown?
  161. Obama sending guns to terrorists & drug lords?
  162. Unchecked Power Can Be Dangerous
  163. Do Red States Take More Money from the Feds?
  164. Perceived Need for Third Party Reaches New High
  165. Privatize the Soup Nazi
  166. Sarvis for Governor
  167. Dick Morris: What the GOP should do now
  168. Just when you think repubs can't get more insane
  169. When Did Liberals & Progressives Suddenly Become Anti-Union?
  170. Jack Welch nails it
  171. Correcting Misconceptions About Socialism
  172. Msnbc
  173. CRUZ and PALIN for 2016
  174. The GOP’s Backdoor Impeachment Scheme
  175. Throw the &#$@%* bums out
  176. Wave All The Confederate Flags You Want ...
  177. What Planet Are You Living On
  178. Why are the Mandate Rules differenct for Republicans?
  179. obummer
  180. Tea Party and Medicaid
  181. Possible Deal in the Works?
  182. Isn't it Strange
  183. What the difference between a TeaParty Protests and OWS Protest? What the difference
  184. Boxer compares House GOP to domestic abusers
  185. Coulter's Circular Firing Squad On Hannity
  186. The New Number One Priority of The Republican Party
  187. Will The House Screw this Up everyone?
  188. I love Derrick Grayson for Senate, hope he wins!
  189. Ranchers Who Supported GOP Shutdown Wonder Where Their Government Assistance Went
  190. Report: When are Vets not Vets? When they are tea party fake vets
  191. Americans too dumb says CNN.
  192. Fiscal conservatism
  193. Questions for Forum Democrats
  194. Reporter Tells WH Spokesman to ask Republicans to agree to delay heart attacks a year
  195. Obama stand Strong - No Terrorist Demands will be honored
  196. Hate can be powerfully destructive, but to who? Who is really getting hurt? Not Obama
  197. Carl Bernstein: GOP leadership ‘Cancerous’
  198. Democrats Dare GOP to Provoke Another Debt Crisis
  199. Obama to push immigration reform 'day after' budget deal
  200. How to kick The TeaBaggers in The Balls
  201. How Bad Is It? Even Ann Coulter Has Turned On Conservatives
  202. Ask A Socialist
  203. The Pilgrims' Failed Socialist Experiment....
  204. Thank You President Obama for standing up to Terrorism
  205. Drudge Predicts Nancy Pelosi Will Be the Next Speaker of the House
  206. Clowns to the bitter end
  207. To Hate the Tea Party is to Hate AMERICA!
  208. I Predict another GOP Defeat
  209. Stallman: How Much Surveillance Can Democracy Withstand?
  210. John Birch Society Redux
  211. Robin Leach: Obama's taking us down the road to 'COMMUNISM'
  212. A fitting end to the Republican freak show
  213. My Offer is This: Nothing ... You Get Nothing!
  214. Wingnut fight
  215. President Obama's remarks on reopening of government
  216. The Republicans and Many People
  217. The Only Person who can Beat Hillary in 2016......
  218. The House Republicans
  219. Little Libertarians on the Praire
  220. Gun Control Fairy Tale in a Picture
  221. A “New” American Center? Hardly
  222. I love Michael Ramierez!
  223. Heritage Foundation - Let Me Debunk Your Myth - Let Us Compare Your Report With FACTS
  224. US Chamber of Commerce speaks
  225. Medicare had a messy rollout, too
  226. Ken Cuccinelli Purging Voters in Face of Imminent Defeat
  227. Inside the Fox News lie machine: Sean Hannity Fact-Checked on ObamaCare
  228. The day The Right lost the Economic argument
  229. If This Man Can Get Nomination For President, I Pity The Republican Party
  230. A Message to Conservatives from A Civil War Reenactor
  231. The GOPs little Rule Change they hoped you wouldn't notice ....
  232. The 16-day government shutdown took a $24 billion chunk out of the U.S. economy
  233. Father of Ted Cruz "Annointed" to bring the spoils of war to the priests
  234. Young People still not signing up for Obamascare....
  235. WWII Memorial Protests
  236. Tea party leaders discussing plans to sue the gay
  237. Obama nominates Drone proponent to lead DHS huzzah!
  238. And the Winner Is...Wall Street!
  239. Money For Dam Project In Shutdown Deal Riles Conservatives
  240. Gun rally on Alamo grounds triggers debate
  241. Why Fat Liberal Women Shame Thin Women
  242. The Myth of "Choice"
  243. NEW CNN poll - Majority do not want Republicans in control of House
  244. Dick Durbin's amazing Facebook entry
  245. Race is central to the Fear and Angst of the US Right.
  246. 2013-2014 Race Prediction
  247. Will Sebellius be sued like we would for piracy?
  248. HealthCare Dot Commie
  249. “You don’t have to like The President; you don’t have to like me."
  250. People Sign Fake Petition to Support Orwellian Police State