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  1. Smooth Operator - Good Catch Mr. McDaddy President Obama
  2. Jesse Ventura and Larry King
  3. Obamacare is NO Apple Inc.: Part 1
  4. How Politics Set The Stage For The Obamacare Website Meltdown
  5. Sowell on Race Hustling
  6. So what are the chances of the two parties coming to a budget deal?
  7. Dems can't disagree with spying because the libertarians own it--LOL
  8. Keystone XL Pipeline Could Yield $100 Billion For Koch Brothers
  9. Congress to close down, fly Air Force planes to Florida for funeral of Rep. C.W. Bill
  10. Only 20 percent think Republicans are “interested in doing what’s best for the countr
  11. Being An American, An obsolete Term?
  12. Ted Cruz, Senator from Texas: Quit saying you reflect the views of 26 million Texans
  13. Does obama have anti American views?
  14. Have Questions On Obamacare? Call 1-800-F U-CKYO
  15. What the Founders would have thought about US Foreign Policy
  16. Steny Hoyer wants more money to fix Obamacare exchanges
  17. Man Spends 4.5 Hours on Obamacare Hotline But Still Can't Sign Up
  18. White House deems health exchange glitches ‘unacceptable,’ GOP calls Obamacare DOA
  19. Liberal Washington Post columnist complains "Democrats own healthcare"
  20. White House Aid Fired for Tweets
  21. Conservative Bucket List for 2013..........
  22. More Republican brilliance
  23. Another Science Challenged Republican tries his hand at Math
  24. Obama Adviser Furman Says U.S. Shutdown Cost 120,000 Jobs
  25. Oops: Polls show growing support for Obamacare
  26. Study: Poor children are now the majority in American public schools in South, West
  27. Tea Party leader says Cuccinelli is losing so badly is because he's too liberal - Yea
  28. 300,000 Floridians lose their Insurance under Obamacare
  29. Health care law is a moral failure
  30. 1-800-F U-CKYO Lives Up To Its Name
  31. “TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!” What the fuck is that? Whose country are you talking about?
  32. Health Care Cost Inflation Is Tumbling
  33. Even More Republican Brilliance - Texas Judge Almost Blocked From Voting
  34. Cruz's Wife Confirms He's Covered Under Her Blue-Chip ($20,000 a year)Health Plan
  35. UAW and Pensioners fighting Detroit's Bankruptcy Case
  36. Obama changes Marine uniform to stupid
  37. Hillary Clinton Turns Tables On Heckler In Buffalo
  38. Sex Offenders in Schools
  39. Emails show WH leak to NYT's Sanger for favorable treatment: The Judge's take
  40. George Soros Backs Hillary Clinton For President In 2016
  41. The Obamacare Tech Mess? It's A Familiar Government Story
  42. More bad news for Republicans
  43. Republicans Vigorously Defended Health Care Reform Despite Serious Glitches
  44. If You Believe In The Recovery, This Isn't The Chart You Want To See...
  45. The 2014 Senate races
  46. Myth of US press freedom
  47. ‘Against the interest of mankind’: US abuses position
  48. Obamacare is NO Apple Inc.: Part 2
  49. Obama Transforming America into a 'GESTAPO'
  50. A Remedy for Republicans
  51. "Obama Care Enrollment Packet"
  52. I'm sure it's just a coincidence.
  53. Senator Rand Paul: A long-needed constitutional amendment
  54. Obamacare: too big, too complicated for the federal government to administer?
  55. Stop Saying Voter ID is for Stopping Fraud - It's a Lie and You Know it
  56. Latino donors set sights on GOP lawmakers who oppose immigration overhaul
  57. The GOP can only Stack The Deck for so long.
  58. Libertarians & Environment Groups want to TAX your Car mileage!
  59. A limerick for Democrats
  60. Flashback: GOP Wanted To ‘Fix’ Medicare Part D After Rollout
  61. Alison Lundergan Grimes Slams McConnell Over Shutdown In Fiery Web Ad
  62. Here's why one top Iowa Republican thinks Ted Cruz is ready for 2016
  63. Conservative Businessmen Challenging Tea Party Republicans
  64. Democrats and Republicans, this is why I want nothing to do with you
  65. Vermont Is Pushing Ahead With A Healthcare Plan That Goes Far Beyond Obamacare
  66. Republican Preident said ...
  67. Rand Paul Visits Virginia In Effort To Swing Libertarians To Cuccinelli
  68. A Huge Victory for GOP’s “Whites-Only” Coalition
  69. Amnesty Is Republican Party Suicide
  70. Ted Cruz: Obama is abusing power
  71. Obama Hates CHRISTIANITY...........
  72. Easy Math for Low Information Health Care Buyers
  73. Here’s what HealthCare.gov and the F-35 have in common
  74. Food stamp cuts for veterans ‘unacceptable’ and ‘revolting’
  75. It’s Hard To Run A Democracy With An Ignorant Public
  76. I didn't know they were doing that!!
  77. Dem Congressman's Former Aid and Obamacare Supporter Loses Coverage
  78. Obamacare May Not Work, But the NSA Sure Does
  79. There’s something absolutely insane happening in the House Right Now.
  80. Look; The Senate had a Vote Yesterday
  81. Governor Perry of Texas
  82. Iraq and Afghanistan Come to the US
  83. Sen Reid's smackdown of Sen Coburn's comment when he called Reid an "Absolute a-Hole"
  84. $40 billion dollar Aircraft carrier Ford to be christened in Newport News
  85. Ted Cruz's Dad Calls US a "Christian Nation," Says Obama Should Go "Back to Kenya
  86. Republican Infighting Over the Farm Bill Infuriates Farmers
  87. Romney donors pour cash into Democrats facing tea party opponents.
  88. Political Drama Toons
  89. Company Behind Troubled Obamacare Website Donated Heavily To Republicans In 2012
  90. Deficit More Than Cut in Half Since 2009
  91. Do you own a gun?
  92. You can Officially Cross Rand Paul Off the List now
  93. So tell me again; Why People Vote for Republicans
  94. Question: What does Ted Cruz mean when he says Real America and Americans?
  95. Rand Paul and Obama have similar views on drones
  96. Democrats against Obamacare
  97. Put Down by President Carter
  98. 'incomprehensible' says Germany
  99. Republicans are their own worst enemy on Obamacare. Here’s proof.
  100. Only 6 people signed up for obamacare on 1st day
  101. Six Stories From Wingnut Land You Might Have Missed This Week
  102. 2013: Year of the liberal billionair
  103. House Passes Deregulation Bill Written by Citigroup
  104. The Old White Man is Causing Trouble Again
  105. Senate Democrats supported rule that led to insurance cancellations
  106. Obamacare enrollments got off to very slow start, documents show
  107. The Secret No One is Talking About Buried In Obamacare
  108. Healthcare for the holidays !
  109. Welcome to the New Corporatism
  110. Let's take a poll: Do you approve of Obama's performance as President?
  111. The Healthcare Mash
  112. Debt games- not good
  113. On a mission from God
  114. Chris Christie winning over Hispanics
  115. School District Battle
  116. Truly Substandard
  117. OBAMACARE Forces Men to Buy Maternity Coverage
  118. Gov Rick Scott
  119. "Really good at killing people"
  120. Health Care dot gov is a security hazard
  121. Email about VA governor race
  122. I got an idea for those who like their current plan and Doctor
  123. David Simon Nails It
  124. What exactly is a "Reasonable" Republican to the Left??
  125. Obama Administration Forcing Insurance Companies To Keep The Lid On ObamaCare Issues
  126. A 101-Year Recovery
  127. Is there such a thing as a libertarian candidate?
  128. Rand Paul caught again
  129. 10 Differences between Conservatives & Liberals
  130. GOP once again comes out against gay people
  131. Ha!
  132. Obamacare Meets Monty Python
  133. Dem Celinda Lake: Blame Insurance Cos. "They are a fantastic enemy"
  134. Former HOUSE SPEAKER JIM WRIGHT denied TX voter ID card
  135. Special Investigation: How Insurers Are Hiding Obamacare Benefits From Customers
  136. "You Can Measure America's Bottom Line By Looking At Caterpillar's Bottom Line"
  137. And, with my mighty finger I voted for...
  138. The Constitution...Time for an Upgrade?
  139. Kentucky’s ACA online health exchange signed up 32,485 Kentuckians in its first month
  140. President Obama Claims He Never Said You Could Keep Your Insurance If You Like It...
  141. Cuccinelli was robbed!
  142. Interest in Obamacare rises despite website problems: Reuters/Ipsos poll
  143. Let's Stop Trying to Please Republicans - Stop Chasing The Bunny
  144. Tax and Spend Crashes in CO
  145. A Holiday Season to Remember, Come Election-Day Next November
  146. Reuters take on Virginia
  147. Virginia, Alabama Voter Choices Show Tea Party Declining
  148. Obamacare Poll...Yes or No
  149. Impeachment Gaining Attention in Congress
  150. Obama Poll Question
  151. Obama calls to congratulate Christie?
  152. Obama's OTHER big lie
  153. Republicans are even stupider than imagined, to disenfranchise own voters
  154. $650 Million Tax Dollars Pumped into Obamacare Website....
  155. Bloomberg Bombs in CO
  156. President Carter's Grandson....
  157. Tuesday's Lesson: Democrats' Best Hope Is More Ted Cruze
  158. The Rand Paul story - Can we agree that it was Factual?
  159. The NSA Spying Story: Can We All Agree It is Factual?
  160. New book: Obama told aides that drones make him 'really good at killing people'
  161. Pakistani Prime Minister Urges Obama To End Drone Strikes
  162. Mr. Cuccinelli has himself to blame for loss
  163. Masked March Ignored, Kanye West's Clothing Talked About
  164. Republicans approve of...
  165. Report: IRS Refunded $4B to Identity Thieves
  166. The Recent Elections: Wall Street Victories...And a Defeat
  167. Bad News for Republicans :The Youth Vote Grew in 2013 and They Voted Democrat
  168. Obama Said to Back Democrat Push for $10.10 Minimum-Wage
  169. Obamacare 'War Room' docs
  170. A petty rant: Republicans are the real lying liars on Obamacare
  171. Another police anal probe: Timothy Young
  172. Should the States be eliminated in favor of Congressional Districts?
  173. Republicans to Impeach Eric Holder
  174. Mother Jones: Obama Presidency Marred By Drone Legacy
  175. The Political Genius of Ted Cruz
  176. Only 5 enrollments completed in D.C. Obamacare exchange
  177. A Dummies' Guide To Employment Data: Quality Over Quantity
  178. 6 Months After Obama Promised To Divulge More On Drones
  179. Discredited Benghazi Story Was Done To Appeal To Conservatives
  180. 40 Armed Gun Advocates Intimidate Mothers Against Gun Violence
  181. Two Navy intel officers have security cleareance pulled
  182. US Tomahawks surprise packets of the rugby league World Cup
  183. Socialists Pushing for Child Euthanasia......
  184. Carville: Obama should 'take a toke' on Toronto mayor's crack pipe
  185. Obamacare harbinger? Venezuelan government-run health care system collapsing
  186. Who counts as an Obamacare enrollee?
  187. US consumer spending slows to 0.2 percent gain in September; income rises 0.5 percent
  188. Clinton Says
  189. Medicaid is health overhaul's early success story
  190. Meet one of the victims of Obama's economic recovery
  191. Confessions of a Quantitative Easer
  192. How Republicans Rig the Game
  193. Sarah Palin Explaining the Republicans Alternative to ObamaCare
  194. President Elizabeth Warren?? The Emergence of the Third Left
  195. Palin vs. the Pope
  196. Sarah Palin
  197. Democratic Unity On Obamacare Is Collapsing
  198. Democrats Reign Over
  199. Maybe Barack Obama is just inferior
  200. Try Reading The ACA: Obama Didn't Lie to You About Your Health Care Plans
  201. Democrats give Obama 72 Hours to fix or side with Republicans
  202. What About US?
  203. Ok let's do the Math on ObamaCare and enough with the Makebeleive Bull Shit
  204. 16 Times More Americans Interested In Buying Guns Than Obamacare
  205. Hillary Clinton in 2007: 'If you have a plan you like, you keep it'
  206. Obama's fallen and he can't get up
  207. 37 States and their Allegiance to Corporations
  208. Obama's 29 Worst Assaults on Civil Liberties
  209. Who Lied?
  210. First time a Socialist has been elected in USA for a government place
  211. HealthCare.gov Simple Fix - Occam's Razor
  212. The Four Principles of Power
  213. Legalizing illegal immigrants is the solution to Obamacare: Democrats
  214. None dare call it fascism
  215. How The Minimum Wage Destroyed The Economy Of American Samoa
  216. See How Food Stamp Cuts Are Hitting Across The U.S.
  217. The GOP Coalition Constitutes A Shrinking Portion Of The Electorate
  218. President Obama Should Never Apologize for Passing Obamacare
  219. Republicans Suddenly Care About Canceled Health Policies
  220. The Pentagon and It's Amazing Magic Tricks
  221. Mythology Of The Australian Minimum Wage
  222. Some cyber security experts recommend shutting Obamacare site
  223. Illinois governor expected to sign gay marriage into law
  224. Obama was briefed earlier in year on health website problems
  225. Decision time for Tea Party movement in U.S. political contests
  226. Woman Who Obama Cited as Obamacare Success Story Now Says She Can’t Afford Health Cov
  227. Army to discharge sex offenders
  228. Father arrested for picking up his kids from school
  229. How Obamacare Could Become A Secret Weapon For McConnell's Opponent
  230. California: Surplus is $2.4 billion
  231. The Man Who Use To Walk On Water
  232. Senate Democrats Detonate 'Nuclear Option' To Curb Filibusters
  233. The Torch Has Been Passed
  234. You want it, You got it.
  235. The GOPs Short Memories on Filibusters
  236. Why the Filibuster Change is Fantastic News for Obama.
  237. Was Kennedy a Conservative?
  238. I wonder Why
  239. George Will on progressivism
  240. Just In Case
  241. If Republicans were really against Obamacare
  242. 15 Reasons Why Barack Obama Is the Greatest President In American History!
  243. You think you know someone, and then he gets ona stage and blows your mind
  244. Democrats, Republicans Failing To Live Up To Brands
  245. Ex Secret Service agent: take on DoJ
  246. Well Put Ben Stein
  247. Food Waste in the US and around the world
  248. Unemployment Rate Should Be Around 4.5%, According To The Beveridge Curve
  249. Stop whining, centrists: Bipartisanship is a myth that’s never existed
  250. Senate gridlock imperils Defense bill