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  1. Rethinking the Left-Right Paradigm: a New Political Spectrum
  2. Iowans Worry About Ethanol's Lost Political Clout
  3. Ron Paul's Man in Iowa
  4. Controlled Experiment a Success - ObamaCare Works
  5. The Best-Run States and the Worst-Run States
  6. The Republican Wall Street Silicon Valley Amnesty Boys.
  7. What does this even mean?
  8. Official HealthCare.gov Bypass through GoHealth
  9. Media Protest Spreads
  10. Political Joke of The Week - Wisconsin's own, Sean Duffy, give him a hand folks
  11. Three Decades of Economic Sanctions, yet 6 Months is too long to a chance at Peace
  12. Democrats lose youth vote
  13. Political Distractions ... Yet Again
  14. Obama lashes out, calls dems who are worried about obamacare ‘bed-wetters’
  15. Bad news for Republicans
  16. To Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Greens
  17. Concientious Rejection of Hero Worship in Politics
  18. National Jourrnal: Republican takeover of Senate likely in 2014
  19. Doctor shortage may get worse
  20. Would the I.R.S.....?
  21. Professor: Obama Should Be Allowed to Run for a Third Term
  22. New Army officers will manage the budget drawdown, not war
  23. Recall Elections?
  24. Time: Eric Snowden wins over Obama 81 to 19
  25. The Decline of US Education
  26. Oh My Gosh! HealthCare.gov is Actually Working!
  27. Vote Republican — and Save the Country
  28. You Live To Serve The State: Eugenics
  29. Amnesty International: Obama Should Be Tried For War Crimes
  30. Obamacare To Cost 'Billions Of Dollars Less Than Originally Projected'
  31. 113th Congress, going down in history for its inaction
  32. Black Friday Sales Plunge 13%; Black 'Weekend' Traffic Tumbles 4%
  33. GDP growth under Dem/Rep Administrations
  34. Praising Joe McCarthy for Exposing Liberal Communists
  35. Why Seniors just Love ObamaCares
  36. House meets to discuss Obama impeachment
  37. Rush Limbaugh calls Pope's speech Pure Marxism
  38. Unacceptable Realities
  39. Query: For those on the "Left"
  40. The bush years?
  41. Is Progressivism the new Communism?
  42. The Opposition To Public Unions Fun Quiz.
  43. How Desperate is The GOP to stop ObamaCare?
  44. GOP Men Tutored in running against Women
  45. Now this is The President I Vote for!
  46. Obamacare "Horror Stories" prove to be mostly BULLSHIT
  47. Rep. Randy Forbes (R-VA): Deny Money to Gay Candidates
  48. Where do we really stand?
  49. Leaked Documents Show NH Legislators Asked to Take Pledge to ALEC
  50. Activists want Obama to bypass Congress
  51. Looking ahead at emerging threats
  52. States' Rights
  53. You Live To Serve The State: Education
  54. Whenever ....
  55. Obamacare’s real promise: if you lose your health-care plan, you can get a new one
  56. The Progressive plan to end 71% of abortions
  57. Auto bailout of GM, Chrysler saved millions of jobs, $284B in personal income
  58. Obamacare and Firefighters
  59. Education: The Key
  60. Obama has no hope to fix fractured America
  61. Is the US a "Christian" Nation
  62. 37 reasons why the ObamaRecovery is a fiction
  63. 'How To Talk To Women
  64. More Republican brilliance
  65. Six year old suspended for 'sexual harassment'
  66. Famous Voter ID Supporter
  67. Boehner lashes out at conservative groups on budget deal
  68. The Great Conspiracy Theory Lie
  69. You Live To Serve The State: Gun Control
  70. ACA and the American People
  71. 6 Reasons There's No Such Thing As Compassionate Conservatism
  72. Why Americans are so angry
  73. Could Any American Citizen Actually Believe That This "Cop" Was On Their Side?
  74. South Carolina: First to Secede, First to Outlaw Obamacare?
  75. Slamming Obamacare in 2014 Is a “Trap” for GOP
  76. How many taxes are there in the US?
  77. Utopian Realism
  78. Civil Disobedience and Nullification
  79. Rand Paul Won't Be Able To Save Detroit
  80. The Pope sure does know History ...
  81. Remember the 2010 Elections: Jobs Jobs Jobs?
  82. I hope he does run again and wins.
  83. Anarchy Question for Statists
  84. The Great RONALD REAGAN: The Last Time he Told the TRUTH About Economics
  85. The Youngest Person Elected To The Mississippi House of Rep Is Still In College
  86. It just gets better and better
  87. 26 solyndras
  88. Black Americans Greatly Prospered during Ronald Reagan's Presidency
  89. 24 Republicans Not Practicing What They Preached About Obamacare
  90. Sensitive data lost for 19,000 Colorado employees
  91. A Quotes from a Real Liberal
  92. To my fellow anarchists: How do you pretent get there, to anachy?
  93. Pension cuts versus welfare for illegals
  94. This Chart Blows Up the Myth of the Welfare Queen
  95. After 18 Months, Iowa Investigation Finds A Voter Fraud Rate Of .00075 Percent
  96. Paul Krugman: The Obamacare Worm Continues to Turn
  97. Hilliary For President
  98. The Obama DOJ is doing NOTHING to prosecute Wall Street
  99. Your Assumptions About Welfare Recipients Are Wrong - Now The Facts
  100. The GOP’s Fight Has Just Begun
  101. A Republican who gets it! - Just try taking ObamaCare away from someone.
  102. Government about to bust the debt limit again
  103. The actual Moment Mitt Romney found out that "He" was The 47%
  104. OP’s new filibuster strategy: A giant temper tantrum
  105. U.S. economy revved up
  106. Klan leader: We're not a hate group
  107. Ted Cruz on the Budget Deal
  108. Tom Paine, America's 1st Nanny-State Liberal
  109. 620,000 trees being planted to honor Civil War dead
  110. Obama friend Farrakhan calls for beheading of gays
  111. How works the electricity market in USA?
  112. Did the Founders Hate Government?
  113. Predictions for 2014?
  114. Why does a non-born to-be human has more rights than a grown human(criminal)?
  115. Did White House just inadvertently admit to Obama ID fraud?
  116. Just a thought on labels...
  117. Rev. Jackson: Phil Robertson 'More Offensive' Than Rosa Parks Bus Driver
  118. Armed Militia in USA
  119. Nancy Pelosi...need I say more?
  120. Obama: First Gay president??
  121. Mormons and Gay Marriage
  122. OY president's top ten constitutional violations
  123. You Live To Serve The State: Judicial Supremacy
  124. Just how unaffordable is the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)?
  125. Jefferson and the things forgotten about him
  126. NY Federal Distrit Court Judge
  127. Remember when "If you liked your HC plan you can keep it" was true?
  128. You Live to Serve the State: Social Justice 1
  129. Atlas Shrugged Revisited
  130. 5 million to become homeless Americans.
  131. Whatever it takes
  132. Price of an appendicitis in USA
  133. Notable Accomplishments
  134. "Conservative" Democrats?
  135. Ron Paul on NSA and Imperialism
  136. Military's new Sexual Harrasment Policies: Enough?
  137. The Anarchy/Voluntarist Thread
  138. Liberalism vs Blacks
  139. A&E Just announced they ARE replacing Duck Dynasty
  140. On Christmas, Republicans Quietly Declare War on Themselves
  141. The Crisis of the Middle Class
  142. 12-Step Lesson for Leftist Black Americans.....
  143. The Enlightenment: The Foundation of Conservatism?
  144. As your President the first budgetary thing I would change is
  145. You Live to Serve the State: Social Justice 2
  146. Election Fraud is Easy....
  147. Investors laugh at you
  148. McCain and Graham got Rice wrong
  149. Speaker Boehner ends rough year on a high note
  150. Pope Francis: Peace for the New Year
  151. What your favorite drink says about your politics
  152. Justice Sotomayor blocks Obamacare contraception mandate
  153. Kim Jong-un [HEARTS] Obamacare!
  154. President Obama’s Approval Rating Jumps 5 Points as Millions Sign Up for Obamacare
  155. Is there a military-industrial complex?
  156. More Lies for Obamacare...
  157. 2014: TWO BIGGEST SCANDALS to start the new year!
  158. 2014-Year of the Progressives
  159. Obamacare is awful
  160. Is there a prison-industrial complex?
  161. Congratulations Scott Walker, you're Number One (1)
  162. The All-in-One F-35 Fighter Jet Costs More Than Three Separate Planes
  163. Here Are The Things Americans Want The Government To Focus On In 2014
  164. What the Fed does and whom they do it for from Teddybears
  165. Best White House Photos of 2013
  166. GOP’s 2014 horror strategy: Exploit Americans’ misfortune, drum up fake outrage
  167. Trey Gowdy...everyone's favorite Congressman on pathetic NY Times
  168. Stunning new report that destroyed the foundation of that particular GOP claim.
  169. Did You Annoy a Republican Today !
  170. Strictly from a political strategy standpoint, not right or wrong
  171. This is why Health Care Matters
  172. Our workforce has shrunk and we brag
  173. Chinese Consulate Terrorist Attack. ( San Francisco )
  174. Karl Rove and the GOP Socialists
  175. Equality!
  176. Now Republicans Have to Prove They Can Do Better Than Obamacare
  177. Gonna Enjoy Laughing at the "consensus" of global warming enthusiasts soon
  178. American Dream Shattered
  179. 15 year old explains the gun problem in America
  180. 22 States Curb Access To Abortion In 2013
  181. Vacationing Obama Slams GOP Who Went Home For The Holidays
  182. Goodbye, FBI
  183. Simple fill in the blank for Liberals
  184. President Obama Nominated the Very First Native American Woman For Federal Judge
  185. President Obama set to confirm First-Ever Woman to Chair the Federal Reserve.
  186. She Gone!
  187. Wanna know what you're dealing with on Obama's ACA?
  188. So income inequality is the Democratic Plan for re election?
  190. Six million lost coverage on first day of Bush Medicare drug program
  191. The Price of GOP Obamacare Sabotage In One Chart
  192. White supremacy wins again: Melissa Harris Perry and the racial false equivalence
  193. NOW Republicans Are Concerned About The Cost Of "Government Waste"?
  194. One of the better Golbal Warming Debates, if you are interested and not in the tank
  195. The New Confederate Army is Here
  196. 3 Reasons 2014 Might be the Most Libertarian Year Ever!
  197. 214 Midterm Elections
  198. Former Top CIA Lawyer Speaks
  199. The other side of 'gay rights'
  200. Are Americans ethnocentric?
  201. Slave Ownership & Abortion Rights Advocates are eerily Similar
  202. GOP has another chance to declare independence from Tea Party
  203. Five Economic Reforms Millennials Should Be Fighting For
  204. Chis Christie a Liar.
  205. Here is an obvious problem with Obama and Hillary
  206. Owning Up To The Obamacare Lies
  207. Air Force General: Center of Sexual Harassment Storm
  208. Political Forums template
  209. List of American that The GOP Needs training to Talk to Continues to Grow
  210. Fact-Check: Rand Paul's Obamacare Story Doesn't Ring True
  211. 10 Things You Might Not Know About Poverty
  212. How to reduce the unemployment number the Obama way
  213. Christie and Obama: A Comparison
  214. What the young folks voted for
  215. Al Roker Owns Rush Limbaugh On The Polar Vortex- Tells Limbaugh To "STUFF IT"
  216. Obama appoints advocate of COP KILLER to civil rights post in DOJ
  217. Marco Rubio Smacks Down Obama
  218. Doctor Who Ron Johnson Wants to Shield From Obamacare, Wants Obamacare
  219. The Medicaid Cure
  220. Fox Guest: Minimum Wage is 'Black Teenage Unemployment Act'
  221. Marriage and marijuana!!!
  222. You're Right; There's no such thing as Free Lunch
  223. Tea Party Group Mobilizes To Oust House Speaker John Boehner
  224. Should you lose your gun rights if you visit a shrink?
  225. Systemic Corruption
  226. Today's lessons in ironies
  227. Christe Bridge Doc. Dump 24 Hours Later
  228. Obamacare Hasn’t Slowed The Growth of Health Care Costs – It’s The Economy, Stupid!
  229. Would you vote for this hypothetical candidate?
  230. Obama: Spy for Iran or Brilliant Peace Initiative?
  231. Establishing a U.S. State Religion
  232. Mounting evidence that privatizing public services costs us more money
  233. Too Bad He Didn't Have A Gun To Defend Himself
  234. The next big bailout on the way
  235. Second wave of health-insurance disruption affects small businesses
  236. More proof of the lunacy of the left.
  237. Navy accidentally sends reporter email with their plans to thwart FOIA request
  238. Public College 'FREE' for all Students?
  239. Will The real Hillary please standup? Such a phony, she is as big a bully as Chisti
  240. A rising tide of libertarianism?
  241. Get Your Penis Pump
  242. I Don't Know ...
  243. A lawless administration
  244. Insurance and Single Payer
  245. 18 Crazy Right-Wing Myths About Obama, Debunked
  246. Obamacare unenforceable
  247. Reminders Or the Coolaid drinkers
  248. Good thing he had a gun
  249. GOP constituents also depend on jobless aid
  250. Unemployment Benefits were extended 5 times, 'no strings attached. But now ...