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  1. Nothing to Hide Here ...
  2. Liberal thinking on the poor needs rethinking
  3. Oh look more global warming issues
  4. And Now Let's Hear a Big Round of Applause for New Mexico
  5. WH supports Senator Rand Paul’s bill to officially end U.S. Iraq war authority
  6. The GOP's 2014 Message: Obama Isn't Creating Jobs for Some Reason
  7. More Americans identifying as liberal
  8. Virginia GOP candidate: Spousal rape isn’t a crime if she is ‘wearing a nightie’
  9. Three Reasons To Extend Unemployment Insurance
  10. Obamacare Giving Big Boost To Georgia's Health IT Industry
  11. What would you do for the poor?
  12. Poll: Hillary Clinton widens lead on Chris Christie
  13. I Had a Middle Class Job and I Still Ended Up on Food Stamps at 60
  14. Obama to Dems: I'll act with or without Congress
  15. Jimmy LaSalvia, Founder of GOProud, Leaves Republican Party
  16. One more ObamaScare Crushed! Health care website passed recent security test
  17. Obamacare Death Spiral Underway
  18. BENGHAZI WAS PREVENTABLE; Hillary Clinton cited for lapses
  19. Rush Limbaugh Finally Admits He's Full of Shit
  20. The Chamber of Commerce is declaring it will work to fix, not repeal, Obamacare.
  21. Boehner Says 'It's Time To Move On' From Christie's Scandal
  22. Joe the Plumber Visits Barack Obama
  23. Can the fox guard the hen house? NSA oversight
  24. Pelosi threw down the ObamaCare gauntlet. Game on.
  25. Emergency Room Doctors With an Urgent Warning About Wait Times
  26. Five years of Obama
  27. Here’s 185 million reasons campaign finance reform hasn’t worked
  28. Speaker Boehner: “What an asshole”
  29. China-Canada Pipeline?
  30. Liberal "Tolerance"??
  31. Question: Of the candidates bandering about for potential runs in 2016 who do you
  32. Collection of Hospital Bills in USA
  33. 4 questionable claims Obama has made on NSA surveillance
  34. China can Bankrupt America!!!!!
  35. US Senate Advocating Sanctions (Economic Murder) Against the People of Iran
  36. Scott Walker admits he committed voter fraud
  37. The Watch Dog
  38. 5 Reasons the GOP is Screwed in 2014
  39. What are the headhunters going to do now?
  40. 19 things conservatives insist on comparing to slavery
  41. Voter ID, which is going to allow Governor Romney to win the state - Un-Done
  42. Obamacare a bad deal
  43. Obama Under Pressure From Divided Democrats on Economic Message in State of the Union
  44. A Nuclear Iran
  45. The Hot Abortion Queen
  46. Remember when casino magnate Steve Wynn, in 2012, said "Obama so Anti-Biznezz!!
  47. D.C. man on trial for one shotgun shell
  48. The House GOP 2013 Hard at Work in 2013
  49. Wendy Davi8s...
  50. Obama Is The Anti-Christ Warm-up Act
  51. Millennials Unhappy With Obama's War on the Young
  52. Wanna knowing why we are passing immigration reform, AGAIN!
  53. Tennessee may outlaw the Feds' collection of metadata
  54. Congratulations: What 30 Years Of "Trickle Down" Policies Have Produced
  55. Not a fan of hers but Ann Coulter couldn't be more right and its why they fail
  56. Obama the Lame Duck, will the Republicans be smart enough to let him fall?
  57. Voter Fraud Is 'Rare,' Presidential Election Commission Finds
  58. GOP’s “deep bench” for 2016 is now in splinters
  59. Sorry, America Isn’t Destined To Be More Liberal
  60. Obama's Robot Head
  61. Providing a little Cut & Paste to Balance out Cigars C&P
  62. Fact Free Liberals
  63. Wingnuts Of The Week ... and It's Only Thursday
  64. Here's comes trouble for The GOP: Latino groups to launch massive voter registration
  65. They were right, there really is Election Fraud
  66. Fixing old water and gas pipelines would create far more jobs than building Keystone
  67. Federal Flood Insurance Program- Underwater
  68. An honest request for the "left"...
  69. January 24th 2014 ObamaCare Update: Obamacare enrollment hits 3 million
  70. Obama's job is to destroy America's Moral & Ethical Foundation.....
  71. "Mitt", the documentary on Netflix
  72. Office of Polotical Strategy and Outreach
  73. Turnaround
  74. Priorities
  75. To Whom Does the U.S. Owe Money?
  76. Republicans sensitive to Gays at RNC meeting.
  77. Term limits: Yes or NO?
  78. Liberal War on Women.....Promoting "Slut Pride"
  79. Pres. Bush Shaves Head to Show Support For 2yr. Old Battling Leukemia
  80. State of the State address-Indiana 2014
  81. McCain censured by his party
  82. White House Policy Mistakes Explained In One Cartoon
  83. The Toll of 5 Years of Drone Strikes: 2,400 Dead
  84. ACA Signups: The Graph, updated w/sub26ers & SHOP enrollees. Grand total now 13.5 M
  85. 5 Reasons why Obama's Socilaism doesn't work...........
  86. Michael Kors founder Jack Orchulli running for statewide office
  87. Ted Cruz’s Shutdown Revisionism
  88. Oops! GOP's Empty Threat On The Debt Ceiling Exposed
  89. I am for Hiking the Minimum Wage IF
  90. The Reason we have Income Inequality
  91. OPPS Mayor Zimmer Caught I A Lie
  92. Hillary Clinton, Out of Touch & Hypocritcal
  93. Always Liberal Jim Moran breaks with Obama on Obamacare
  94. 2014 Elections Likely to Keep Capital’s Split, but dems will lose seats
  95. Report of human rights status in united states (2013)
  96. Michele Bachmann vs. Bernie Sanders
  97. 2013 scotus decision says pinish the republicans for election cheating
  98. Fox News analyst tells Tea Party group he can lead a military coup against Obama
  99. Remember ... Voting Really Matters to Everyone
  100. Been watching and now I remember
  101. If he were not Tom Coburn would Obamacare bankrupt him?
  102. Anarchist Response to the SOTU
  103. Michelle Obama: Can you spare at least $10 to help protect Obamacare?
  104. Truth Matters
  105. Some Myth Busting Facts About The Vietnam War And The Americans Who fought In It.
  106. Over 600 Economists Sign Letter In Support of $10.10 Minimum Wage
  107. Schindler's List Producer Fears US Government
  108. The Thugs behind the minimum wage flap
  109. The Minimum Wage Hike: Who Pays?
  110. Karzai says US behind terrorism in Afghanistan
  111. President Obama -- a lame duck in a fanciful adventure of exaggeration
  112. MyRAs
  113. Everywhere the CIA Goes, AQ Gains a Foothold
  114. Has Obama Lived up to the 'RULES for RADICALS'?
  115. STUDY: Average Obamacare Plans Are Cheaper Than Employer-Sponsored Ones
  116. The Green Tea Party
  117. Obamacare’s Unpopularity Rises Among Uninsured
  118. Sandra Fluke may seek Henry Waxman House Seat
  119. MULTICULTURALISM--Destroying American Culture
  120. Meanwhile, Back in America . . .
  121. An attempt at the bright dise of the Healthcare cluster job
  122. Who Gave GOP SOTU Response Tells Big Lie About Support For Women
  123. Fact check: Obama's State of the Union
  124. Governor Moonbeam
  125. Questions for the President
  126. Keystone Pipeline approved by State Department
  127. Dear America I saw you naked and yes I was laughing
  128. Evil low wage paying Walmart donates big time to Hillary Superpac
  129. #SOTU Caught-off-guard moments from the State of the Union
  130. The Federal Government and Outsourcing
  131. Army need for tanks; Contractors need for jobs
  132. Why don't Liberals Oppose Raising Income Taxes?
  133. NFL Tribute to Veterans, Recitation of Declaration of Independence, Rings Hollow
  134. MSNBC Interview on Bridgegate Today
  135. 2014 sotu
  136. Why are Poor States Conservative and Rich States Liberal.
  137. States that expanded Medicaid verses states that did not expand Medicaid
  138. New Era of 'Free Speech'
  139. Today in History
  140. Coca Cola Ad.".America The Beautiful"-Multi Languages that Angered Conservatives
  141. Some Myth Busting Facts About the 1960's.
  142. 2014 Senate race about Obama
  143. Bolingbrook IL WeatherTech gets air time during Super Bowl
  144. Ken Buck to run for the senate from Colorado again?
  145. Dear Mr. President since you blame and act silly let me tell the truth for you
  146. David Wildstein; Hero to Zero at at the blink of an eye
  147. CBO: Obamacare Will Lead To 2 Million Fewer Workers In The Labor Force By 2017
  148. SHARK TANK TV depicts American Capitalism/Entrepreneurship
  149. New Part Time Worker v. Obama
  150. Oh Emmitt Smith ... you've done it now.
  151. Local News Anchorwoman Destroys Coke Ad Misinformation
  152. Colorado Stoners Generate $1 Million in Tax Revenue in 1 Month
  153. Kelo v. City of New London (2005)
  154. Question for Anarchists?
  155. Employers Added 175,000 Jobs Last Month, Survey Signals
  156. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell All Beat Fox News
  157. Huffpost claims media dropped the ball on the CBO report on Ocare
  158. Budget office chief: ObamaCare creates ‘disincentive’ to work
  159. Difference Between Real News And "Spin" Brought To Light With CBO Report
  160. GOP Operative: 'No Natural Leader' In The Republican Party
  161. How to Create a Social State by Saul Alinsky
  162. Well We Were Just A Bunch Of Innocent Fun Loving Kids Back Then.
  163. Racist Appoirntments
  164. Best and Most Important Video Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  165. Voluntarism works.
  166. Advice for the GOP
  167. If the Government Doesn't Regulate Internet Fora...
  168. a VERY SIMPLE question for Liberals/Democrats.
  169. Utah Ending Homelessness...In An Interesting, But Sensible, Way
  170. Congressman Tried to Shut Down a Tea Party Leader.Jim Jordan Wasn’t Having Any of It
  171. VP Biden Considering Running...
  172. Could it really be this simple?
  173. What would happen if modern America had PR?
  174. Immigration Reform
  175. Only in America
  176. Only in America
  177. Rise of the Libertarians
  178. Obama is just another poor leader in a long line of them
  179. Oops, Well that's Awkward
  180. So you think you can cure poverty, eh?
  181. Bitcoin value drops sharply after tech issues continue
  183. Obamacare has gone too far this time, come on dems talk me off the ledge
  184. When was the last time you saw a front-page headline about outsourcing?
  185. Obama, the media and divisions
  186. Tennessee Gov. Urges 2 Free Years of Community College and Tech School
  187. Holder: Change laws to let ex-convicts vote
  188. Democrats Immigration Stance, can someone explain?
  189. Progressives say Rand will help liberals shift more liberal
  190. That beautiful momnent when you realized you just pissed off the libs and the cons at
  191. Lawmaker suggests ‘duct tape’ strategy for GOP
  192. Obama's Healthcare 800 number FU
  193. Back to the CBO Report
  194. How Much Power Will Congress Let Obama Seize?
  195. The Tea Party of 1773 and the Tea Party of today
  196. 3.3 Million Enrolled in Health Care Marketplaces; More Young People Signing Up
  197. Unemployed Republican who votes libertarian cries when GOPers block Unemployment Aid
  198. How Texas Health Care Failed Israel, A Man With Terminal Cancer
  199. Unemployment Is Freedom Under Obamacare
  200. Obama defies himself!
  201. America's Opinion Of Russia At 20-Year Low
  202. Free Don Siegelman
  203. The Bad Weather Excuse
  204. Not a Smidgen the president said
  205. "The President...shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully Executed" article II
  206. Connecticut residents refuse to register firearms
  207. Tenn. lawmakers issue incentive threat in VW union move
  208. Trying To Understand The Progressive Agenda
  209. Isolationism, Interventionism, and Non-Interventionism
  210. Pentagon Relaxes Rules on Turbans, Beards
  211. The Painful Irony of Michelle Obama's $12,000 Dress
  212. Guess who gets the money?
  213. Conservite Idea #1 (Social Security Reform)
  214. This is what the Republican Party did not want to happen.
  215. Liberals Can't Give One Example Of Tea Party Racism When Questioned
  216. Conservative Idea #2 (j=Job and Wealth Creation)
  217. My My how things have changed in The Good Old Party
  218. The Food Stamp Capital of America is Lilly White and Republican
  219. Toxic Union Support
  220. Liberals Turn To Oppression To Hold On To Power
  221. The UAW’s Waterloo
  222. I'm not surprised. Are you?
  223. Moms, mayors offer misguided message on guns
  224. Those Pesky Facts.
  225. Michael Giles, Airman Denied "Stand Your Ground" Defense In Fla. Nightclub Shooting
  226. 5 Tough Questions for Democrats
  227. Here's a good indicator of what would happen with single payer run by the Feds
  228. Conservative Idea #4 Welfare reform
  229. Jon Stewart calls Democrats as Corrupt as Republicans, Slams Pelosie again
  230. Do Nothing Republicans Announce They Will Not Be Passing Any Legislation This Year
  231. GOPer Wants To Impeach Judge Who Overturned Gay Marriage Ban
  232. An Appetite for Freedom Grows on Campus
  233. American Public's indifference to foriegn affairs
  234. Obama doubles the marketable US debt
  235. Well, I will be darned
  236. The Atlantic acknowledges Rand Paul as frontrunner
  237. The New Welfare Map
  238. 43 House Republicans are Suing President Obama for Doing Their Jobs without them
  239. How They're Helping America This Week
  240. Black Guy Breaks into a Car
  241. The Affordable Coffee Act
  242. "Second-Wave Libertarianism"
  243. Union Business
  244. South Carolina governor says Ford, GM, Chrysler union jobs not welcome in state
  245. Rand Paul says Ted Nugent should STFU and apologize to Obama
  246. Another Obamacare horror story goes Down in Flames. Are Republicans even trying?
  247. McCain: Hillary Clinton Would Be President If Election Were Tomorrow
  248. Something terrible has happened to the soul of the Republican Party
  249. The government is not, repeat NOT scared of your guns. Here’s proof.
  250. This is how Spoiled Children React if things don't always go their way