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  1. Unions
  2. Michelle Obama: Young people are knuckleheads
  3. 5 years after the stimulus
  4. Jon Stewart compares Obama and drones with Bush and torture
  5. New FDA Rules Target Organic Farmers
  6. Military Helps Gangs Go International
  7. FCC Backs Off of Political Officers in News Rooms
  8. The truth about cats. dogs and donkaphants
  9. Working 9 to 5 (Obamacare Remix)
  10. US DoD to shrink to pre-WWII levels
  11. Jon Stewart sends gay couple to Mississippi Waffle House to see what happens
  12. GOP Senate Candidate Post, Mocks X-Rays of Gunshot Victims
  13. The Tennessee Promise
  14. Arizona's "Religious Freedom" Bill in the Hands of Governor Brewer
  15. The most miserable states in the USA
  16. Rep. John Dingell, Who Has Served A Record 58 Years, Is Retiring
  17. A chart that should scare Democrats
  18. Americans rising up against government
  19. Young Libertarians Becoming Political Cash Players
  20. John Adams once said.......
  21. The Worlds Stage
  22. Cutting US Army to pre WW2 levels.
  23. Age of consent.
  24. GOPer courting Hispanic votes?
  25. Obamacare Enrollment Reaches 4 Million
  26. Dick Cheney rips Obama for defense cuts
  27. Oops: GOP Bill Would Strip 1 Million Workers Of Health Coverage
  28. Immigration Reform Needed for Maids and Landscapers
  29. Secrecy of the Narcissists
  30. Cuba's Road too Serfdom...pay attention Progressive Socialists
  31. GOP Plans Awesome Fix To Obamacare
  32. The real Libertarian plot
  33. how to balance the budget!!
  34. Some perspective: Guns vs. Gays: An SB 1062 Arizona primer - by EJ Montini
  35. The GOP And The Next Presidential Election.
  36. An obviously liberal professor warns about abuse of executive actions by the POTUS
  37. Are American Presidents better during their second terms?
  38. Us military cuts
  39. Conservatives Lose their mind over Rand on Russia
  40. Well that's does it for Garth Brooks
  41. Republicansí Worst Nightmare Comes True: Support for Repealing Obamacare Hits New Low
  42. Senate GOP Blocks Veterans Benefits Bill
  43. 'The End of American Exceptionalism'
  44. U.S. Agency Warns of Urgent Need for Spending on Roads, Bridges.
  45. US Economic Growth Rate Heading Down Again
  46. Where exactly is our supposed "economic growth" occuring?
  47. Another proposal that will be ignored.
  48. LA times blames Clinton and Obama about the economy
  49. McCain: 'We Are All Ukrainians'
  50. Bill Maher's Excellent Commentary on Income Inequality - Bill Nailed it again
  51. So you dislike the NSA do you? Well, me too.
  52. The Washington Post on President Obama's foreign policy
  53. Question for Conservative Republicans
  54. Drugmakers Slash Spending On Doctors' Sales Talks
  55. Now that we Established that Republicans have no Solution other than Hate Obama
  56. Veteran's FaceBook Post to Paul Ryan Goes Viral
  57. 10 Questions Every Liberal Should Ask Every Republican
  58. Yes, Obamacare is driving US health care costs lower
  59. When May I Shoot a Student?
  60. DVR: Why We Did It, documentary, premieres March 6th
  61. Poll: A quarter of Republicans Say They May Vote For Hillary Clinton in 2016
  62. Poll: Half Of Americans Think Gay Marriage Is A Constitutional Right
  63. Hawk Hillary compares Russia to the Nazis
  64. Really Good News for The GOP: Report: Minimum wage hike would cut food stamp spending
  65. U.S. Economy Added 139,000 Private-Sector Jobs in February, According to ADP National
  66. DNC Attendees can't name a single Hillary accomplishment
  67. What CBO Report? The State With The Highest Minimum Wage Is Adding Jobs.
  68. Outrageous! Wisconsin publication lists names of state's biggest "welfare queens".
  69. Liberal policy makes Mummies!
  70. Maybe I should say I oppose raising the minimum wage
  71. Apple or Solyndra? Meritocracy or Cronysim?
  72. When Rep. Joe Wilson Screamed ''You Lie'' He Was Right
  73. Cpac 2014
  74. Harry Reid To Charles And David Koch: Come At Me, Bros
  75. Paul Ryan's Heartwrenching Tale of a Hungry Kid Also Appears in a Heartwrenching Book
  76. Young Republicans confirm that their peers hate Republicans
  77. This is why voluntarism works
  78. Obama Polling is not good!
  79. GMOs: Ban or enforce labeling?
  80. Obama lectures Netanyahu
  81. Conservative Black Chick
  82. We have some hot chicks in the Republican party in politics
  83. Cost of healthcare? Obama, give a listen please
  84. Road to Serfdom and Friedman's connection
  85. Santorum praises 'hardliner' Tony Abbott
  86. Liberal: How conservatives vulgarized a term ó and why the left must reclaim it
  87. GOPís Strong Field Has No Frontrunner for 2016
  88. The unions get another handout on the backs of everyone else
  89. The Republican Consensus On Climate Change is Real, Documented and Recorded History
  90. Bobby Jindal Thinks Obama Is Stupid
  91. The Koch-Suckers Spends More Than Double Top Ten Unions Combined
  92. Dems To Use Rare Maneuver To Save Unemployment Benefits
  93. Obamacare Meeting Goal Of Reducing Number Of Uninsured, Data Indicate
  94. Pro-Republican ad attacks Obamacare for saving cancer victim money
  95. David Jolly (Republican) wins upset in Florida
  96. Was this discussed????
  97. Buck Sexton, former CIA
  98. Mark Begich Goes After Koch Brothers In First Campaign TV Ad
  99. Who can save the GOP?
  100. Feinstein and the CIA, Us and the NSA--ok for us, not for them
  101. What did George "Whoopass" Bush do in '08 when Russia took and kept 20% of Georgia'
  102. Rules not men should govern
  103. Little known secret about myself
  104. Obama Admin denying Jolly benefitted from Obamacare
  105. Please post as many Obamacare success stories as possible for some balance
  106. Why Liberals Canít Govern
  107. Some stuff from Don
  108. Is Dianne Feinstein a whistleblower or a traitor?
  109. Obama to Order Strengthened Overtime Pay Rules
  110. House passes GOP-backed bill aimed at Obama's 'imperial presidency'
  111. An Open Letter to Paul Ryan
  112. 2 Charts That Will Enrage Everyone (Well, Except Bankers)
  113. Holder Backs Reduced Sentences For Some Drug Traffickers
  114. Oliver North comparing Benghazi to Iran/Contra
  115. Canadian doctor schools U.S.Republican Senator on Public Health Care
  116. They Got Nuttin
  117. What The Yankees Did To Them.
  118. New York high school suspended for nra pro-2nd amendment t-shirt
  119. Jobless Claims in U.S. Fall to Lowest Level Since November
  120. More Gloom & Doom - Number of millionaires in U.S. Reaches a New High
  121. Wanna know why the numbers (or lack there of) on Obamacare are BOLOGNA?
  122. On this day August 16th 2008----------Happy Anniversary
  123. Chris Matthews waving the white flag?
  124. Global Domination
  125. 51
  126. How Crony Capitalism Destroys Wealth Creation
  127. The Leftís Racial Code-Talkers
  128. Why "Inequality" is fair
  129. The Mindset of Congress
  130. Obama must be proud that Gates Buffet and Bloomberg say he is economically challenged
  131. Charles Koch on Cronyism
  132. The Spirit of Reagan or Obama?
  133. Map and casualties of US political parties
  134. Bill Maher: "What I love about the Pauls"
  135. Common Core's Big Supporter? It's Big Business
  136. Russia to abandon USD as Reserve
  137. Again? Another Koch 'victim,' another lie
  138. The Right's Crusade to Repeal the 20th Century
  139. Dr. Bellar sums up Obamacare in one Sentence
  140. Welfare Vacations Anyone? A Must See!!!!!!!!!
  141. Shameless Attempts to Sell Obamacare
  142. President Obama is the Biggest Fraud Ever Perpetrated on US Citizens
  143. Bill Maher Eviscerates David Gregoryís Republican Talking Points On Meet The Press
  144. Is the Donkaphant dead on it's feet?
  145. This girl gets it!
  146. Arguments Only A Liberal Could Believe
  147. Thank God John McCain isn't President
  148. Obamacare Enrollment Has Now Reached 5 Million: Rolling Rolling Rolling Rawhide
  149. Ain't it Great to be a Dictator?
  150. How Republicans are Helping America This Week
  151. Calif. Fight Over Concealed Weapons Could Head To High Court
  152. Let me be perfectly clear.....
  153. Many Americans Intend To Stay Without Health Insurance - Guess which ones
  154. Interesting tid bits on WW2
  155. Young woman removes her Obama shirt to burn it
  156. Who cares about your outdated bill of rights????
  157. Republicans are angry about the poor getting food ... so, who are these people?
  158. Boehner fact checked on Obamacare: Yeah, he lied
  159. Obama should have listened to Romney on Russia
  160. California hits huge Obamacare landmark
  161. A Congress of Millionaires
  162. NJ Gun Ban would include .22 calibers
  163. Alaska votes to join Russia
  164. Sarah Palin Predicted Ukraine Crisis in 2008
  165. Wisconsin Republican Legislator Tears Into His Own Party For Voter Suppression
  166. Paul Ryan's White Hood
  167. When The Kochs Gave To Democrats...
  168. Almost half of Syria's chemical weapons removed - OPCW
  169. Happy Birthday GOP
  170. The Relentless Feminist War On Men In America.
  171. Paul Ryan: "Just Kidding"
  172. Obama's Promises vs Grim Reality
  173. Obama and Jimmy Carter?
  174. Federal gun laws may soon not apply in Idaho
  175. CAP JRROTC.....Militarizing our youth,,,,,,,,,,,
  176. Scott Brown Confronted by Republican Who Benefitted From Obamacare
  177. Texans Footing An $18 Million A Day Medicaid Bill Is A Quarter of the State's Budget.
  178. Itís Working Despite Misinformation
  179. When I was a kid in 1970 they told us Galveston Island was sinking
  180. Great speech by a great human being
  181. Q.E. was a gift to the wealthy at our expense
  182. Great Ralph Nadar Quote
  183. Biden comment on women...
  184. Obamacare Shock: Get Ready for Your Premiums to Double or Even Triple
  185. Urban v. Rural Politics in America
  186. Washington Post Caught in Lie about Kock Bros. and Keystone
  187. it's not 'the media' in general
  188. President Obama Takes A Big Risk And Scores A Big Win For Democracy
  189. The Future Looks Bright For Today's GOP
  190. A Comprehensive Timeline Of The GOPís 4-Year Battle To Kill Obamacare
  191. NY Times Reporter: Administration Hostile to Press Freedom
  192. Justice Dept. Refuses Special Prosecutor in IRS Flap
  193. Why is the United States better than all other countries?
  194. Hobby Lobby Sharia Law Case Goes Before Supreme Court
  195. Redskinsí owner writes letter standing by name of team
  196. Obama to set out proposal to end NSA's mass collection of phone data
  197. Just some more of that Old Pesky Math to Deny from Women Voters
  198. Republicans losing it over new Obamacare data: Why their position is collapsing
  199. Do You See any Russians in this picture?
  200. Remember this? JOBS!
  201. Let's Make 'em Squeal
  202. Nate Silver: blowback for Nov, 2014 predictions
  203. What Rand Paul And Bill Clinton Have In Common
  204. Say Goodbye To Bitcoin
  205. Common core looks terrible
  206. Hobby Lobby Oral Argument Discussion
  207. Play Constitutional March Madness...Round 2
  208. Small town newspaper article hits the nail on the head
  209. California corruption being untangled
  210. Latest extension of Obamacare deadline is not an extension after all
  211. Police Murder Homeless Man (Video)
  212. Elderly shifting GOP
  213. IRS Chief Tells Issa's Oversight Committee to Go Eff Itself
  214. This is a great explanation of how it works
  215. Should Obama and Congress Be Thrown Out?
  216. The Relentless U.S. Government War on American Citizens
  217. Does Alaska wish to secede and join Russia?
  218. The Individual Mandate Goes Poof
  219. First Doctor Visit in Five Years: Why Repubs Want Us Broke or Dead
  220. Darrell Issa tells Fox News: ĎThe biggest tool we have is to shameí Obama
  221. It's Time To End Wasteful Welfare!
  222. Do you see a pattern here?
  223. Alaska part of Russia?
  224. Liberals and their phony scandals
  225. Dem Senator Leeland Yee "gun grabber" arrested for gun trafficking--LOL
  226. Obamacare's National Enrollment Looks OK, But States Matter More
  227. The Daily Caller is retarded
  228. Selective Engagement
  229. Latino Support for Obamacare Drops Significantly
  230. California: Facilities for ONLY illegal alien driver's licenses
  231. Obama fan
  232. Obama's chickens coming home to roost
  233. Only In America: 16 Year Old Sentenced To Life Without Parole
  234. Reason we have the constitution ...
  235. Obamacare last sign up day
  236. GOP struggles with Obamacare surge
  237. Neocons Pounding The War Drums Yet Again
  238. "Iím a Republican, And You Should Get Covered!"
  239. The US is Not a Democracy and Never Was
  240. Democrats lies unearthed
  241. How to fake Obama-care endorsements in one simple lesson
  242. The elites have spoken: it's Bush v. Clinton in 2016
  243. Obama's biggest secret: he's gay
  244. Sen. Udall 2 points in Colorado Senate race, Democratic poll shows
  245. GOP again accuses Sebelius of misleading ObamaCare testimony
  246. Bad American Government, Continued Slavery, And The Rise Of The Ku Klux Klan.
  247. The ObombedItCare Ship of Fools
  248. Lawsuit Filed Against Nevada Health Exchange
  249. Millionaires Need Your Help!
  250. Nearly Half Of Californians Who Used Exchange May Drop Coverage