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  1. The Senate Versus The CIA: A Struggle At Flashpoint
  2. Iwao Hakamada freed from death row as Japanese prosecutors launch appeal
  3. Oregon State University pays $101,000 to settle suit over trashed conservative paper
  4. Should Conservatives treat the people like children?
  5. Somebody need to pay for my 15 kids..........
  6. How to Create a Social State by Saul Alinsky
  7. Honest Question on where we are 5 years later
  8. Missouri votes to invalidate federal gun laws
  9. Official Unemployment Stuck at 6.7%
  10. Maryland's Health Exchange
  11. Will They Quit Whining Now?
  12. The 'Fairness' Fraud
  13. Dear Gun Control Advocates: How would this work?
  14. "New Republican" Ad
  15. Sharing an Obamacare Story
  16. Tesla vs. Opec
  17. Are you right?
  18. Hypocrite of the year: Hairy Reid
  19. Election predictions Democrats will hate
  20. What a conservative actually is
  21. What's a Vote Worth in 2014....
  22. Republican behaving goodly
  23. Sharpest Drop In Uninsured Since 2008
  24. Senator Mitch McConnell’s Facebook Poll Backfires Big Time
  25. Voter fraud, It's Happening and it's rampant!
  26. Oh God, Please Deliver Us From This President
  27. Vlade vs. Obama
  28. Brilliant GOP Plan To Close The Gender Pay Gap
  29. Issa says emails suggest Cummings prompted IRS targeting of True the Vote
  30. Left wing thinking; a puzzle to me
  31. Not One Law Republicans Passed Has Helped America In Over Forty Years
  32. America's Greatest Heroes Have All Been Dumpsterd By the Left And Multiculturalism.
  33. Some Facts On Obamacare
  34. Obama says
  35. Fox News
  36. How qualified is Hillary?
  37. The Left Goes Full Fascist, As Krauthammer Reveals
  38. House Conservatives and Boehner
  39. THIS is the Reason Why I Only Watch Fox News....
  40. Louisiana bill would name Bible as official state book
  41. Sebelius thrown under the bus; does that help the Administration?
  42. Corrupt Media
  43. The left turns
  44. Charts Obama doesn't want you to see.........
  45. The 'Real Voter Fraud' Comes From 'People Who Try To Deny Our Rights'
  46. Yet more evidence raising taxes on the wealthy does not hurt the economy
  47. Here is what happens when employers refuse to give workers paid sick days
  48. Out of 197 million votes cast for political candidates between 2002 and 2005
  49. Not yours to give
  50. debunking the left
  51. I admit that I love these
  52. I Served My Country, Then It Kicked Me Out
  53. The future of the U.S.
  54. Chances of getting audited by IRS lowest in years
  55. Obama's Chicago clan is outragous with the use of the IRS to target enemies
  56. questions for the left
  57. states ranked by fiscal condition
  58. Would we be better off selecting congress by public lottery?
  59. Would we be better off selecting congress by public lottery?
  60. Sebelius's Farewell Remarks Suffer From A Glitch
  61. Sebelius: I wasn’t pushed out — staying just “wasn’t an option”
  62. Obamacare? No thank you!
  63. Obama Administration Exonerated On Benghazi
  64. Ayn Rand a Libertarian Jew for Creative Freedom
  65. Obama approval rating in MN 36/54
  66. Obamacare Causing Rising HC Costs and the lies being exposed by reality
  67. Wisconsin Republicans To Vote On Secession
  68. Anyone see this BS act by the government??????
  69. Some excellent questions of Obama
  70. The White House Broke Its Promise to the Victims of the First Fort Hood Shooting
  71. I am only surprised you bought it
  72. Thomas Sowell on the 77%
  73. Disgrace: WH Rejects Ft. Hood Survivors' Request to Meet with Obama
  74. Census Survey Revisions Mask Health Law Effects
  75. Wall Street Journal: Rand Paul for president
  76. Watch Dr. Ben Carson Shut Down Obama and Holder for Playing the Race Card
  77. BREAKING NEWS: Marines in Afghanistan rescue Taliban sex slaves.
  78. Three Cheers for Tax Scofflaws
  79. Poll: Most Say Federal Taxes Too High
  80. GOP Senate May Run Purple
  81. U.S. is an oligarchy not a democracy
  82. The Grand Ol' Party
  83. Will Vermont ever get single payer
  84. Mark Levin on the Whining/Crybaby Eric Holder
  85. Today In Two Americas
  86. CBO: Obamacare will have lower premiums, insure more, and cost government less
  87. It's always about Barack Obama
  88. CBO Estimates U.S. Deficit Will Shrink More Than Expected in 2014
  89. Joe Biden Totally Joe Bidened a Line in His Boston Memorial Speech
  90. Facing Election Losses, Democrats Cry Racism
  91. Chances: Slim and None...
  92. Myth of Clinton Surplus
  93. Obama to announce $600 million U.S. job-training initiative
  94. Sebelius Said to Weigh Run for Kansas Senate Seat
  95. Judge Overturns North Dakota's Strict Abortion Law
  96. Medicare Kept Paying Indicted, Sanctioned Doctors
  97. There is no Government like No Government
  98. Sebelius Said to Weigh Run for Kansas Senate Seat
  99. MNsure is shifting project management to outside vendorMNsure is shifting project man
  100. I don't think I am going out on a limb when I say
  101. The Culture of Intimidation
  102. Fox News outraged that all the people it told not to buy insurance can't get it!
  103. New York exceeds Obamacare enrollment expectations by 60 percent, premiums halved
  104. Emails reveal IRS plot to jail conservatives
  105. Video shows brazen outdoor meeting of al-Qaeda fighters
  106. Houston Public Schools Spend $250K on Culturally Sensitive Mascots
  107. Gun question for lefties
  108. Funny How That Works
  109. Obamacare succeeded for one simple reason: It's Horrible to be Uninsured
  110. Bundy vs. the Feds, So where is PETA?
  111. Millionaire Mormon Ranchers Always Get Their Way, Indians Get Off Of Your Land!
  112. The Toughest Interview Obama Had
  113. Peoria Mayor Sends Police to Track Down Twitter Parodist
  114. Conservatism vs Libertarianism and American Youth
  115. Corker: Arm Ukraine
  116. Why privatized healthcare is bad
  117. Government Incompetence or Liberal Compassion
  118. John Fund on recent Democratic rhetoric
  119. If they tell you we have no oil... check this
  120. USA Ripe For Revolution?
  121. Republicans respond to good Obamacare news: 'Lalala, we can't hear you!'
  122. www.acasignups.com .....Cigar have you been to this site?
  123. Obama Dances Around Supporting Biden in 2016
  124. T.W. Shannon - Rising Black Republican Star
  125. Harry & Rory Reid-The project they are tryiing to complete
  126. 1 Simple Question will define where we are at right now
  127. Senator Nearly Hit by Train While Giving Safety Speech
  128. Top 10 Reasons to Vote Democrat in 2014
  129. Obama Has Destroyed The Rule Of Law In America
  130. One looming constitutional issue with Obamacare that may backfire on them
  131. Democratic Congressman fears big losses over Obamacare
  132. SCOTUS Rules in College Admissions Case
  133. Obama has Called for Highest Sustained Taxation in U.S. History
  134. The National Guard and the 2nd Amendment
  135. Florida Republican Dane Eagle Arrested For DUI After Leaving Taco Bell At 2 A.M.
  136. Interesting Woman
  137. Ted Cruz's Worst Nightmare is Coming True
  138. State Dept is Unable to Identify a Single Hillary Clinton Accomplishment
  139. Oops: Medicaid EVEN BETTER DEAL For States Than Originally Predicted
  140. Ideas for FAIR taxation
  141. The American Middle Class Is No Longer the World’s Richest
  142. Oops: More bad news for the GOP propaganda machine
  143. AFP Trots Out Another Dubious “Obamacare Victim”
  144. I’m ‘thinking about’ 2016 run
  145. Ten Negative Messages The Republican Party Is Sending To America’s Kids
  146. Oops Again: IRS Targeted Progressive Groups More Extensively Than Tea Party
  147. In the Interests of Accuracy When Do We Start Calling Libs Fascists?
  148. Technology and the middle class explained
  149. The New York Times on the upcoming Senate race
  150. President Obama's New Trade Push Not So Progressive
  151. Am I Republican or Democrat?
  152. Vermont Senate Approves GMO Labeling
  153. What if we tried something else.
  154. Harry Reid: How He Became So Rich
  155. A Short list of Obama's Biggest Lies
  156. Republicans break up with Hispanics
  157. Rand Paul: Jimmy Carter was better on the budget than Ronald Reagan
  158. Battle over Obama library takes turn for the absurd
  159. Governor of Illinois Condones Comparison Between Black Republicans and Jewish Nazis
  160. US Citizens turning away from the major parties
  161. Obama, Marching America into Martial Law and One-World-Order
  162. The End of Right-Wing Progressivism
  163. ...and in Tinseltown
  164. From my friend Don
  165. Sen. Elizabeth Warren: "I think it is obscene for the government to make profits..."
  166. Toppling the Tea Party
  167. Obama wraps up Japan visit but no trade deal
  168. Obama-care a bit like the astronaut on the tip of a rocket
  169. Anti-Business Obama Strikes Again
  170. Surprising person who shows plan to defeat poverty
  171. How Scalia and Ginsburg would amend the constitution
  172. Will Al Gore run for president again?
  173. Over the years the dems say they are champions of the middle class
  174. The GOP's New Healthcare Dilemma
  175. Income inequality video
  176. This Black does not see Bundy as a racist
  177. Boehner concedes ACA repeal ‘isn’t the answer’
  178. Even These Southern States Don't Want Obamacare Repealed
  179. (R-N.Y.) Michael Grimm to surrender to FBI
  180. The Coming End of Affirmative Action
  181. Liberals Understand The Constitution Like Justin Bieber Understands Particle Physics
  182. After the midterms: Democrats fear President Obama could give in
  183. John Oliver Trashes Oregon’s ‘F*cking Idiots’ for Obamacare Website Failure
  184. Obama: I don’t have time to explain my “doctrine,” but let me explain Bush’s
  185. Dem Poll Numbers Dismal
  186. Angry old white men gone wild, again!
  187. You Don't Have To Be A Master Sleuth To Figure Out What's Going On
  188. President Obama Shreds Fox News For Their Bogus Criticisms Of His Foreign Policy
  189. Spot-On by President Obama
  190. The Demoratts Hypocracy knows no bounds..............So damn funny.
  191. Kerry: I Didn't Call Israel an "Apartheid State"
  192. Obama's Approval rate Hits a New Low
  193. Remember When The Tea Party Was All About Ending Wasteful Spending?
  194. Chelsea Clinton
  195. Important Poll
  196. President Obama is on his Last Leg
  197. The sanctions against Russia are designed to fail
  198. Just in, Democrats try to spin off Sterling
  199. Back to political basics?
  200. Hang in There, America! The Day of Political Reckoning is Only Six Months Away
  201. House Democrat: Basically All Criticism of Obama is Straight-up Racism
  202. A Big Myth Busting Fact About Immigration.
  203. California Has a New Bill That Will Force Schools to Lecture Children on How Great Ob
  204. Watching CSpan
  205. White House Blames Weather for GDP's Miniscule Growth
  206. Priorities, Republican Style
  207. Republican-Led Filibuster Blocks Minimum Wage Bill in Senate
  208. Only 67 percent have paid first monthly ObamaCare premium
  209. School shootings and blarg!
  210. "Obamacare" Saves Fox Viewer's Life
  211. Justice Scalia Makes Epic "Cringeworthy" Blunder In Supreme Court Opinion
  212. Top Intel Chief Testifies: 'We Should Have Sent Help For Americans in Benghazi'
  213. More bad news Obama-Care
  214. Paul Ryan Holds Congressional Hearing On Poverty, Excludes Poor People
  215. GOP candidates’ freak-out moment: As Obamacare horror stories flop, what’s left?
  216. Atheist/Leftist Legacy of Madalyn Murray O'Hair and our 'Godless' Society
  217. US side cant agree on TPP
  218. Gen. Lovell's testimony on Benghazi
  219. Obamacare Truthers Get Caught in a Lie on Delinquency Rate
  220. A far cry from Cigars Lie
  221. This Democrat should be run out of town
  222. Antonin Scalia's Blunder Is Unprecedented, Legal Experts Say
  223. Stephen Colbert looks at 2014 midterms
  224. I am getting in on the cut & paste
  225. BLM power grab
  226. Are Democrats Communists?
  227. Here's How It Works
  228. Eugene "Bull" Connor (D)
  229. Dems seek to rally base over GOP's block of minimum wage bill
  230. George Will Is Right...And Wrong
  231. Nader: Libertarians and Progressives Should Unite
  232. George H.W. Bush honored for courage with 1990 tax hikes
  233. Labor Force Participation Rate
  234. Some Worried That New Benghazi Probe Will Look Like "Obvious Partisan Exercise"
  235. Question for our Conservatives
  236. Coming fiscal meltdown
  237. Ron Paul Explains Why America Is No Longer Economic Leader
  238. Voting today?
  239. My views on America
  240. The Republican Party is at its strongest point in two decades
  241. Mary Landrieu to GOP Voters: Getting Rid of Me would be Bad for the Country
  242. Monica Lewinsky Writes About Her Affair with President Clinton
  243. Rand Paul stumps for libertarian at NASCAR
  244. FauxNews Fauxrage
  245. Republican Insanity Over Obamacare Reaches Inevitable Conclusion
  246. When I will believe in man caused Global warming
  247. POTUS Job Approval Surges to 49%, Dems +4% on Generic Congressional Ballot
  248. Democrat Rep Rambles On When Asked About Keystone XL
  249. Is There a Pattern?
  250. So You Want The Truth About Benghazi?