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  1. Where do you eat
  2. Republicans take pride in our Honrable History
  3. FEC Chair worries government may move to clamp down on conservative media
  4. Changing
  5. A nurse speaks out abbout the ACA
  6. Climate models, most have been wrong
  7. Piketty's Proposal
  8. It starts at home
  9. Report finds only 1 layoff from sequester cuts. So much for Doomsday
  10. Will Republicans Try to Impeach President Obama? Without Looking Crazy
  11. Thanks for Nothing Obama—Sincerely, Millennials
  12. Hillary Clinton Will Not Run In 2016
  13. Adam Kokesh Removed from Facebook Over Posting of Obama Meme
  14. New poll shows voter discontent with Gov. John Kitzhaber, Cover Oregon
  15. Californa Mileage Tax.
  16. Obama has larger problems than the climate
  17. Democracy or Oligarchy?
  18. US Debt: Unsustainable
  19. Tim Scott
  20. Four Pinocchios to Obama for “500 Republican filibusters” claim
  21. Obama: Mission Accomplished
  22. Serial Defecation
  23. Don’t allow Peabody Coal to destroy our democracy and environment
  24. Six Important Political Trivia Questions
  25. Rand Paul Should Highlight the Economic Case For Non-Interventionism
  26. Talking Points You're Sick of Hearing
  27. How did this rich man hurt you?
  28. American Militia Move to Counter the BLM
  29. Federal Healthcare...
  30. Reason: Supreme Court to decide free speech, warrantless cell searches, broadcast TV
  31. Why Civil Rights and Gun Rights Are Inseparable
  32. Do these Brilliant Minds need a raise?
  33. Missouri Gun Rights Amendment
  34. Trey Gowdy
  35. Poor Senator Warren
  36. Sequester’s Impact: One Job Lost, $85 Billion Saved
  37. Paul Diverges From His Party Over Voter ID
  38. Its all over now
  39. Iowa State Sen. Joni Ernst
  40. Al Gore Explains The Real Motiviation Behind Republicans' Climate Change Denial
  41. Is Lying All They've Got? Karl Rove Stoops To New Low About Clinton
  42. Obamacare Co-Ops Defy Forecasts to Win Market Share
  43. No wonder The GOP Stopped Talking about ObamaCares
  44. We Kill People Based on Metadata, says General Hayden
  45. Obamacare Contractor Pays People to Not Work
  46. It is not revenue, it is spending
  47. Fox defends Hillary - Karl digs deep, may have hit paydirt
  48. Potential Solutions for America
  49. Manning Could Move To Civilian Prison For Hormone Therapy
  50. Obamacare Prompts Firm To Consider Dropping Its Health Plan
  51. Consumers losing doctors with new insurance plans
  52. Turns Out Obamacare Premiums Aren’t More Expensive After All
  53. Darrell Issa’s Benghazi Stunt Blows Up In His Face as Kerry Won’t Appear at Hearing
  54. College Students Can't Name a Single Hillary Accomplishment, But We’d Vote for her
  55. Who Have Been The Real Warmongers, Left Or Right?
  56. A liberal group is fundraising off of fundraising off Benghazi
  57. Encouraging Election Fraud?
  58. Time for the Right To Break Its Connection to Business
  59. The feds' push for Big Data
  60. The big biz of spying on little kids
  61. Who watches the watchers? Big Data watches you, unchecked
  62. The Necessity of Conservative Agitprop
  63. A bedtime story
  64. Was Karl Rove right regarding Hillary brain damage?
  65. Illegals Freed by Obama Later Commit 19 Murders
  66. Funny how history repeats itself
  67. Food Stamps are Corporate Welfare for Big Food and Big Banks
  68. 30,000,000 patriots arrive in Washington DC disguised as empty folding chairs!
  69. The Newest Administration Scandal
  70. NAACP Praises Rand Paul
  71. The Scandal-Ridden Obama Administration: The Most Corrupt In Recent Years?
  72. Karl Rove sets record straight
  73. Reality Show President
  74. The Mind of General Keith B. Alexander
  75. No laughing matter: Hillary to be haunted in 2016 by Benghazi, failed Russia reset
  76. Dem Congressman Picks His Ear, Eats The Wax On Live TV
  77. The most hurl-worthy pro-Hillary Clinton bumper sticker yet!
  78. VA Official Who 'Resigned' Over Death Scandal Was Already Set to Retire
  79. How Liberalism Violates All 10 Commandments.......
  80. Obama learns about a lot of his scandals from the news
  81. Dianne Feinstein touts Hillary Clinton as ‘foreign policy’ expert candidate
  82. Dem Congressman Picks His Ear, Eats The Wax On Live TV
  83. Hillary's State Department Refused to Brand Boko Haram as Terrorists
  84. Couragsous Speech
  85. Don’t Believe The Hype About Massive Obamacare Premium Hikes
  86. Gov. Rick Scott’s Climate Denial Won’t Save His Waterfront Mansion
  87. Dine with Obama and 65 of his closest friends
  88. Another Land grab by the Feds
  89. Do you want our Government to babysit our school children?
  90. Obama Discovers Every Scandal Through the Media
  91. Legislation Aims to Keep Firms From Leaving U.S. for Tax Savings
  92. The VA and the Limits of Liberalism
  93. 26 VA Facilities Now Under Investigation
  94. CNN refuses to cover Benghazi
  95. Tea Party Support Hits New Lows: Poll
  96. Operation American Spring falls flat: ‘This is very disappointing,’ Texan says
  97. “Republicans are pouting,” Reid said on the floor Tuesday.
  98. Elizabeth Warren: "Give me a break."
  99. Obama Belittles Benghazi, Obamacare Woes at High Dollar Fundraiser
  100. Gov. Howard Dean: Republicans aren't Americans
  101. Rand Paul Stands Up for Civil Liberties Again. And Against David Barron
  102. The Tea Party Is Over: Good News Or Bad News For GOP?
  103. President Obama is the most dis-engaged president in our lifetime.
  104. In Obama’s White House, the Buck Stops Nowhere
  105. Obama the wimp speaks and nobody likes it.
  106. Miami VA Whistleblower Exposes Drug Dealing, Theft, Abuse
  107. Freedom Envy.
  108. $1 Million Dollars for Info Leading to an IRS Official's Conviction
  109. John Conyers Loses Appeal To Get On 2014 Ballot
  110. The 2016 presidential candidate we need
  111. Obama, the unaccountable president
  112. Vote for me
  113. Hunger Games shooter connection.
  114. President Obama home from Afghanistan after embarrassing CIA leak
  115. The 6 Lamest Excuses For Failure From The Obama Administration
  116. Democrats privately calling Obama ‘incompetent,’ ‘detached’
  117. Dr. Muslih Mustafa: Today, Kurdistan needs to understand how to use natural resources
  118. Should Obama Increase Deportations of Illegal Aliens ?
  119. ‘America Must Always Lead,’ Obama Tells West Point Graduates
  120. I saw your speech at West Point Mr. President and with all due respect
  121. Your Dead Kids Don't Trump' My Guns
  122. Rich Man, Poor Man...Tale of Income Inequality
  123. (D) Coons and (R) Paul Pen Bipartisan Op Ed on the 4th Amendment
  124. The Future of (Rural) Health Care
  125. What is the 'Obama Doctrine'?
  126. You know it’s bad when the liberal media is laughing at you.
  127. Lucky spoilt America
  128. Corrine Brown: No VA Problems in Florida .
  129. That’s the Problem: Obama Doesn’t Give Himself Enough Credit
  130. SWAT throws flash grenade in playpen burns baby--pieces of absolute shit
  131. Get to know the conservative black chick
  132. Obama claims that he always accepts responsibility
  133. Left wingers, I know I know, you want no more about Benghazi. Tough.
  134. Why does Obama lie about deported people?
  135. US had all the information it needed before 911 to stop it?
  136. Change you can believe in?
  137. John Kerry looks like a stupid again
  138. Christie: "Dumb" not to re-elect Alexander
  139. Rand Paul on how to Overturn Roe v Wade
  140. DEMOCRATS - An original acronym.
  141. More on Obamacare
  142. Famous Presidential Lies......
  143. The DOJ's authoritarianism under Eric Holder
  144. The NWO. A conspiracy theory?
  145. Jim Webb considering presidential run
  146. NY Senate Debates Yogurt As State Snack .
  147. Obama releases captive Osama Bin Laden in swap for SGT E-5
  148. Welcome to Barack Obama's America
  149. Republicans Shocked That Obama Would Trade Five Taliban For One American
  150. Bernie Sanders Makes Republicans Put Up or Shut Up With New Bill To Expand Vets Benef
  151. Racist Conservatives Pick Ted Cruz and Beb Carson in Presidential Straw Poll
  152. WHAT In Tarnation is UP With Bergdahl's Dad?!?!
  153. Am I being to Cynical?
  154. Why not raise the military sign up age to 21?
  155. Make the case!
  156. Slight of hand
  157. American bewilderment
  158. Cochran-McDaniel Heads to Runoff
  159. Will Obama Save Meraim Ibrahim and Her Babies?
  160. Monsanto crony capitalism at its worst
  161. Bowe Bergdahl Will Not See a Day In Prison
  162. White House backpedals after claiming Bergdahl 'served with honor and distinction'
  163. Liberal Law Professor: Obama Clearly Broke the Law with Bergdahl Deal
  164. Obama: Incompetent or Intentional?
  165. Obama working to overcome his "wimp" image
  166. Orly Taitz alive and kicking
  167. White House aides accuse former comrades of 'swift-boating' Bowe Bergdahl
  168. Opps: Republicans confuse #Bergdahl! with #Benghazi! and demand answers from Hillary
  169. 16-Year-Old Grills Nancy Pelosi on the NSA
  170. The hero as deemed by the administration will be prosecuted, kind of stupid sounding
  171. Putin lays the smackdown on Hillary
  172. Sandra Fluke fails to win in California
  173. White House Mistakes and Why They Keep Happening
  174. Susan Rice Is A 'Delusional Liar' .
  175. There’s never been a SEAL captured or left behind. No. Exceptions. Ever.
  176. Even Chris Mathews is Outraged Over Bergdahl Deal
  177. Does the Forum notice people leave high tax states to live in low tax states?
  178. Why one area sees foreign problem yet other areas see no problem at all
  179. The Snowden Effect
  180. The Onion just saying what many are thinking.
  181. Hopeless I tell you
  182. McCain: Those Accusing Me Of Bergdahl Flip-Flop Are 'Lying'
  183. I wonder...
  184. WH sales pitch on restrictions for released Taliban leaders not exactly a confidence-
  185. It Was Never About Bergdahl
  186. Freed Taliban vows: I’ll fight Americans again
  187. The United States has finally recovered all the jobs lost during the Great Recession
  188. Planned Parenthood to Spiritualize the Murder of Tiny Children
  189. Obama the Saboteur
  190. Red Ink Flowing; Sgt Bergdahl etc
  191. American bewilderment Part 2
  192. American musings
  193. What the hell????? Bergdahl is this topic
  194. Democrats Turning Against Obama
  195. How does Obama's record compare to Reagan's?
  196. ‘I was born a poor, black First Lady’
  197. How about some election garantees
  198. Why do liberals 'HATE' the Koch Brothers?
  199. Because Obama is Black, Americans Suffer and Die
  200. The Best U.S. Presidents In American History.
  201. The "Jesus Was a Socialist" Meme and Lie
  202. (R-Va) Eric Cantor loses GOP Primary
  203. Sean Haugh, Libertarian for U.S. Senate 2014
  204. Dumb Regulation Alert: Poor People No Longer Get Free Teeth Cleaning in Arkansas
  205. How To Interview Hillary Clinton
  206. Hillary Clinton: "It doesn't matter" that Bergdahl deserted .
  207. Democrats trickery in VA
  208. White House Now Says Obama Is Responsible for Bergdahl/Taliban Swap After All
  209. If not Hillary, who?
  210. David Brat
  211. Right wing extremist code words
  212. Tea Party Libertarian, Stone em....
  213. Why do Liberals 'hate' FREEDOM so much?
  214. Biden flashback on Iraq
  215. Child Poverty Soars under Obama
  216. The One Person (Obama) Worse than an AXE Murderer
  217. Teslamotors: All Our Patent Are Belong To You
  218. Obama Is Now More Unpopular Than Ever
  219. Needed
  220. Good News: One of Obama's GITMO Five Releases Helped With Lead-Up to 9/11
  221. The Worst U.S. Presidents in U.S. History
  222. Harry Reid's Big Business Tax Cut
  223. My view on Eugene V. Debs
  224. Who Is Really Pro Choice, Left Or Right?
  225. Obama and his weakass response on Iraq
  226. 5 Times Obama Abandoned US Allies
  227. Liberals And Conservatives
  228. Five year predictions
  229. Rabbi says this is why Cantor lost
  230. Obama is Just Being Obama
  231. Obama longs to break out of White House bubble
  232. Morning Joe Discusses Clinton Book Tour "Disaster" .
  233. Nine Ways Fathers Can Avoid Raising a Barack Obama
  234. Let's see what Huck says about Cantor
  235. Kerry: We may welcome Iraq’s new Iranian overlords, or something
  236. In ‘Right To Lie’ Case, SBA List Told Truth On Abortion Funding
  237. This Pretty Much Sums It Up
  238. The dog peeeeee'd on my homework teacher
  239. New York Lawmaker Proposes Letting Illegal Immigrants Vote
  240. Why are the Mexican politicians and leaders against the immigration laws
  241. The most destructive presidencies in history
  242. Obama’s Hope and Change Looks an Awful Lot Like 1979
  243. Mainstream Media Turns To "Experts" For Commentary On Iraq Situation
  244. President Obama has now caught both of the men responsible for both September 11ths.
  245. Benghazi Suspect Said He Was Moved To Take Revenge For American-Made Video
  246. NBC to Obama: Your Presidency is Over
  247. Why Delta Force Waited So Long To Grab A Benghazi Ringleader
  248. Liberals Push for Illegals to Vote in NY
  249. Why is Planned Parenthood Planning Kinky Sex for Teens?
  250. U.S. Senate confirms two openly gay nominees to the federal bench