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  1. Oh The Irony: Fox invites NFL analyst Terry Bradshaw on air to talk Benghazi
  2. Regarding the top tax rate
  3. Hillary Clinton Equates Gun Control Opponents With Terrorists
  4. Dubai International Airport
  5. Climate Circus in Town Featuring 'Dumb' & 'Dumber'
  6. NPR Poll: In Senate Battleground States, Obama Ratings Lag
  7. 54 percent say Obama can't lead (nightly news won't report)
  8. Two in One Day: Christie and Walker
  9. General Petraeus hangs McCain out to dry
  10. Two Judges Order Dem DA to Stop Partisan Witchhunt Against Scott Walker
  11. Illegal Kids
  12. Politico: 5 Questions for the IRS
  13. Harry Reid Claims that Democrats Have No Rich Donors
  14. Sean Hannity gets mad at Rand Paul for not blaming Iraq crisis
  15. Why Liberals Hate Freedom of Speech
  16. Hillary Clinton's Legacy: Defending Rapists and Sexual Predators
  17. Iraq ~ U.S. National Security now confirmed Threatened
  18. 'We did not know': 9 times the Obama administration was blindsided
  19. Obama Megadonor Indicted For Manslaughter
  20. Paul Krugman: Obama's Having a 'Great Year'
  21. Curious about the average age on this forum
  22. Poor Hillary ... that bad problem called rape comes up again
  23. Grades of Obama on the Miachiavelli Scale
  24. President Obama's imperial presidency
  25. Islam is Illegal in America. Close the Mosques.
  26. Six Californias
  27. IRS Has a Contract with an Email Backup Company
  28. Defining 'Equality of Outcome'
  29. Joe Biden 2009-2014 Commander in Iraq
  30. The Marion Barry memoirs
  31. Obama's Popularity Collapses: Now Lower Than Bush or Carter
  32. Hillary: Making $100 million is not being “truly well off,” you know
  33. Conservatives
  34. Liberals
  35. Making money on illegal immigration
  36. Libertarians
  37. Fyi
  38. Michelle Obama says will not go into politics after White House
  39. Biden: Guys, I assure you I, too, am super-poor
  40. Structural Debt: How Can We Address It?
  41. Effort To Rid Syria Of WMDs Ends In Success
  42. Billionaire Dem Donor Tom Steyer To Meet With Top Obama Officials
  43. It's not Even
  44. Global Warming data fraud
  45. Apologies
  46. We shall overcome, one day, maybe, soon . . .
  47. SCOTUS says Aereo illegal
  48. Obama Quickly Going Down as the most overrated Guy coming into the WH vs. leaving
  49. Face of the tea party express (well, one of them)
  50. Millennials hit hardest by financial crisis
  51. William Polk Takes On The Military Industrial Complex
  52. The Case for a Boring Man
  53. Reasons Why Iraq's Bloodbath Is Not W's Fault
  54. Supreme Court limits president's recess appointment power
  55. Iraq: Romney was Right, Obama was Wrong.....Again
  56. Sen. Howard Baker
  57. Obama firing up his base by complaining about republicans firing up their base
  58. Know Its Place
  59. Tea Party Strong
  60. Obama and SCOTUS
  61. You want a phony scandel that has gone on longer than anything the dems bitch about?
  62. REVEALED: GOP Senator Targeted by Lerner
  63. Obama to Unaccompanied Minors: Don't Try to Cross the Border
  64. Hillary called Obama ‘incompetent and feckless’ in boozy rant
  65. Obama struggles to explain why Americans don’t support his foreign policy anymore
  66. Irs plus 4.4b plus it
  67. Sin Taxes
  68. How Mitch McConnell crushed Obama
  69. George W. Bush's Weapons of Mass Destruction Found
  70. SCOTUS- Hobby Lobby
  71. Why the Left Will Win
  72. Capitalism
  73. Hold the 3 Central American Countries Accountable
  74. Why Americans Abroad Are Giving Up Their Citizenship
  75. A better economic system may be waiting out there
  76. Boehner’s Obama Lawsuit Backfires As Democrats Have Their Biggest Fundraising Day
  77. Hey, remember when Dems supported Religious Freedom Restoration Act? Neither do they!
  78. Hillary is too depressed to run for president
  79. Hillary Clinton's money problem
  80. Boehner won't seek immigration vote
  81. In attacking unions, Roberts Court forgets key lesson of New Deal
  82. 3 Lies About Birth Control That Were Just Reinforced By The Hobby Lobby Ruling
  83. 1st step in Obama fixing immigration on his own
  84. 9-0 Decisions
  85. Want a real solution to employment? No you don't.
  86. How Many Companies Will Be Touched By Court's Contraception Ruling?
  87. Skimpier Health Plans Could Impose Big Out-Of-Pocket Costs
  88. Sebelius minions can't take your rights
  89. Amazing number of servants to Obama
  90. Hobby Lobby
  91. Obama worst POTUS since WWII
  92. Behind The Civil Rights Act
  93. Obama "gets his Irish up".
  94. So what's wrong with single payer?
  95. Surprise! White House gender pay gap just as bad as ever
  96. NY Court strikes down a cyber bully law
  97. Rick Perry to Obama: If You're Concerned About Border Crisis, Come Visit
  98. Why is it that re repeately elect a government that acts against our values?
  99. Even If Hobby Lobby Wins, We Lose
  100. Obamacare and the vote
  101. Citing public safety, judges grant PUC's request for ride-share cease-and-desist orde
  102. To all Rand Paul lovers
  103. The Case for Mitt Romney in 2016
  104. Why Democrats are misrepresenting the Hobby Lobby decision
  105. Top 20 anti/un American Liberal Professor Quotes
  106. Remake time
  107. Spies
  108. Gary Johnson
  109. How Bad Is It For The Republicans You Ask?
  110. Having fun Obama
  111. The Supreme Court vs. The American People
  112. Rick Perry declines offer to meet Obama at airport
  113. Democrats --- Obama care????? What's that???
  114. Even Conservatives Think Boehner's Plan To Sue Obama Is Bull Shit
  115. FACT: President Obama didn't invite immigrants to come to the United States
  116. Anyone Remember "Operation Wetback" of June, 17, 1954?
  117. Under United States Federal Refugee Law
  118. Obama heads to Colorado: Top Democrats scatter
  119. The State of the First Amendment: 2014
  120. Democrat hopes immigration crisis isn't 'Obama's Katrina moment'
  121. Power grab: EPA wants to garnish wages of polluters
  122. Book Smart vs. Street Smart
  123. OK I don't usually do this but I watched "America" yesterday
  124. How The GOP Is Prioritizing Your Tax Dollars
  125. Female White House Staffers Got Smaller Raises Than Men
  126. Reid: We’re not gonna let “five white men” have the last word on Hobby Lobby
  127. Under Fire For Hefty Fees, Clinton Has Not Released Records of Donations
  128. Boehner says no to impeachment
  129. Texas do'n need no steenkin regulations!
  130. What should we do with our new guests?
  131. Gore v Hillary and why
  132. 'Inversion' and Economic Patriotism
  133. Imagine Cut taxes and you end up with less tax revenue. Simple Math, Simple Science
  134. Complaint claims intellectual, developmentally disabled prevented from voting
  135. What’s your biggest problem with Sarah Palin?
  136. Bipartisanship, Republican-Style
  137. Federal judge orders IRS to explain lost Lerner emails ‘under oath’
  138. Give AMNESTY. Create an Immigration Crisis.
  139. Glenn Beck suggests immigrants are humans, right wingers lose their minds
  140. Obama to Crowd: You Love Me BECAUSE I Loved You First
  141. STOP Saying "Comprehensive Immigration Reform"
  142. Obamacare Drives Uninsured Rate To Lowest On Record
  143. Obama's real border issue: a heroin surge
  144. Obama: It's Lonely Doing All The Work .
  145. Obama: I'm Just Telling The Truth Now .
  146. Nancy Pelosi: Americans should be 'afraid' of SCOTUS
  147. But we do agree on something!
  148. More Bad News: 2014 budget deficit to drop to $583 billion, White House says
  149. Professor Richard Neustadt
  150. Close Combat: Rep. Fleischmann and Challenger Weston Wamp Spar in Debate
  151. I'm a Libertarian with two important divergent views from my party
  152. What is immigration reform
  153. Obama defends not visiting Texas border, saying he’s ‘not interested in photo ops’
  154. The GOP self-destruction is complete: millennials officially hate conservatives
  155. ‘War On Women’ Seeks To Infantilize Women, Keep Them Dependent
  156. A Complete Embarrassment to Modern Politics
  157. The Rand Paul pile on
  158. Interesting point: Maybe Yimmy Cater is smarter than Obama, something I have resisted
  159. What Might Have Been
  160. List of Obama lies
  161. Political Polarization
  162. Here is what I would vote for!
  163. American Culture verse non-American cultures
  164. Republican Rep. Tells GOP To "Bring It Down To A Woman's Level
  165. Watch CNBC's Tea Partier Get Told How Wrong He's Been
  166. Part of the failure of government lies with there seeming inability to reevaluate
  167. Donkephant
  168. Immigration number 1 issue for one in six Americans
  169. Here is what I would vote for Education edition
  170. Arizona GOP Legislator keeps us safe from YMCA campers.
  171. Just saw a report they recovered the deleted tweet fro the Russia Separatists
  172. Maybe the States
  173. We Live in a Country Run by Idiots
  174. GOP congressman finds Honduras too scary to leave his hotel ...
  175. But, But, But... Democrats Say the Border is More Secure than Ever
  176. Why is polygamy illegal?
  177. Question for the left
  178. What Americans will look like in 2050
  179. Maybe what's really wrong with American education is
  180. Conservatives Should Embrace Obama's Plan For Tolls to Rebuild Interstate Highways
  181. Liberals for Corporate Welfare
  182. Dear America
  183. Police State America
  184. Supreme Court and new justices
  185. The real issue behind healthcare, prohibition, the housing bubble, extreme goverment
  186. Elizabeth's Warren's 11 Commandments of Progressivism
  187. john kerry was totally and completely engaged in israel/hamas
  188. The 2014 Midterms
  189. Funny and true story
  190. How many people on this forum voted for Obama?
  191. How the Electoral College Works, Or: Why Your Vote Doesn't Matter
  192. Is "Illegal" The New "N" Word?
  193. 100 Ways Mitt Romney [Was] Just Like Obama
  194. Left: Looking for a Hillary Challenger
  195. WH Officials Were Warned About Looming Border Crisis, Dismissed as ‘Local Problem’
  196. What are the Chances? (An IRS Love Song)
  197. Darrell Issa Abruptly Ends Hearing Before Witness Can Debunk His White House Attacks
  198. A centrist party candidate is what this country needs but will never get!
  199. Another Step Forward for Equality
  200. The Last Secession.
  201. The real reason Obama won't cancel fundraisers
  202. Tony Blair Tells Europe to Quit Begging the U.S. for Help
  203. What Hoover, Truman and Ike had in common
  204. Obamacare in Kentucky: The luxury of seeing a doctor
  205. Charlie Crist picks Annette Taddeo-Goldstein for running mate in FL
  206. It takes a French company to treat out Vets right... We're fucked!
  207. "Russian Billionaires Have Lost More Than $14 Billion In 2014"
  208. Wow, Powerful Christen Statement
  209. This Explains A Lot About Billy Boy
  210. If you take anymore of Ukraine Mr Putin
  211. Socialism vs Statism
  212. Just more BAD LAW
  213. Obama sends $11 billion Arms to Terror-Sponsoring Nation of Qatar
  214. Mitch Treads On Tea Party, Gets Bitten
  215. The lefts obsesson with the Tea party they created
  216. Florida town police office has Klan ties
  217. Rand and Silicon Valley
  218. Lerner Hard Drive Was "Scratched"
  219. Good News for The GOP ... Rep. Michele Bachmann says she is considering a run
  220. It's time for the Hillary music video
  221. Rutherford Challenging VA election laws that discriminate against 3rd Party candidate
  222. Obama's latest poll numbers
  223. ABC's Jon Karl Eviscerates Claim That Obama's Schedule is Busy .
  224. Hidden camera records awkward Political Spies
  225. IRS head confirms investigators have found backup tapes in Lerner probe
  226. Report: Thousands of [VERMIN] Are No-Shows at Hearings
  227. Ted Cruz Labels FAA Ban On Flights To Israel An 'Economic Boycott'
  228. GAO Study: Easy Health Exchange Fraud:
  229. Liberal and Proud
  230. Governors against the President
  231. Welfare Does Not Fix Poverty, It causes it................
  232. Fix the safety net
  233. Maybe Big Is The Problem
  234. Where do you stand on these issues
  235. Poll: GOP couldn’t live on minimum wage, but still won’t raise it
  236. White House To Release $34 Billion In New Regulations After Mid-Terms
  237. Impeach?
  238. Obama now embraces raising secret cash he once shunned
  239. Putin has his revenge!
  240. Obamacare Architect Caught in Epic Lie
  241. Irony alert: Michelle bemoans money in politics, asks donors for ‘big, fat check’
  242. Obamacare Website Getting So Much Traffic It's Surprising Experts
  243. Wikipedia blocks 'disruptive' page edits from US Congress
  244. Whoops: Freshman Congressman mistakes U.S. officials for representatives of India
  245. Appointed Democrat Senator appears to be headed for a fall
  246. Rand Paul Wants Senate Collegues on Record with Marijuana in New Bill
  247. Obama has checked out?
  248. Progressives learn the hard way that the Constitution is obstructionist
  249. Democrat congresswoman says you don't have a right to know
  250. The truth about the American economy