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  1. Kick Congress out of D.C...Another Brilliant Tea Party Suggestion
  2. Democrat Rep: "You don't have a right to know Everything going on in Government"
  3. America sorry it elected Obama
  4. What The ACA, and Kynect has done for Kentucky
  5. Democrat Shuts off Power to White House
  6. Hillary Clinton -- "President Bush made her proud to be an American
  7. 760 Illegals Dumped In Tennessee - Without Requested Notification
  8. What does the American government do well
  9. Rachel Maddow - Boehner resurrects Romney's debunked smear
  10. Boehner Calls Impeachment Talk Democratic 'Scam'
  11. Activist Liberal Judges...U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit, San Francisco
  12. Refuses To Expand Medicaid In The State Of Mississippi
  13. Rand Paul is talking about issues even Democrats won't talk about
  14. 10 States Most Dependent on the Federal Government; Guess what 10
  15. 1984 - Ronald Reagan on Amnesty
  16. Stop Giving Money To the Palestinian Authority
  17. Obama: U.S. should ‘embrace an economic patriotism that says we rise or fall together
  18. Patent workers paid to exercise, shop and do chores, investigation reveals
  19. Hillary Clinton on border kids: Send them back
  20. Russia in violation of 1987 missile treaty, White House says
  21. Hillary swats aside Obama, says George W. Bush made her ‘proud to be American’
  22. Words of Wisdom for our LEFTIST Friends to Mull over
  23. Alabama Officials: Coal Regulations Violate God's Will
  24. Federal review stalled after finding forensic errors by FBI lab unit
  25. The Feminist Scourge On America.
  26. Impeachment: It's All a Scam Started by Democrats
  27. Suing The President
  28. MSNBC's Chuck Todd said whaaaat?
  29. Fed is ending QE
  30. U.S. Coal-exporting pollution to Europe and China
  31. House Approves $16 Billion Plan To Improve Health Care For Vets
  32. California shows how Obamacare can and should work.
  33. Why does she lie?
  34. Rep Sam Barr D California
  35. Obama Empties Both Barrels and Tears Boehner’s Lawsuit Against Him To Shreds
  36. Dem Who Co-Sponsored Bush Impeachment Bill Claims Dems Didn’t Want to Impeach Him .
  37. Pope Francis sounds too much like Obama to be honored by Congress, Republican says
  38. Harry Reid's office responds to John Boehner and Republicans.
  39. Obama Will Be Disgraced, Not Impeached
  40. What happens when liberals asked to 'House' illegal aliens?
  41. U.S. Foreign Policy and the Rise of Evangelical Eschatology
  42. Rand Paul Closing in on Hillary's Numbers
  43. Why the Republic is Dead
  44. Sexist Bloomberg Gun Control Ad Unintentionally Makes A Case For Gun Ownership
  45. Big Data Firm Says It Can Link Snowden Data To Changed Terrorist Behavior
  46. Tensions Stir At EPA Hearings On New Emission Rules
  47. The RNC's Birthday President to Obama: A Constitution
  48. This is what a Real Boycott looks like:Picture is worth a 1000 Words
  49. It Really Puzzles Me
  50. Fmr. CIA Head Of Bin Laden Unit Calls Clinton A “Liar,”
  51. Border Bill DOA says Reid
  52. Ben Carson, The next President?
  53. Here it Comes
  54. Are his lips Moving?
  55. “It is almost as if they despise all of our children”
  56. Official Pentagon results --Obama's policies dangerous to the USA
  57. Ann Coulter wishes Netanyahu was U.S. President
  58. Please watch this 1992 video
  59. Stop Blaming Israel For the Gaza War
  60. Rand Paul: Fire CIA Director John Brennan
  61. Officer Corps Cut
  62. Imagine there wwere simple legislative actions which could save lives and money
  63. Is this the basic question?
  64. True Sabotage
  65. 110% of Americans Hate Obama.
  66. How dare Fl. Gov Scott purge illegal aliens from the voter rolls
  67. Russia doesn't make anything
  68. Watch as Democratic Candidate Stands Up Against Obama's War on Coal
  69. Accomplishments of the American governement in the last 14 years
  70. Obama’s Evolving View on Record Debt
  71. America's Enemies, and will China surpass America as the World's #1 Superpower
  72. Right to Bear Arms..Emblematic of American Exceptionalism
  73. Migration out of California?
  74. Representative Justin Amash, Another Libertarian Republican
  75. My plan for determining the appropriate minimum wage
  76. Obama "We Tortured Some Folks"
  77. Dem lawmaker uses German Luftwaffe uniform to portray US Navy in campaign mailer
  78. Tea Party Group Loses Appeal on Corporate PAC Limits
  79. Placing Kids above Politics
  80. Expanded jobless benefits prevented more than 1 million foreclosures
  81. Making An All-American White House Dinner With Some African Flair
  82. The REAL Problem Facing America Today?
  83. The Inevitable Christian/Islamic war looms on the Horizon...WWIII?
  84. Obama Will Not Rest, As Soon As He's Done With Golf
  85. Californians May Be Forced To Buy Diapers
  86. Another expose of Obama's fabricated employment numbers
  87. More leaks
  88. Bummer! Dem candidate for Giv. BUSTED in Clintoian position!
  89. How Walmart harms the small organic farmer
  90. Only 31 Voter Fraud Incidents Since 2000
  91. "Total Disconnect" Between Obama's Economy Rhetoric & Reality Of How Americans Feel
  92. Its un-American not to Accept and Favor the Tea Party Core Beliefs
  93. Rep. Hank “Guam Might Tip Over” Johnson on Obama Lawsuit - ‘It’s a Coup’
  94. Obama approval falls to 40/54 in NBC/WSJ poll
  95. How to make a Pencil via Capitalism or Central Planning?
  96. Political/Philisophical family trees
  97. Obama disregards the legislative branch
  98. Colbert making fun of Hillary
  99. Democratic Obstruction
  100. Obama's Monsters Ball
  101. Stillwater cafe faces heat for adding 'minimum wage fee' to tab
  102. Confederate battle flag, like Nazi swastika, is offensive emblem of hateful cause
  103. MSNBC.com Reader Poll: 88 Percent Agree 'People Should Be Allowed to Carry Guns
  104. Obama's Half-Brother Spills Beans on President
  105. Federal Government Releasing Murderers Into U.S.
  106. Harvey Whittemore surrenders to federal prison
  107. Sharpton, businesses owe $4.7 million in tax debt
  108. Republicans Versus Freedom
  109. An honest inquiry on voting...
  110. Fair explanation of patriot act
  111. A very close congressional race
  112. Obama and Patriotic Corporations
  113. 576 for the quarter and 1,577 so far this year.
  114. What is wrong with isolationism?
  115. Forty Years Ago
  116. American government accomplishments of the past 14 years
  117. Opinions on the draft
  118. If you were elected as President...
  119. Negroponte on Iraq
  120. MSM destroying the GOP
  121. NEOCON Lindsy Graham war cry
  122. The libertarian moment.
  123. How Democrats Lost the Vietnam & Iraq Wars
  124. So called liberals examined
  125. The 10 Most Corrupt States in the USA
  126. ‘Burn in hell’: Christians respond on Facebook to AL atheist with death threats
  127. Hillary lays out foriegn policy
  128. The Senate and the GOP
  129. Sarah Palin's New Web TV Channel Is Off To A Smashing Start
  130. Hillary Clinton "Rabbit punches" Obama
  131. Question for Pro-War Types
  132. What The Founders Tell Us About The GOP’s Ruling Class
  133. Anti-Capitalist Prof (Robert Reich) made $242 K to teach 1 Class in Fall
  134. Democrats caught paying black campaign workers 30% less than white employees
  135. Convicted felon Newton loses bid to return to Connecticut General Assembly
  136. Obama adjusts Iraq narrative, now blames Bush for troop withdrawal
  137. Who rules America?
  138. Trickle Down Tyranny.....Obama's Socialist States of America
  139. Oklahoma Man Charged In Death Threats Against Harry Reid
  140. Vacations and Golf Outings, by the numbers
  141. San Francisco’s political opposite? Mesa, Arizona
  142. In New Hampshire, Republicans Make Sen. Shaheen’s Lack Of Town Halls An Issue
  143. Comcast and Time Warner fund event for regulator while seeking merger approval
  144. Alberto Gonzales: Pass Immigration Bill to Find out How Obama Will Enforce It
  145. A Freedom of Speech Test
  146. One St Louis strip mall, two businesses. One looted the other untouched. Difference?
  147. How Hillary Will Fail Liberals
  148. Sign the Ultrasound informed Consent Act Petition
  149. Obama calls for calm after night of violent protests in Ferguson
  150. Announcement by Sen. Ted Cruz
  151. Pure Capitalism
  152. Tax collection in the US
  153. Questions within the revenue vs. spending debate
  154. Senate Update: Dems 52, GOP 48, With Lots of Toss-ups
  155. Hey Al Sharpton! How About Protesting THIS Case!
  156. Los Angeles and the vote
  157. Court Finds AR-15s to be Dangerous and Unusual
  158. A Rand Paul Republican?
  159. Libertarians on Police Militarization
  160. Here's what Obama still doesn't get
  161. So how do we take our streets back?
  162. Obama is creating jobs.....for Terrorists
  163. The Guns of July
  164. Social Conservatives
  165. 15 Things I Hate About Politics
  166. Socialism's "Good Ideas" & "New Social Vision"
  167. Why not just ignorte the bastards?
  168. A Fresher Look at the Police
  169. Obama back in Washington on rare vacation break
  170. Is this just what Obama needed?
  171. Impeachment: Keep It Up, Republicans
  172. Tyson Foods looks for other pork export markets after China ban
  173. Democrat Rep. James Clyburn: ‘Obama will be impeached’ if GOP keeps House
  174. Throw the bums out vs. re-elect your own Congress person
  175. Millennials Aren't Liberals, They're Social Liberals and Fiscal Centrists
  176. Brown Case Shows Need for Street Cameras
  177. That time Blacks Did Carry Guns to Support Their Rights...
  178. Police shooting perspective
  179. Bigger picture of why our streets are so hostile
  180. Cool messages about President Bush
  181. Just saw Ms Brown on ABC with Robin
  182. Governor Perry will come out on top (source Mike Huckabee)
  183. I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me.
  184. Missouri GOP Furious Over 'Disgusting' Voter Registration Booths In Ferguson
  185. al-Qaeda described as “decimated” and “on the run” by Obama came calling
  186. Karen Lewis “Seriously Considering” Mayoral Run
  187. Operation Dark Heart
  188. Orange commissioners reject planned mosque in contentious hearing
  189. If You're Born In The Sky, What's Your Nationality? An Airplane Puzzler
  190. Exterminate isis now!
  191. GOP Attacks On Obamacare Fizzle In Key Senate Races
  192. Same-Sex Marriages On Hold In Virginia After Supreme Court Weighs In
  193. President Obama's speech on the murder of James Foley
  194. The Islamic State and One Dimensional American Foreign Policy
  195. Video of the deadly shooting of Kaijeme Powell in St. Louis (Missouri)
  196. Aw Jeez, Not This Shit Again
  197. Transfer of 5 detainees violated US law
  198. Other than you can keep your insurance, the next biggest absolute lie
  199. Something liberals don't appreciate that we provide them
  200. The Left's Destruction of our American Culture
  201. This is concise and I agree with it about ISIS/all the terrorists
  202. Nonwhite cop kills unarmed white kid...nothing ensues...
  203. Lack of Class. Article over the top.
  204. Reports show men are more violent than women
  205. How do we measure the federal government's credibility?
  206. RE Alyosha male violence thread
  207. For all of you interventionist out there
  208. Obama Orders Review Of Transfers Of Military Surplus To Local Police
  209. Wiscasset names road after old school mascot
  210. Chicago is a hotbed for billionaires, firms report
  211. How many more beheadings before Obama declares war on ISIS?
  212. From cupcakes to the police, fed up with government
  213. Boots on the ground being readied
  214. Ron Paul on the Libertarian Moment
  215. Why don't be just bring the troops home, drill our own oil and legalize drugs?
  216. President Obama he back challenger to Hillary Clinton
  217. House 2014 Election Update: The Dems Are in Trouble...They May Even Lose a Seat
  218. End taxes on Corporations
  219. Immigration Now The Top GOP Grievance -- Above Health Care, Economy
  220. Another Right-Wing Meme Bites The Dust
  221. Keeping it Factual: Rand Paul's Voting Record
  222. The Emails exist
  223. Remember that old Republican slogan, "Running government like a business"?
  224. "FORE! Score? And seven trillion rounds ago....Maureen Dowd :)
  225. Senate No Toss Ups Real Clear Politrics Avg's
  226. The Death Knell of the Military-Industrial Complex
  227. Predictably, Congress Uses Police Militarization To Erode Federalism
  228. Militarization Worse Than You Think: Even College Cops Got It
  229. Military Intervention in Syria Still On the Table
  230. 2014 U.S. Election Predictions
  231. Chicago crime rate drops as concealed carry applications surge
  232. Question for Conservatives ... If the GOP Wins in 2015
  233. Respect????
  234. Rick Perry Puts Out Most Brilliant Political Ad Ever.......
  235. CNN guests tell CNN their Brown shooting audio may be a hoax
  236. Elizabeth Warren says grass-roots PAC operating without her blessing
  237. Obamacare contracts soar past estimates, audit finds
  238. Libya’s Islamist militias claim control of capital
  239. Congress fumes as idle federal workers went shopping, sent on private errands
  240. Ineligible illegals file request to get Dreamer status, force Obama’s hand
  241. US won't reveal records on health website security
  242. Al-Qaeda in Yemen Announces ‘Solidarity’ With ‘Our Muslim Brothers in Iraq’
  243. US Needs to Send Ground Troops to Fight ISIS, NOW.
  244. Parliamentary system or separation of powers
  245. Can the prison industrial complex actually be WOESE than we thought?
  246. Romney for US president in 2016? Iowa poll puts him on top
  247. Well That Went Well
  248. Michael Reagan Compares his Father's leadership to that of obama's leadership
  249. Another big boost for Obamacare
  250. For Our Resident Poll-Bots