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  1. Woooaaa; Maddow Advocates War ??
  2. 110,000,000 Million Now Receiving Federal Welfare
  3. 911=19+$500,000
  4. here we go again with the commander and his BS
  5. Is ISIS hijacking Islam?
  6. Obesity: America's #1 Health Issue --outlaw sweets?
  7. What If There’s No There There?
  8. Big Government you claim?
  9. Something for you young folks to take a look at
  10. UK's PM causes Obama to come out of hiding and
  11. Democrats are toying with Toast............
  12. Bloodbath in the House?
  13. Listen up Doves...ISIS Planning an American Attack....
  14. 10 Things that Would Start an Armed Revolt in America
  15. The Legalization of Prostitution
  16. Th eMexicans can't be happy with Gutless Obama
  17. The cheese is in the room amd so are all the rats
  18. Transparent administration ??? A crock ... read this report
  19. Utilities in Florida scared half to death Christ will win
  20. Indian Reservations and the Rotten Fruit of Liberalism
  21. 94 years ago the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote was ratified.
  22. Five Civil Questions for Liberals or Leftists to Answer
  23. U.S. now Exporting domestic oil
  24. This should be illegal
  25. Barack Obama 2007 Radio Interview: The Day I’m Inaugurated Muslim Hostility Will Ease
  26. Should we blame John f Kennedy for losing two wars?
  27. I have a question for my Republican friends.
  28. Concealed Carrier Shoots, Kills 1 of 4 Armed Robbers, Sends Other 3 Running
  29. You've Really Been Reduced To THIS?
  30. RePubs Stumbling As Their Own Poll Shows Michelle Nunn Leading Georgia Senate Race
  31. Time To Pay Congress Per Diem For ONLY Time They Are In Session On The Floor
  32. Why Calling Rand Paul An Isolationist Is And Was Stupid
  33. Don Morgan - American Extremist tried to join ISIS
  34. I can't wait to hear this about Obama's coalition
  35. Who warned us by saying this?
  36. Tesla chooses Nevada for battery factory: Sources
  37. Income Inequality
  38. American foreign policy types
  39. How to Defeat ISIS
  40. US Politics: Meet The GOP's 2016 Golden Boys
  41. US Debt Spending
  42. Eric Holder: A More Dangerous Race Hustler than Al Sharpton
  43. Obama to Delay Immigration Action
  44. Chuck Todd makes Obama uncomfortable?
  45. Maybe you can't see reality from a fairway
  46. Democratic Political Mush Vs. GOP’s Three Branches and a Twig
  47. It Ain't the Meat, It's the Promotion
  48. 10 Seconds after he mentioned "Syria" Chuck Todd said "You have Not mentioned "Syria"
  49. Humorous Political Video Ad for John Boehner with Content and everything ...
  50. This May Be the Most Important OP YOU Ever Read.
  51. Immigrants Will Destroy America If They Don't Vote Republican
  52. BUSTED: Obama Gets Caught Spinning His Most Embarrassing Statement About ISIS
  53. Bill Clinton speaking of G.W. Bush
  54. Air Power alone can’t defeat IS
  55. Senate Votes 79-18 To Advance a Constitutional Amendment To Overturn Citizens United
  56. A campaign to silence conservative speech
  57. How Empires End
  58. Immigration Question for Conservatives
  59. Farm owners fined for declining to host same-sex wedding
  60. 5 Myths About Millennials
  61. GOP congressman explains why his colleagues don't want to Vote on ISIS
  62. Does anyone know who's Quote this is ... ?
  63. A Republican "wave" in November?
  64. Before you shoot me and the messenger watch
  65. Obama Address to the Nation (consolidated thread)
  66. How Did Members of Congress Get So Wealthy?
  67. Hottest first lady
  68. Oops! Wrong Number!
  69. Contract for federal background investigations won’t be renewed
  70. Banking Fraud and the lack of prosecutions
  71. Obama states tonight that he has the authority to kill children
  72. Hottest POTUS
  73. I wonder as the bombing begins
  74. Iraq, Syria, and the Truth About American Foreign Policy
  75. NJ Politics: New Jersey's Credit Rating Has Been Cut 8 Times Since Christie Took Over
  76. Ted Cruz speech to Christian group cut short by boos after Israel comments
  77. How Christian fundamentalist homeschooling damages children
  78. 'Ask The White Guy' About The Hawks
  79. Why Bother Having a National Military If You Won't Use Them ?
  80. Why Have a National Military If You Can't Have "Boots On the Ground" ?
  81. Teen May Get 2 Years For Pic Of Fake Oral Sex With Jesus (PHOTO)
  82. U.S. government threatened to sue Yahoo! for personal data
  83. Touting Yemen, Somalia, as successful, Obama sets low bar for Iraq
  84. Sue The Donkephant?
  85. Florida kindergarten teacher almost certainly fired for refusing to administer tests
  86. Georgia’s Democrats have registered more than 85,000 minority voters (and counting)
  87. So Obama threw on some republican clothes and declared war
  88. Americas poor are getting poorer
  89. Liberal theory world on trial, it would be nice if it could win
  90. Women abandon the O
  91. Civilization in danger: November elections
  92. State Dept Told 3 Months B 4 Attack, Benghazi Guards Abandoning Posts Fear 4 Safety
  93. Can the Dems Win More State Houses?
  94. Which side are you?
  95. Obama's Coalition?
  96. Nationwide environmental "green fee"
  97. You were surprised, Obama because Bush was right all along
  98. Donald Trump offers President Obama free golf for life if he resigns
  99. Let's Discuss The Open Sabotaging of Government by Elected Politicians
  100. Rand Paul must explain himself
  101. Were S. Dept. Files Destroyed Implicating Hillery On Bengahzi ??
  102. Sirus Radio Progressive channel Tom Hartmann hosting
  103. How Yellen/Obama Funny Money Creates Destructive Mergers
  104. Senator reimburses federal government more than $30,000 in travel spending
  105. Democrats have no stones, they are dragging us into a war
  106. Corporate inversions
  107. What would our economy and way of life look like without megacorps?
  108. "Building Legacy, Obama Reshapes Appellate Bench"
  109. In His First Appearance On Meet The Press, Bernie Sanders Terrifies The Koch Brothers
  110. Bible-pushing Christians open the door for Satanic activity books in Florida schools
  111. Only the stupid
  112. War on poverty- failure. 3 time more than all US wars
  113. More Benghazi
  114. Dems may hold Senate
  115. U.S. General open to ground force as option in Iraq
  116. Strike Student Debt!
  117. Rubio: Don't back off on ISIL
  118. Justin Amash (R-MI3): Vote "No" on Arming Syrian Rebels
  119. Obama Care: D or F- US Docs
  120. Alabama Conservatives
  121. Bipartisan lawmakers’ group calls for resignation of federal judge accused of beating
  122. U.S. poverty rate drops for first time since 2006
  123. U.S. national debt grew more in 4 years under Obama than the first 42 pres. combined.
  124. Democrats turn on Wasserman-Schultz
  125. Ukrainian President Asks U.S. Congress for Lethal Military Aid
  126. Here's What Happened When 13 States Raised Their Minimum Wages
  127. Brigitte Gabriel lays out the case very well
  128. Administration and military leaders fight over strategy
  129. Africans kill 8 Ebola aid workers
  130. 9 Months, Federal Probe of GWB Closure Finds No Link to Christie
  131. Voter registration fraud probe looms over tight Georgia Senate race
  132. If you were teh Kurds or fighters in Iraq
  133. What Good is the CIA?
  134. Charlie Rangel Calls For War Tax And The Draft If We Go To War With ISIS
  135. Hispanic man breaches White House security
  136. And they did vote for Obama, no matter what
  137. The Decline of Main Street In One Simple Chart
  138. Obamacare sea change: GOP governor boasts about ACA benefits
  139. Time for White House checkpoints?
  140. Politician accused of dropping pants, hurling racist slurs dropping out of race
  141. Liberty or Security: Which Do Americans Prefer?
  142. Gov Scott Walker’s Wisconsin Has No Budget For Voter ID
  143. Barack Obama, Imperial President
  144. Tax refunds cut for some Obamacare recipients
  145. Hillary and her friend Saul Alinsky
  146. GOP Candidate Voted In Both Illinois And Wisconsin In The Same Year
  147. Pennsylvania senator casually comes out - 'I'm gay. Get over it,'
  148. The Cost To Our Economy From Republican Obstruction And Sabotage
  149. West Coast warming caused by nature, not man
  150. The battle for the Senate
  151. Truth Is out: We are bombing refineries.
  152. Jackknifed on hypocrisy highway
  153. The Michigan Senate race
  154. What is fascism?
  155. Race Driver who charged Tony Stewart and got killed was high on pot
  156. Romney 2016
  157. NEOCONs on the warpath- again
  158. Mass shooting incidents have doubled since 2000
  159. Not in my Name - Muslims against ISIS
  160. The U.S. will pay the Navajo Nation $554 million to end royalties suit
  161. Could you pass a US citizenship test?
  162. Evolution of incomes of people in USA from 1949 to 2012
  163. Hagan or Tillis in NC: Cronies either way
  164. Ex-Con, Future Congressman? Former Gov. Edwin Edwards Campaigns Again
  165. This Republican Who Wants to End the Weekend Is Probably Headed to Congress
  166. Good News, Bad News
  167. Two Anti-Choice Parties
  168. Congress won’t touch vote on ISIS
  169. The naked truth about Kevin Yoder (R-KS)
  170. Rumor....Obama stepping down?
  171. The real threat Islamic Terrorist groups pose to America
  172. Hillarious Campaign Ad for RI Governor
  173. Our fragile global economy
  174. Senate races to watch
  175. Who could get behind a Local Economies Party?
  176. Watching an illustration on Syria and how the fight is divided up
  177. Further hypocrisy on this Iraq thang
  178. Republicans Are People Too
  179. Redux: What good is the CIA?
  180. Two great nations...
  181. Alabama 50th most happy state; physical health lowest
  182. To Counter Gun Violence, Researchers Seek Deeper Data
  183. Restaurant Serves Up Discount To Gun Carriers
  184. "Values Voters" Summit Presidential Straw Poll: The Results Are In ... Nothing New!
  185. So we have a war on women, war on immigrants, and a war on this and that
  186. What Obama knows
  187. It is time for the Democrats to play the blame game again
  188. FDR was 100% Correct then and he's still Correct Now!
  189. Failed 'experiment' puts Brownback on defense
  190. Political geography: What if Appalachia were its own state?
  191. Ted Cruz's Dream Cabinet: Values Voter Summit Speakers Ready To Serve In The Cruz WH
  192. Just a reminder that all wars are based on lies
  193. The GOP Rule About Not Criticizing the President During Wartime
  194. Obama skips 60% of the daily intel briefs
  195. Jim Webb may run in 2016
  196. More on the militarization of police
  197. The inequality mongers are wrong
  198. Is Obama Care on the way out???
  199. America IS a "Christian" nation!
  200. Northeast loses 40% of House Seats as people flee high-tax status
  201. Republicans Governors Facing Extinction As Democratic Wave Looms
  202. The bogus claim that Obama ‘skips’ his intelligence briefings
  203. Arkansas GOP candidate's voter registration canceled
  204. Revolving door war
  205. NC elections board investigating AFP's error-filled mailer to voters
  206. Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: New polls show Iowa's Senate race moving away
  207. Oops: GOP Error Reveals Secret Corporate Donors
  208. Obamacare's First Year: How'd It Go?
  209. No! Obama Did Not Control Congress His First Two Years!
  210. Dallas Ebola patient knew he had disease when he arrived here
  211. Turkey joining the fight
  212. This Low ... Even for Republicans
  213. They are finally admitting that Obama is not competent
  214. Iran, the thinkable ally
  215. 54 Straight Months Of Private Sector Job Growth
  216. Voter registration in Ferguson surges after Brown killing
  217. For Many New Medicaid Enrollees, Care Is Hard to Find, Report Says
  218. Congressman seeks ban to stop federal employees from watching porn all day
  219. Some Americans Fighting With Terror Groups Have Returned to the U.S., Obama Administr
  220. Obama Is Practicing Trickle-Down Economics
  221. The President of Inequality
  222. Dick Morris Hangs Up After Contradicting Himself
  223. Thought Experiment in National Unity, Would you do it again?!
  224. Define the parameters of left and right
  225. White House coordinated the negotiations but never really led them
  226. Wake Up, Dems, GOP Leads Senate Races 52-48
  227. Graham on 2016: 'I may just jump in'
  228. Third-Party Candidates Are Not Poisonous Mushrooms
  229. California tries to kill sex
  230. Blood Feud Reid vs Koch explained
  231. Holder defies federal court ruling
  232. Obama conning the illegals say cops
  233. 60% of Alcohol Sales Are to Addicts
  234. Government Is Not Competent
  235. In just two weeks, Obama proven completely wrong about Ebola
  236. Could Illegal Unaccompanied Minors Be Spreading New Mystery Virus to U.S.?
  237. American History Lesson for the Forum Democrats
  238. He really nailed it!
  239. What purpose does our congress serve?
  240. The Internet, Privacy & Power
  241. 14 People Made More Money Than the Entire Food Stamp Budget
  242. Catalog of Rationales for Obama-Executive Not Using Ebola Isolation Plans
  243. Kentucky's Grimes called a liar by her own campaign team
  244. I don't know about you, but I'm better off Now than in 2008
  245. VA fires 4 senior executives in scandal response.
  246. Some historical examples of monopolies before government
  247. Government Set Up A Fake Facebook Page In This Woman’s Name
  248. Wal-Mart cuts health benefits for some part-timers
  249. White House defends Obama's 'policies are on the ballot' claim
  250. Islamist burn churches in Nigeria