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  1. Republican Victory Speeches from New Hampshire.....
  2. Obama Faces Steep Climb in Florida Campaign.....
  3. Obama Campaign & DNC Raise 68 Million.....
  4. The Chairwoman Of The Democrat Party
  5. Angry Black Woman Is Angry At Her Angry Black Woman Image
  6. Warren Buffet Ready to Take Republican's Tax Challenge.....
  7. Why Ron Paul is the 2012-X-Factor.....
  8. What if???
  9. Krugman is Correct
  10. He’s poised to achieve his campaign goal, a platform for libertarianism.
  11. Freedom to Fascism Redux: A Timeline of Recent U.S. History
  12. Now Romney is even lying about his name
  13. So Carolina Primary Polls.....
  14. Three Democrats Challenging Obama.....
  15. Rick perry supports marines for urinating on corpses
  16. The True Believer
  17. Jon Huntsman to Quit Republican Presidential Race.....
  18. Happy MLK Day From the Democrat Party
  19. Republican Debate Tonight
  20. So Carolina Republican Primary Debate.....
  21. Time Running Out For Romney's Rivals
  22. Ron Paul’s achievement, by Charles Krauthammer
  23. Obama’s Racial Politics
  24. GOP Should Heed Ron Paul
  25. Obama Rejects Keystone XL
  26. Protest Exposes Silicon Valley-HollyWood Rivalry.....
  27. OBAMA Calls For CorpOrate Tax Cuts.....
  28. Rick Perry Drops Out Endorses Gingrch
  29. GOP Admits Santorum Won Iowa
  30. South Carolina Has an Open Primary
  31. Gingrich Furious With Media After Debate Smear
  32. World War Web Advisory #1: Are You An Unwitting Victim Of Internet Censorship?
  33. South Carolina Primary Results
  34. Bankrupt Solyndra Destroying New Parts Worth Millions
  35. Repeal of legislative Immunity Proposed in Arizona.....
  36. Reduce the trade deficit; increase GDP & median wage
  37. Gabriellle Giffords to Resign from Congress this Week.....
  38. South Carolina Has Already Found Almost 1000 Ballots Cast by Deceased Voters
  39. Newt Gingrich wanted the death penalty for pot smokers
  40. The Democrat Party, 2012
  41. Boehner: Republicans may link pipeline to tax bill
  42. 61% Favor Immigration Checks On Traffic Stops
  43. Romney Pays Less Than 14 Percent on His Taxes
  44. Senate and House Staff Owe Over 10 Million in Unpaid Taxes
  45. Senator John Kerry Greets NHL Champs with Injuries From Playing Hockey.....
  46. The Florida Republican Debate.....
  47. Chief of Criminal Division of U.S. Attorney Refuses Testimony in Fast and Furious
  48. State of the Union Address
  49. Obama Doubles Down on Taxing The Rich.....
  50. Sixty percent of people give obama an a for his speech
  51. What Happens if Newt Wins Florida
  52. Republican Senator of Ill Suffers Stroke.....
  53. Obama Host Stanley Cup Champions but Key American Protests Politics
  54. Nancy Pelosi Syas Newt Gingrich Will Never Be President.....
  55. Newt Gingrich Admits Lying Again During Debates
  56. An interesting self-deportation proposal
  57. Petition to Supreme Court of Alaska to Block NDAA Indefinite Detention Provides Model
  58. Smart, Educated, Friendly Politics. Online Newspaper Looking for Content
  59. Ener1: Another Green Company Goes Bankrupt After 118 Million Dollar Grant From Obama
  60. Second Florida Debate Recap
  61. Gingrich Planning Desperate New Attack Ad
  62. George H.W. Bush and Jeb Bush Pay Obama a Visit.....
  63. Herman Cain Endorses Gingrich
  64. Obama Wins In Global Poll.....
  65. Hillary Clinton Wants To Quit Politics to Run World Bank.....
  66. Newt Needs Your Help!
  67. Newt Needs Your Help!
  68. Morman plan to take over the white house
  69. Romney Opens up 14 Point Lead in Florida
  70. Taxes Under Obama Are Less Than Under Reagan
  71. GOP Governed and Right to Work States Saved the US Economy in 2011.....
  72. Does the contraceptive mandate violate freedom of religion?
  73. gop vice president pick
  74. Florida Primary Results Here
  75. The Latest Charges in the Republican Race
  76. Major GOP Super Pac Raised 51 Million in 2011.....
  77. Florida Campaign Graded as Most Negative in History
  78. Private Caucus For Newt's Biggest Donor
  79. Follow The SuperPAC Money
  80. Romney says he is not concerned about the poor
  81. Even the Bay Area has turned on Occupy
  82. The Obama–Brewer tarmac confrontation was wildly overhyped.
  83. An Outsiders perspective of US Political System
  84. Trump to Endorse Gingrich.....
  85. SuperPACs Remain Shrouded in Secrecy
  86. Holder Claims Fast and Furious Investigation Politically Motivated
  87. What You Post Online Can Come Back In A Lawsuit
  88. Whites, Blacks, and Racist Democrats
  89. Freedom Is Not Free! A Call For Your Support
  90. The Nevada Caucus.....
  91. NY AG sues major banks for fraud
  92. Common Ground: Tea Party & Occupy Movement Come Together
  93. Police Converging On Occupy DC
  94. The Forgotten Man
  95. Current Republican Delegate Totals After Nevada
  96. Clint Eastwood calls out Mitt Romney for saying let Detroit go bankrupt
  97. The Real Problems in Higher Ed
  98. US debt explosion
  99. Ron Paul, a Model of Conservatism and Consistency
  100. Santorum Claims Obama Will Block Stroke Treatment for Patients Over 70
  101. Romney's Children Accidentally Expose the Truth About his Priorities
  102. Roseanne Barr on the Ballot for California Presidential Primary
  103. Rich Lowry slams the Eastwood ad
  104. Federal Appeals Court Rules Ban on Gay Marriage Unconstitutional
  105. WAASS: HR 658 Accelerates Drone Deployment For Surveillance
  106. Afghanistan: not what we are told
  107. Why Christian Conservatives Are The Most Dangerous
  108. Santorium: 3 State Sweep.....
  109. Supreme Court May Not Rule on Issue of Gay Marriage
  110. Banks Settle Charges of Fraudent Foreclosures With Feds for 26 Billion
  111. Would A Mormon President Subvert American Democracy?
  112. Freedom Is Key to Creating Jobs, Not Stimulus
  113. A Handsome Lie
  114. Obama Plans Higher Taxes and Spending for Election Year
  115. Call to Action: Demand that President Obama Veto H.R. 658 And Scrub WAASS
  116. Utopianism
  117. Lesson From "Animal Farm"
  118. Romney Barely Beats Paul in Maine Caucuses
  119. Obama's 2013 Budget Proposal
  120. Are Caucuses Bad for Democracy?
  121. PBS to Air Documentary on Clinton and Womanizing
  122. Lobbyist Money Surrounding Romney and Obama
  123. Santorum Accuses Paul of Stacking Straw Polls
  124. Eighty Grand and a 401k for a Senate Barber
  125. Meet Gingrich's Dream Team.....
  126. Deal Made to Extend Payroll Tax Cuts
  127. Information for london
  128. Obama rating up; GOP enthusiasm down
  129. World War Web Advisory #4: S.2105 Cybersecurity Act of 2012
  130. Ron Paul’s Delegate Strategy
  131. Latest Poll Numbers for Michigan Show Lead Growing For Santorum
  132. The problem with "unsustainable" capitalism
  133. Congress Selling Airwaves to Raise Cash
  134. Republicans Facing Backlash Against Contraception Controls
  135. Romney and Paul Forging a Friendship
  136. Yellow Pages Test
  137. States Go After Contraception Rules on Behalf of Secular Businesses and Organizations
  138. American Politics in One Easy Lesson
  139. Christie Vetoes Same Sex Marriage Bill
  140. Santorum's Charitable Donations
  141. World War Web Advisory #5: CyberWar: First SOPA/PIPA/PCIPA/S
  142. A Third Voice for 2012
  143. Commentary: Experts Agree, Obama Wins Presidency Again.....
  144. Immigrants Trickling Back to Alabama Despite Crackdown.....
  145. Santorum Leads Romney by Eight Points Nationally in Latest Poll
  146. Romney SuperPAC Spent 14 Million in January Alone
  147. Fascism Anyone? The 14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism by Laurence W. Britt
  148. Is Western Democracy Real or a Facade?
  149. Paul talks hemp, federal regulation in ND visit
  150. John Derbyshire's CPAC Speech On Race Realism
  151. Too Poor to Marry?
  152. Monitoring of Muslim students sparks outrage
  153. Obama Pushing for More Benefits for the Middle Class
  154. Illinois Strip Clubs Facing 5$ Skin Tax.....
  155. Obama to Unveil Corporate Tax Plan
  156. Romney Losing His Grip on Arizona
  157. Arizona Republican Debate Tonight at 8ET
  158. The ‘Fairness’ Fraud
  159. Romney's Proposed Tax Overhaul
  160. Taking Socialism Seriously
  161. Ron Paul Takes the Attack to Santorum
  162. Bill Maher talks about the republican debate
  163. Obama on His Faith and Abortion
  164. Palin on Alaska Job: I Can't Take It AnyMore.....
  165. John Edwards Sex Taps to Be Destroyed
  166. Romney Back on Top According to Latest Polls in Michigan and Arizona
  167. Bipartisan Apathy
  168. Romney wipes out in Detroit
  169. Obama Slams Republicans On High Gasolin Prices.....
  170. The Judge tells it like it is
  171. Mitt Romney Speaks to an Empty Stadium in Detroit
  172. The Myth of the Greater Good
  173. Santorum says separation of church and state makes him want to throw up
  174. Romney and Santorum: Two White Americas
  175. Muslims in Michigan aren’t getting attention from Republican presidential candidates
  176. Ted Nugent Goes Off: Obama a Monster and the GOP Lacks Balls.....
  177. Michigan Polls Suggest Primary Will Come Down to the Wire
  178. Something’s Rotten in the Republic
  179. Michigan Primary Results
  180. Arizona Primary Results
  181. Senator Snowe to Retire
  182. Santorum: Satan is Sytematically Destroying America.....
  183. House Passes Bill Outlawing Protests at Any Event Involving Secret Service
  184. Santorum and Romney Likely to Split Michigan Delegates
  185. Obama Campaigning Under Slogan America Is Back
  186. Is Jeb Bush More Electable Than Romney or Santorum
  187. Outlawing the Occupy Movement: H.R. 347 Makes Free Speech A Felony
  188. I Just Got Robocalled on my Cell Phone by Someone Claiming to be the 99%
  189. Politics over Dead bodies: The Ambiguous Role of United Nations (U.N.)
  190. Krauthammer Points Out Where it All Went Wrong for Santorum
  191. The Actual U. S. Budget Deficit for 2011 Was 4.2 Trillion
  192. Obama Says, He is Not Bluffing on Iran.....
  193. Romney Touts His DC Insider Connections and His Love of Taxpayer Pork
  194. Erin Burnett: Out Front Corporate Fascist, Iran War Drumbeater, One Percenter
  195. Obama Speaks To AIPAC, Pushes More Time For Iran.....
  196. So... where are all the "conservative" bed shitters now?
  197. Our Elected Representatives
  198. Super Tuesday Projections
  199. Who Said It Mr. Burns or Mitt Romney
  200. This is your Attorney General
  201. Super Tuesday Results
  202. There is no hope for the GOP
  203. Liberal Congressman Kucinich defeated in Ohio
  204. America the Evolving Police State, Continued
  205. On Iran, Obama assails Republican candidates for ‘beating the drums of war’
  206. New Republican Delegate Totals After Super Tuesday
  207. Birth-Control Agitprop
  208. We Are a Nation of Haves...
  209. FBI Director Unsure About Legality of Assassinations on U.S. Soil
  210. Former New Jersey governor goes undercover as homeless man
  211. After outcry from right, Mitt Romney reverses stance on minimum wage
  212. Reasons to vote for obama
  213. Glen Beck makes fun of women for miscarriages
  214. Americans Elect
  215. Game Change HBO Movie on McCain and Palin
  216. Mormons block records of jewish baptisms
  217. Ron Paul Supporters
  218. Obama's $50 Light Bulb.....
  219. Santorum Wins Kansas Caucuses
  220. Let's see what our libs have to say about this.
  221. Obama’s Re-Election Case Bolstered by February Employment Report
  222. Obama Movie, 'The Road We've Traveled,' is Political Propaganda
  223. Labor unions rethinking their role in politics
  224. Poll: The most hidious Obama supporter
  225. Another big reason Obama and his corrupt administration must go this year.
  226. Santorum Expects Strong Showing in Mississippi and Alabama Primaries Tomorrow
  227. Gary Johnson on VP
  228. ObamaRecovery BS
  229. Holder’s Identity Problem
  230. If You Vote in Elections or Sign Online Petitions, Are You Making a Difference?
  231. Santorum Sweeps Alabama and Mississippi
  232. Deep-Pocketed Obama Donors Attend State Dinner.....
  233. Steven Chu Retracts Previous Call for Higher Gas Prices
  234. $100 to Fly Through the Airport
  235. California Public Schools May Ax 20,000 Teachers.....
  236. Romney Wins Puerto Rico.....
  237. Santorum May Be Pushing Toward Brokered Convention
  238. Virginia Governor Signs Virginia Ultrasound Bill.....
  239. World War Web Advisory #6: NSA Big Brother Utah Data Center
  240. Romney Widens Lead in Polls Ahead of Today's Illinois Primary
  241. Abortion rate interactive map of NYC
  242. Bristol Palin Ask Obama: When Should I expect Your Call.....
  243. Obama in the post Constitutional era
  244. The Federalist Solution
  245. Jeb Bush Endorses Romney
  246. 'Global warming' gets a rebranding
  247. Cost of ObamaCare:Lies Revealed 2012.....
  248. Just and email
  249. Senate Investigating NFL Over Bounty Program
  250. Time To End Too Big To Fail! Time To End The Fed As Well!