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  1. BREAKING: Federal Court Strikes Down One Of The Most Aggressive Gerrymanders
  2. The top-ten reasons not to vote Republican in the Midterms
  3. Rattlesnake logic
  4. Ya Just Can't Make This $#!¥ Up
  5. Panetta eviscerates Obama’s ‘red line’ blunder on Syria
  6. Obama sidelined for November elections
  7. Sens. McCain, Graham: To defeat ISIS, remove Assad
  8. What is a right?
  9. New polls
  10. Obama's French Revolution
  11. Harvard students say US bigger threat to world peace than ISIS
  12. The Mid-Term Elections In A Nutshell
  13. The Colombian Prostitution Scandal
  14. Obama to Hide Obamacare Rates Till After Election Day
  15. Who Leads Us?
  16. I am proud of Mia Love
  17. The two key factors
  18. Democrat short-cut to Masters degree from Army War College
  19. Newcombe lifts lid on 'party boy' George W. Bush
  20. Reading Level of Presidential Speeches
  21. When did every issue become a world threat?
  22. Thank You Political Forum - I Registered 5 Teens last week to Vote
  23. Turnout fears mount for Dems
  24. Kagan to the Supreme Court -- her route via Clinton
  25. Texas Health Care Worker Tests Positive for Ebola
  26. Rhetoric vs. fact and action
  27. Poor little Mike Huckabee is 'Utterly Exasperated', Threatens To Leave The GOP
  28. what Alison Grimes should have said when she was asked about voting for Obama
  29. John McCain: U.S. Needs an Ebola Czar! No Really he said it.
  30. Do we need leaders or servants in government
  31. DoD to wage war on climate change
  32. Obama thinks Panetta rabbit punched him to help Hillary
  33. The Paradox of Americas first black president
  34. The best and worst states to have a baby
  35. Big Beer caves on growlers -- but still fights 'deep discounts'
  36. Obama's Blizzard of lies
  37. Now this is how you make an Anti-GOP Attack Ad.
  38. Seattle Swaps Columbus Day For 'Indigenous Peoples' Day'
  39. Corporations...not what you think they are...
  40. Growing tired of this misuse of teh word "Coalition"
  41. Your up to date scoreboard
  42. Voters punishing Obama
  43. I didn't know Mitch McConnell was a gigolo
  44. Meet (R-I-D South Dakota) Larry Pressler
  45. McConnell says Ky. healthcare exchange can stay but not ObamaCare
  46. 2nd American infected with Ebola by illegal alien from Liberia
  47. Obama waiting for midterm to name attorney general
  48. GOP has advantage over Dems on most top issues: Gallup poll
  49. Grimes Refuses to Say She Voted for Obama During Debate With McConnell
  50. Obama gambling over Ebola?
  51. CDC Considers Putting Dallas Healtcare Workers On A No Fly List
  52. This is Exactly how you hold Politicians Accountable to The FACTS!
  53. If you know anyone who talked of recently Touring in Africa...
  54. What Chris Matthews said in his commercial is TRUE
  55. A Surgeon General nominee ‘tied up in politics’
  56. Joe Biden says Tea Party patriots are anti government.
  57. Actual good uses for foriegn aid
  58. How about this fun n the mid terms?
  59. Full of Shit
  60. Democrats Demand Investigation Into Republican Budget Cuts To Ebola Preparedness
  61. Hillety and the Flying Monkeys
  62. The dems war on women continues, EWhite House underpaying and now
  63. Would you vote for Rand Paul For President?
  64. Mount Vernon mayor faces 2 years after pleading guilty to income tax charges
  65. SCOTUS approves TX voter ID law
  66. Why don't we treat immigration and the minimum wage issue as related topics
  67. President Obama Doesn’t Belong on Any Shirt with Martin Luther King and Malcolm X
  68. The Quiet before the Storm...
  69. How do Libertarians, Republicans, and Democrats differ?
  70. Maryland to delay legal effort to recoup $55 million for failed ObamaCare site
  71. Late to meetings, late to speeches and late to Ebola
  72. President has done a remarkable job; considering . . .
  73. Obama to screw unemployed by giving illegals work permits
  74. Thunder on the Left
  75. Can someone explain this for me?
  76. Obama pays tens of thousands to sit at home
  77. Is it too late for Ebola vaccine to save us?
  78. How The Best GOP President Evah Dealt With A Deadly Virus On *His* Watch"
  79. Feds soliciting bids production of four million ID cards illegal immigrants per year
  80. Obama and his mouth disease
  81. In Mary Landrieu’s world, a $2.5 million house is ‘not a mansion’
  82. Serious Political Question for Republicans: Will Nov 2014 be the Pinnacle GOP Voters
  83. Magic Button Replacement for the last two Obama Years?
  84. $10.10 Minimum Wage Would Save The U.S. Government $7.6 Billion A Year
  85. 40,000 Black And Hispanic Voter Registrations Lost And Found In Georgia
  86. Are Democrats Hypocrites
  87. Minimum Wage Backfire
  88. 2014 Midterm Test - Who should Green Arrow vote for?
  89. California Orders Churches To Fund Abortions—Or Else
  90. Imho
  91. Radical gun control fails in Canada
  92. Michael brown autopsy backs police officer
  93. Gun control fails again - this time in isreal.
  94. Rand Paul: ‘Huge Percentage’ Of Washington Elites Are Neoconservatives, Hardly Any Ar
  95. Republican Congressman Is Unaware There Is No Surgeon General To Head Ebola Response
  96. DNC Chairwoman Evades Questions About Obama
  97. (Senator) Hagan: It’s Worse Than We Thought
  98. Senate predictions
  99. In Louisiana, both sides claim defense of Medicare
  100. Question for Conservatives
  101. Obama's Dumb War
  102. Healthcare solution?
  103. Obama, the bewildered bystander
  104. Put me down as shocked
  105. Which party comes closest to respecting the Constitution and BOR's as a whole?
  106. What would be so awful about a society that took care of itself?
  107. Clinton: ‘Don’t let anybody tell you it’s corporations and businesses that create job
  108. This pittbull wants the Obama administration to TELL THE TRUTH
  109. Darrell Issa’s Obama Bashing Backfires When He Uses a Weather App To Defeat Ebola
  110. The Gestapo or how the IRS screws over the public
  111. "Trickle Up" ~ Major Corporations Losing Money Out the Wazoo
  112. How does YOUR State protect the Vote
  113. US military defies the least American president
  114. AIDS infection among homosexuals going up
  115. 'Obama Is a Republican'
  116. Law Lets I.R.S. Seize Accounts on Suspicion, No Crime Required
  117. Charges to be reinstated against mom who left kids in car
  118. Mary Burke supports sticking with Common Core in Wisconsin Schools
  119. Expelled Nazis paid millions in Social Security
  120. Are mandatory quarantines legal?
  121. Name A Person You Like
  122. Teacher
  123. More American Gestapo tactics -- over taxes
  124. Why am I feeling like the momentum is on the Republicans side for Tuesday?
  125. Prognostication
  126. Muslim self esteem plummets when US rocket explodes during launch
  127. Can Authorities Cut Off Utilities And Pose As Repairmen To Search A Home?
  128. Proof Romney is not like Obama nor are republicans like him
  129. Did Liz Warren open the door on presidential run?
  130. From Obama as they walk out
  131. Shaming America
  132. Pennsylvania coroner auctioning off guns used in suicides
  133. Jordam Slams Obama as Shitty Golfer
  134. 50,000 missing voter registrations in Georgia
  135. House GOP’s Lawyers give up on Anti-Obama Lawsuit
  136. How Rand Paul Threatens Left and Right
  137. 5 pro-growth things I want by 2017
  138. Foreigner take That's 71% of new jobs in New Hampshire
  139. Over 214,000 Doctors Opt Out of Obamacare Exchanges
  140. The national environment is terrible for Democrats, say Democrats
  141. Are You Afraid of the Dark?
  142. Dem Sen. Landrieu takes heat for comments on Southern voters, race/sex
  143. Get OUT Barack. You hit on a woman and I want you out.
  144. Will the Age of Obama Spell the end of Liberalism?
  145. Jon Stewart's Message To Texas Dems: 'You Poor Bastards'
  146. Final 2014 Election Predictions
  147. My Election predictions
  148. N.Y. Democrats bully reluctant voters: We’ll be ‘reviewing voting records’
  149. Former Trek President and CEO Confirms (Wisconsin Candidate) Mary Burke was Fired
  150. Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama hit by hecklers at separate speeches
  151. Third-Party Senate Candidates Give Establishment Republicans Conniptions
  152. The President Campaigns with Tom Wolf to a Packed House in Philly!
  153. Politically Akward Headline
  154. Final 2014 Election a Predictions: Long Night? Maybe Months....
  155. What Politics Looks Like to a Libertarian
  156. The Democrats' Path to Holding the Senate...
  157. North Carolina poll workers offering ballots to ineligible impostor – TWENTY TIMES
  158. Election 2014 - What about the states?
  159. Obama loses his base as broken promises breed disillusioned Democrats
  160. Michelle Nunn Again Refuses to Say If She Would Have Voted for Obamacare
  161. cool logo
  162. Election Day
  163. Tea Ted vows to make life miserable for ... well; everyone!
  164. Election day chicanery by Rick Scott and his henchmen in Florida
  165. Election 2014 - Who did you vote for?
  166. What Republicans Will Do with Power
  167. The wave of Dem govorners winning today
  168. Problems reported at polls vary from state to state, but well; you know!
  169. One Graph that NO ONE can Dispute - 55 Straight Months Of Private Sector Job Growth
  170. 27 states later
  171. Meet the New, Big-Spending GOP Senators! Same as the Old, Big-Spending GOP Senators?
  172. Scott walker kicks unions ass' again!!!!!!!!!
  173. LOL Obama asked for Bi-Partisan Meeting for Friday
  174. Scott Walker is the man to watch for 2016
  175. Republicans to take control of Senate
  176. well, i'm pretty happy with the outcome
  177. A very dangerous time
  178. Ballot Measure Takeaways
  179. This was a Good Defeat for The Democrate
  180. Why voters hate the Obama economy
  181. Is the US economy in a permanent slump?
  182. Voters' verdict explodes Democratic myths
  183. Ballot initiatives show that progressive issues are big winners in the eyes of voters
  184. Harry Reid staffer bitch slaps Obama for election losses
  185. No Third Bush For President
  186. Canadian-Born Ted Cruz Cannot Run For President
  187. Me and Mia Love
  188. One of my favorite stories from this election!
  189. How Many Muslim Countries Has the US Bombed or Occupied Since 1980?
  190. The FBI: America’s Secret Police
  191. Republicans take control of US Senate
  192. Democrats bail on Mary Landrieu....under the Bus ya go!
  193. Obama and Dirty Harry of killed this country, the twins of economic idiocracy!
  194. The Dallas Buyers Club Law
  195. Election Judges From Chicago Speak Out About Republicans
  196. Everything Is Bigger in Texas—Like, for Instance, Wendy Davis’s Loss
  197. The Democratic Civil War is Here
  198. Only in America
  199. Great News for Unemployment rate? 5.8% now!
  200. The GOP's Biggest Midterm Loser: Rand Paul
  201. Republicans Were Elected to Stop Barack Obama, Not to Work with Him
  202. The Elephant in The Room - Immigration Reform
  203. Many Communities Voting to Get Rid of Big Money From Politics
  204. At Nutter's dream come true: Dr. Ben is IN!!
  205. Voter turnout and the real reason for big money elections
  206. Coloradans elected THIS guy -- REALLY???
  207. Republicans With No Ability or Desire For Governance
  208. Libs Call for Firing of Valerie Jarrett
  209. Obama Rejects Republican warnings on immigration
  210. Billionaire's kids claim family trust fund was cleaned out to keep RW newspaper
  211. George W Bush: ‘No Regrets’ over Decision to Invade Iraq
  212. How Eva Moskowitz Outmuscled the Teachers Union
  213. Senate Torture Report
  214. Washington moving towards wider war in Iraq and Syria
  215. Rethinking Hillary 2016
  216. Open Secrets
  217. Supreme Court takes up Obamacare future
  218. A 3-Star General Explains 'Why We Lost' In Iraq, Afghanistan
  219. GOP can only win presidency by nominating a real conservative
  220. Agenda of Republicans Now Manifesting
  221. Warren vs. Clinton
  222. Corey Gardner, Colorado
  223. Ronnie Reagan Apologizes for America as Preident
  224. Police Can Seize And Sell Assets Even When The Owner Broke No Law
  225. Transparency and Obama
  226. She had to SUE the Obama team
  227. The New $300 Million Louisiana Purchase on the Backs of Tax Payers .. Senator Mary L
  228. Potential Hillary Clinton challengers gear up for fight
  229. The Red Stater - The Ultimate Welfare Queen
  230. Obama's Gum Chewing Pisses off The Chinese, They Love Putin
  231. Obama the most curious president
  232. Holidays’ names stricken from next year’s Montgomery schools calendar
  233. Texas Oil Regulator Says It Will Not Honor Town’s Vote To Ban Fracking
  234. Supreme Court Case Seeks Source Of Alabama Gerrymandering
  235. How to get a gun carry permit in DC
  236. Keystone's 40,000 estimated jobs
  237. Democrats crushed .... no I mean, really crushed tow Truck Senator WV
  238. Republican Mission Exposed: To Not Get Things Done
  239. amazing ... 28 percent of American presidents owned slaves.
  240. So Much For The "Solyndra Scandal"
  241. Breaking: Elizabeth Warren Gets Senate Democratic Leadership Spot
  242. Why don't government programs work
  243. For all the naysayers out there: How Congress will kill the Amnesty EO
  244. What is amnesty?
  245. Can baseline socialism be combined with higher level Capitalism
  246. Weird. Huffpo says Rand Paul Will Keep America Safer Than ...
  247. Coincidence?
  248. I would be shocked if Obama did the right thing on ISIS --Dick Cheney
  249. Obamacare fine for noncompliance
  250. Man made global warming is a lib hoax