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  1. What has changed so much since the 50's-early 70's?
  2. OBAMACARE Users Really Like It!
  3. Boehner's pretend lawsuit against Obama Just. Got. Bigger. Now if he'd just file it
  4. Republicans Hysterical About Obama's Executive Action on Immigration
  5. Rand Paul and Maher Rail Against Drug War, Tussle over Climate Change
  6. Bush Is The Cause Of ISIS
  7. US Justices are 'Politicians in Robes'
  8. The many successes of prohibition
  9. Dem Takeover of Senate in 2016 is Not a Lay Down
  10. Josie the Outlaw chats with the Cops
  11. Trey Gowdy: No Obama Impeachment, Have you Met Joe Biden
  12. Denying Problems When We Don’t Like the Solutions
  13. Obama WON'T BACK DOWN And DARES Republicans To SHUT DOWN The Government Over Immigrat
  14. STUNNING VIDEO: TransCanada CEO Concedes Keystone Pipline to create only 50 Jobs
  15. How to take over the Mexicans
  16. Obama the non president?
  17. THIS is what a successful presidency looks like
  18. Question for Democrats
  19. Huffpo: I'm a liberal Democrat and I'm Voting for Rand Paul
  20. Texas conservative: "We're about to get two years of intense, horrifying stupidity"
  21. How do we downsize government?
  22. Failure to build Keystone pipeline is expected to result in 28 fatalities a year
  23. 2 Weeks After Pledging To Get Government Working Again
  24. Hearing unaccompanied illegal aliens
  25. Sen. Bernie Sanders On How Democrats Lost White Voters
  26. The 1 percent is gutting America’s middle class
  27. Legal experts at Federalist Society admit the legality on Obama immigration move
  28. I used to like Mary Landrieu
  29. Native American Tribes Are Vehemently Opposed to Keystone XL Pipeline
  30. The Dems always inject Reagan's name when they are BSing everyone
  31. How the Doomsday Project Led to Warrantless Surveillance and Detention after 9/11
  32. Jon Stewart seriously PWNS Nancy Pelosi
  33. Republicans Planning Harsh CUTS To Programs While Children Homeless, Poor
  34. Boehner Gets Mocked By Pelosi
  35. Man-made global warming hoax drops 6 ft of snow on a Buffalo NY
  36. FINALLY: G.O.P. unveils immigration plan as told by Andy Borowitz
  37. Selective Immigration?
  38. Killed by a Drone? Must Be a "Militant"
  39. President Obama Has President Clinton's Support on Executive Action
  40. Why not accept illegal aliens?
  41. Our Next President Is?
  42. I Have A Question.
  43. Perpetual lies about freedom and democracy
  44. Bill used to talk a lot about Larken Rose
  45. Should we give Officer Wilson, Bound in Cuffs, to Ferguson Hate-Mob, for Execution?
  46. Poverty level under Obama breaks 50-year record - Makes 5 million Illegals Legal
  47. School House Rock. And Obama
  48. 4 words, Obamacare, and SCOTUS
  49. Utah Considers Cutting Off Water to the NSA’s Monster Data Center
  50. Republicans React To Obama's Immigration Reforms
  51. Your thoughts on the megacorps
  52. "It Is Time To Investigate and Expel Boehner For Ethics and SEC Violations"
  53. Jimmy Carter Pimp Slaps John McCain
  54. We will not engage -- Bachman
  55. Economists Say We Should Tax The Rich At 90 Percent
  56. Looking Back Foundly over The Reagan Years
  57. Defeat of USA FREEDOM Act is a Victory for Freedom
  58. On Obama and the Nature of Failed Presidencies
  59. Saturday Night Live Finally Makes Fun Of Obama
  60. Federal government plans for 3415 new regulations
  61. Watch Pres. Obama Fumble Easy Question on Precedent
  62. Legal expert on Cronyism, corruption and government power
  63. Obama admits he is a dictator
  64. Sen. Chuck Schumer: Obamacare Focused On The Wrong Problem, Ignores The Middle Class
  65. Plan By House Republicans To Cave On President Obama's Executive Orders
  66. The people need to force an amendment baning executive orders
  67. Socialists, you had one chance in a 50 years, Obama blew it.
  68. When is revolution ok?
  69. Thoughts on Chuck Hagel?
  70. Is the US a Christian nation?
  71. Americans putting off medical care due to cost
  72. US Debt
  73. American Dream- illusion?
  74. Hagel and Obama's Cabinet Problem
  75. The role of new expenses in the American economy
  76. Obama Kills Tax Cut Because It Didn’t Help Illegals
  77. Proof of Obama's inept management skills
  78. GOP wants to lose: 2016
  79. What I hate about Republicans...
  80. What I hate about Democrats...
  81. What I hate about both Republicans and Democrats...
  82. Businesses turning on Obamacare
  83. Should Rand Paul make tjhe break and join the LP?
  84. People who have mutually exclusive beliefs
  85. Question for progressives
  86. Chris Rock has a Point: It's not black people who have progressed. It's white people.
  87. If This Is The Smartest Republican Running For President...
  88. GOP 'Payback' to White Working Class That Voted Them in
  89. We need a new news channel
  90. Methanol, the fuel in waiting
  91. Elizabeth Warren 2016
  92. Great News for President Obama and Democrats with Two New Polls
  93. US official debt tops $18T
  94. Teachers with Guns
  95. Between Democrats and Republicans, Which Group More Dishonest? REPUBLICANS
  96. Both Political Parties United on Bill to Withdraw Social Security Benefits for Nazis
  97. Execution compared to Abortion
  98. BREAKING! Florida's Welfare Drug Testing Law Declared Unconstitutional
  99. Harry Reid Backing the CRomnibus Bill
  100. Jim Webb says what is wrong with his party
  101. Loss of Trust in Government Leads to Power Swings
  102. ObamaCare author: Health law is 'really complicated'
  103. Florida Agrees That Satanists Must Have Equal Representation In Capitol
  104. Republicans seem poised to expand Senate majority with Louisiana race
  105. States Brace For Coal Plant Closures!
  106. rand paul: cigarette tax to blame in death of eric garner
  107. Education
  108. Divide and Conquer
  109. Ashton Carter
  110. Another question for progressives
  111. George Bush: Hillary Clinton is "like my sister-in-law"
  112. The ridiculous "It's complicated" excuse that so many wannabe intelectuals buy into
  113. Government for the strongest
  114. The American President as a figure head?
  115. If you were to re-write the Constitution what changes woukd you make?
  116. Carolyn Colvin scandal
  117. Jonathan Gruber to testify before Congress
  118. Government regulation defies common sense
  119. A divider, not a uniter
  120. 54 Seats
  121. The CIA Torture Report
  122. Good news: Billionaires will hand-pick the Republican candidate for 2016
  123. A Ted Cruz Tantrum Could Spoil GOP Plans To Prevent A Shutdown
  124. Public vote on major issues, liketate referendumss doable
  125. What federal departments are constitutional?
  126. Can the left launch its own Tea Party?
  127. Bush White House Was Worried Colin Powell Would ‘Blow His Stack’ If Briefed on Tortur
  128. John Boehner Explains Why Americans Have Such Little Confidence In Congress
  129. What is in the spending bill
  130. Administration advocates for unending war
  131. Sen. Tom Whatley [R-AL] arrested on domestic violence charge
  132. Is the tax code the root of much evil?
  133. Why do people make such a big deal about shutting down the government?
  134. Cheney Throws Bush Under The Bus
  135. Cromnibus bill stalled
  136. White House says Obama will sign “cromnibus”
  137. New Jersey Voters Don't Want Chris Christie for 2016 Presidential Run
  138. Note to the Board and Nation
  139. The Budget deal of 2015
  140. Elizabeth Warren is going to war with Obama over Antonio Weiss
  141. Bachmann wants to bomb Iran
  142. Citigroup Wrote the Wall Street Giveaway The House Just Approved
  143. Stand with hillary
  144. Democratic minority the lowest since 1928
  145. Ted Cruz adopts Big Government, anti-Tenth Amendment stance on pot
  146. Paying down debt mathematically impossible
  147. 3.8 years and $3.8T in new debt
  148. Manning sues DoD
  149. "3 reasons we might torture again"
  150. Hot button issues
  151. Do you favor ending the Federal Reserve?
  152. The History Of the Tea Party
  153. Police weren't the problem in Ferguson
  154. How far would you support your state going to uphold State's Rights?
  155. Draft Gowdy for Speaker of the House
  156. Sorry PFOX… The model on the ‘ex-gay’ billboard is ‘out and proud,’ not a twin
  157. Congratulations chumps! You are now on the hook for $303 Trillion in Derivatives
  158. Politifact's Lie Of the Year
  159. Do you favor ending the Department of Education?
  160. Millions simply can't afford the ACA ....
  161. Question for Republicans Conservatives: Why Hold Up AG Confirmation?
  162. Elizabeth Warren Is The Face Of Modern Democrats (And Hillary Is Their Mitt Romney)
  163. It's Official: Jeb Bush to explore White House bid
  164. TeaTed Cruz: The Dems bestest new friend!
  165. Congress quietly ends federal government's ban on medical marijuana
  166. Judge declares Obama immigration action unconstitutional
  167. You can argue that the techniques used by Americans on detainees were necessary ...
  168. Mark Levin, one inch from leaving the GOP
  169. Spending deal would allow wealthy donors to dramatically increase party donations
  170. Obama hands Cuba a bonus
  171. BREAKING: Senate confirms first openly gay man as federal district judge in Texas
  172. Surrender to cyber terror
  173. Has tax deferred retirement become the greatest wealth redistribtor of all time?
  174. Poor little Rand can't run for senate seat & for POTUS at same time
  175. Tennessee Town Bans Negative Online Comments, Gets Trolled by Reddit
  176. Catholic group to display Nativity scene at Nebraska Capitol
  177. Who profits from blocking Canada
  178. Do you favor ending the Department of Energy?
  179. 2nd graders protest Michael Brown shooting.
  180. How Would President Arrow Handle: "The Interview"
  181. How a Bipartisan Majority in Congress Shredded the Constitution, Again
  182. Cashin' in by obumer
  183. For 2016, will R's nominate Jeb, Rand, Chris, Mitt or just a gun with a flag pin?
  184. They Just Don't Care Who Buys Guns!
  185. Elizabeth warren’s faux populism...
  186. Obama lies about Sony to puff himself up
  187. Peopleism and the BOR's is all we need
  188. So much for the lame duck - Obama goes full "Bulworth"!
  189. GOP Plans To CUT Social Security and Medicare!
  190. Two questions for progressives
  191. Support for Hilly starting to dip while Warren upticks
  192. Lindsay Lewis rips guts out of Democrats
  193. Whaaa - First Family arrives in Hawaii and not a single rant about the cost?
  194. Do you still think Education Doesn't matter
  195. Social Security is melting down faster than thought
  196. Does ANYONE want to see a Bush/Clinton race?
  197. How Fox "News" covered the right wing cop killers
  198. Meet Juan Williams's Republican son
  199. Probe fails to link IRS scandal to White House
  200. Piss poor leadership
  201. Let's Abandon the Democrats
  202. Number of shots fired in police shootings vs. citizen self defense shootings
  203. Outgoing Republican WI State Senator Rips GOP: ‘How Much Pain Do We Have to Dish Out?
  204. Seperation of church and state marriage
  205. Do you favor ending the Department of Transportation?
  206. Again? Really? What if it's Bush-Clinton in 2016?
  207. Who can you see saying this?
  208. Seldom discussed inefficencies of an overly federalized America
  209. Jebbers severs his shady business ties prior to presidential run
  210. C-span video John Marshall, Aaron Burr, Whiskey Rebellion
  211. This is what I mean -- GOP Governors with great records
  212. Ooooops Obama ratings right where they have long been ---- bad ... yes terrible
  213. Does anyone else find our government's manipulation of world oil prices disturbing?
  214. For the board Anarchist , how would you see anarchy working?
  215. Robert Reich-The Republicans Magical Mystery Tour
  216. Fox Affiliate Apologizes for editing protesters chants to say kill a cop
  217. Provide a baseline subsistence to everyone
  218. Do you favor ending the Department of Housing and Urban Development?
  219. Texan's Poll Tracker on The Democrats
  220. The most prosperous nation-states are the smaller nation-states
  221. Government intervention caused the Great Recession
  222. Government IS GOD and this is it's gospel
  223. Your chance to evaluate the presidents
  224. Why do we accept war so easily?
  225. Why The “Isolationist” Slur Survives
  226. More Reasons for Blacks to Vote Democratic in 2016 With Republican Blessings
  227. Who is behind the oil wars?
  228. High Deductibles Crippling Middle Class
  229. The 5 Stages Of Republican Grief Over Obamacare
  230. Libertarians sue NH over ballot measure
  231. Obama Authorized Economic Sanctions on North Korea
  232. King Grover wants Republicans to take credit for the economy!
  233. Obama rated as worst president
  234. Thanks Obama! U.S. Dollar Reaches Highest Value In 9 Years
  235. Energized Obama Aims To Start 2015 On His Own Terms
  236. The Senate's 46 Democrats got 20 million more votes than its 54 Republicans
  237. Do you favor ending the Department of Health and Human Services?
  238. Huckabee leave FOX- considering presidential run
  239. Racism as a political factor has largely disappeared
  240. Sixty-four unskilled workers will report to new jobs in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday
  241. California starts building high-speed rail system between LA and San Francisco
  242. Exclusive: U.S. Drone Fleet at ‘Breaking Point,’ Air Force Says
  243. The DANGEROUS Misperception of the American Military
  244. US debt surges $98B on last day of the year
  245. NY cops turn their backs on their crapola mayor again
  246. Anarcho-Conservatism
  247. Detroit judge sends criminals back to high school
  248. Total GOP Control Of Congress, Day One
  249. Prince Andrew’s ‘pimp’ had 21 numbers for Bill Clinton
  250. Boehner Is Re-Elected House Speaker