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  1. Bo Dietal
  2. You Live To Serve The State: Radical Agendas
  3. Like it was said in "Animal House" after they trashed Flounder's car:
  4. McTurtle doing what King Grover told him to do - take credit for the economy!
  5. VIDEO:Republican Governor Caught On Tape Demolishing The Legal Case Against Obamacare
  6. GOP FAILS to pass first major bill of 114th Congress
  7. Gallup: First time ever, Americans list government as our #1 problem
  8. Mia Love Joins Congressional Black Caucus
  9. US closing 15 bases in Europe
  10. Brave Democrats slamming Obama
  11. Employers are hiring, but wage growth remains soft
  12. The Right-Wing Domestic Terror Plot you didn’t hear about this week
  13. Strip District restaurant Bar Marco makes change in tip policy Read more: http://tri
  14. Six conspiracy theories behind plunging oil prices
  15. How To DESTROY The Republican Party--Legally
  16. Nebraska Supreme Court Clears Way For Keystone XL Pipeline
  17. Another Romney Prez run ?
  18. Are libertarians on the "left" or the "right"?
  19. Romney wants a democrat to win in 2016
  20. House Democrats: Bring back term limits for committee members
  21. Congress must fight for FOIA
  22. 53 Historians Weigh In on Barack Obama’s Legacy
  23. Ted Cruz, Longtime Foe Of NASA And Science, Will Oversee NASA And Science In Congress
  24. Oh Yes the dems are flocking back into the fold. LOL
  25. Behold the Republican Immigration Strategy: Mass Deportation
  26. Gop flirts with gas tax hike
  27. Republicans waste no time getting to the important stuff: Abortion!
  28. Mitt bombs mightily in front of Heritage Foundation
  29. Report by Trey Gowdy (congressman)
  30. How to have affordable health insurance
  31. How to eliminate 18% of the federal budget
  32. House Republican: We must not wait... DEREGULATE!
  33. Willard Howell III will run on an "anti-poverty platform"
  34. GOP House Passes Bill Setting Up New Shutdown War Over Immigration
  35. Romney Adviser Says If Mitt Had Won, "There Wouldn't Be An ISIS"
  36. Critical Governing by The GOP: Senate to vote on whether climate change is happening
  37. More Texans signing up for insurance under Affordable Care Act
  38. Republicans solve the problem of poverty
  39. FOUND! Draft of 2015 GOP House Retreat Agenda
  40. Obamacare Has Reversed A Negative Trend. Researchers Call It ‘Remarkable.’
  41. RNC censures Dave Agema over 'harmful and offensive rhetoric'
  42. So, if Boehner thinks Obama broke the law, why didn’t he take the President to court?
  43. Why Antistatists Should Still Vote
  44. President promises vetoes
  45. Soros funds Ferguson protests
  46. Obama wants 7% budget increase
  47. Can we impeach John Kerry?
  48. Will John Boehner regret use of Taylor Swift GIFs?
  49. Rand Paul Ranked As Most Conservative Candidate Heading Into 2016
  50. Obama To Propose Tax Hikes On Wealthy
  51. The reinvention of Mitt Romney
  52. Ted Cruz Blisters Mitt Romney
  53. GOP: Fewer Primary Debates for 2016
  54. TERRORISM - Now the # 1 Concern in America (Pew Poll)
  55. Is anyone watching the State of the Union address?
  56. Is anyone watching the Republican response to the State of the Union?
  57. If John Boehner won the presidency
  58. US government ≠ America
  59. Romney and Bush to meet in Utah
  60. Arizona first-in-nation law mandates students pass civic test
  61. Yemen: chaos
  62. Hillary Clinton declines to take position on Keystone
  63. Senate Surpasses 2014 Vote Total In One Week
  64. THE TALK: How Parents talk to their Kids about Police
  65. The New Progressive Mitt Romney is the Same as the Old Progressive Mitt Romney
  66. Economic x Social
  67. Palin says she’s ‘seriously interested’ in 2016 campaign
  68. Sen. Rand paul: Democrat amendment on property rights key step in reversing kelo
  69. Convince me to ban pot
  70. Socialism: Pros and Cons
  71. Bust Up the US No Go Zones
  72. Border Patrol Union slams House border security bill as too weak
  73. The Drone Operator Who Said "No"
  74. Education Raised by $6 per child in Camden, results are the same: bad
  75. Restate of the Union: What Obama Should Have Said in His State of The Union Address
  76. Obamacare cost to be 20% less than forecast, budget office says
  77. Islamic "No-Go" Zones in America are a Myth
  78. Obama helps the Middle Class one more time
  79. Who says Obama is still the Dictator?
  80. Fact checking Obama
  81. CBO Economic Projections
  82. Obama: The Reason We Have Colleges Is Because Politicians Said 'We Should Start Colle
  83. Boner inviting Netanyahu united the Dems like nothing else would have. A huge error!
  84. Your Tax Money at work, says on their website our state department supports
  85. our wonderful country, and the law makers.
  86. President Obama’s Community College Math
  87. Is This All The Republicans Have To Offer
  88. America tires of two main parties
  89. The First Chink in the Hillary armor
  90. Images From Dearborn
  91. White Christians Call for Destruction of America
  92. 4 Reasons Why It's Veto Season At The White House
  93. Senate OKs Keystone XL Pipeline, Setting Up Fight With Obama
  94. To the 'conservatives' here
  95. Rand Paul Introduces 5th Amendment Protection Act
  96. Reagan Helped Destroy The Middle Class
  97. The awkward moment Sarah Palin raised $25,000 for Hillary Clinton's election campaign
  98. Keystone Pipeline Passes by 62-35 in Senate But Votes Not There to Override a Veto
  99. Republicans Running Desperate Trying To Recruit Elizabeth Warren
  100. Got tired of hearing this obvious misrepresentation from Libtards
  101. Huckabee - a joke as a presidential candidate
  102. Obama's Budget Proposal Lifts 2013 Caps, Adds Billions In Spending
  103. Let ya in on a secret in this economy libs are so proud of
  104. Another ObamaCares Repeal Vote today
  105. Obama''s Mad Dash to the Finishne (The Destrtion of the USA)
  106. The New SPAM and Troll Free Affirmative Action Thread
  107. Democrats block effort to derail immigration order
  108. Obama's Foreign Policy
  109. Democrats Might Skip Benjamin Netanyahu Speech
  110. Bobby Jindal’s Official Painting
  111. How Romney’s 2012 concession irked Obama
  112. Even Republicans Tire of Repealing Obamacare
  113. 5.6% Unemployment?
  114. Walker is working under the radar
  115. SCOTUS decides vaccine debate . . . in 1905
  116. They're Back: GOP Congressman: Obama “Getting Close” To Impeachment
  117. Liberals: ISIS is very Un-Islamic.
  118. On job creation: Consumers do it, not big business.
  119. They Want To Make Gays Illegal
  120. "Real conservatives" are liberals who claim to be conservative
  121. 'Reform Conservatism' Equals Failure Presented by Jeb Bush
  122. "Congressman cites dildo law in Texas dis"
  123. Good idea for the entire congress
  124. Obama: Enemy of America
  125. HERE'S the real reason for income inequality gap mushrooming
  126. Why Are Conservatives Such Whiny Crybabies?
  127. More Examples of GOP Governing by The Number
  128. Congress needs a pay cut — so he's donating 10% of his $174K salary
  129. Jobs report leaves GOP grasping for Ammo
  130. BREAKING Congressman Alan Nunnelee (R-MS) has died.
  131. Study: Conservatives die sooner than liberals read details about it + Comedic Comment
  132. Clown Car get's bigger: Weighing a Run in 2016, Jindal Faces Big Budget Shortfall
  133. Do you favor ending the Department of Labor?
  134. Obama Administration = the Muslim Brotherhood
  135. Are you ready for Hillary?
  136. Massive earthquake in new jersey!
  137. Terrorists And Our Idiot President
  138. Disagree but respect
  139. People Committed Terrible Deeds In The Name Of Democrats
  140. Good News from Mike Huckabee; The Middle East Wars are Over
  141. Mitch McConnell's Strategy To Confront Obama Hits A Wall
  142. Bill Maher asks a favor of Republicans slamming Sarah Palin
  143. How to turn red states blue and why it will never happen...
  144. OBAMA to Subsidize Iranian Nuke Program, Sacrifice Israel, In Exchange for less Jihad
  145. Pentagon spent $504,816 on Viagra last year
  146. The Strange Timing of the Brian Williams’ Affair
  147. Interesting information from the NTSB
  148. Arizona legislator wants to outlaw federal gun laws
  149. Tax Racism
  150. Jeb Bush Has No Problem Hiring Guy Who Called Women "Sluts" On Twitter
  151. "Clarence Thomas Admits Defeat in the Right Wing’s War on Marriage Equality"
  152. Scott Walker intimidated by press in London
  153. NBC trying to save Brian Williams by suspending him
  154. For those of you who thought Hillary was inevitable:
  155. Boehner rages against Dem obstruction.....Harry Reid trolls him right back
  156. Republicans Giving Up, Giving In?
  157. 3rd Embassy evacuated under Obama's watch, today it was Yemen
  158. Austerity anyone?
  159. Obamacare more expensive
  160. Ten Reasons for Scott Walker victor 2016
  161. How Bobby Jindal is leaving a budget mess for Louisiana's next governor
  162. Republicans delay Loretta Lynch, accuse Democrats of ‘faux outrage’
  163. Let's see how the American governement stacks us a role model.
  164. Can a foreigner take your job?
  165. Rand Paul pushes Kentucky ballot rule change
  166. Wow, Rick. I didn't think you noticed
  167. Frustrated Republicans taste limits of majority control
  168. Cash for votes
  169. Ruth Bader Ginsburg: I 'Wasn't 100% Sober' During State of the Union
  170. If the President Veto's Keystone
  171. U.S. eases restrictions on imports from private Cubans
  172. GOP to reform food stamps.
  173. "Scott Walker Made Sh*t Up About Laid-Off Teacher"
  174. Obama: more hope and change
  175. Top WH adviser reveals Obama’s ‘greatest trick’ on GOP’s 2016 field
  176. We're Not Under Sharia Yet?
  177. The real reason the traditional media refuses to report on the collapse of the GOP
  178. Federal judge puts the brakes on obumer amnesty
  179. Walker, eyeing a 2016 bid, picks new fight in Wisconsin
  180. Political Toons from The Great Fred Sanders's Journals
  181. The rolling disaster of John Boehner’s speakership - We Won We Won We Won!
  182. Moving to Mexico
  183. I thought Obama's immigration orders started when issued
  184. Joe Biden on how to handle a man's wife
  185. 11.4 Million People Signed Up For Obamacare In 2015
  186. U.S. Expects to Quadruple the Number of Syrian Refugees [Obama Letting ISIS in USA]
  187. Democrats confronted by Obamacae LIE
  188. Obama State Department: "We can't stop ISIS. We have to find them jobs."
  189. High school physics class turned into a CLASS ENVY rally
  190. Hillary's overturning of the FIRST AMENDMENT
  191. "Black Lives Matter" protestors scare little kids.
  192. 9 Of 10 Senators Who Miss The Most Votes Are Republicans
  193. More Food Stamp Reform
  194. Milking taxpayers
  195. When the news is about your spokes person for 3 days
  196. Dems Who Pushed Obamacare Down Our Throats, Now Ask: “Who Dealt This Mess Anyway?”
  197. One of millions of Republicans who could lose Obamacare has a question for her Gov
  198. Condoleezza Rice leads potential 2016 U.S. Senate hopefuls in California
  199. Holy Schnikes! Jeb W. Bush Gives Foreign Policy Speech
  200. Poll: Obama's approval ratings stagnant despite economy
  201. democracy without religion
  202. Obama and the Muslim Gang Sign
  203. Fox Host: 'There Really Shouldn't Be Public Schools' Anymore
  204. The loonies have taken over the asylum
  205. Defacto secession
  206. Read draft ISIS war authorization bill
  207. CNN's Costello: American 'Right Wing' More Dangerous Than ISIS
  208. What Scott Walker Actually Said
  209. Jim Web? The answer to Hilary's slipping popularity?
  210. More great work by the genius anointed one
  211. Since 9/11, U.S. Has Been Involved In More Than 5 Wars And They’ve All Been Disasters
  212. David Axelrod busted on lie about his father's Communist Party membership
  213. Jim Webb
  214. Influential Republican Blacks
  215. The Corporate Debt to Society: $10,000 Per Household, Per Year
  216. Phillis Schlafly Reams GOP for attempting to corronate Jeb
  217. Bill Clinton pounds Republicans for ‘sitting around just begging for America to fail’
  218. Imagine The Uproar If Obama Said This?
  219. America Has Been At War 93% of the Time – 222 Out of 239 Years – Since 1776
  220. Freakout: The Media's Breathtaking Double Standards on Patriotism and 'Civility'
  221. Moving forward to fix our broken immigration system
  222. Oh My God; Pretty Sure That's Not How It Works, Dude
  223. Americans screw the rich
  224. Enumerated Powers
  225. Thanks Obama for poor housing
  226. Great news people
  227. Obama's attacks on the POOR.
  228. Republicans turn on each other
  229. Hillary Clinton Leads All Republican(s) challengers
  230. NRA Making Big Bucks Off Dead Kids
  231. The wealth gap in the US, where is it?
  232. King v Burwell and the Administrative State
  233. Rand Paul v. Janet Yellen
  234. "I’m not just going to stand still over the next two years."
  235. Obumer dictatorship moves to ban ammo
  236. What happens when you tax the rich and raise the minimum wage?
  237. Americans in Waiting
  238. Liz Warren to Republicans: Put up or shut about about the middle class
  239. FLORIDA Unmarrieds Live in Sin!!
  240. Winter re-run or reality show?
  241. Obamacare Users Shopping Wisely
  242. "We need food stamps because so many fathers are in jail."
  243. Democrats take advantage of blacks
  244. Hillary Clinton takes fire from Democrats as Libya chaos creates terrorist safe haven
  245. "Has Jeb Bush Privately 'Evolved' on Gay Marriage?"
  246. US Treasury violates law
  247. John Lewis Recalls Apology From Klansman Who Beat Him
  248. What is progress?
  249. Seattle's Minimum Wage Crash
  250. Chicago on fiscal cliff