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  1. Boehner: (R- Miserable Failure) can't get his own 3 wk. DHS extension passed
  2. Will we fall for the proverbial Banana in my tailpipe
  3. Twenty changes to save the nation
  4. Walker Shoots Off His Mouth Again.....
  5. Daily Beast retracts story on Scott Walker
  6. Virginia's private police
  7. Test run for Ranger school in April
  8. The Netanyahu Congressional Speech
  9. Pelosi Fills GOP Leadership Vacuum
  10. Say Obama talked to Israels Parliament ... question
  11. Obama "Very Interested" In Raising Taxes Through Executive Action
  12. Illegals all about voting
  13. "Proof of the GOP War on Women"
  14. Politics: The GOP's Wasted Winter
  15. U.S. faces 90,000 doctor shortage by 2025
  16. Is this the day Obama became dictator?
  17. Obama Poses an Existential Threat to Western Civilization
  18. Alabama Supreme Court Orders Judges to Stop Gay Marriages
  19. Nancy Pelosi claims she weeps
  20. Man Standing Outside Congress Speaks For Millions Of Americans Today
  21. Remeber Netanyahu last Speach to Congress?
  22. American democracy is doomed
  23. Bye bye Hillary
  24. What the anti Hillary campaign will look like
  25. Jeb Bush Has A Brilliant Idea
  26. Hillary won't run
  27. America on the brink of losing constitutional form of goverment
  28. Let's set the Way Back machine to see what we thought about Bush's private emails
  29. Move On.org vs Chicago Forward
  30. Word is spreading by those affected ACA is a failure
  31. Dems vow to protect Boehner from conservative coup
  32. Obama ls still lying to Americans
  33. Obama says ... don't charge Officer Wilson
  34. 'Fiscally conservative' Republicans want to raise taxes on workers making less than $
  35. Can we be in WW3?
  36. What austerity?
  37. Yes, I said it: PHONY JOBLESS NUMBERS
  38. Record number of WOMEN unemployed? How about that WAR ON WOMEN, libs?
  39. Reagan did warn us
  40. Peter Schiff on Renouncing US Citizenship
  41. Black Unemployment rate TWICE the national average...
  42. Republicans pushing for judicial term limits
  43. Why do we post here in US Politics any more?
  44. Should entitlement programs be optional?
  45. Long Gaps in H Clinton Emails
  46. Marquette University professor suspended for expressing an opinion on his blog
  47. L.A. Holds Election to Decide What to Do About Low Turnout, and No One Shows Up
  48. Secede? ‘Republic’ Claims Texas Never Joined U.S.
  49. 3 Reasons Democrats Are Freaking Out About Hillary Clinton
  50. Should news corporations be connected to war?
  51. Most Americans have no influence at all
  52. Democrats keep whining so let's clear the record
  53. Green Arrow 2016
  54. Christie's 2016 New Jersey budget to benefit from ObamaCare
  55. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, A Get Government Out of My Life Republican said this ...
  56. The big Obamacare news last week wasn't at the Supreme Court. It was in Kansas.
  57. 3 Reasons Conservatives Should Cut Defense Spending Now!
  58. What changes could best help restore America and her economy?
  59. Obama on the ball negotiating
  60. Lt. Col. Joni Ernst broke the law by signing the seditious letter to Iran.
  61. 6.5 Million Social Security Numbers Linked To Those 112 Or Older
  62. TIME Cover Gives Hillary Horns
  63. Obama budget would shrink deficits by $1.2 trillion over 10 years: CBO
  64. Hillary's big donors unfazed by e-gate
  65. Benjamin Netanyahu Using Congressional Address In New Campaign Ad
  66. Activist groups, the FCC, George Soros, and Neomarxists
  67. March 12, 2015 - Clinton Can Just E-Mail It In To Win Connecticut, Quinnipiac Univers
  68. Benghazi Chairman Demands Probe Into Hillary Emails, Fails To Explain His Own
  69. March 7th 2015 – I’ve Got Issues: Hillary Clinton, You’ve Got Mail
  70. Nearly 30 noncitizens voted in Ohio - Both Stories
  71. Two days until the debt ceiling is hit
  72. If Israel was invaded...
  73. Americans Name Government as No. 1 U.S. Problem
  74. The toxicity of Clinton nostalgia
  75. Jerry Brown says leave Hillary alone
  76. Maybe the real problem is that none of their e-mails are important enough to warrant
  77. Selma Plus 50
  78. When was non-interventionism tried and how did it fail?
  79. Scott Walker doing well in New Hampshire
  80. Martin O'Malley likely to run
  81. Just how far would you interventionist and war hawks go?
  82. Are corporations people?
  83. Cruz: Lift all contribution limits on campaign cash
  84. 12 Reasons Why Conservatives Should Reject Scott Walker
  85. Tom Cotton Stuns Nation With Shocking News That Tehran Has Fallen To The Iranians
  86. What is the Single Main Political Issue that drives you to Vote today?
  87. Obama: how to diminish your office
  88. Who's your favorite dark horse for 2016?
  89. Mike Huckabee reaches out to the hostile Kerry
  90. New information from Citizens United
  91. Rights You Do Not Have
  92. Ferguson shooter claims two policemen were shot by accident
  93. Your GOP-Controlled Congress At Work
  94. How Republican budgets hide huge spending cuts in “block grants"
  95. Obama administration accused of racism
  96. As you watch all the candidates remember this
  97. They Want To Take Your Medicare
  98. A challenge to the people of America
  99. Question for Democrats: Hillary's Emails
  100. Both parties reach new lows
  101. Fact checking Hillary’s news conference
  102. Democrats vote AGAINST Senate human trafficking bill.
  103. Walker Aide Quits After Iowa GOP Calls For Her Resignation
  104. Republican "explorers" thumb their noses at campaign finance rules
  105. Poll: Hillary Clinton still tops in 2016
  106. George Will confirms: Nixon was a traitor!
  107. Corporate Media Ignoring the Real Email Problem
  108. Hillary uncensored
  109. Accepting Responsibility is one of this admins greatest failures
  110. David Shippers, I truly thank you
  111. Oh please God let this happn
  112. This bumper sticker is taking Wisconsin by storm
  113. White House to Cheney: We’re ‘More than Happy’ to Compare Our Econ Record with Bush
  114. House Republicans let the cat out of the bag - AGAIN
  115. President Obama forces Republican politicians to eat their own words (Da-Video)
  116. The Real Obama record
  117. What If Everyone In America Had To Vote?
  118. Dem support for Hillary going flaccid
  119. Obama facing sanctions
  120. Has that Scott Walker victory party begun yet?
  121. The Results Of The GOP's 3-Year-Long Minority Outreach Effort Are Finally Here!
  122. Jeb Bush Throws Support Behind Anti-LGBT 'License to Discriminate' Bills
  123. Black Lives Don't Matter.
  124. Former Dem State Rep just wants to die at home with dignity
  125. Reading is fundamental according to Dem Iowa House Rep
  126. #1 Violator of Women's Rights
  127. Please Don't Shoot Me
  128. Loretta Lynch
  129. Meet Susan Brooks of Congress
  130. Meet Michael Carvin
  131. HR 351 State Sponsors of Terrorism & PA Congressmen Un-American Act
  132. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter
  133. Ted Cruz Combined Threads
  134. Black Panthers call for the KILLING of police officers.
  135. The term" progressive" should be shared by both "major parties"
  136. U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Confederate Plates Case
  137. Also not a race thread - 12 year old "Slender Man" stabbers to be tried as adults
  138. America is a Clusterfuck
  139. It looks like we've done it again
  140. Abe and Whites simply did not want Blacks in the West
  141. I think its laughable that Obama is gonna hold people to their word!
  142. Question for Republicans: Spending, Debt, and Deficit
  143. Here's Where Ted Cruz Is NOT Following the Constitution
  144. Doug Ducey signs law giving even more tax breaks to churches (and their landlords)
  145. More dark money corruption problems for Scott Walker
  146. What Does Ted Cruz Believe?
  147. Indiana House OKs controversial religious freedom bill
  148. Hillary Clinton, lame jokes about email scandal
  149. Fact Checking OBAMACARE
  150. RACIST Nebraska Senator wants to SHOOT COPS.
  151. The Difference Between Two State Governors
  152. You'd better go with Baby Bush Republicans -- or LOSE
  153. What Reality Looks Like to Conservatives
  154. Obama Regime is Precisely What it Accuses America of Being
  155. RePubs are "desperately trying to claim economic recovery now underway is illusion
  156. Oklahoma Dem Wants to Make Anti-LGBT Businesses Own Their Bigotry
  157. Who else will run in 2016 as a Republican?
  158. Most Americans hate the tax code, but for the wrong reasons
  159. Report cites favoritism for Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) and HRC's bro
  160. Rep Congresswoman gets surprise on Facebook after asking for ACA horror stories
  161. Draft the Rich
  162. Reason why Obama panders to Iran
  163. Who here still believes that the Free Market exist?
  164. Why You Should Not Vote For Ted Cruz In 2016
  165. Demise of Party Loyalty: Is the Two Party System Dissolving?
  166. Ron Paul supporters bolt Rand Paul camp
  167. Imagine Two Candidates talking about Real Issues.
  168. Harry Reid to Retire
  169. Trustworthy! Principled! Consistent!
  170. Conservatives Seek a Candidate to Counter Bush
  171. NFL, Big Ten reviewing implications of Indiana religious freedom bill
  172. Where have our wages gone?
  173. President Lindsey Graham
  174. The Shortest Presidential Run Ever?
  175. Political sacrifice
  176. Should political parties exist?
  177. In effort to win over NH, Ted Cruz aligns himself with crazy man
  178. Joe Biden for President 2016!
  179. The Hillary “spoliation”
  180. New member
  181. Trail to the Chief - Wallflower Edition
  182. Wisconsin Republicans abandoning Scott Walker
  183. Obama to make first visit to Kenya as president
  184. DoD sees military recruitment challenges ahead
  185. Elizabeth Warren, in Edward Kennedy’s seat, displaces Obama as liberals’ champion
  186. Most Americans Want Voting To Be Easier
  187. Hillary's VP
  188. How 'One Nation' Didn't Become 'Under God' Until The '50s Religious Revival
  189. California's Death Row, The Nation's Largest, Runs Out Of Room
  190. Pence and the Indiana Legislature were warned by 30 expert law professors
  191. Americans Favor Deal With Iran by 2-1
  192. The Democrat plan for the illegals in America
  193. The weakness of Hillary Clinton
  194. Will Employer covered health insurance fade away?
  195. The day FDR knocked at the door to capture US Citizens
  196. America's biggest problem
  197. Hillary's corruption isn't news, and is just a visable symptom of a larger rot
  198. Dear Poor and Middle Class Republicans: ….Why?!
  199. What can Democrats tell us about Hillary Clinton's crimes?
  200. The Obama double standard
  201. Martin O’Malley’s experience exceeds Hillary’s
  202. Republican Ideology Strikes Again
  203. FLORIDA: House Panel Advances Bill To Allow Anti-LGBT Adoption Discrimination
  204. Rand Paul is a contender in Iowa
  205. Should a jew
  206. From time to time we see threads about a candidate not being "qualified "
  207. Alabama inmate freed after 30 years on death row
  208. A rising insurrection against Obama
  209. Liberals Are the New McCarthyites—and They’re Proud of It
  210. Ted Cruz unveils first campaign ad of season: Barforama ensues
  211. Congressional Republicans File Supreme Court Brief Backing Bans on Same-Sex Marriage
  212. Encompassing ME message from a top admiral
  213. Could be best speaker for republicans
  214. The Silicon Valley forum
  215. Patriotic Betrayal
  216. She's Running!
  217. Jeb, Santorum, Walker, O'Malley Violating Campaign Laws?
  218. Loretta Lynch Now Has The Votes To Be AG, But Will McConnell Allow It?
  219. When Protected Classes Collide
  220. Lesson one for in dealing with the Iranians?
  221. 5 Questions for the 'Bomb Iran' Caucus
  222. What's Jeb's Position On Illegals?
  223. Jeb Bush identified himself as "Hispanic" on 2009 form
  224. See posters, she refused to bake the cake
  225. Million dollar ad buy from neocon group timed for Rand Paul's arrival!
  226. McCain will run for 6th term at age 80 .. REALLY?
  227. LOL Cruz!
  228. Should our government be in direct charge of anything?
  229. Arab nations donate massive amounts of cash to the Clinton Foundation
  230. How independents do damage to Democrats
  231. Ted Cruz Vows To Strip Supreme Court's Power To Rule On Same-Sex Marriage
  232. Why do Democrats hate primaries?
  233. Hillary's War In Libya
  234. Why he doesn't do pressers anymore, the Interviewee in Chief.
  235. Amid Seattle's Affluence, Homelessness Also Flourishes
  236. US federal debt is worse than you think
  237. White House trolls Netanyahu on twitter, mocks his cartoon bomb
  238. Rand Paul up in Iowa, Clinton down
  239. Ted Cruz Wants To Strip the Supreme Court’s Authority On Marriage Equality
  240. The Talk
  241. Bruce Springsteen's quote
  242. Hillary To Announce Sunday!
  243. Dem's Blow Up Mitch McConnell’s Agenda By Demanding Votes On Popular Liberal Issues
  244. Kansas: The National Welfare Queen
  245. Rand Paul's Base Is Broader Than Any Republican In Modern Times
  246. Obama's legal mentor in fight with Obama
  247. Watch Rand Run: Paul Cuts Off And Flees Live Interview When Questions Get Too Hard
  248. Cost of Living
  249. Time gushes over Hillary
  250. Paul and the Media