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  1. The only real threat to America in recent decades
  2. Hillary Clinton, coin-operated policymaker
  3. The Ideal Candidate
  4. Rand Paul's Heroine On Johnny Carson
  5. How about getting rid of victimless crimes?
  6. John Kerry Drops A Truth Bomb On Republicans About Hillary Clinton’s Sec. Of State Re
  7. Biden kicked to the side, left to pitch donors for Obama
  8. Bloomberg poll: Democrats want primary challenge to Hillary Clinton
  9. Young voters despise GOP .. but don't love Hillary
  10. Exposing the political elite
  11. Meanwhile, somewhere in lib la la land...
  12. House Republicans Want To Strip Protections For People Living In Mobile Homes
  13. Bloomberg poll: Democrats want primary challenge to Hillary Clinton
  14. Why with holdings have allowed our country to disintegrate
  15. Biggest federal tax breaks
  16. Hillary, Rand
  17. Voting Problems
  18. Hillary: reporters outnumber voters in Iowa
  19. POTUS Shreds McCain & McConnell
  20. Congress got rid of one of their dumbest-ever rituals - the "doc fix"
  21. Chief Justice Roberts shows up for jury duty, not picked
  22. Rare earth elements and the defense supply chain
  23. Sanders: American people 'don't know' what Hillary is running on
  24. Ex-diplomat accuses Clinton of role in Iraq meltdown
  25. Clinton represents everything Democrats say they oppose
  26. Hillary Clinton caught in another lie: her grandmother was NOT an immigrant
  27. GOP Hero Vladimir Putin comes to the Aid of Iran
  28. Obama no longer cares whether the GOP is outraged
  29. Another example of why liberals are concerned about Hillary
  30. George W. Bush Neatly Sums Up Jeb Bush's Campaign Problem In A Single Word
  31. Hillary Clinton has a history of stiffing waitresses, hair stylists on tips
  32. Does Hillary get judged more harshly because she is a woman?
  33. Can you State 8 Political Issue Positions of Hillary? How about Romney? Rand Paul?
  34. Governors Walker and Pence state approval numbers in the tank
  35. We need new blood!
  36. Clinton caused the housing market crash
  37. Chelsea Clinton buys $10.5 million 5000 sq.ft. apartment in NY
  38. Only government can stick with failed policy for decades on end
  39. Governor Huckabee asked a good question
  40. 160 people send to hospital in 9 days from synthetic MJ in NYS alone
  41. How important is being a sitting governor for POTUS candidates?
  42. The war on women continues
  43. The plastic candidate with the AstroTurf campaign
  44. And another thing about government debt
  45. Michigan man taunts neighbors with Confederate flag and nooses outside home
  46. I Just Love This Talking Points. Bullseye Bill :)
  47. Ain't Funny how Conservatives are Now Talking like Democrats
  48. If Scott Walker can avoid an indictment.. he'll be the Koch Bros' Boy
  49. Incompetence plague Cali’s Obamacare exchange
  50. The #1 reason why college kids would vote for Hillary.
  51. Guns on campus, Colorado’s experience
  52. Democrat party defector story
  53. Colorado Senate advances bill striking immunity in school shootings
  54. One party system?
  55. Billery is a crook - but that could be bad news for repubs
  56. Chris?
  57. Hillary Furious as Thousands of Americans Send Cigars to Her Office
  58. Remember Jebber's shock & awe fundraising campaign?
  59. A Return to the Peace Party
  60. What Will They Do?
  61. Who Said Rubio Wasn't Qualified To Be President?
  62. Transcript of Pres. Obama's Speech at the Correspondent's Dinner
  63. To what extent is the president a figure head?
  64. Russian Hackers Breached Obama’s Email Account
  65. Looks like "Bobby" Jindal is totally gonna go there!
  66. Will The Right Freak Out Over This?
  67. Another Republican To Run for President!
  68. Bush opens up on Obama -- finally
  69. Rand Paul flip-flops to defend Obama’s drone strikes: ‘There is a valuable use for dr
  70. Is Democracy Unraveling?
  71. White House omits Tibet from earthquake condolence list
  72. Huntsman won't run in '16
  73. Evangelicals Are a Threat to US National Security
  74. Leftist bias in Wiki
  75. ‘Tolerant’ Liberals Start Insulting Bruce Jenner When He Says He’s Conservative
  76. Conservatives and Christians More Inclusive, Tolerant Than Progressives?
  77. Poll: Republican party viewed as most/ too extreme
  78. Scott Walker's phony "fiscal conservatism"
  79. N.D. legislator who voted against gay rights bill caught sending pics on Grindr
  80. Clinton Foundation Failed to Disclose 1,100 Foreign Donations
  81. America! Warts and all!
  82. And the Water turns to mud!
  83. On Plane Crashes, Police Custody Deaths and Race Riots!
  84. The happiest person about Freddie?
  85. Only a Racist Would Want to Expand Baltimore’s Welfare State
  86. Fellow Non-Partisans: Who in the two major parties would you vote for?
  87. Was This Intentional Or Just Plain Stupidity?
  88. Obama Strikes Again: ISIS Leader Incapacitated!
  89. Here Comes Huckabee!
  90. Michelle 2024!
  91. What is a Sanders democrat?
  92. If you were a White Middle to Upper Class Business Owner in Baltimore, what now?
  93. Turning Presidents Into Pharaohs
  94. Standing up for America
  95. Sharpton calls for doj to‘take over policing,’ ‘going to have to fight states’ rights
  96. Why does the left continue to lie about its ideological agenda?
  97. First female vice president
  98. Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina Enter GOP Primaries
  99. Would the United States be better off...
  100. Bribing the People with Their Own Money
  101. The most improtant election you will ever vote it?
  102. Obama is planning to use Special Forces to impose martial law in Texas
  103. Mike Huckabee on Iran
  104. Sorry, Media, but Hillary is Incompetent
  105. Mike Huckabee’s Maurice Clemmons problem
  106. General Thoughts on 2016
  107. I am going to head this Clinton Poll off now
  108. Question for history buffs
  109. Hillary Clinton in Southland for fundraisers, meetings
  110. It has been 25 days and
  111. Just heard a good idea on a commercial
  112. Hillary Clinton’s bold promises stun immigration advocates, baffle Obama
  113. More BS from this administration
  114. Where are CONS getting their numbers?
  115. The man who said this would make a great president... IF
  116. Hillary went home ~ Says Josh Bolton
  117. Hillary vs Bernie
  118. I Blame OBAMA and Obamas "Failed" Policies For Everything Wrong In My Life
  119. Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step to Prepare for America’s Next Big Crisis
  120. Tony Rodham’s Ties Invite Scrutiny for Hillary and Bill Clinton
  121. Hillary Clinton's supporters are shocked to learn she pays women less than men
  122. Federal judge agrees to reopen Hillary Clinton email lawsuit
  123. Obama library will be on Chicago's South Side
  124. The Koch Brothers really are libertarians
  125. Republicans Running Scared As Democrats Introduce Bill To End Gerrymandering
  126. Poll Shocker: Hillary Tied With Rand Paul.
  127. Stan Druckenmiller sees ‘massive' problem caused by aging
  128. George Stephanopoulos Addresses Donation to Clinton Global Foundation
  129. "junior varsity" / "Light infantry".takes Ramadi
  130. To the interventionist, imperialist and just plain war hawks among you
  131. Doug Hughes: Why I landed on the Capitol Lawn
  132. ‘Hillary Clinton Sold Her Soul When They Accepted That Money’
  133. Evidence Based Practices
  134. Clinton Foundation donors include dozens of media organizations, individuals
  135. Who in July of 2004 said?
  136. Hilllary was hot for sure
  137. 15 Reasons Green Arrow Won't Support Hillary Clinton in '16
  138. How The First Church Of Cannabis Plans To Test Indiana’s New Religious Freedom Law
  139. What is crumbling Bridge infrastructure in Pittsburg my problem?
  140. Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez Uses 'Offensive Gesture' Regarding Native Americans
  141. Rep. Maxine Waters: Voting against Sharia Law is Bigotry.
  142. If you could stop ISIS right now by..................
  143. Failed congressional candidate pleads guilty in plot to massacre Muslims
  144. Elizabeth Warren takes off her gloves vs Obama
  145. Green Arrow's Summary of the 2012 Election
  146. Could Hillary really be in trouble with the left?
  147. Obama lied to us again and seems to continue on Foreign Policy
  148. Left still screaming over Citizens United
  149. Wisdom of Bruce Bartlett (So, you hate conservatives??)
  150. Princess Chelsea Takes Over the Family Business
  151. Jeb Bush Says Jesus Would Be The Perfect Republican Candidate
  152. Democrats call for federal investigation into questionable WEDC loan deal
  153. Iowa Dems. Can’t Name An Accomplishment By Hillary Clinton As Sec. Of State
  154. Libs, Ultra Libs and moderates
  155. Gerrymandering Graphically Explained
  156. is hillary inevitable.
  157. Isn't it about time to establish scientifically driven government policy?
  158. The last honest man in US politics?
  159. The left is 1 ISIS attack away from losing the election
  160. A Poem
  161. Hard to believe this hasn't made it, Ted Cruz great job!
  162. The top 3 concerns for dem voters on this board
  163. War on Poverty Strategy
  164. Why are celebrities pandering for donations for wounded vets?
  165. Is Hillary worried about Rubio?
  166. US government to review mystery of slow 1st quarter growth
  167. Democrats see skimpy insurance as the next health care issue
  168. Why we need full disclosure laws
  169. Obumer junior varsity claims it may soon have nuclear weapon
  170. It really doesn't matter who gets elected.
  171. Question for Chris
  172. U.S. military and civilians are increasingly divided
  173. How do we support the soldier without glorifying the war?
  174. With New Look And More Energy, Rick Perry Tries To Move Past 'Oops'
  175. Will the Boy scouts become extinct?
  176. President Obama’s legacy is increasingly in legal jeopardy
  177. Santorum going to announce
  178. The gun grabbing has begun...
  179. Marine court-martialed for refusing to remove Bible verse
  180. Can They Stop Themselves?
  181. Introducing The Bernie Sanders Save the Children Fund
  182. Sanders has ALWAYS been active in Civil Rights
  183. "US won't be responsible for Iraq security."
  184. Open Carry for Black Americans
  185. Gallup Poll: Americans Choose “Pro-Choice” for First Time in Seven Years
  186. Maine Forced Welfare Recipients To Work For Their Benefits
  187. Texas flood disaster relief bashing debunked in a few easy words
  188. U.S. Gives $7 Bil in Food Benefits to “Ineligible Recipients”
  189. The moment Rand Paul has been waiting for
  190. Health experts see big price hikes for Obamacare
  191. Hypocrisy
  192. When Bush took office, economy was tanking
  193. bernie gains momentum: "Objects in your rearview mirror are closer than they appear"
  194. S.C. Sen. Lindsey Graham Joins Battle For Republican Nomination
  195. US could go into recession in 2015: Expert, let's hope not
  196. America or Somalia?
  197. Hassan blocks bill that would allow baby pictures on beer bottles
  198. Obvious Joke Writes Itself As 7 GOP Candidates Speak At Disney World
  199. "Impartial" DNC finance chief helps Hillary
  200. Scott Walker: Congress shouldn't water down PATRIOT Act
  201. Publish redacted portions of 9/11 report?
  202. If you could ask the 2016 candidates two questions...
  203. Penn Jillette: What shocked me about the campaign videos
  204. Rick Perry didn't learn his lesson the last time
  205. State Obamacare Exchanges Experience Growing Pains
  206. Bernie Sanders’s ‘Socialist’ Charade
  207. Welcome to the global marketplace
  208. Backlash from ignoring illegal migration
  209. Question for Democrats: Spending
  210. Question for Republicans: Spending
  211. Without public notice or debate
  212. Not Bad Folks, Not Bad ...
  213. Where do you stand on the continuuim?
  214. Sanders Needs a Broader Base
  215. I'm not concerned about hand-wringing on the strategy
  216. Sacred Native land given to a foreign company that owns a uranium mine with Iran
  217. Rummy ~ 'Bush was wrong about Iraq'
  218. Possible Obamacare rescue?
  219. CA Senate Bill 277
  220. President Obama captured ‘manspreading’, angers New Yorkers
  221. Racist Speech and Literature
  222. Cost of federal taxation for matters not having to do with the enumerated powers
  223. Property Rights and Racial Discrimination
  224. It's not about the money
  225. Blacks ask why bother voting?
  226. Outrage in Kansas; help a mother get her kid back
  227. Don't Be Fooled: New Bipartisan AUMF Greenlights Endless War
  228. Why Republican candidates should want to be shut out of debates
  229. Political Polls
  230. Who owns the GOP?
  231. Smear early & avoid the rush!
  232. Congress Poised to Renew Battle Over Online Sales Tax Legislation
  233. ABC's ’08 Prediction: NYC Under Water from Climate Change By June 2015
  234. Abnormal psychology as applied to America as a nation
  235. How might our economy look without war and victimless crime
  236. Clinton's kick off a bust
  237. Ukraine's Neo-Nazis Won't Get U.S. Money
  238. Military leaders against further involvement in Iraq
  239. Welcome to Hillary Island, a Pleasant Little Police State
  240. Hillary Clinton Speaks Out on Asia Free Trade Agreement
  241. Can Hillary match Bernie's frenzied fans?
  242. Clinton: ‘No discrimination against the LGBT community’
  243. The Mononymy Trap
  244. Rick Santorum Says He'd Welcome Caitlyn Jenner's Endorsement for President: VIDEO
  245. Should There Be a Jefferson State?
  246. An Honest Republican Candidate
  247. Did This Congressional Powerhouse Write a Bill to Help His Donor ‘Make a Quick Buck’?
  248. Obamatrade on the ropes
  249. Well, this is Entertaining. The IMF is calling the Republicans out on their BS
  250. 18 Trillion headed to 27 Trillion? Thanks Obama, you promised to fix it