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  1. I'm Switching to the Sanders Camp
  2. Save Alexander Hamilton!
  3. So who are your favorites and Why?
  4. Partisan Issues vs. Non-Partisan Issues
  5. What science can you back your political positions with?
  6. Chaffetz strips Meadows of committee seat for voting against leadership
  7. need to bust the US up into 8- 10 smaller countries.
  8. Repubs are crazy to run Bush
  9. Jeb Bush: The 'I Don't Know' Candidate
  10. We clearly need a rset, what's the best way to go about it?
  11. Bad news for Bernie Sanders: poll shows Americans leery of socialists for president
  12. A question for Bob
  13. Still think Carter was a failure? Read this...
  14. Senate Salvages Obama Trade Deal
  15. TN leaders: Remove Nathan Bedford Forrest bust from Capitol
  16. Paul Ryan trade agreement
  17. Congressional Democrats to Introduce Ambitious New Bill to Restore the Voting Rights
  18. Is The Democratic Party Proud of its History of Slavery & Segregation?
  19. Senate Republicans block consideration of student loan bill
  20. "Scott Walker, Please Come Home" says Major Wisconsin Editorial
  21. Why turn Iraq ino Switzerland?
  22. Explain this flag business to me like I'm five
  23. Why dose people outside of the SC Region Care about the Flag?
  24. Should there be a wealth cap?
  25. Vietnam war. What did it accomplish?
  26. Is it me or has anyone else noticed ....
  27. Jefferson Memorial to come down?
  28. House bill would force the Supreme Court to enroll in ObamaCare
  29. Donald Trump refuses to release birth certificate and passport records
  30. Obamacare Ruling May Have Just Killed State-Based Exchanges
  31. Social Security Is the Titanic
  32. Obamacare Economics
  33. Why isnt FOX slut shaming Bristol Palin?
  34. If Hilary wins the term "cold war" could become literal
  35. State's Rights Flag
  36. The critics say this about Libertarians
  37. Hillary Clinton Releases New Campaign Video 'Equal'
  38. The Facts About Gov. Bobby Jindal
  39. The Importance of Social Conservatism
  40. The 2nd Amendment today
  41. Vermin Supreme 2016
  42. Bernie Sanders doesn't follow the money
  43. Democrats: Who do you want as your 2016 nominee?
  44. Republicans: Who do you want as your 2016 nominee?
  45. Supreme Court agrees to hear case on Affirmative Action next year
  46. Rand Paul: Government Should Get Out of the Marriage Business Altogether
  47. 'Southern Lives Matter': Confederate flag supporters rally in Alabama
  48. Can a business refuse to serve Nazis?
  49. Cruz: Opposition To Same-Sex Marriage Will Be 'Front And Center' In 2016 Campaign
  50. Rank Barack Hussein O'bama's Presidency
  51. To the Brain Dead Left... Still think the Church isn't under attack?
  52. Is the bible the law of the land? Nope.
  53. Autopsy of the autopsy
  54. Democrats face big enthusiasm gap
  55. Texas AG tells county clerks ...
  56. Ice Water in his Veins
  57. Islamic State threatens to topple Hamas in Gaza
  58. Joe Biden?
  59. 64 Straight Months Of Private Sector Job Growth
  60. Some People Believe The U.S. President Should Be A Savvy Business Leader
  61. Republicans encourage ignoring laws, USSC rulings
  62. Lets play a game?
  63. 11 Powerful Quotes From Bernie Sanders
  64. Study Finds Virginia is Nation's Most Patriotic State
  65. Legislator Attacked by Mob, Hospitalized with Concussion!!!!!!
  66. What does it mean about a country when it's election issues never seem to change?
  67. President Obama: Why Should Washington Stand In the Way of the American People?
  68. Webb is running for President -
  69. More Americans Than Ever Identify As Liberal
  70. The Gift That Keeps on Giving
  71. Bernie Sanders Rally Fills 10,000-Seat Stadium in Madison, Wisconsin
  72. Hispanic views of Obama --- He deports the hell out of them
  73. Trump Surprised At The Business Backlash He's Facing For Remarks On illegal Mexicans
  74. Obamacare Update
  75. Trump's Views don't Represent The Republican Party; Yea Right, sure it doesen't
  76. Using personal religious views while employed by taxpayers
  77. “They’re just throwing ingredients together and hoping it makes a cake.”
  78. Bernie Sanders event in Portland
  79. Jeb Bush talks about his foreign bride
  80. Donald Trump gets into Twitter war with Modern Family writer—is obliterated
  81. The Donor Difference: What Sets Hillary And Bernie Apart
  82. There Are 447 People With a Better Chance of Being Elected President Than The Donald
  83. Obama used Scott Walker to prove middle-class economics trump trickle-down
  84. Poll Reveals That New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Should Resgin
  85. Fox News built a f**ked-up Frankenstein, dumb, angry and divorced from facts.
  86. Hey y'all, guess what Dinesh D'Souza just did?
  87. Anyone know anything about the "dictator clause?"
  88. Bernie Sanders: Real Unemployment Rate is 10.5%
  89. Is Joe Biden going to run for president? Probably.
  90. Who is your Dream 1 on 1 Debate Match-up for President?
  91. Great Day in South Carolina - Better Day for America
  92. If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Nominee...
  93. If Bernie Sanders is the Democratic Nominee...
  94. They say the south will ri$e again
  95. I am starting to think that Carly needs to be on the ticket?
  96. Candidates Raise Record Sums of Money
  97. Trumps Accuracy On Various Claims Is Being Challenged
  98. Free Markets Punish the Rich...
  99. Hillary Clinton's economic pitch: Americans 'need a raise'
  100. Yeaaa .... Scott Walker Is In The Race!
  101. Record $553 million budget surplus means 2 percent raise for state workers
  102. Angriest candidates for 2016 named
  103. Obamacare continues historic downward slide
  104. Trump Wishes America Had Invaded Mexico Instead of Iraq
  105. I think he's a wrecking ball for the future of the Republican Party - Lindsey Graham
  106. We have to take back the heart of our country
  107. Hillary showed why she will lose today
  108. Teachers revolt over union’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton
  109. Iran agreement here to stay...
  110. Hillary and Iran
  111. On day of deal military remembers deaths caused by Iran
  112. Hillary, Bernie, and the Democrats all agree
  113. Did you take the time to Care?
  114. Trump's Jab at Bernie Sanders
  115. Here's What Republicans In Congress Are Busy With
  116. Darryl Issa explains the Iran deal
  117. AP Admits: Obamacare Is a Likely Factor in 'Increasing Part-Time Employment'
  118. Idiot's guide to a GOP announcement speech
  119. "I would give it an A": Why nuclear experts love the Iran deal
  120. Hillary's lead continues to shrink, might want to start campaigning
  121. Be awesome if we had an ISIS strategy after 2 years,
  122. Confederate Flag or Modern Democrats?
  123. Senate Republicans Block A Bill That Would Create 1 Million New Jobs For Young People
  124. NRA fearmongering.
  125. Republicans Think Roads And Railways Are Too Safe, Pledge To Fix That Problem
  126. Barack Obama is not a modest man, but when it comes to assessing his or any President
  127. Backroom deals with teachers union may hurt Hillary
  128. Need Help Picking a Democratic Candidate?
  129. What do you think guide federal government policy the most
  130. What Do Marxists Think of Bernie Sanders?
  131. Trump on ABC's This Week
  132. Sen. John McCain: Trump Owes Vets, Not Him, An Apology
  133. O’Malley apologizes for telling protesters ‘all lives matter’
  134. Is Immigrant Bashing A Winning Issue For the GOP?
  135. Mitch dont understand how govt works
  136. Rep. Fleischmann: Chattanooga tragedy was terrorism
  137. More bad news for the dems and their Global Warming charade
  138. DesJarlais, Cohen co-introduce bipartisan military security bill
  139. When McCain trashed Bill and Chelsea Clinton
  140. Hillary Clinton did not serve in the Vietnam war
  141. Battle Of The Chickenhawks
  142. Hillary should actually takes some questions outside of SNL softballs
  143. #BernieSoBlack: Why progressives are fighting about Bernie Sanders and race
  144. Conservatives Are Furious Trump Is Distracting From Planned Parenthood
  145. The bigger they are? or Rut-Roe
  146. Keeping Up With The Republicans -- Recap!
  147. Trump threatens third-party run
  148. Marco Rubio Makes Himself Unelectable By Launching A Classless Attack On President Ob
  149. Bernie Sanders Annihilates Scott Walker At Record Setting Madison Rally
  150. Barack Obama May Be Having The Best Year Of Any Recent President
  151. We keep asking Obama ,,, where is that transparency
  152. Hillary slipping more
  153. You deserve Trump and I hope that he wins The GOP Primary.
  154. Obama Says His Biggest Frustration Has Been Inability To Pass Gun Laws
  155. $1 trillion unfunded military pension liability
  156. Create a permanent memorial to the Chattanooga fallen
  157. Revenge of the Radical Middle
  158. Obama Admin Restricts Investigative Powers of IG's
  159. Obama lectures kenya on gay rights
  160. Donald Trump - Do you think he'll be nominated by the GOP?
  161. "I paid into that for years - now you want to take it away?
  162. Dennis Rodman endorses Donald Trump for president
  163. Will Hillary Rodham lose the DNC nomination?
  164. Reince Priebus has a new rule: Republicans can't run third party!
  165. French MP wears 'Obama, you're a douchebag' T-shirt in Crimea - See more at: http://e
  166. Speaker of the House Jim Wright Denied Texas Voter ID Card
  167. The Presidential Election Is Going To Be All About Anger
  168. All Obama did was follow Mike Huckabee's advice on Iran
  169. Republican Strategist John Weaver On The Upcoming GOP Presidential Debate
  170. America comes together
  171. Rand Paul: Fraud, Failure, Liar
  172. The best thing I have heard all week and is dead on
  173. Avg Women $44 haircut, Hillary $600
  174. Dylann Roof Is Not a “Terrorist” — But Animal Rights Activists Are
  175. Nancy Pelosi: The House Has the Votes to Back the U.S. Nuclear Deal With Iran
  176. Imagine where we could be today if we had responded differently to oil crisis
  177. Barack Obama tells Jon Stewart the economy, 'by every metric, is better' than when he
  178. Billary got problems
  179. Explain Immigration Laws to me
  180. Sanders Makes History With 2016 Cycle's Biggest Campaign Event Yet
  181. I can't and WON'T vote for Hillary
  182. Hillary needs your money
  183. 5 days until the debate and i feel like a kid on Christmas Eve!
  184. Obama outclasses the old white establishment
  185. New Poll Reveals That Democrats Would Crush Republicans If Trump Runs Third Party
  186. Nice! Mark Cuban makes his case to be Trump running mate!
  187. Poor Hillary
  188. When, oh when will this oppression of Christians ever end?
  189. Johann Hari: Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong
  190. Jefferson Iowa 8/2/15 2:30 PM 1 hour fro Des Moines
  191. Endorsing Violence.
  192. Christie booed at Monmouth Park I mean really booed--loud sustained and truly a thing
  193. In North Carolina, protection for monuments!
  194. NC chief to GOP field: ‘Stop the name-calling’
  195. Christian churches in New Mexico bombed
  196. I'm ... I'm ... I don't you listen and tell me ... I'm Speechless
  197. Lets amp up the "War on Drugs"
  198. Jeb Bush bumbles his way through New Hampshire (WoW)
  199. America's national religion
  200. Happy Birthday Mr. President!
  201. Green Arrow Talks 2016: The Voters First Forum
  202. Hillary vulnerable?
  203. 5 Obama Accomplishments & Successes Republicans Have To Pretend Never Happened
  204. Have you seen this position comparison?
  205. The Dems can pick a "winner!"
  206. Jeb Bush ~ 'I misspoke about women's health funding'
  207. Kentucky Fried Hillary
  208. Obama: Iran Deal Builds On Diplomacy That Won Cold War
  209. Bernie Sander is going to visit...
  210. My Question for the Republican Presidential Debate
  211. What if Trump wins?
  212. "The same people, who seem to have no compunction with being 'repeatedly' wrong..."
  213. Donnelly's campaign treasurer, Kathy Davis, resigns over Planned Parenthood Vote
  214. Fox News focus group goes hilariously off the rails fighting over Donald Trump
  215. Republicans ban guns at debates?
  216. Green Arrow Talks 2016: The First 2016 GOP Primary Debate
  217. Republicans: Who is your choice?
  218. Ann Coulter:Trump-Romney Ticket Would Stop Foreigners From Outvoting White Americans
  219. Your Rights When The Cops Pull You Over Explained In One Brilliant Infographic
  220. Chuck Schumer?
  221. Obama Defends Iran Deal, Cites Bombings
  222. Sincerity of Trump: I buy favours
  223. Racists drive Sanders off stage
  224. Why tax tips?
  225. Washington Post on the GOP debate
  226. Hillary turns over documents
  227. Love this headline: G.O.P. Candidates and Obama’s Failure to Fail
  228. The Presidential Hopefuls and their Crowds
  229. Trump's policy
  230. Democracy poll
  231. Constitutional Convention Sparking Bizz, But Odds Still Long
  232. Sanders under the light of day
  233. Rand Paul on O'Reilly Factor sounds frustrated
  234. The Establishment GOP, Face To Face With Its Donald Trump Problem
  235. Rick Perry Stops Paying Campaign Staff
  236. Super liberal New York Times smears schumer for being a Jew
  237. Donald trump returns to fox news after flap
  238. Bristol Palin backs Trump, slams Fox News president for saying he only hired her mom
  239. Tell everyone about when Obama took your guns
  240. Rasmussen Has ‘The Donald’ Peaked?
  241. Bernie passes Hillary in New Hampshire
  242. Running A Campaign That Appeals To Contrarians Will Only Ensure That You Never Reach
  243. Democrats win three state House seats in special election (PA State House)
  244. Prison reform, a bipartisan issue
  245. Donald Trump and Grimace The Purple Blob
  246. Fiorina and discussing climate change
  247. It’s not just Trump: Voter anger fuels outsider candidates
  248. Fiorina understands what the U.S. economy needs to grow
  249. #BlackLivesMatter activists shut down Jeb Bush campaign event in Nevada
  250. Are we headed for a four-party moment?