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  1. Clinton’s email woes deepen as classified messages pile up
  2. Big-name Clinton campaign donors keep distance from foundation celebration
  3. DNC Talking Points; So What it's TRUE - Your Republican Congress In Action
  4. Do you favor leaving?
  5. Biden having an impact.
  6. Iranian Hackers Paralyzed Billionaire Sheldon Adelson's Las Vegas Casino
  7. Cuomo: Shut down the government over guns
  8. When I think of conservatism...
  9. 11 year old girl defends home from 3 armed burglars
  10. 5th grade boy kills 8-year-old neighbor with shotgun
  11. Oops: Benghazi committee Democrats say they'll release witness transcripts
  12. Poll: Fiorina leads Clinton by double digits in Iowa
  13. The Republican Party is a hot mess
  14. The politics of "Good Intentions" with Walter E. Williams
  15. Obama letting America down
  16. Warning: The Second Amendment is meant for what?
  17. Vlad sends Cruise Missiles to Syria, but they struck Iran
  18. Standing Armies
  19. Just found this: benghazi
  20. LIBERALS! Attend and learn...
  21. Bernie Sanders gaining on Hillary Clinton in California
  22. No good path for the Democrats.
  23. Paul Ryan considering running for House speaker
  24. Is this Hillary's Smoking Gun ??
  25. tPF How Would A Three Party System Work?
  26. What has the American government dome right in the past 15 years?
  27. tPF Trey Gowdy's Letter To Elighah Cummings
  28. tPF Hillary is in Trouble
  29. Founding fathers poll
  30. The laughability of Sovereign Citizens
  31. Not the Koch of the democrats, but meet the real Koch
  32. Question for Chickenhawks
  33. tPF Ron Paul and western liberal democracy
  34. Warning: If Trump wins...
  35. Ben Bernanke says he is no longer a Republican because the GOP has lost its economic
  36. TheHill: Dems must Choose; Sander's Momentum, or Clinton's FBI Prosecution.
  37. What's the name of the celebration? Let's just not Tell, or Invite, the Lefties!
  38. Nixon admits air war produces zilch
  39. What the Next President must face
  40. Obama's gun control farce
  41. Secret Service Agents Hillary Is A Nightmare To Work With
  42. Hillary server had remote-control gateways wide open
  43. tPF Green Arrow Talks 2016: The First 2016 Democratic Primary Debate
  44. Debate, hopefully live
  45. Republican vs. Democratic Debates
  46. So, the CNN Debate poll results are in; Its going to be President Trump!
  47. The CNN Debate Double Standard
  48. Trey Gowdy having a good time
  49. tPF The Cancer of Partisanship
  50. New Poll: Even Republican Voters Think Republicans In Congress Are Just Terrible
  51. Second Republican Congressman Admits Benghazi Committee Was ‘Designed To Go After’ Cl
  52. Notice to Democrats
  53. Warning to America coming to you from Europe
  54. Obama reveals himself on national tV
  55. Brilliant obama strategy !!!
  56. tPF Why America needs to vote out political extremism: A lesson from the UK
  57. Letter to Bush/Chainy from wounded Veteran
  58. Trump's Meltdown Over Sanders
  59. DNC in the tank for Hillary
  60. No wonder growth has been so anemic
  61. Snowden Responds to Hillary Clinton
  62. Insurrection Erupts at the Democratic National Committee
  63. The Benghazi hearing this week...
  64. Lady "Yu" comeback in Ukraine is highly probable.
  65. Lady "Yu" comeback in Ukraine is highly probable.
  66. What Bernie, Carson and Trump are really saying is the same
  67. Tea Party Republicans Left Dazed As Obama Cuts Bush’s Deficit By $1 Trillion
  68. tPF Ambassador Sought Security Increase
  69. Excessive force funding?
  70. Trump still leading in the polls
  71. W says Cruz can't be trusted
  72. Warning: The Arrogance must seem astounding to other countries
  73. Given how corrupt, lie prone and incompetent our politicians are
  74. Latest on Trump
  75. Biden calls himself out!!
  76. Clinton Backs Plan for Endless War in Afghanistan
  77. Site to visit for true Clinton testimony
  78. tPF Questions about The Four Dead Americans
  79. Regarding Hillary Clinton's testimony before the Benghazi committee today
  80. Jeb Bush Struggles to Galvanize His Family’s Donor Base as Campaign Falters
  81. tPF #shoutyourabortion
  82. So Hillary is in?
  83. Trump Disavows Super PACs
  84. Benghazi Victim’s Father on Hillary Clinton: ‘She’s a ‘Scumbag’
  85. How can a country hold such different values than it's people?
  86. Libertarian and Green Party file lawsuit over exclusion from presidential debates
  87. Entry nomination thread for polls: Trump, Sanders, etc.: who should their VP be?
  88. A lesson in Government Subsidies.
  89. Millennials skeptical of government
  90. Colorado may try a single payer plan
  91. tPF How the conservative swindle machine could lead to global financial Armageddon
  92. Lesson to all politicians party not relevent
  93. Ben Carson Would Reshape, Not Eliminate, Medicare and Medicaid
  94. Unfit To Be President ... GOP Edition
  95. Jeb Bush At Fundraiser: My Brother's Response To 9/11 Was "Awe-Inspiring"
  96. Does Ben Carson Believe Most Evangelical Voters Are Going to Hell?
  97. Warning: The 3rd GOP Presidential Debate
  98. Social Security fixes give Republicans small victory in budget deal
  99. tPF Flat Tax
  100. Trump may have just won the race
  101. Why is Edward Snowden treated as a traitor?
  102. Rand Paul is not his Father
  103. Innocent Victim Arrested and Guilty Criminal Let Go! BLM!
  104. Boots on the ground!
  105. Yes, the IRS chief has earned impeachment
  106. The budget and pension plans
  107. Video argues that the US military is not large enough
  108. Obamacare with no reach-around
  109. Banks Too Big to Fail
  110. tPF Damnit, he's saying all the right things....
  111. Let's Really Examine The Candidates
  112. tPF Discussion of the 2nd Amendment
  113. How Both Parties Are Tricking Voters: Progressives and NeoCons
  114. Denmark's prime minister says Bernie Sanders is wrong to call his country socialist
  115. As Somali jihadis threaten Mall of America, U.S. importing 800 Somalis a month
  116. Warning: Ben Carson, Black Conservative
  117. Morning Plum: Republicans shoot themselves in foot with Latinos, again
  118. The $20 trillion man
  119. State of the 2016 Race
  120. imagine what tough questions would sound like at a Democratic debate
  121. Clinton faces challenge in winning over young women
  122. VA senate stays (R)
  123. Ryan off to a good start- no immigration bill while obumer in office
  124. Warning: Alliance of Evils; the Radical Lefties and the Radical Muslims
  125. The house of Clinton is in trouble.
  126. Another Gotcha Question!
  127. The Republican Plan To Fund US Highways
  128. Question for current and retired military and police
  129. If you're an American Donkephant Supporter you
  130. Could Sanders beat Trump?
  131. tPF Should 16 year olds have the vote?
  132. tPF When all else fails, promise weed.
  133. Democrat Policies have harmed the economy
  134. Rubio stepped in it bigtime.
  135. they play for keeps in louisiana
  136. Courts reign in Obama’s regulatory overreach
  137. What Is Ben Carson Up To ?
  138. tPF Would America be better off instituting mandatory military service?
  139. Admin to release another plan to close GITMO
  140. Attack the black conservative
  141. Liberals Are Losing the Culture Wars
  142. Why Obama will never, ever be elected president
  143. Warning: Where is the proof?
  144. Countries Spending the Most on Health Care
  145. Well the Media Libs & Conservatives lost to Carson
  146. Rand Paul Calls Hillary Clinton a Neocon
  147. Appeals Court Agrees with Obama and Rules Against Obama Immigration Plan
  148. Matt Bevin To EPA ‘Pound Sand
  149. FBI Probe of Hillary E-mail Server Intensifies
  150. tPF Is it really true that the media is liberal? 13 reasons why this is not the case.
  151. Powerful NRA ad features black MLK civil rights activist
  152. tPF Let's just all be really honest about the GOP field
  153. What's there to Debate?
  154. Illegal Workers in America
  155. Obama support disappointed
  156. For those of you who plan to vote mainstream in 2016
  157. Lost Generation of Democrats
  158. January 29, 2010 and Obama did not try to reach out to republicans
  159. Warning: The Dangers of Trump's Militaristic Isolationalism
  160. tPF Neil Cavuto Interviews Uninformed College Student.
  161. DC media buries 7 new scandals during Hillary's best week
  162. Sad but common and laughable trend
  163. tPF Political hack
  164. Politico on the Democratic Primary Debate Schedule
  165. tPF How the Establishment Games the System
  166. Has the time come for alternate parties to change strategy?
  167. Hillary 2016
  168. Doctors opting out of Obamacare
  169. Expecting many more cases of Riots and Looting by BLM in America.
  170. Huma Abedin Warning State Department Staffer That Hillary Clinton Is “Often Confused”
  171. Hillary Clinton Has Few Fans in the Military
  172. obama is a chump
  173. 2,000 terror suspects legally purchased guns in the United States
  174. To Defeat ISIS We Need Grownups
  175. Charles Koch speaks for me
  176. Big moves in the GOP polling numbers
  177. GOP candidates were for Syrian refugees before they were against them
  178. An even bigger mistake than Obama bringing 100s of thousands of Muslims to America...
  179. ‘The Attacks Will Be Spectacular’
  180. Hillary and Wall Street, follow the money
  181. Obama and the democratic are one attack away
  182. Utah prosecutor investigating US sen. Harry reid
  183. Please rate each of these as one of three categories
  184. Political performance gap
  185. tPF Carson: 'The Jews Must Die'
  186. Congress Assures the World It’s Afraid of Brown Migrants, Once Again
  187. Holocaust Museum Urges Lawmakers Not To ‘Turn Our Backs’ on Refugees
  188. Establishment GOP to increase efforts to destroy Trump
  189. HHS: Bailing out Obamacare insurers an 'obligation' of the federal government
  190. Hillary to Rape Victims: You Have the Right to Be Believed...
  191. Several reasons why it’s worth waiting until all the facts are known ... Oops !
  192. White House offers assurances on Syrian refugees to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott
  193. Warning: Trump sics supporters on black protester who gets beaten and kicked
  194. Republican Event in Des Moines - This is like bucket list items for me
  195. EXCLUSIVE: Bill Rape Accuser Blasts ‘Evil’ Hillary: ‘Shame on you!’
  196. Warning: Obama is rewriting history on Isil. It won't wash
  197. Trump Equivalent on the Left?
  198. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings - I'm more concerned w/ mass shootings by white Men
  199. LOL at Billary
  200. WARNING: DNC Political Facts - If Donald Trump Is Concerned About Violent Extreamest
  201. Pres Hollande and Pres Obama news conference
  202. Emperor Iustitia Decree I: Making Peace w/ Muslims
  203. Planned Parenthood Sues Texas in Dispute Over Funding for Clinics
  204. Donald Trump actually admitted that he doesn’t check his facts. Seriously?
  205. Warning: America has just lived through another campaign week dominated by Trump’s racist lies
  206. Another Democrat Clown Enters Presidential Race
  207. Warning: Dumbest thing a president has ever said?
  208. Obama says something really, REALLY STUPID
  209. WOW, New Kasich Ad hit Donald with The Truth
  210. Trump lied?
  211. Hillary Tweets All Sexual Abuse Accusers Deserve To Be ‘Believed,’ Is Reminded Of Her
  212. Why the CIA is smearing Edward Snowden after the Paris attacks
  213. RNC Outraises DNC By Nearly Double In October
  214. A couple of recent threads have generated a question
  215. America's bipartisan illiberalism
  216. Hillary Clinton’s million little lies
  217. 10 groups The Donald has offended
  218. is carson getting better?
  219. U.S. senators call for 20,000 troops in Syria and Iraq
  220. The climate forum can't shut Obama up
  221. New Hillary Emails Same Ol Same Ol
  222. Dumbo doubles down on man-made global warming hoax during Paris speech
  223. Obama Uhhinged the act you don;t ant to miss (touring now)
  224. I’m confident in wisdom of the American people"
  225. You know the song "How do you like me now?"
  226. More than one mass shooting a day for november and many moths prior
  227. GOP tries to fire up base with Obamacare, other 'messaging bills'
  228. Look who's wasting your money?
  229. The Facts Shoot Holes In Obama's Claims
  230. Slight of hand with gun control
  231. Man charged with felony for passing out jury rights fliers in front of courthouse
  232. BREAKING SCANDAL: Rubio seems to have been naughty
  233. Atty General promises to prosecute violent talk against Muslims
  234. Donald Trump Supporters Mostly Uneducated, New Poll Finds
  235. Oval Office Address
  236. The amazingly self perpetuating policies of the wars on drugs and terror
  237. Warning: The Second Amendment Doesn't Guarantee Your Right to Own a Gun
  238. Donald Trump wants to ban the internet, will ask Bill Gates to ‘close it up’
  239. Obama: gun salesman of the century
  240. Carter banned iranians from coming to us during hostage crisis
  241. Republicans fear Trump could jeopardize control of Congress
  242. Warning: Careful what you align yourself with . . .
  243. America Alone
  244. Why won't this protect America from Muslims?
  245. Obama’s weak and unnecessary war authorization
  246. Eight Trump Threads and counting
  247. Let me explain to you partisan idiots how American elections work
  248. Senate rips up Obama's nomination wish list
  249. Rubio's Provision To Kill Obamacare Risk Corridors
  250. Donald Trump Poll