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  1. The Best hope of the DNC
  2. Benghazi Family Hits Back: Hillary Clinton Lied About Us To George Stephanopoulos
  3. Lindsey Graham: America's First Southern Belle President?
  4. Democrats biggest vulnerability in 2016: National Security
  5. tPF Democrats, why do you support Hillary Clinton?
  6. Would SCOTUS uphold Trump's plan to bar Muslim immigrants?
  7. If the election were held today. Who would you vote for?
  8. Cruz up by 10 in Iowa
  9. Former young Republican now feeling the Bern!
  10. 135 countries reach global warming deal last night in France
  11. Warning: States expanded gun rights
  12. Conservatives, Why "would" you Support Donald Trump if he's nominated
  13. Bad News for Barry Soetero
  14. Clinton and Republican candidates agree: Increased surveillance is necessary to prev-
  15. The Republican establishment's nightmare scenario.
  16. Donald Trump at 41% in new national poll
  17. Clinton Named Least Honest Dem Candidate by Plurality of NH Primary Voters
  18. State Dept. can't find emails of ex-worker who aided Clinton
  19. Election2016.io
  20. How far right can America go?
  21. Ted Cruz’s Jacksonian Americanism v. Rubio’s Wilsonian Internationalism
  22. A proven method to curtail gun violence
  23. tPF What's The Rights Fear in having Open Debates?
  24. Are Americans "exceptional"
  25. So how would you go about changing america for the better?
  26. What will be the over and under on Billary uttering
  27. Someone Tell Chris Christie King Hussein Of Jordan Died In 1999
  28. This is why Trump is doing so well
  29. Republicans Should Do The Patriotic Thing And Vote Democrat For President
  30. Scott Walker Is Dismantling an Oversight Committee That Investigated Him
  31. Sanders suing the DNC
  32. All about the budget deal
  33. Warning: Democrats bristle at DNC debate schedule
  34. SNL Mugs The GOP Debate
  35. Will GOP mount third party challenge to Trump if he wins?
  36. 5 Times Debbie Wasserman Schultz Violated DNC Rules and Stacked the Deck in Favor of
  37. What is true today is never in 6 weeks
  38. US lets in 4 times as many suspected terrorists as it keeps out
  39. Fact checking the 3rd Democratic debate
  40. Warning: US Relationship With Al Qaeda
  41. Next up? Chuck Hagel tells the truth about the man lying in the White House
  42. Warning: How Trump is breathing life into dying white supremacist movement
  43. Rolling Stone: "2015: The Year Obama Stopped Giving Any Fucks"
  44. Climate change shock: Burning fossil fuels 'COOLS planet', says NASA
  45. How the US “vets” asylum applicants
  46. The ten Billion dollar Bonus.
  47. Did SecDef hang SecNav to encourage the others?
  48. Hillary's plan for public schools
  49. Donald Trump was telling the Truth ...
  50. Bernie beats Trump by double the margin as Hillary
  51. 10-year-old moves Clinton with question about Bullying
  52. Warning to Republicans leery of Trump - Calgary Ted is NOT your savior!
  53. Warning: Political Bias Overtakes Racial Bias
  54. Government adds $1.2T to the national public debt in 2015
  55. Obama commutes sentences of 95 federal prisoners and grants 2 pardons
  56. Kasich on drugs
  57. Warning: Legal marijuana and your job
  58. Warning: Will Donald Trump End the GOP’s Role as America’s Conservative Party?
  59. Law Enforcement Is the Fattest Profession, Study Finds
  60. Hillary Clinton's cargo cult economics
  61. It's a very Trump Christmas
  62. Army Brigade Combat Teams cut, reorganization coming
  63. Slate: The State of Obama’s World
  64. Lack of science and sense in American ploicy
  65. Feds Won’t Accept Missouri Driver’s Licenses
  66. Hillary Clinton’s ‘Secret Weapon’ Could Escalate Campaign Rhetoric
  67. When did we become a nation of control freaks?
  68. A record of achievement and success?
  69. Didn't know much about Charles Koch
  70. What is your ideal budget?
  71. Clinton Most Admired Woman for Record 20th Time
  72. Smoking Gun: Where the Money Goes
  73. Webb mulls independent run.
  74. Trump throws a Twitter-fit after Bernie tells truth on him.
  75. All US Presdential Canadiates Suck
  76. Pseudo-cons
  77. tPF Sabotaging our Government at Home and Overseas
  78. Question for Trump Supporters ...
  79. 2016 Presidential Poll Results
  80. Wow - I'm not a scientist, then Go Talk to One!
  81. Pentagon thwarts regime’s efforts to close GITMO
  82. tPF The future of low / non skilled farm workers in the US- automation
  83. tPF How Donald Trump destroyed the Republican Party in 2015
  84. Latest Nationwide Polling Confirms Republicans are Bigoted
  85. Trump: "It's OK to talk about my personal life, too"
  86. How Donald Trump Answers A Question
  87. O’Malley event draws one attendee, who remains uncommitted
  88. tPF Medicaid fraud committed by government
  89. Former president spoke to groups with issues before State Department
  90. Is Carson Out?
  91. Hillary and the Women Card vs. the Hispanics
  92. NY Times Liberal rag says: Afghan Taliban’s Reach Is Widest Since 2001, U.N. Says
  93. tPF Obama Regulation To Give Work-Permits To Foreign College-Graduates
  94. Bernie Sanders Demands Full Investigation Of DNC – The Young Turks
  95. tPF More than 1,200 Clinton emails now deemed classified
  96. Do you agree with California's new gun law(s)?
  97. tPF Congressional Republicans Acted More Like Democrats In 2015
  98. Warning: Don't be Stupid; VOTE!
  99. tPF Does your vote matter?
  100. From H. A. Goodman a Bernie Supporter, I’m a Bernie Sanders voter who will not suppo
  101. Why Progressives Vote Against Their Interests When Choosing Hillary Over Bernie Sande
  102. New laws in 2016 show states are diverging on guns, voting
  103. The GOP will be Back to Work soon .... doing the SOS
  104. Cut the Head Off ISIS: Trump
  105. Hillary Clinton in ‘League of Her Own’ with Ethics Violations
  106. Anyone watching Obama live press conference right now?
  107. What Fresh Ideas Does New Speaker Paul Ryan Have On The Agenda For 2016?
  108. tPF A discussion about stem cells
  109. tPF Reagan's Economy vs. Obama's
  110. Trump raises Cruz's eligibility to run for president
  111. Healthcare and education
  112. "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."
  113. tPF A tale of two Bills: Cosby and Clinton and predatory men
  114. Warning: Anti-Bundy Talking Point
  115. Ryan scores huge double-victory with 62nd Obamacare repeal!
  116. Donald J Trump and George C Wallace - Peas in a Pod!
  117. Black ISIS shooter used stolen police weapon to shoot white cop
  118. Warning: Donald Trump for President?
  119. 113 snagged in terror probes since 2014
  120. Warning: Cops Bully and Intimidate Lawful Citizen
  121. Democrats for Trump
  122. This Case Could Strike a "Mortal Blow" to Unions
  123. Excellent Segment Saturday Morning on The Oath Keepers who came to Ferguson
  124. Socialist Programs In The U.S.A.
  125. Are we trying to repeal the right things ...
  126. tPF Gallup: Share of Democrats reaches record low
  127. Not so entirely crazy 2016 scenarios
  128. Question: For anyone here. Have you been asked to be in any National or Local Poll?
  129. tPF FBI probe into Hillary now includes public corruption
  130. A new Idea for Social Programs.
  131. Hillary has a BIG problem with the "women" vote.
  132. What BIG mess did Obama have to clean up from Bush?
  133. The Iowa Black & Brown Democratic Presidential Forum
  134. tPF Are YOU, Personally, as as Individual Better Off TODAY than you were Jan 20th 2009?
  135. Guns and statistics
  136. tPF Secession
  137. Turkey and Saudi Arabia Biggest Threats to World Peace – Sen. Black
  138. Teacher-Led Schools
  139. Yes He Did
  140. Full text of Obama's speech here: I know some of my RW Friends where busy
  141. The MAJORITY of Americans Support next president pushing Tighter gun laws
  142. Nikki Haley's Thought's Regarding Mr. Trump's Immigration Rhetoric
  143. Republican Party begins preparing for contested convention
  144. Index of Economic Freedom
  145. thanks, hillary
  146. What do we really mean when we say........
  147. GOP Congressman Says Republicans "Own" Christianity
  148. I think that Cruz banged the Birther question out
  149. tPF Clinton's health-care assault on Sanders backfires
  150. A small Reason for hope!
  151. Upset GOP Donors Wonder If They Wasted Their Money
  152. AP FACT CHECK: Misshapen rhetoric in Republican Debate
  153. tPF Do you agree with the Declaration of Independence?
  154. "Freedom Kids" Perform a Horrifying Song at a Donald Trump Rally
  155. tPF The Power of the Presidency
  156. Bill Clinton turns 69 in August
  157. tPF The Roosevelts
  158. Sanders is shaking up the Democratic establishment
  159. Democratic Debate (January 2016)
  160. Sanders shares details of health-care plan
  161. no country for my president
  162. tPF Portland Community College to devote an entire month to 'whiteness'-shaming
  163. Calgary Ted says JFK would be a "Cruz Republican" today
  164. tPF Should the Democratic and Republican parties be banned?
  165. Oh God: Two Corinthians, really dude ... ?
  166. Trump Says He Will Force Apple to Manufacture in the US ....
  167. Warning: Rachel Maddow debunks misremembered Ronald Reagan for GOP candidates
  168. Donald Trump Is Really Unpopular With General Election Voters
  169. DNC’s Wasserman Schultz: Debates scheduled to ‘maximize’ candidates’ exposure
  170. tPF Here is a list of Bernie’s $19.6T in tax hikes
  171. tPF The Jacksonian spirit in America
  172. Sanders up 27 points on Clinton in NH, says new poll
  173. tPF Bernie Sanders’ Health Care Plan
  174. Warning: David Brooks on the impending implosion of the GOP
  175. As we get close to the election season
  176. new poll has bernie kicking hillary's ass
  177. .50 cal rifle supplied by obumer and holder discovered at mexican drug lord hideout
  178. Why is Martin O'Malley Still Running?
  179. Warning: BET doesn't nominate white entertainers.
  180. tPF How the Expensive War on Poverty Failed
  181. GOP has found one thing that makes Trump palatable: Ted Cruz!
  182. Claire McCaskill proves Hillary supporters are in PANIC mode!
  183. New Bill Would Give Tax Breaks To People Getting Concealed Carry Permits
  184. Ex-Oklahoma Police Officer gets 263 years for rapes, sex assaults
  185. Think the Clintons are getting worried? they rolled out David Brock and Bill says
  186. Can you imagine what would happen here?
  187. Is Trump an outsider?
  188. Something I don't get about this Clinton email nonsense
  189. Rubio is Dishonest… votes with the liberals a lot of the time
  190. Bernie Sanders: "Free college for everyone!!"
  191. Yay, National Review! Tells the truth about Trump
  192. never thought I'd agree with this liberal, but she's right about Trump (in spade)
  193. The word Socialism... not a good word to describe the reality of it
  194. American Conservatives are Embarrassing
  195. John Kasich
  196. If you non-trump people don't rally around Cruz, you will get Trump
  197. Biden: US and Turkey prepared to seek Syria military solution
  198. I see why people don't vote.. "no big difference between" Trump & Clinton
  199. Who needs a fake (read: college) education when you can always just READ
  200. It is obvious why Cruz is hated so much, by Rs and rinos and Ds
  201. Flint's Water Problem
  202. Hillary’s team copied intel off top-secret server to email
  203. Clinton's Email Excuses are Falling Apart
  204. tPF Trump vs. Clinton
  205. DeLay: FBI 'Ready to Indict' Hillary
  206. How David Petraeus avoided felony charges
  207. tPF The Impossible (Pipe) Dream—Single-Payer Health Reform
  208. Who's doing Bernie's ads?
  209. As Sanders Slams Wall Street Elite, Clinton Ditches Iowa To Fetch Their Checks
  210. Yet another study refutes the notion that guns make anyone safe
  211. Thank You Donald Trump.....
  212. The dems always complain about divirsity
  213. tPF How would Mister D fix America?
  214. tPF Why millennials are embracing socialism
  215. The many reasons to be excited about America’s future
  216. tPF What is a "true conservative"?
  217. Translating ‘Make America Great Again’ into English
  218. David Brooks: "Stay Sane America, Please!"
  219. Next First Lady
  220. Some Really Tuff Questions for to ask at the Debate
  221. tPF Why the Koch brothers drive liberals nuts
  222. Veterans group to Trump: Keep your Donations
  223. What to expect from tonight's Trumpless debate
  224. tPF How would you fix/eliminate Social Security?
  225. Score Cruz in opening remarks!
  226. tPF Who gives a shit about Iowa?
  227. Trump should choose a very specific song for his campaign theme...
  228. Fox cheats - Dulce Candy is eye candy for immigration debate
  229. Truth in Politics
  230. Bernie Sanders Pharmacy Savings Numbers Don't Add Up
  231. Warning: Fact checking the GOP debate
  232. tPF Gerrymandering Is Even More Infuriating When You Can Actually See It
  233. Poor Ted Cruz: The new GOP punching bag
  234. tPF For those worried the U.S. is too PC
  235. Hillary’s campaign manager predicts Trump win
  236. I Side With
  237. tPF Imagine a World Where People Actually Knew What Political Terms Meant
  238. tPF Immigration
  239. Hillary's (un)likability
  240. Trump admits he says horrible things to keep people interested
  241. Ted Cruz mailer hits a new low in politics
  242. Bob Dole
  243. tPF Hey, it works in Norway...
  244. tPF Question for The Hi-Hard Life Long Conservatives
  245. I’m a conservative is because I’ve been on public assistance my whole life
  246. Ted's Excellent Iowa Adventure - The Surreal Final Chapter
  247. Prediction time for Iowa
  248. tPF the case against hillary clinton
  249. Mark my words, the last thing Billary wants is Trump to Win
  250. tPF Signup with the federal register