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  1. Official: Withheld Clinton emails contain 'operational' intel, put lives at risk
  2. Feds foresee $30 trillion debt, blame looming tax hikes and Obamacare
  3. We must end the Drug War!
  4. Candidate Demographics
  5. Feel the Bern!!!!!!
  6. Revolution!
  7. Keeping Up With The Clintons
  8. "Black Americans for a Better Future" Super PAC 100% Funded by Rich White Guys
  9. Moving toward the Election!
  10. Rubio scares me
  11. Why a ‘Virtual Tie’ in Iowa Is Better for Clinton Than Sanders
  12. Trump's Campaign Is A Long Con
  13. Kerry sent Hillary classified e-mail over his private account
  14. It is a obvious which side is more motivated
  15. tPF Is Trump a foreign policy realist?
  16. Warning: Politics: Not just for old white people anymore
  17. The Iowa Caucus is trash & it's time to say "Buh Bye-owa"
  18. Trump Acting Like Sore Loser Big Time
  19. Jeb! Storms Into New Hampshire - You remember him ... Right?
  20. tPF DC Madam’s lawyer seeks to release client list- relevant to the presidential campaign
  21. More softball politics wasting our time by the DNC and their Town H "debate"
  22. tPF Private Education religiouwelfare queens sucking up one billion tax dollars per year.
  23. tPF Who Needs These Bums, Anyway?
  24. Ben Carson slashes staff as funds dry up
  25. why hillary took $675k from goldman sachs
  26. Doc Ben is PO'd at Ted Cruz for his filthy tricks in Iowa
  27. tPF An Iowa caucus yields scrums, bribery and cajoling - and a roll of the dice
  28. tPF Ben Carson only honest guy running?
  29. tPF Feminists melt down over unlikeable Hillary
  30. tPF One World Government
  31. tPF College fails 2/3rd of students
  32. tPF Ted Using Spyware to Recruit
  33. Jeb Bush Has Amazing New Plan To Bring His Campaign Back From The Brink
  34. 'We Have Recovered': Obama Touts Success Amid Unemployment Dip
  35. Colin Powell Blows Up Republican Email Scandal By Agreeing With Hillary Clinton
  36. Republicans Eye Quick Obamacare Repeal If Party Wins White House
  37. 44 to 42
  38. How about those transcripts Hillary?
  39. Jebby now running as Duhbya
  40. How a Turkish Cleric's Network Has Penetrated the Clinton Campaign and American Edu
  41. More dishonestly about the jobless rate
  42. Blackboxvoting.com
  43. tPF Obama risks being stained by the Clinton scandal
  44. tPF Regulate homemade weapons
  45. tPF A voter’s guide to the health law
  46. CBS anchors chuckle at Hillary's answer
  47. Democratic donor contacts Biden allies about possible run
  48. tPF Intelligence at risk
  49. Even the Superbowl lines up against Hilary.
  50. tPF Civil disobedience
  51. tPF “Well good grief, we’re getting offended by everything these days,”
  52. tPF meet ted cruz' national security advisor
  53. tPF Illegal Immigrants benefited from 750 million dollars in Obamacare benefits
  54. I watched the first votes at Midnight in New Hampshire last night
  55. Current NH primary voting info....early results
  56. What Clinton said in her paid speeches
  57. Why the Working Class Is Choosing Trump and Sanders
  58. here's another time when hillary's donors had no effect on her actions
  59. Farm Contractors Balk At Obamacare Requirements
  60. tPF Hillary supporters: What is so radical about Bernie?
  61. tPF NH Primary: Why does Hillary have more delegates than Bernie?
  62. Trump and Cruz are frugal candidates
  63. Warning: Reminder: What Bernie is About
  64. Jeb Bush Raised $100 Million, But Now He's Mad About Citizens United
  65. Hillary wins NH thanks to the corrupt DNC establishment
  66. Campaigns Brief: How to Watch New Hampshire (Spending)
  67. Is Trump campaign really self-funded?
  68. The "X" factor = Liz Warren
  69. tPF 70% Of Obama’s Budget Is Writing Checks To Individuals
  70. tPF Throwing Your Vote Away
  71. tPF Is it time to end the DNC Nomination sham?
  72. jim webb
  73. tPF Reforming the administrative state
  74. tPF What Steinem, Albright, and Clinton don’t get about millennial women
  75. tPF Sweden is tearing itself apart
  76. tPF Only a Barbaric Nation Drafts Its Mothers and Daughters into Combat
  77. Remember that Democrat who criticized Obama for not doing enough?
  78. tPF IRS chief: Blame rotten customer service and data hacks on Obamacare
  79. Whenever asked what has Pres. Obama ever done for the African-American Community
  80. "Why African Americans are on FIRE for Bernie Sanders"
  81. Two Months Into Year and Republican Speaker's Already Threatening Inaction on Budget
  82. Trump: What's The Deal - Hard Hitting Documentary
  83. tPF If You Want Bigger Government, Vote Republican
  84. tPF Really wanna know why people are voting for Trump?
  85. hillary's minions change the rules again
  86. tPF Hillary's Superdelegate Coup Confirms to Millennials: The System Is Rigged
  87. Clinton Supporters Pretending...
  88. Democrat vs democrat socialist
  89. tPF Cornelia "Nina" Pillard, potential SCOTUS replacement
  90. Today's Republican Debate
  91. tPF Former Carter advisor: Hillary emails worse than Watergate
  92. tPF The average CEO makes less than Hillary’s speaking fee
  93. tPF Is there a libertarian case for bernie sanders?
  94. tPF Campus rape dogma in the age of promiscuity
  95. Risks of Blocking Supreme Court Nominee
  96. Great Show today on MSNBC on the FACTS of Appointing Justices
  97. Donald Trump Accuses George W. Bush Of Lying To Invade Iraq
  98. Democrats Changed The Senate Rules In 2013
  99. A Republican explains what's wrong with the Republican party in just 14 words
  100. Your Opinion.
  101. Just a remind r on this great jobs report and unemployment
  102. A History Lesson Circa 2007
  103. Headed to a 3 man race in Republican Party
  104. Did The Donald finally go to far?
  105. Could America be split into two or more countries successfully?
  106. Hillary barking like a dog
  107. So called Supreme Court
  108. Is Nevada Feeling the Bern?
  109. Trump mentions solo run again!
  110. Bill Clinton Responds To Heckler And Compares Trump To Biblical Figure
  111. Speculation on a Trump Strategy
  112. Robert Reich on the Supreme Court Vacancy
  113. 32% of Americans never heard of Scalia
  114. tPF Frustrated female Senators say Hillary a victim of sexism
  115. President Ronald Reagan had strong words about confirming his final Supreme Court ...
  116. tPF The Fight Over Scalia's Replacement Shows Why Most People Hate Dems & Reps
  117. The Supreme Court nomination and non-functional government
  118. What If the Presidential Election Is a Tie?
  119. Why isn't Kasich Gettiing More Attention?
  120. Warning: Democrats & Phony Outrage
  121. Survey: Clinton Maintains Massive Superdelegate Lead
  122. tPF Which is the party of Change?
  123. tPF So we know you hate Cruz? just what policy of his do you think would destroy us?
  124. tPF Scalia Merc'd?
  125. Contrast: What seperates Bernie from Trump is Not Me ... Us
  126. tPF Why should the Pope stay out of politics?
  127. tPF Charles Koch: 'I agree' with Bernie Sanders
  128. He Shoots... He Scores! ...... NOT!
  129. Poll Fails To Support McConnell’s Motivations For Blocking Supreme Court Nominees
  130. Vatican Says; Pope Francis' Comments on Trump in 'No Way' a Personal Attack
  131. Hillary Clinton just can’t win: Democrats need to accept that only Bernie Sanders....
  132. tPF The Pope Is A Marxist
  133. tPF The Democratic Party is a joke
  134. tPF Clinton braces for Nevada nail-biter
  135. tPF Sanders: Two-party system holds back competition
  136. tPF DNC's Scheduling of Nevada Caucus Disenfranchises Jewish Voters
  137. tPF Charles Koch: I agree with Bernie
  138. tPF Donald Trump’s secret? Channeling Andrew Jackson
  139. Bernie Sanders and Black Voters
  140. tPF Whelp, it look like President Trump.
  141. tPF Rapper Killer Mike sounds sane, principled, and very intelligent.
  142. tPF If Trump wins the Republican nomination, who should he pick as running mate?
  143. tPF Most Americans Dislike Hillary Clinton, But They Like Her More Than Donald Trump
  144. tPF Joe Biden lectures Obama to NOT nominate a SCOTUS candidate during election year
  145. When NEWT GINGRICH can tell you that you've fucked up - YOU. HAVE. FUCKED. UP.
  146. Watching Bernie on CNN's Town Hall
  147. Watching the queen of pants suits on the CNN Town Hall
  148. President Obama Must Play It Cool
  149. The first Americans were Muslims
  150. Barack Obama: A President of Well Documented "Firsts"
  151. The GOP Propaganda Machine
  152. tPF Rebuilding the military
  153. tPF Your flip flops
  154. tPF Trump
  155. White Basketball Fans Find A 'Meaningfu'l Way To Taunt Racial Minority Opponents
  156. Violence & Divisiveness following Mr Trump.........Everywhere!
  157. tPF Question for Republicans who support the GOP Senate's current stand on SCOTUS
  158. tPF Why this forum is probably worthless
  159. Prisoners and sex reassignment surgery
  160. 'Make America Great Again'
  161. Trump vs. Hillary
  162. tPF Proven statistical model gives Trump win chance of 97% over Hillary...
  163. tPF Trump the Racist
  164. The Republican debate
  165. tPF Which primary should Green Arrow vote in?
  166. New Hampshire GOP Rep.: ‘The Pope Is The Anti-Christ’
  167. What would be the best outcome in Syria?
  168. Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Clinton Investigation.
  169. Here's What Trump Supporters Think "Make America Great Again" Means
  170. tPF The Only Choice
  171. tPF The best "ally" USA digging more ditches
  172. Republicans Rocked As Polls Show 4 Senators Could Lose Seats Due To Obstructing Obama
  173. tPF Giving up US citizenship could save Pfizer $35B in taxes
  174. State Dept. Benghazi Doc Dump
  175. tPF Black Box Voting dot org
  176. tPF Bernie’s health plan is actually a kind of a train wreck for the poor
  177. tPF How Donald Trump will Get the Mexican Government to pay for the wall and deport 11m
  178. tPF The Rise of Intolerant Liberals
  179. Mass Deportation - What Would It Look Like?
  180. Conservative Gives 40 Reasons Not To Vote For Donald Trump
  181. tPF How Donald Trump Answers A Question
  182. tPF Why Donald Trump Is A Gift To Democracy
  183. tPF How Corrupt is America?
  184. tPF The Party of Big Government strikes again!
  185. tPF Could Bloomberg wreck the country?
  186. tPF Welp, looks like Christie probably won't be the VP
  187. ted cruz on the stump
  188. Social Security And The Trust Fund
  189. Trump's Biggest Fan In The Media : Trump's Duke and KKK Comments "Disqualifying"
  190. tPF Hillary Promisses to continue the Economic plan of President Obama? And Not Bubba's
  191. tPF Drudge link crashes to Boston Herald news on Democrat defections
  192. tPF Laura Ingraham: The Suicide of the GOP Establishment
  193. tPF Last Batch of Clinton Emails Released
  194. Warning: America's Embarrassing Train Wreck........Donald Trump
  195. His Weekend With Trump In 1996
  196. 20,000 Dems in Massachusetts switch for Trump
  197. White House wants more Syrian refugees
  198. Setting the Over / Under for Ted Cruz Drop-Out
  199. tPF Meet The Billionaires Who Have Blown Big Money On Losing Candidates
  200. If Americans really let this come down to Trump vs Clinton..
  201. Is Donald Trump a Democratic plant?
  202. tPF It's not about Bernie Sanders
  203. tPF Reality Check: No Matter Who Wins the White House, the New Boss Will Be the Same as t
  204. tPF Senator Bernie Sanders
  205. Payday Loan Sharks Have Good Friend in Government: Democratic Party Chair
  206. Donald Trump Discusses Penis Size During Fox News Republican Debate
  207. tPF This is why I am an Independent
  208. GOP’s self-made Trump dilemma: Understanding the monster of their own creation
  209. tPF Why is it bad for white voters to support candidates who appeal to their issues?
  210. Jim Webb
  211. tPF Pat Buchanan Has Spoken
  212. Why Donald Trump Is Winning and Bernie Sanders Isn't
  213. Trump's Views Are Mainstream
  214. Warning: Why I'm Switching to Clinton
  215. tPF Trump and Sanders Are Both Conservatives
  216. Trump Dominates TV : Chaos pays. That is what defines the American political culture
  217. Cruz wins Kansas
  218. tPF Why Aren't More Americans Working?
  219. How far can super-delegates get you?
  220. tPF Bernie Sanders wins Kansas, Nebraska
  221. Cruz gains on Saturday. Rubio fizzles
  222. Disagree??? but still very proud!!!!
  223. tPF The rise of Trump: left out voters
  224. Nancy Reagan: “I Want Hillary to Win”
  225. Finally! A Democrat in Congress Calls Out Hillary Clinton's Hawkishness
  226. Marco Rubio Wins the Puerto Rico Primary
  227. Foreign Diplomats Voicing Alarm To U.S. Officials About Trump
  228. tPF Possible SCOTUS nominiees
  229. Watched Bernie's town hall
  230. tPF Clinton calls for a returning control of the Detroit Schools to the City of Detroit.
  231. Dark Horse
  232. tPF The case against Hillary Clinton: This is the disaster Democrats must avoid
  233. tPF An interesting perspective on the failings of all the Presidential candidates
  234. For Someone Who Claims To Be So Smart, Trump Sure Doesn't Seem To Know A Lot
  235. tPF The unionization of medical marijuana dispensaries
  236. Trump happily accepts support from yet another absolute kook...
  237. Largest Newspaper In South Florida Won't Endorse In GOP Primary - No One Qualified
  238. tPF Republican oligarchs threaten to vote Hillary over Trump
  239. Identity of 150 Dead Somalis Unknown
  240. tPF Bernie Sanders wins Michigan
  241. tPF The Republican Party’s weird 52 year curse
  242. A Good Day For Dems: Trump By The Numbers - Enjoy
  243. Mitt Romney fires back at ‘Mean Tweets’ from Donald Trump supporters
  244. Democrats Now Favored to Win Senate
  245. tPF The USA Is Going to the Dogs, as It Always Has in the Past
  246. Democratic debate.
  247. The GOP and the Country, Post-Trump
  248. Socialism
  249. "Of Course We Would Consider SCOTUS Nom if Obama were Republican"
  250. tPF Gallup Finds More Libertarians in the Electorate