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  1. If anyone needed more Proof: Protester's Face Attacks Man's Fist At Trump Rally
  2. Reporter Says She Was 'Jolted' and 'Yanked' by Donald Trump's Campaign Manager
  3. LOL at CNN: Trump Butler: "Incredibly Generous," "Just A Nice Man"
  4. tPF Two Democrats, Two Myths
  5. tPF Trump is a blunt no-crap mensch while Cruz is a ham actor doling out fake compassion
  6. My VP Pick w/ Sanders
  7. Hillary, keep your stories stright.
  8. Benghaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazi
  9. Republican debate
  10. tPF Ted Cruz's annointing goes mainstream: headlined on Drudge today
  11. tPF Scott Adams on the strategic ambiguity of Donald Trump
  12. Trump rallies - violence and hate
  13. So much for America's supposed interest in character
  14. tPF Source: Clinton IT specialist revealing server details to FBI, 'devastating witness'
  15. Obama to Republicans. " I didnt create Trump. Your bigotry toward me did.
  16. Trump officially blew his chances of ever being president today
  17. Obama wants a non-Christian Foreign Devil on SCOTUS
  18. I believe it most enigmatic
  19. Why is Trump getting all this attention from the left?
  20. tPF The Main Casualty of Cancelled Trump Rally Is The Idea of Free Speech
  21. Why we don't need one party rule
  22. tPF How President Reagan dealt with the Berkeley protesters in 1969
  23. Rubio raises doubts that he can support Trump as the GOP nominee
  24. The truth about Trump rallies - 2 guys go undercover
  25. 'They're shocked!' Obama mocks GOP establishment for handling of Trump
  26. tPF Hillary Campaign Ad - SNL
  27. Running to the Right of a Fascist
  28. Economy causing extreme behaviour?
  29. The most damaging episode in saga of Trump's fractured relationship with the blacks
  30. Trump To Media: "I Don't Condone Violence"
  31. Trump as I see him...
  32. tPF Can Sanders turn the US into Denmark? An investigation
  33. Corporal punishment VS imprisonment
  34. Here's hoping Kasich wins Ohio!!
  35. tPF New Poll: Left-Wing Protesters Drive People into Arms of Donald Trump
  36. tPF Cruz 101
  37. i never thought that i'd write this.
  38. The difference in temperament of presidential candidates
  39. Why no Democrat will ever be my president
  40. What a depressing turn of events
  41. Should the United States maintain a "Standing Army"
  42. tPF The Assassination of Donald Trump
  43. Who You Gonna Believe, Donald Trump Or Your Lying Eyes?
  44. Joe Scarborough Finds Out Who Is Advising Donald Trump On Foreign Policy
  45. Is Trump encouraging (or threatening) violence?
  46. WaPo: Three Pinocchios for declaring Senate’s “constitutional duty” to vote on Garlan
  47. Why don't Democrats want to start winning in the midterms?
  48. tPF A honest Republican speaks out...
  49. tPF ISIS ---- USA war tool
  50. Trump, all these people against him!
  51. Anyone see Lindsey Graham Pledge his support for Cruz???? LOL!
  52. Breaking Bernie news
  53. $15 minimum wages looks like this
  54. Blowing in the wind
  55. Immigation issue then and now
  56. The chaos scenario for Democrats
  57. Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland has tutored these D.C. school kids for years
  58. Bernie Sanders
  59. Border Patrol union: 'Trump is the only candidate' to support agents
  60. Paycheck Promises
  61. Should GOP scrap idea of contested convention for Trump? Fox News
  62. Kasich: Here’s How I’ll Win the Nomination
  63. Are Conservatives More Honest Than Liberals?
  64. Arizona Trump attacker is......
  65. The Difference Between todays GOP Candidates
  66. Question: Anyone here ever changed your mind
  67. Bill Clinton Slams Obama’s “Awful Legacy”
  68. tPF The Voter
  69. Poll: 6 in 10 Republicans embarrassed by GOP race
  70. Arizona primary results
  71. President Obama Calls Out Ted Cruz for Muslim Surveillance Proposal
  72. Either cut off Trump's phone privileges; or allow more to do so
  73. tPF Disinterest and apathy are crushing it in the US elections right now
  74. Mitt Romney’s Attack Ad on Donald Trump
  75. Uh oh. National Enquirer takes aim at Ted Cruz... and his 5 mistresses
  76. Looks Like Republicans Plan To Carry On From Right Where They Left Off...
  77. Update from the Garden of Delicate Flowers
  78. Trans Man Destroys North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law in One Brilliant Tweet
  79. Warning: To Bernie Believers and Never Trumpers
  80. tPF Justin Trudeau is pretty sure you won't move to Canada
  81. tPF Hillary Clinton Represents A Corporate Party - Not A Progressive Party
  82. Leftie: "Is Trump's popularity a result of the Left's alienation of Conservatives?"
  83. tPF Democratic Socialist Republic
  84. tPF Calculator tells you how each presidential candidate's tax plan affects you
  85. Watch In Horror As Donald Trump Morphs Into Cthulhu
  86. tPF And the war on the homeless continues, this time with cell phones
  87. Sen. Lindsey Graham: "I had to swallow my pride to endorse Ted Cruz."
  88. Medical Marijuana Reduces Painkiller Deaths by 25%
  89. "obscene amount of money to attend,”
  90. Its Not about Presidency, its the school board and city council. Dim Future for Dems
  91. Warning: Time for Hillary Clinton to Concede to Bernie Sanders
  92. the myth of the reagan democrat
  93. Trump’s Top Strategist Just Quit And Wrote This Brutal Open Letter To Trump Voters
  94. The Media Helped Make Trump: "We Were Lap Dogs, Not Watchdogs"
  95. Warning: How the G.O.P. Elite Lost Its Voters to Donald Trump
  96. trumpsters in pa
  97. RNC Official : The Parties Choose The Nominee, Not The Primary Voters
  98. Was punched at a Donald Trump rally, his message of hate caused the violence
  99. The People vs. OJ Simpson
  100. tPF That Wisconsin Town Hall made a difference last night IMO, particularly to me
  101. tPF More Dirty DNC Deeds Done Dirt Cheap: Sanders Bumped Off D.C. Ballot
  102. At least 180K join GOP as Pa. primary nears
  103. Hippity-hoppity, flippity-floppity
  104. McCain-Linked Nonprofit Received $1 Million From Saudi Arabia
  105. ObamaCare Is Sick, And Getting Sicker, Report Finds
  106. Warning: Evidence That Donald Trump’s Shtick May Be Getting Old.
  107. tPF The Art of the New Deal
  108. tPF Republicans would be screwed without racist voters
  109. tPF Corporate Sponsors Freaking Out Over Sponsoring The Republican National HateFest
  110. I heard Trump today in a radio interview
  111. tPF President Erdogan met with Obamba
  112. #NeverTrump vs. #NeverHillary
  113. The FBI stalks Hillary while Bill Clinton trolls Obama
  114. Sanders vs Trump debate
  115. Marijuana Activists to Light Up in Front of White House Saturday
  116. what americans don't get about nordic countries
  117. tPF VIDEO: WH Censors French President Saying ‘ISLAMIST Terrorism’
  118. hillary's pissed
  119. It’s Probably First Ballot Or Bust For Donald Trump At The GOP Convention
  120. tPF How Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Have Made the Libertarian Party Relevant
  121. Sorry, But The Real Unemployment Rate Is 9.8%, Not 5%
  122. tPF Donald Trump has collapsed in general election polls
  123. Countering Social Justice Warriors and Group Indentity Politics
  124. Superdelegates
  125. tPF What are ‘Liberals,’ What are ‘Progressives,’ and Why the Difference Matters
  126. Blue collar voters: Trade is killing us
  127. Would you vote for Trump?
  128. The Fight for $15 Is Unreasonable. That’s Why It’s Winning.
  129. tPF Hillary Clinton So Sick and Tired of Bernie Sanders Campaign Lies
  130. tPF Democrats: Convince me to vote for Hillary
  131. tPF Republicans: Convince me to vote for Trump or Cruz
  132. Trump Base Determined - Whites Afraid That Whites Are "Losing Out"
  133. How to "fix it"
  134. Hillary, "the lesser of two evils"
  135. H Clinton Says Unborn Have No Constitutional Rights
  136. Trump - The Zombie Candidate
  137. Which Party Panders to Ex-Cons?
  138. The bizarre history of Superdelegates and why Republicans wish they had them
  139. tPF Economic models predict GOP win
  140. tPF And, once again, Pat Buchanan is right. Why hasn't this man ever been President?
  141. Donald Trump's foreign policy critics have gotten it all wrong since 9-11
  142. Hillary’s women problem- most women don't like her
  143. Hillary's 'Classified' Smokescreen Hides Real Crime
  144. The Gettysburg Address.... Trump style
  145. tPF Waco Massacre - What happens if you try to create your own state in USA
  146. Warning: 2nd Amendment gaining traction with minorities
  147. It's Wednesday..Where's our new Hillary Email Thread??
  148. It's Wednesday..Where's our new Black People & Chicago Thread??
  149. So Much for the Excuse of Let The People Decide
  150. Do you think voters should have to show ID?
  151. Teen who tripped Trump is voting for Hillary
  152. Did Bernie botch an interview with the Daily News?
  153. tPF You commit three felonies a day
  154. Millions penalized for not purchasing health insurance
  155. The Communications Workers union is supporting Bernie and Hillary
  156. tPF A Nation of Laws—Sort Of
  157. Maryland governor: highest approval rating since 1998
  158. tPF How to defeat the left’s identity politics
  159. Priebus: The party is choosing a nominee
  160. No license needed to carry handguns in Oklahoma under bill
  161. Neck and neck!
  162. Obama Claims Power to Make Illegal Immigrants Eligible for Social Security, Disabilit
  163. tPF As if the Republicans didn't have enough problems, Scientology is infiltrating them.
  164. Americans spend more on taxes than food, clothing, housing combined
  165. Warning: GOP Congressman Admits That The Purpose Of Voter ID Laws Is To Help Republicans
  166. Dennis Hastert accused of sexual abuse by at least 4, sources say
  167. Should Government Create 'Living Wage' By Supplementing Low Wage Worker's Earnings?
  168. Black lives matter v. Bill Clinton
  169. Indy GOP leaders push to embrace gay families in state party platform
  170. Happy Birthday Obamacare
  171. Seven in 10 people hold unfavorable view of Donald Trump
  172. Sander’s Great Society plan could add $15T to debt
  173. To the future president of the US
  174. SALON: Hillary’s world is collapsing around her
  175. Banned Documentaries - Episode 1: The Hillary Files
  176. Source: No 'coincidence' Romanian hacker Guccifer extradited amid Clinton probe
  177. Obama’s former Defense Secretaries speak
  178. Swedish Economist Schools Sanders On The Ravages Of Socialism
  179. U.S. 'surge operation' to clear 10,000 Syrian refugees in just 3 months
  180. FBI Warns of Cyber Threat to Electric Grid
  181. tPF Rather good article in the Atlantic about the Republican convention.
  182. Warning: Cruz says abortion by rape victim is wrong.
  183. Feel the burn
  184. Warning: Sanders Wins Wyoming by 12 Points But
  185. What to do with the (D) and (R) clowns
  186. Unemployment and minimum wage
  187. tPF Laura Bush SLAMS The GOP, Says She’d Rather Vote For Hillary Than A Republican
  188. tPF GOP screws the pooch in Colorado with Cruz vote theft
  189. Well Regulated: Inside an Indiana Militia
  190. US faces ‘disastrous’ $3.4t pension funding hole
  191. Team Obama is setting us up for another housing-market collapse
  192. tPF After Hillary is elected
  193. Senate map looking better and better for Dems
  194. BOSTON GLOBE to publish fake news in Trump edition of Sunday paper...
  195. Thomas Frank On The Election, The Democrats, And Income Inequality
  196. Former White House Staffer Spills The Beans On The ‘Paranoid’ Clintons
  197. tPF Colorado GOP Leader to Disgruntled Trump Supporter: Go Ahead and Burn the Party Down
  198. Former Republican Speaker Hastert Raped 4 Children
  199. tPF Clinton camp: Sanders rigging system with superdelegates
  200. i still don't care for him
  201. Classic Clinton diversion tactic
  202. Why I support Trump.
  203. Sent another donation to Sanders
  204. Another (R) hand in the cookie Jar.....
  205. Captain America: Civil War - Presidential Election Version
  206. Imagine the outcry if a Republican said this.
  207. Obama's comments on Clinton email raises concerns of bias
  208. 60 MINUTES’: Lawmakers Say Redacted Pages Of 9/11 Report Show Saudi Official Met Hija
  209. Top Republicans may skip GOP convention
  210. tPF Man called "danger to unsuspecting women" is a sponsor of TN's anti-TG bathroom bill
  211. Democrats Vs. Republicans: Still No Contest
  212. Warning: ted cruz and the war on dildos
  213. No duh, Cher
  214. Bernie Sanders’ climate consistency
  215. Why the Goldman Sachs settlement is a $5B sham
  216. The public pension crisis
  217. Conservatives to demand impeachment of IRS chief
  218. Pick and choose Constitution
  219. Fact checking the Democratic debate
  220. I've been voting since I was first able.
  221. Tax day
  222. Bernie Earned Less in Year than Hillary Made in Single Speech
  223. ABSCAM agents to FBI chief: Bureau's 'reputation' on the line in Clinton probe
  224. Gen. David Petraeus on fighting Islamists
  225. As the Debt Hits $19 Trillion, Has the US Reached a Tipping Point?
  226. Hillary's Lies About "the video made em to it"
  227. Fortune Magazine: Why Attacking Hillary Clinton for Speaking Fees Is Hypocritical.
  228. tPF Democrats and Totalitarianism.
  229. Obama immigration actions face critical day at high court
  230. Republicans and totalitarianism
  231. How the House could steal the general election for GOP
  232. Why Obama Will Go Down as One of the Greatest Presidents of All Time
  233. A Hillary Clinton—Goldman Sachs 'Wall Street' speech has been released
  234. Warning: 45% pay no federal income tax
  235. Rand Paul bill would block feds from unilaterally disarming veterans, seniors
  236. What happened to Glenn Beck?
  237. tPF What workfair would look like
  238. Comments on the Democratic Race
  239. New Bernie Sanders Campaign Add, Directed by Spike Lee
  240. Bernie's Sweden isn't what he thinks
  241. In case you didn't believe Hillary Clinton was a Wall Street fluffer
  242. If Trump beats Clinton we all lose
  243. What were they thinking?
  244. tPF Militarized Dolphins
  245. Warning: Democrat Party - Pro-Amnesty, Pro-Law Breaking
  246. Enough With the Hillary Cult
  247. A New "Quote Of The Campaign" from the Frontrunner Emerges
  248. Donations to the Clinton Foundation
  249. Oath Keepers Predict Civil War is Clinton Elected
  250. Trump Poised to Get Lowest Vote Ever Among Latinos