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  1. Delegates face death threats from Trump supporters.
  2. Under new Oregon law, all eligible voters are registered unless they opt out
  3. Salon: Bernie is the front-runner until Hillary is cleared
  4. Should America Do Less?
  5. tPF How Democrats Win Debates by Corrupting English
  6. Paul LePage to heroin addicts: Drop Dead
  7. An all female ticket: good move or bad move?
  8. Reality! 2008 a black man is elected President....
  9. I am psychic . I can predict the future of the next administration
  10. Former Religious Right Activist Pays Heartfelt Tribute To President Obama
  11. tPF Reagan-era Supply Side guru upset with modern Republicans
  12. The Cruz-Kasich pact is off to a rocky start
  13. tPF New money-laundering capital of the World
  14. How Donald Trump Can Beat Hillary Clinton.....
  15. AZvoting problems: ‘Every single time it happened-it was a Democratic voter
  16. Skinheads Come Out in Full Force for Donald Trump in Pennsylvania
  17. Cruz calls Trump a sore loser - Trump's right though .. Ted's a pain in the ass
  18. Bad News For GOP Now And Future - Clinton Trounces Trump Among Millenials
  19. Warning: Hillary thinks she is clever on Wall Street Speeches
  20. Let's Just Fire them.
  21. Rhode Island is closing 2/3 of their polling places for tomorrow
  22. Federal Judge Upholds North Carolina Voter ID Law
  23. Hillary Clinton: Half of my Cabinet will be women......
  24. Could the Cruz/Fish Face alliance backfire?
  25. Dem turnout 20% down from 2008
  26. President Obama left the Republicans Speechless
  27. The Mary Pat Christie eye-roll when Trump disses Hillary.
  28. Cruz/Fiorina Ticket?
  29. Trump First Foreign Policy Speech ~ 'Obama to blame for everything since Cold War'
  30. Warning: Dennis Hastery (R) ex house speaker (child molestor)
  31. Here's another side of Trump
  32. Police shooting study- race matters
  33. tPF Text of Trump's foreign policy speech
  34. What went down at Milo’s talk at American University
  35. tPF Boehner: Cruz is 'Lucifer in the flesh'
  36. Warning: Look who is going to bat for Dennis Hastert.
  37. Conservative Foreign Policy Expert Vents - "If I lose Friends Over Trump, So be It"
  38. Big Bush and Rubio Donors Shun Cruz and Kasich.....
  39. Warning: Mass Surveillance and Self-Censorship
  40. Hey I know Deny Deny Deny: But Jim DiMint, who should know, admits it!
  41. “Bernie or Bust,”
  42. GOP Waves Goodbye To Hispanic Voters
  43. Obama didn't create Trump. Hatred of Obama did
  44. Greatest Trump Line Ever, Thanks you idiots in Burlingame CA
  45. White House struggles to explain weak economy
  46. Don't Be A Chump. Vote For TRUMP!
  47. HuffPo: Dear FBI the Democratic Party’s future rests in your hands
  48. tPF How 2016 Could Be Like 1912
  49. tPF Why is Bernie Sanders Still Running for President?
  50. Congress is setting a record for do-nothingness this year
  51. Political Cartoons.....
  52. tPF When will this godless commie harrassment of our Guardians of Morality cease?
  53. Hillary Has Received Hundreds of Thousands Fewer Votes in 2016 vs. 2008
  54. New poll shows Trump up by 15 over Ted
  55. tPF Trump VEEP thread! Who's your choice?
  56. Salon: Clintonism screwed the Democrats
  57. Warning: NYP: How Donald Trump beats Hillary Clinton
  58. Is the soul of the Democratic party corrupt?
  59. Women Giving Clinton the Cold Shoulder
  60. The Impossibility of Reviving American Manufacturing
  61. GOP-led Committee Votes to Require That Women Register for Draft......
  62. The Donald's Running-Away Mates
  63. It is my sincere hope....
  64. Just Keep it Classy Dems
  65. Warning: Trump leads Clinton by 2 points in Rasmussen poll
  66. Let's talk about "conservatism"
  67. "Hillary" is a Dirty Word on College Campuses
  68. Texas Talking Secession, again?
  69. What one issue divided the Democrats?
  70. It really is becoming quite Embarrassing - Cruz and Donald Public Love Spat
  71. tPF Trump Likely Secures the GOP nomination.
  72. tPF Bernie Wins...Again
  73. DNC chairwoman: If up to me, I’d exclude independents from Dem primaries......
  74. Jane Sanders : 'Bernie Has Brought People In' To Democratic Party
  75. tPF Ted Cruz suspends campaign
  76. A Conservative Republican Pledges His Vote To Hillary Clinton
  77. Stephen King got it right:
  78. At the starting gate: Clinton leads Trump by double-digits
  79. I thought #NeverTrump crowd were coming around
  80. The Electoral Map Is A Dose Of Reality For The Republicans To Chew On
  81. The "Trumpmare" is real .. Dems will take back Senate
  82. tPF Kasich Drops!
  83. tPF Arizona is a red state. We have a republican governor
  84. Hillary Clinton Should Concede to Bernie Sanders Before The FBI Reveals Its Findings.
  85. Poll: Majority of Democrats Want Sanders to Stay in Until Convention......
  86. Failed Media Predictions About Trump
  87. Alan Grayson: Lebron James and Social Security
  88. Appalachia turns on Clinton, now Trump country
  89. If Clinton Names Elizabeth Warren As V.P., Wouldn't It Clinch The Election For Her?
  90. Trump Voters put in perspective
  91. Politico Exposes Clinton Campaign ‘Money-Laundering’ Scheme
  92. The GOP purging begins.
  93. Warning: The threat from 2016 election is not what you think!
  94. David Brock Says He Has Enough Anti-Trump Info ‘To Knock Trump Tower Down’
  95. Devastating Anti-Trump General election Ad released - w/ All Republicans
  96. Since the Stones are Out - A Campaign Song Just for the Donald
  97. Paul Ryan : Not Supporting Trump At This Time
  98. In 6 months since budget deal, debt up over $1T
  99. Trump Story Of The Day
  100. The 12 Signs That Trump Will Win the White House......
  101. Officials: Scant evidence that Clinton had malicious intent in handling of emails
  102. tPF Donald Trump and the Working Class
  103. tPF Trump's running mate: Darth Vadar?
  104. May 7, 2010 - McCain vows to "Complete the Danged Fence.
  105. Rick Perry willing to be Trump's VP......
  106. Mary Matalin left the GOP
  107. tPF A tale of two recoveries: Reagan v Obama
  108. Trump v Hillary: Nationalism v Globalism
  109. tPF A case for Voting for Trump.
  110. Our awful elites gutted America. Now they dare ring alarms about Trump, Sanders
  111. Why Trump's U.S. Debt 'Default' Isn’t as Insane as It Sounds
  112. Rick Perry Has Endorsed Trump, So Why Does His Website Still Call Trump "Cancer"?
  113. Why is Bernie still attracting crowds?
  114. Warning: Did anyone catch Trumps diatribe yesterday in Oregon?
  115. Senior Advisor Suggests Trump May Speak Every Night At Republican Convention
  116. Flip Flop Trump
  117. WAPO : 70% Of Trump's Fact-Checked Statements Are 4 - Pinocchio Lies
  118. Warning: Trump invokes Clinton impeachment in latest attack.....
  119. tPF Dilbert Creator Scott Adams on Donald Trump's "Linguistic Kill Shots"
  120. Palin wants to get rid of the Creepy Munster Kid
  121. Run Sarah, RUN!
  122. Warning: Trump rape of minor child alleged....
  123. Sarah Palin Says She'll Work to Defeat House Speaker Paul Ryan.....
  124. Trump Draws A Line In The Sand
  125. Another flip and where's the tax return Donald?
  126. Trump Demands That CNN Anchor Congratulate Him On Being The Nominee
  127. How Trump Compares To Previous GOP Candidates Among Crucial Voting Blocks
  128. The incredible shrinking clown car of Trump Veep possibilities
  129. Canada for president 2016?
  130. Trump and Romney
  131. Good Times. Trump's Family Vacation in Aspen (the Love triangle story).
  132. LOL Clinton's release a BS Rapist Story we see here 17 pages / Trump says I raise you
  133. Clinton and the DNC Are Not Just Colluding -
  134. Cruz May Restart Campaign
  135. Libertarian Party Leader Gary Johnson : What Donakld Trump Says Is Ridiculous
  136. Republicans and their "family values".
  137. Let's go Polling, the dems like that right now
  138. tPF Ben Rhodes Reveals How Obama Duped America Into The Dangerous Iran Deal
  139. Kentucky.
  140. Why is he voting for Donald Trump
  141. the inevitability of hillary, part xix
  142. Kimmel: Rick "Hemorrhoids" Perry endorses Donald "Ass Cancer" Trump for President.
  143. ‘Choose me’: Sarah Palin says she’s ‘as vetted as anybody in the country’ for Trump’s
  144. Trump Vows NOT to Release Taxes
  145. Trump May Ask Ex-NY Mayor to Study Muslim Ban
  146. Give 'Em Hell, Harry
  147. ANALYSIS: Democrats Again Sound Alarms for Hillary Clinton....
  148. Veteran Presidential Campaign Reporters : Trump Lies Like We Have Never Seen Before
  149. Sadiq Khan pledges to help Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump
  150. Mark Cuban Rips Donald Trump-Warning-it is lewd!!!- R Rated
  151. tPF A Voter’s Guide to Where the Political Parties Stand on Everything
  152. tPF These Two Videos Help Explain Why You Hate Politics
  153. Dem meeting boils over with Reid-Grayson confrontation.....
  154. Beyond Sustaining Failed Obama Policy & Gender Pandering, what does Hillary Offer?
  155. FBI Chief says he's unfamiliar with Hillary's "Security Inquiry" Term
  156. Here's what the Conservative "National Review" says about Trump:
  157. you guys should ask for a raise
  158. tPF Democratic congressman writes Anonymous tell-all book....
  159. Clinton distrust renews Democrats’ pessimism about General Election....
  160. Sanders: We're 'fighting for the soul of the Democratic Party' ......
  161. New Trump polling numbers are in!
  162. tPF Clintons Siphoned $100 Mil From Mideast Leaders
  163. Here is what we are up against in ISIS
  164. Trump claims he didn’t regularly use a fake name. That’s not what he said under oath.
  165. tPF Obama's dictate to all public schools in America
  166. "America's toughest sheriff faces jail"....
  167. 'Hillary’s America' to open just before GOP convention
  168. Senate appropriations bill spends more than Obama requested
  169. Irony
  170. FBI head questions Clinton’s characterization of the investigation
  171. Murder rates spike: the Ferguson effect
  172. How liberals and conservatives have abandoned their redeeming qualities
  173. James Clapper- the US can’t fix the Middle East
  174. Trump, Ryan Edge Closer After Washington Meetings
  175. Warning: Flight logs show Bill Clinton flew on sex offender's jet much more than previously kn
  176. tPF My Political Endorsement, as It Were
  177. tPF Republican party unifier: Donald Trump?
  178. tPF Who You Should Vote For by ME!
  179. ACU Chairman: Mitt Romney Needs to 'Go Home and Be Quiet'.....
  180. Hillary the weak candidate
  181. ‘WE NEED A MEDIC!’ Hillary, Bernie delegates clash at NV Dem convention
  182. Remember the Clinton Cash Scandals?
  183. tPF Is Bernie Sanders Staying in the Race Because of Hillary Clinton's FBI Investigation?
  184. Hillary Clinton's 'Delegate Hell'......
  185. tPF Why won't Hillary release her Wall Street speech transcripts?
  186. Uh Oh.....Now the evangilists are comin to get Donald
  187. Elizabeth Warren laughs at Trump’s wimpy insults: ‘That’s the best you could come up
  188. Benghazi chairman ignores statement by GOP lawyer
  189. Clueless Trump brags about new poll that shows him statistically tied with Hillary
  190. Centrist Democrats: We can work with President Trump.....
  191. Wait! What? Trump Only Makes $500k a Year? Or is He' Lying ... Again?
  192. Trump wants to put PALiN on his ticket as Vice President. "No More Retreads"!
  193. Great Moments In Presidential Oration
  194. Just when you think Conservatives can't get anymore Hillarious
  195. After 3 Months, Congress Ready to Act on Obama's Zika Call
  196. MSNBC Panel: Trump Could Cite Clinton’s Association With Elite Pedophile
  197. Report: Romney Wooing Non-Trump Independent Candidate to Enter Race.....
  198. tPF On the issues, AND THE ISSUES ONLY!!!! WARNING
  199. Clinton Needs To Attack Trump On The Birther Issue
  200. Koch world realignment, less national politics
  201. tPF Hillary’s Lead Over Trump Has Completely Evaporated
  202. Speculation on Obama's participation in the White House race
  203. Equal Pay for Equal work
  204. Nevada Democrats: Sanders campaign has violent streak.....
  205. Chart Of New Poll Shows Electorate To Be Following Predicted Choices
  206. Poll: GOP Voters Trust Trump More Than Ryan.....
  207. Republicans Grind Entire Judicial Nomination Process To A Crawl
  208. Regan Warned U.S. About Obama, the Debt, and the Progressive-Fascists
  209. The news has been reporting (no link its the news)
  210. Obama Alienates Millions with Incendiary Pro-Knowledge Remarks
  211. tPF Trump voters IQ test
  212. The Presumptive Republican Nominee Suggests That Ignorance Is A Virtue
  213. Bernie is showing the Donald where to beat Hillary
  214. tPF Conservatives More Susceptible to BS Than Liberals
  215. Trump to Kelly: 'You’ve been called a lot worse' than Bimbo
  216. Dem Meltdown Continues: Barbara Boxer Badly Booed
  217. Trey Gowdy Finally Admits The Truth About Benghazi
  218. Remember Me? I was the Up and Coming GOP All Star
  219. Why You Should Vote Rep or Dem
  220. Trump Golf Course Mysteriously Loses 95% Of Its Value
  221. Resign or Be Removed: Censure Resolution Introduced for IRS Commissioner......
  222. Trump demands that VP-candidates show tax-returns
  223. Long TSA lines: push for funding, or incompetence
  224. tPF Sides??
  225. tPF Why should Hillary release the transcripts of her speech?
  226. tPF Trump releases his list of 11 SCOTUS candidates
  227. tPF Hillary Clinton will destroy you
  228. Dying GOP Senator Apologizes To Muslims For Donald Trump
  229. Trump: When I Said ‘Punishment,’ I Meant Women Should Punish Themselves for Abortion
  230. Trump Reveals Potential SCOTUS Picks - Oops one thinks he's an Evil Idiot
  231. tPF Five Reasons Why You Should Vote Libertarian
  232. tPF Fox Poll has Trump ahead by 3%
  233. tPF Give yourself a 10 minute wake up call
  234. A prominent GOP political consultant saw this conflagration coming back in 2012.
  235. Hillary Clinton says race against Bernie Sanders is 'done'.....
  236. Can America ever escape its failing foreign policy?
  237. tPF 2016 Election Taking a toll on Mrs. Clinton.
  238. Trump further disqualifies himself--damning call-in to Morning Joe 05/20/16
  239. Sanders Quietly Reassures Democrats
  240. June, 2012...Romney ahead of Obama
  241. Maryland Trump delegate by day... child pornography buff by night
  242. Ouch: 41 Percent Of Hispanics Have Negative View Of Hillary -
  243. Mercenaries are still the silent majority of Obama’s military
  244. tPF Sanders outraised Clinton in April after all
  245. tPF Trump: The voice of dissent, or a liabilty?
  246. Hillary Clinton's campaign just released the worst Venn diagram of all time.....
  247. tPF The Gaining Popularity of Donald Trump, and what it means for the USA
  248. tPF Don't be fooled - this is progressivism
  249. Economics has failed America
  250. tPF Venn Diagrams