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  1. tPF TRUMP, and Chance? for Change
  2. Sanders v/s Trump
  3. Petitions To Bern Out Debbie Wasserman Schultz Soar Past 200,000 Signatures.....
  4. Begrudging WaPo poll: Trump 46%, Clinton 44%
  5. tPF Bernie Sanders – A 60s revolutionary throwback
  6. Forecasting model: The GOP might be headed for a landslide victory in November -
  7. 69 year old black woman in Virginia brought 4 forms of ID to polls & couldn't vote
  8. Trump acknowledges climate change — at his golf course
  9. Colin Powell says he’s only still a republican because “it annoys them”
  10. tPF Another Democrat Scandal and this one has Teeth!
  11. The foggy number of Obama’s wars and non-wars
  12. WAPO Opinion: Citizenship test to vote
  13. Getting a photo ID so you can vote is easy. Unless you’re poor, black, Latino or elde
  14. tPF An interesting take on why Trump will win in November
  15. Is There Even Such A Thing As The "Real Donald Trump?"
  16. Trump's Wife posing with Gun, Thong and Boots ...
  17. tPF Meme Magic: Donald Trump Is The Internet’s Revenge On Lazy Elites
  18. Sanders on the convention: democracy is messy
  19. Hillary emails shows support for fracking
  20. 15 Percent Of Obama Voters Supporting Trump......
  21. Investigation uncovers the dead vote
  22. The price of perpetual war
  23. Controversial Army general rumored to be on Trump's VP list
  24. tPF A Tribute to Barack Obama
  25. America – the Most Frightened Nation on Earth
  26. Is Scarborough Shoal Worth a War?
  27. How together is Hillary's campaign you ask?
  28. FedEx Just Delivered Paul Ryan's New Kneepads
  29. The Most Important Legacy of Barack and Michelle Obama
  30. What The Founding Fathers Would Have Thought Of Donald trump
  31. Trump attacks on Hillary.....
  32. Young Republicans National Federation Chair Resigns!
  33. As Donald Trump Pushes Conspiracy Theories, Right-Wing Media Gets It's Wish
  34. tPF Trump LIVE in Anaheim
  35. tPF It is possible that trump will win....
  36. Warning: Why Black Voters Are the Most Rational Voters of 2016
  37. "White People are Not as Important as Bernie Sanders Thinks"
  38. FYI I heard about this and looked into it on Craigslist
  39. Warning: No Need For Dems To Sweat, Poll Internals Heavily Favor Hillary Clinton
  40. Obama is at it again
  41. Sen. Tom Cotton destroys Harry Reid
  42. Trump Camp Accidentally Emails Politico Its Plan To Hit Clinton On Whitewater
  43. Donald Trump Says That Under His Leadership, GOP Will Become A "Worker's Party"
  44. How bad is Obama’s America? This chart says it all
  45. Sanders / Trump debate
  46. You decide
  47. Should conservatives support Donald Trump?
  48. Democrats complain about Trump and are about to nominate this person
  49. tPF Culture, race and belonging
  50. So Yesterday Trump used the slur Pocahontas ... Repeatedly and without Care
  51. What's behind the "right" curtain today?
  52. Media Calling For Congress To Respond To Obama’s “Moral Equivalency” Comments
  53. Why are you voting for Hillary?
  54. Clinton Clinches Democratic Nomination......
  55. After Hillary drops out… What?
  56. 2016 is 1980 All Over Again
  57. Obama the traitor
  58. Gingrich: Trump Will Repaint The Electoral Map;
  59. Americans don’t want a more aggressive foreign policy
  60. tPF Here it comes! The first tremors of the next great "Equality Outrage"
  61. tPF I protest: A compilation of liberal stupidity
  62. Obama Dishonors Memorial Day at Hiroshima
  63. tPF Now Trump tells Californians there is no drought
  64. Time for Hillary to drop out
  65. Economic issues may win women for Trump
  66. Why Recent National Polls Should Worry Hillary Clinton
  67. Sanders says Clinton’s email situation has changed
  68. tPF Cleveland police can't figure out how to attach body cams to their riot gear
  69. Clinton Fans in California Torch Sanders as Egotistical and Destructive .....
  70. Poor polls, scandal, a cussed rival … how it’s all going wrong for Hillary Clinton
  71. tPF Like your social security???
  72. How Hillary Loses......
  73. Gary Johnson Nominated Libertarian Candidate for President ......
  74. The Founding Fathers would have loved “America First,” and they might have been right
  75. Democrats and others. What do you think of the DNC's practices during this campaign?
  76. Sanders: Voters should take a "hard look" at Clinton emails report.....
  77. tPF Donald sucking his thumb about a judge
  78. tPF Disturbing: Glenn Beck and Brad Thor on "Patriot" Taking Out Trump
  79. McConnell: Trump 'not going to change' GOP - Ain't that the Truth
  80. Warning: Trump is the weakest candidate since Gerald Ford
  81. tPF Uh Oh! Trump does it again..
  82. Republicans Stunned After Trump Reveals That His Presidential Campaign Is Broke
  83. GOP convention no-shows threaten to undercut Trump unity push
  84. Rubio Throws His Support Behind Trump
  85. Trump launches all-out attack on the press
  86. Trump Uses Fake Twitter Accounts ....
  87. Inside the Trump University 'playbooks'
  88. tedcruzforhumanpresident
  89. Ignorant Democrat expresses her opinion about the Declaration of Independence
  90. Former Trump University Workers Call the School a ‘Lie’ and a ‘Scheme’ in Testimon
  91. John Miller, where are you?
  92. Trump 2012 on Hillary “I just like her. I like her and I like her husband.”
  93. tPF Poll closes the gap. Hillary only leads by 2%
  94. tPF In the final hour of trumps campaign
  95. Which minority will Trump pick as VP?
  96. The Senate's Highest Ranking Republican Calls For Trump to Release His Tax Returns
  97. Guess Which Candidate Top CEOs Prefer? Hint: It's Not Trump.
  98. Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein
  99. 50% say Hillary should keep running if indicted
  100. Clinton might not be the nominee
  101. Wastebook 2015 - The Farce Awakens
  102. tPF An Exam' Paper for Liberals
  103. the political press and the electorate,are they mad
  104. Trump involved in crafting controversial Trump University ads, Executive TESTIFIED
  105. Trump University Was a Scam Just Like the Trump Campaign
  106. New York probing Trump's closing of Trump Tower atrium for campaign events
  107. Your Call; Rational or Irrational !!! Trump Attacks Judge overseeing Lawsuit.
  108. There's nothing Redeemable about this Ass whatsoever...
  109. Head of Hispanic Media Relations at RNC Resigns
  110. Hillary Clinton’s Emails Now Might Finally Take Her Down
  111. Trump's Favorite Veterans Charity
  112. The Media Pushes Back As CNN Destroys A Trump Lie With An Onscreen Fact Check
  113. tPF Is She HIGH??? Hillary has not even come close to the truth, and History rewritten
  114. The South Will Rise Again
  115. Obama and the intellectual stutter
  116. 20,000 to ‘Occupy DNC'
  117. IG: Clinton, aides tried to use wireless devices in secure areas
  118. Why Donald Trump Is Flailing
  119. Could we have possibly scrapped the bottom of the barel any harder for this election
  120. Whoever runs America after 2016 better.....
  121. Warning: Now Trump is threatening the PGA
  122. Trump pays off to get cases dropped
  123. Legal community worry about Trump
  124. Violent Protesters Only Strengthen Trump's "Build a Wall" Platform
  125. Mass exodus of minorities: Donald Trump is running Black & Latino leaders out the RNC
  126. The clear path to victory that we constantly ignore
  127. Warning: Repeal gay marriage...
  128. Make America Sane Again!
  129. How Obama’s Afghanistan plan forces the Army to replace soldiers with contractors
  130. tPF Donald Trump would be our first atheist president
  131. Obamacare is Coming After Your Craft Beer ......
  132. Warning: Wanna hear a racist joke?
  133. Clinton’s warnings about Trump actually describe … her
  134. Brookings Institution: Libya intervention was NOT a failure.
  135. Obama Takes A Victory Lap Without Winning
  136. tPF A weak Moment of Honesty
  137. Donald Trump is the response to a bullying culture
  138. Opinion: Think Trump Won't Get Latino Voters? Not So Fast
  139. Sanders, the turd in the punch bowl.....
  140. Uh not so fast Donald!!
  141. Sanders campaign accuses L.A. official of blocking their event......
  142. VIDEO: Hillary’s coughing fit returns
  143. Attacks against Trump backfire on the conspiracy of dunces
  144. tPF Nixonian palace guard now protects Hillary
  145. Here's another look at the Presidential race....
  146. Obama scrambling to release as many prisoners as possible from Guantanamo Bay
  147. So YOU actually think all those People at Trump Rallies are Trump Supporters?
  148. Watch Chuck Todd Repeatedly Ask Mitch McConnell If Trump's Judge Attacks Are "Racist"
  149. The GOP Suicide Vest
  150. Sanders on the Verge of a California Upset......
  151. Shirley Chisholm said it best ...
  152. Even Republicans understand that there aren't enough Racist White People to Win
  153. The One Question That Identifies A Trump Supporter 89% Of The Time
  154. "Muhammad Ali: Never the White Man’s Negro."
  155. Trump responds to racism accusations with FAKE photo of black supporters
  156. The Tinfoil Candidate: 58 Donald Trump Conspiracy Theories
  157. Hillary Smacks The Donald, Again! Round TWO----> GOES TO HILLARY
  158. Maybe you can afford this but.........
  159. ‘Take Your Border Wall And Shove It Up Your Ass’
  160. The Gary Johnson/Jill Stein thread
  161. BuzzFeed likens Donald Trump to cigarettes, refuses to run his ads
  162. Elizabeth Warren To Endorse Hillary Clinton After The Democratic Primary Ends
  163. MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt hints Bernie ready to drop out
  164. New Gun Control Laws
  165. Remember this Date: Monday June 6, 2016
  166. tPF Chicago Tribune to Republicans: Put country over party
  167. Bernie Supporters Please Pay Attention to This Good Advice and Then Smile
  168. How Hillary Clinton Clinched
  169. Warning: High Alert Necessary
  170. Sanders' Campaign is One Giant Con
  171. Sen Lindsey Graham Urges Republicans To Rescind Endorsements Of Trump
  172. White Republican Paul Ryan; Trump 'Textbook Definition of a Racist'
  173. Hey Commenters! Rename the GOP and the DNC with Us!
  174. Trump: Mexicans Swarming Across Border, Enrolling in Law School, and Becoming Biased
  175. The Dirty War on Syria: Professor Anderson
  176. tPF Gary Johnson: He's Also Running
  177. Hillary and the FBI primary
  178. Perfect End to Demo Primary: Anonymous Superdelegates Declare Winner Through Media...
  179. Prosposed Constitutional Amendment
  180. Is the GOP committing suicide by nominating a man with a severe personality disorder?
  181. Devastating New Ad out against Trump.
  182. GOP Senators Finally Starting To Realize Their Party Nominated A Total Racist
  183. Conman - Trump's Theme Song
  184. What will Bernie Sanders' supporters do?
  185. Gary Johnson says he won't smoke pot as president
  186. Good Job Ryan ...
  187. Warning: I see all the knuckle dragging nose pickers
  188. tPF So what do you expect from your elected officials?
  189. Congratulations, Hillary Clinton
  190. There Is No Rationale For Bernie Sanders Continuing To Campaign
  191. tPF Trump's Thin Skin vs. Clinton's Thick Head
  192. tPF I, Cthulhu, endorse Donald Trump
  193. Swing States Already Purging Democrats from Voting Rolls
  194. Trump supporters were 'running for their lives' after San Jose rally, police report
  195. tPF Hillary talks income inequality...in a $12K jacket...
  196. There are 20 completely open primaries/caucuses
  197. Roseanne Barr, Socialist for Trump
  198. Trump Monday: Hillary turned the State Department into her private hedge fund
  199. Why millennials are yawning at Hillary
  200. Donald Trump and American Exceptionalism.
  201. Sanders supporters warn Obama: Don't try to stop Bernie.....
  202. Hey Conservatives, Go Tell Your Friends who had STOP Looking for WORK!
  203. Just Another University Lawsuit Story.
  204. Republican Linguistic Acrobatics: Trump Comments Racist, But I Support Him
  205. August 2015: Trump calls Repubs who seek Koch support "puppets."
  206. Kasich: It's 'hard to say' if I'll support Trump
  207. Clinton-Warren ticket ... Let's only Hope
  208. Republicans For Hillary 2016 "TOO DANGEROUS"
  209. GOP's national security plan declares war on Islamic State......
  210. Don't ya just love it?
  211. There's Wishful Thinking, And Then There's This
  212. It gets better: David Duke defends Trump, blames Jews for judge criticism
  213. Be prepared
  214. Trump abandons fundraising, puts House in play
  215. Sanders pledges to work against Trump after meeting Obama
  216. Watch President Obama Endorse Hillary
  217. Woman Shaping DNC Platform: Nobody Should Have a Gun ......
  218. The Map of Electoral College. Democats should be able to win
  219. Latino support for Trump rises to 37%: (26% blacks)
  220. Upcoming Democratic Debates
  221. Warning: Elizabeth Warren just wiped the floor with Paul Ryan's new 'poverty agenda'
  222. Officer shows punk kid the law
  223. tPF Good News And Bad
  224. President Obama Slow Jams The News
  225. Bloodied "Trump Supporter" Exposed as Total Hoax
  226. Time to Bring On The Pain!
  227. Mitch McConnell says that Donald Trump doesn't know a lot about the issues
  228. Donald Trump the deadbeat!!
  229. GOP website has Vero mention of Donald Trump
  230. They cannot shut Trump up!
  231. Six times as many Sanders supporters would shift to Clinton over Trump – Poll
  232. Stephen King drops a bucket of blood on Donald Trump and his supporters
  233. For those of you who were't alive back then ...
  234. Trump Says His Divorces Don't Matter Because He Wasn't President
  235. Elizabeth Warren meets with Hillary Clinton as vice-presidential rumors swirl
  236. David Koch Won't Fund Trump Coronation in Cleveland
  237. Emails in Clinton Probe Dealt With Planned Drone Strikes
  238. Migrant crisis will cost £20bn: Experts reveal shock price the EU has to pay
  239. tPF Candidate Bumps
  240. Here is why Trump’s foreign policy terrifies Neocons
  241. We have forgotten what the Founders knew
  242. DOJ asks to keep secret Clinton aide's immunity deal
  243. Jury convicts Alabama House speaker on 12 ethics charges
  244. Syria: CIA Versus Pentagon
  245. tPF Clinton Cash!
  246. Hillary Clinton is fundamentally honest and trustworthy
  247. tPF Why Women Aren’t with Hillary
  248. tPF Some of the Trump baggage....
  249. tPF Donald (fraud) Trump calls for President to resign
  250. tPF Trump preaches Hate....