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  1. Obama Administration Surge Agenda Threatening U.S. With 100 Syrian Refugees Per Day
  2. What if Gun Transactions were like trying to get an Abortion in The South?
  3. Trump: I’m Getting So Much ‘Congrats for Being Right’ on Terrorism After Orlando
  4. Clinton: I'll say the words 'radical Islamism'
  5. Congressman vows to boycott "moment of silence" on House floor
  6. tPF Lest we judge all Muslims incorrectly
  7. Donald Trump Calls for Suspension of Immigration From Areas With History of Terrorism
  8. Hillary -vs- Trump: is YouTube a predictor?
  9. Warning: People don/t trust the "news"
  10. Donald Trump's File
  11. Tennessee Rep. Holt to give away AR-15 at fundraiser
  12. Chick-fil-A employees were at work in Orlando Sunday
  13. Trump was accused of destroying email evidence in lawsuit 10 years ago
  14. Christie's office denies claim he is Trump's 'Manservant'
  15. Poll: Most Voters Don’t View Clinton’s Nomination as Historic.....
  16. tPF How can we respect a President that will look into a Camara and LIE!
  17. Trump's Orlando Speech: The Reviews Are In
  18. Elizabeth Warren Bought Pocahontas.com & Epically P'wns Trump...Again!
  19. Is It Possible...
  20. Isn't Donald Trump Closer To Being Road Kill Than He Is To Being President?
  21. The West Wing gives the ultimate lesson on the 'well-regulated' ....
  22. Trump to meet with NRA about banning gun sales for terror watch list
  23. The GOP's Bold Reaction To Their Presidential Nominee's Post-Orlando Hate Speech
  24. Trump tweets story claiming 'secret memo' shows Obama supports ISIS
  25. Where'd Mateen buy his guns? From a "patriot" who wished the President executed
  26. GOP don't want to talk?
  27. Trump begs judge he insulted to do him a favor
  28. U.N. Human Rights Chief Says U.S. Needs 'Robust Gun Regulation'
  29. How to defeat the Islamist fanatics
  30. 8th-Grader Impersonate Trump, Ted Cruz, Obama, Hillary & Sanders in VIRAL Graduation
  31. Any Bets on Donald Trump Bragging about his Poll Numbers for the Next Week?
  32. Question for Donald Trump Supporters about foreign Parents?
  33. Michigan Muslims move toward Clinton
  34. Trump Co-Chair: Support The Nominee Or ‘Shut The Hell Up’
  35. The Most Powerful Medical Association In The U.S. Gears Up To Fight Congress Over Gun
  36. Warning: Hillary's Huge Libya Disaster
  37. Trump unfavorables with Blacks: 94%. Hispanics: 89%
  38. Crowd At Trump Rally Realizes They’ve Been Chanting ‘We Are Frightened And Helpless’
  39. tPF So how do you like being told to shut up??
  40. Leaked document shows the DNC wanted Clinton from start
  41. Hillary raises money off Orlando terrorist attack
  42. Residents of Democratic states seek escape from the tax man
  43. Facing Some Truths Behind the Florida Massacre
  44. tPF How I Learned to Lie Like a Politician on a Two-Hour Bus Trip
  45. I guess Trump wasn't always crazy....
  46. More proof we are being lied to & ISIS is winning
  47. Remember Operation America Spring
  48. U.S. Diplomats Rebuke Obama On Syria And Call For Strikes On Assad......
  49. happy watergate day
  50. Bernie Sanders Joining Forces With Clinton To See Trump 'Defeated Badly'
  51. Attention, Candidates: China Is Trying to Foil Aluminum.....
  52. Polls look good.....
  53. 51% of US Muslims want Sharia; 60% of young Muslims more loyal to Islam than to the U
  54. Apple stops supporting GOP due to Trump
  55. Can we really have a "partial" gun ban in the long term?
  56. Fourth Generation War Comes To America: What Are You Going To Do About It?
  57. Hillary's Huge Libya Disaster
  58. The libertarian movement is fringe and it will remain fringe
  59. Warning: Sanders supporters are practicing how to protest the Democratic National Convention..
  60. Laughing at the GOP!
  61. Clarence Thomas may be next to leave Supreme Court
  62. Three in Four Voters of Color ‘Strongly’ Dislike Trump
  63. Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Supper Model & Drama Queen - Donald J Trump
  64. I Know Why Poor Whites Chant Trump, Trump, Trump
  65. F'ing L I A R
  66. Senate set to vote on 4 gun control measures, none expected to pass.....
  67. We can't have Healthcare for all yet we'll give $40 billion to Israel
  68. 2 Arizona GOP delegates resign rather than vote for Trump
  69. Marco Rubio Says The Orlando Massacre Has Made Him Rethink Pledge To Quit Senate
  70. Someone spray painted a mute symbol on Donald Trump's Hollywood star
  71. Hillary, The Other Woman
  72. Activists plan ‘world’s largest fart-in’ during Hillary’s DNC speech
  73. 2016- 25% of voters undecided
  74. tPF The lawyers who could take down Hillary’s campaign
  75. tPF Secret service officer set for tv interviews; broadcast networks blacklist
  76. Does it bother any Conservative here that Trump is running a horrible campaign.
  77. Evidence mounting that Trump's candidacy is just One Big Con-Job
  78. Political Malpractice, more deception from this transparent administration
  79. Mexican flags raised around Donald Trump's golf course in Aberdeenshire, Scotland
  80. Warning: Question for Conservatives: What would you DO to Fight Homegrown Terrorism
  81. Senate Republicans Show some Spine......
  82. White supremacy, patriarchy and homophobia causes of Orlando attack. NOT Islam
  83. We Need Islam Control, Not Gun Control
  84. Dear Gays: The Left Betrayed You For Islam
  85. A president in denial
  86. tPF How a Brexit could sink Hillary and hand the election to Trump
  87. Nearly Half of Sanders Supporters Won't Support Clinton ......
  88. Warning: Stephen Colbert Takes The Gloves Off: Gun Control
  89. The Hillary supporters
  90. Democrats stage sit-in on House floor to force gun vote......
  91. 3 Campaigns With More Money Than Trump's: Sanders, Cruz And Even Carson
  92. Warning: The Truth About Guns from NBC News
  93. U.S. will spend $2.6 trillion less on healthcare than expected before Obamacare
  94. Do you want to know about how a Liberal may think?
  95. Crocked Trump - Trump's campaign spends $6 million with Trump companies
  96. I have to admit, after watching the two candidates speeches today ....
  97. Watch the House Sit-In here:
  98. GOP Money Men Not Opening Up Their Checkbooks For Trump
  99. Clinton Hits Back At Trump: He Attacks Me Because 'He Has No Answers'
  100. tPF 2016 Presidential Election: Job Creation
  101. Warning: Surprise! Obama fudged illegal immigrant crime stats
  102. One of the most Devastating Anti-Trump videos I've ever seen; & Trump is the Producer
  103. tPF Want to End the Debate on Gun Control
  104. Just as in his Business, so Go's Donald Trump Campaign, is anyone surprised?
  105. FACT-Check-Trump lied when in said Hillary accepted $58,000 in jewelry from Brunei
  106. Trump started his business with a "small" $1 million loan head-start.
  107. This is so true, but pathetic
  108. Paul Ryan Adjourns House, Refuses To Hold Vote On Gun Control Measures
  109. Trumps Extremely Curious "Response" To Assasination Attempt
  110. Let's Fix this in November
  111. At what age did you first get interested in politics?
  112. Warning: Trump Campaign Funds
  113. Thanks, Obama
  114. Irish People's Reactions To Donald Trump
  115. "Yes, I WILL vote for Hillary Clinton in November..." ~ Bernie Sanders
  116. tPF Trump did NOT file 4 bankruptcies!!
  117. They used to be Democrats. Now they really could hand Donald Trump the White House...
  118. There he goes again, being President without Permission - Uppity SOB
  119. tPF CNN's Libertarian Town Hall in 3 Minutes
  120. Trump Don't Forget; They Love Me; Don't mind the Golf Balls Believe Me, they Love Me
  121. Britains
  122. I was slumming on another board and....
  123. Crooked Hillary
  124. The Generals Take on Obama
  125. Bye Bernie Voters?: DNC Platform Committee Just Voted Down $15 Minimum Wage.....
  126. Many experienced GOP strategists unwilling to work for Trump
  127. Hillary supports the KKK
  128. Everything is Obama’s fault
  129. Unity efforts hit snag at final meeting over Democratic platform
  130. Trump and several top GOP leaders are proven Nazis!!!!
  131. Bill Maher on Xenophobia
  132. Bernie is the most popular VP pick for Hillary
  133. Brexit vote a warning to Clinton campaign......
  134. He's doing it again If he takes his handlers advice....
  135. Republicans created Trump, MSM helped
  136. Vote Anonymous 2016?
  137. Top GOP Senator Refuses To Say That The GOP Candidate For President Is Qualified
  138. tPF What is the Presidential Election About?
  139. Is there anyone here who wants to speak at the GOP Convention? Ticket Giveaway!
  140. Donald Trump: They Love Me in Scotland
  141. Learning from Britain’s Unnecessary Crisis
  142. Democrats Add Pot Law Reform to Platform......
  143. Clinton Foundation gets 'A' rating for spending 88-89% of funds on charity - Next!
  144. Bring Plenty of Popcorn for The GOP Convention - Dump Trump Movement at Conv Floor
  145. TRUMP Sums Up His Own Campaign: "I don't care. I Do Me"
  146. A Clinton/Warren Ticket is a No-Brainer
  147. Unleash the SAW! – Civilian M249 Now Available – Full Review
  148. The Senate Wants To Let The FBI See Your Browser History.
  149. These are the races to watch!
  150. Dante - Stop Hate is a campaign to Save America from Donald Trump.
  151. Trump promised millions to charity. We found less than $10,000 over 7 years.
  152. And Now for The Truth: Yes, Elizabeth Warren is of Native American Ancestry.
  153. wahahahaha tRump Jr. begging for money gets told HELL no. This is awesome
  154. Guess how many people tested positive in Michigan's drug-testing welfare program?
  155. Donald Just Gave An Economic Speech In Front Of A Pile Of Garbage
  156. tPF Don't you just love it?
  157. Warning: Witness At Ted Cruz Hearing Accuses Congress’ Two Muslim Members -
  158. Some Of Speakers At Trump GOP Convention - Mike Tyson, Mike Ditka and Bobby Knight
  159. Thank you Justice Scalia!
  160. Donald Trump Compares Trade Deal To Rape
  161. Ambassador's sister: I don't blame Clinton for Benghazi
  162. "I like it a lot but I don't think it's tough enough."
  163. Bernie Blew It
  164. Newly Released Swing State Polling Shows Hillary With Huge Leads
  165. tPF Yet another poll...this one has them tied...
  166. Trump Fundraises On Chance To Finally 'Indict Hillary Clinton'
  167. Trump's Campaign Strategy Off To A Flying Fail
  168. Donald Trump Had a Very Different Message About Trade Before He Ran For President
  169. Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Are Deadlocked in Latest National Poll.....
  170. Senate Democrats Block Zika Funding Bill, Citing "Poison Pills"......
  171. Brexit and Trump: When Fear Triumphs Over Evidence
  172. Bad News for Conservatives: Nate Silver: 79 percent chance Clinton Wins
  173. As you frequently point out, I am old
  174. What Donald Trump’s New Communications Director Really Thinks Of Donald Trump
  175. Something all of you who are telling lies to hear ...
  176. White nationalists plan to show up at GOP convention
  177. Bernie Sanders: Democrats Need to Wake Up......
  178. Trump Campaign Hits Clinton For "Legendary Lie" About Email Server.....
  179. Judge Expands Investigation into Hillary Clinton’s Dealings with Foundation Donors
  180. Democrats May Face Ethics Violations For Sit-In.....
  181. Clarity on the Race
  182. Loretta Lynch meets Bill Clinton on plane in Phoenix?
  183. Trump: How many people know what 'xenophobe' means?
  184. Democratic platform change
  185. House Speaker Ryan caves to Demos Tanturms over Gun Control Vote......
  186. Donald Trump, a petulant child
  187. What your thought on video, did her son call for help, was he refused?
  188. Heartwarming Anecdote About Donald Trump
  189. Clinton sought secret info on EU bailout plans as son-in-law's doomed hedge fund gamb
  190. Obama’s Unaccompanied Minors Are Committing Horrific Crimes – Including Decapitation
  191. Why Are Immigration Advocates So Quick to Play the Race Card?
  192. tPF Gary Johnson on Bill Maher
  193. People supporting Trump answer a few questions
  194. PSA Regarding Embassy Attacks
  195. Puerto Rico will default even with congressional aid
  196. Obamacare insurers are looking for a taxpayer bailout
  197. On FOX, O'Reilly and Trump
  198. Ted Cruz sidekick Mike Lee gushes over Liz Warren, other Dems
  199. Reince Preibus Called Out For Coddling Candidate Who Follows White Supremacists
  200. Oh What a Tangled Web She Weaves....
  201. Speculation has it that Arizona (Goldwater country)...
  202. Robots could replace migrant workers, says think-tank
  203. What we know about Hillary's server
  204. Trump's Foreign Policy: America First. Hillary's: America Last.
  205. Trumps economic policy and it's projected effect.....
  206. tPF To those who support Trump
  207. Sen. Joni Ernst, Iraq War vet, part of Trump VP speculation
  208. tPF A case for The Donald!
  209. Who should be allowed to have guns?
  210. Newton Leroy Gingrich: The Donald J Trump of Politics
  211. Clinton seizes opening as Trump alienates big business
  212. Everyone Knows ... Hindsight is 20/20
  213. tPF This most likely won't be welcome news to Cons
  214. tPF When Trump included Jews and Blacks at his golf course
  215. Florida’s CAIR is tracking extremists
  216. tPF Looks Like Comey has some "splanin" to do!
  217. tPF A Golden Oppertunity in the coming Presidents term.
  218. this is a president?
  219. tPF Hillary Attack Trump in powerful Speach, but?
  220. Corker withdraws as potential Trump running Mate
  221. Trump May Become The First Republican In 60 Years To Lose White College Graduates
  222. tPF FBI sinks Hillary
  223. House Republicans Are Truly, Madly, Deeply Obsessed With Queer People
  224. tPF Dershowitz: Aides Involved in Email Scandal Likely Won’t Get Security Clearance in Cl
  225. tPF Hillary to Jewish aide: ‘F**king Jew Bastard’
  226. DNC plan to disrupt the GOP convention
  227. tPF Obama turns into a stuttering mess while talking about Trump
  228. tPF Let's Ger Ready To Rumble Congress vs Comey!
  229. What Happened When A Jewish Republican Confronted A Party Official About Trump’s Hate
  230. State Dept confirms FBI got it wrong;
  231. Hillary
  232. "Look Me In The Eyes " Comey Forcefully Denies 'Coordinating' Announcement
  233. tPF The strange gap in Hillary’s emails
  234. Sanders Says He’ll Do Everything Possible to Help Elect Clinton
  235. How proud must the GOP be?
  236. Comey refuses to say if FBI investigated Clinton Foundation
  237. After assassination of police officers, Trump says the right thing
  238. Double standard?
  239. Just the facts maaam
  240. Ready for Hillary
  241. Hillary clinton will not acknowledge that she was extremely careless with her emails
  242. Bernie will endorse Hillary according to this....
  243. gop convention
  244. Trey Gowdy busted!!!!!
  245. Another (R)epublican goes to prison
  246. Like we needed her help, Palin again....
  247. Warning: Trey Gowdy gets Comey to agree on how to prove intent
  248. tPF ‘Everything is amazing right now and nobody is happy’
  249. A curveball in Trump’s Veep search: He’s seriously considering a retired general
  250. Warning: The shocking truth: Colin Powell’s emails don’t matter. (Neither do Hillary's)