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  1. tPF Trump Is 'Raping' the GOP's Free Trade Agenda
  2. Warning: Slate: The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Was Totally Overblown
  3. tPF So you want to Fix the problem of Blacks, Crime, and Oppressive policing of Blacks?
  4. Does this sound familiar?
  5. tPF We have a last minute entry?? Wouldn't if be Great!
  6. Texas governor scalded in accident; could miss GOP convention
  7. Army fired Lt. Gen. Flynn for naming our enemy- radical jihadists
  8. Apparently the Japanese see Trump the same way 'Murican wingnuts do....
  9. The Dallas Police Chief
  10. Homeowner invites protestors, cops barge in and arrest them for future crimes
  11. There Is No Such Thing As President Obama’s War On Police Officers-
  12. Harvard Study on Police Shootings and Race Offers Shocking Conclusion
  13. Eric Trump said his charity received ‘hundreds of thousands’ from his father.
  14. Even Jimmy Carter dislikes Hillary Clinton
  15. Stronger Together!! Yes WE are!
  16. Trump Wants Ginsburg Off The Supreme Court ASAP For Criticizing Him
  17. tPF No, you are not part Cherokee; neither is Elizabeth Warren
  18. Senate gets most bills signed into law since 1990
  19. How Many Deaths Has Clinton Caused?
  20. Trey Gowdy exposes Loretta Lynch lack of transparency on Hillary Clinton e mails deci
  21. When I see the Dems crusading for gun control...
  22. Fiscal AND Social Conservatives should support Gary Johnson
  23. Two Visions For America
  24. Law enforcement officials warn against Trump's 'tough on crime' policy
  25. it's about time
  26. tPF Obama, the Man
  27. Mr President - Proud American
  28. What do teh O'bama, HillBilly and the Donald have in common?
  29. Trump Cites Possible Political Damage In Explaining Why He Won’t Release Taxes
  30. White House Watch White House Watch: Trump 44%, Clinton 37%
  31. MYSTERY: CNN loses feed as reporter critiques Hillary Clinton
  32. Preview Of Next Week's Republican National Convention
  33. More than 100 tech industry leaders say Trump presidency would be 'disaster for innov
  34. Shoutout to all badass women who Terrify Thin Skinned @realDonaldTrump - Boo
  35. A Giant Billboard Of Trump And Cruz Kissing Just Went Up 5 Minutes From The RNC
  36. Trump to Pick Mike Pence, Says Source
  37. Happy Birthday BLM
  38. tPF What has teh O'bama done to ease racial tensions in this nation?
  39. The Shady Bunch
  40. Democrats ‘freaked out’ about polls in meeting with Clinton
  41. FLASHBACK: ABC News Warns NYC Will Be Under Water by 2015 Due to Global Warming and P
  42. Debunking 3 Main Attacks On Hillary
  43. Hillary Clinton : Career criminal
  44. Cry baby Trump and his tantrums....
  45. Who should be allowed to vote?
  46. Pence Rhymes with Fence. That Makes Sense.
  47. More Christian-victim shenanigans by a public official.
  48. TRUMP!! Where are your filed tax statements?
  49. Chew on this a bit
  50. tPF College Students Don’t Want to Learn: They Want to Teach You About Identity Politics
  51. I see where Ted Nugent is listed as a Trump supporter....
  52. tPF What Would a Realist World Have Looked Like?
  53. You just can't beat this for comic relief....
  54. Trump and Pense live, now.
  55. New information on Trump/Pence
  56. Hilary Clinton Is Not Incompetent!
  57. Trump Analysis Thread: 5 videos. Which do you agree/disagree with & why?
  58. tPF GOP Convention and Threat of Violence
  59. Zelmo for President Policy #1 Immigration/Welfare Reform and the Fence
  60. USC / LA Times: Trump ahead
  61. 8 Years After Hope & Change, Voters Are Angry, Anxious
  62. Yup, She's Crooked
  63. What happened to the new logo?
  64. Why Hillary Clinton’s Email Case Is Still Not Closed
  65. 141 Reasons Donald Trump Should Not Be Considered For The Presidency
  66. Warning: Trump's 60 Minutes interview
  67. Hillary revives Johnson ad against Goldwater
  68. Mike Pence, ass kissng hypocrite.
  69. Hillary has no one to blame but herself
  70. tPF Why is America the greatest country in the world?
  71. Milo Yiannopoulos Proposed a Gay-Conservative Alliance and the Pro-Trump Crowd Loved
  72. tPF RNC Convention Chaos
  73. Latino leaders to endorse Trump
  74. Paul Ryan selfie with young republicas backfires
  75. Trump, bribery, and duplicity
  76. tPF Trump's Convention...Pretty Great So Far
  77. There is no choice
  78. Trump campaign and RNC lies about Melania's University degree--but so does she.
  79. I just went back and looked at Michelle Obama''s speech
  80. The next President of The USA
  81. Repubs treat their bad boys good!
  82. Obama Administration Declines to Punish HUD Secretary
  83. The smartest man in the world
  84. Trump wins the nomination
  85. tPF Warning!
  86. Heard a good one on the radio today
  87. The Hillary Vaccine
  88. Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce Trolls Donald Trump By Endorsing Hillary Clinton At GOP
  89. One of Thump's sons reached out to Kasich and offered him the v-p spot
  90. The 4 Stages of Attending RNC all n One Photo
  91. Donald Trump's Walk of Fame Star Gets a Baby Border Wall
  92. Melania Releases Apology:
  93. NBC’s Richard Engel: RNC Manipulated Grief Of Benghazi Victim's Mother To Smear Clint
  94. Junior Trump gives Black Power Salute
  95. Get ready for the democrtas
  96. Warning: Jill Harth, 1990's Trump "attempted rape" accuser, breaks silence, demands apology.
  97. Campaign aims to register a million U.S. Muslims voters in anti-Trump move
  98. Warning: I have decided.....
  99. Top Dem Senate hopefuls to skip convention
  100. tPF 3D printing will kill gun control
  101. H. Clintons lying is the behavior of a sociopath
  102. how donald trump chose his vp
  103. Hillary Clinton is a liar? Please help
  104. Just Another Day At The Republican National Convention
  105. tPF Lynne Patton: VP of the Eric Trump Foundation
  106. 67 times speakers at the RNC got fact checked (yeah, in just the first two days)
  107. Michael Moore Tells Bill Maher: "Trump Is Going to Win"
  108. I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father
  109. 62 Things Other Republicans Have Called Donald Trump
  110. Trump taunts GOP in private donor meeting
  111. Trump’s courtship of black voters hampered by decades of race controversies
  112. Michael Moore Predicts Trump Victory, Bill Maher Smirks.....
  113. texas voter suppression law struck down
  114. just say no
  115. Good to see how the Republican Party is opening up to gay members.
  116. tPF Poll: Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump In 4 Major Battleground States
  117. Cthulhu's Guide to Voting
  118. Who here admits to being a Republican?
  119. Third state knocks down voter ID laws. That's THREE this week!!!
  120. Trump’s nomination is the first time American politics has left me truly afraid
  121. Presidents shouldn't have to disclose prior criminal history
  122. I guess some need this, to many it was obvious
  123. Latinos for Trump
  124. What GOP Leaders Think of Trump, Then and Now
  125. Trump: A ratings LOSER!
  126. Ivanka Trumps convention speech dress: $158
  127. Warning: A Clinton Presidency...?
  128. Hey Look, A Lady Who Sexually Abused Her Sister Will Speak At The DNC!
  129. Is Clinton’s campaign accepting foreign donations?
  130. Bernie or Bust!
  131. Vermont doctors push back against assisted suicide requirement
  132. Internal emails show DNC staffers conspired to develop anti-Bernie ‘narrative’
  133. You’re on fire stupid
  134. MSNBC warns sensitive viewers before showing anti-Hillary buttons
  135. tPF Hillary Clinton's VP Pick: Wall Streetism, Not Progressivism
  136. Can the media be trying too hard?
  137. Where's the convention bump, Donny?
  138. Warning: The 2016 Democratic National Convention
  139. Tim Kaine's introduction as VP very impressive
  140. Hillary's Cruel Remarks About Some Mentally Challenged Children
  141. Ok Trump, you'rve nominated, where's the
  142. The best way for Black Americans to help themselves
  143. A challenge to my conservative friends
  144. tPF A Challenge to my liberal Friends
  145. tPF Jill Stein's platform
  146. tPF Trump needs to shift to the economy
  147. tPF Trump is right about trade deals
  148. tPF An Interesting Observation?
  149. At a GOP convention where expected violence didn’t happen, history repeats itself
  150. Bernie Sanders not taking bait on shows:
  151. Question for Bernie Sanders Supporter Experts ...
  152. Mother of Ambassador Killed in Benghazi Tells GOP: Stop Using Son's Death
  153. Sanders joines Nader and Perot
  154. Hillary for President! Comments on this image?
  155. stick a fork in him
  156. Michael jordan: ‘i can no longer stay silent’
  157. Guess who gets to speak at both The RNC and DNC Conventions.
  158. Shock poll: Nate Silver’s election forecast now has Trump winning
  159. Question:If these so-called Sanders Supporters are mad at Hillary isn't Left enough
  160. Another Question: Whatever happened to Losing?
  161. Hillary Was A Goldwater Girl
  162. tPF Clinton ‘in for a shock’ if she ignores ‘anti-establishment’ voters
  163. 3es comming out of the DNC!
  164. A challenge to my partisan hack friends
  165. Goodnight my fellow Americans....
  166. The GOP Currently Holds ...
  167. 25 Years from now, who's Convention Speech from 2016 will be remembered?
  168. tPF Sarah Silvermann alienating Bernie supporters
  169. This Picture just doesn't fit some people's the narrative ... why is that?
  170. If he lived two lifetimes...
  171. DNC Hacker could be a Russian spy
  172. tPF The DNC Speeches
  173. Crooked Donald Trump.
  174. tPF --TV Ratings: Democratic National Convention Night One Tops Republican National Conve
  175. Dems to pass bill to legalize illegals within 100 days
  176. Trump Being Sued By A Performing Group of Little Girls
  177. Warning: A Field Guide to Red and Blue America
  178. tPF WIKI to release new emails that prove the Pay to Play scheeme
  179. Who is the more conservative candidate - Trump or Johnson?
  180. A Great President
  181. Warning: Mothers of the Movement
  182. The real way donekephant elections are won and lost
  183. He's at it Again .... Me Me Me Me Me Me
  184. Trump calls on Russia to find missing Clinton emails
  185. Hatred trumps logic
  186. DNC E-mail: DNC put off by commemorating the Holocaust
  187. Michelle Obama isn't running for office yet. But if she did ...
  188. Barack’s brother explains why he will vote Trump
  189. Jill Stein Addresses Disenchanted Sanders Supporters at Occupy DNC Rally
  190. I know why Donald J Trump is really Pissed ....
  191. tPF What could possibly go wrong?
  192. Warning: Donald Trump is having a Great Week
  193. Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up!
  194. Trump was 100% correct....
  195. You could sum up the Obama Presidency in one image
  196. I'm With Another Her
  197. Warning: What could possibly go wrong?
  198. Windbag Bill O'Reilly is whining like a baby..
  199. tPF Not Much Is New in This Election
  200. tPF 270 To Win: Predicting the 2016 Outcome
  201. More lies from the dems, of course Bernie forced them to lie
  202. I'll go on record and proclaim
  203. The Economist claims the election is nationalism v. globalism
  204. Little Donald wants to hit people
  205. Father Of Muslim American War Hero To Trump: ‘You Have Sacrificed Nothing’
  206. Trump Takes 5 Different Positions on Min Wage in 45 Seconds
  207. The Reviews Are In: Conservatives Say The DNC Was 'Disaster' For The GOP
  208. U.S. intelligence chief not ready to identify source of Democratic email hack
  209. Full List of Hillary’s Planned Tax Hikes
  210. 'Bro, you gonna just take that?'
  211. The choice is Clear
  212. Trump: Don't blame me for our convention
  213. Conservatives rip Ann Coulter for ugly smear of hero Marine’s Dad
  214. Trump Campaign Struggles to Pull Off Minority Outreach Events
  215. Gary Johnson's plan to get on the debate stage
  216. Gallup: Trump's speech the worst ever tested - Sorry Donald
  217. who are these democrats??
  218. Trump and Those Very Bad Russians
  219. Op-ed: The Philadelphia follies
  220. AC360 CNN with Wikileaks on tonight
  221. Mitt Romney Thinks Donald Trump Could Win The Election
  222. How Hillary blew her big moment
  223. Has Clinton Written Off Working-Class White Men?
  224. Jill Stein Thinks There Are 'Real Questions' About Vaccine Safety, in Case You Were V
  225. Hillary Clinton has a very detailed plan for the economy. That may be a problem.
  226. NC Republicans disenfranchising black voters
  227. National Security briefings for trump?
  228. Republicans in the Wilderness
  229. Mushrooms and Muslims
  230. Scott Walker gave it a shot...
  231. It's not HUGE but Hillary just pulled ahead
  232. This is what Trump really is.....
  233. From the Salt Lake Tribune
  234. Maybe we are asking the wrong question
  235. Major Newspaper That Has Endorsed One Dem Candidate In 50 Years Endorses Clinton
  236. Abolishing the Department of Education and Sec. Ed.
  237. Cinton Cash, the full movie
  238. Trump is being supported by these people....
  239. Trump: Tribune Of Poor White People
  240. Wanna see some tap dancing double talk?
  241. tPF Hillary Clinton will reset Syria policy against 'murderous' Assad regime
  242. tPF Abortion wouldn't be legal without the singular efforts of the GOP
  243. That's it Folks, Trump said the Gloves are Coming Off!
  244. DNC inspires Google searches for 'voter registration' to spike
  245. Report: Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Mgr Podesta Sat on Bd of Co that Bagged Russian $$
  246. Read The Letter The Families Of ELEVEN Fallen Soldiers Just Sent To Trump
  247. Harrison Ford destroys Trump in 19 seconds: 'Donald, it was a movie'
  248. Yesterday (Sunday) Bernie sent a message to his supporters: Vote for Hillary
  249. Tell It To Your Boss, Pence
  250. Gallup: Trump support tumbles after conventions