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  1. Only 9% of America Chose Trump and Clinton as the Nominees
  2. Trump announces his debate escape plan.
  3. Warning: Melania Trump’s girl-on-girl photos from racy shoot revealed (WARNING-NUDITY at link
  4. Top Jeb Bush adviser leaves GOP, will vote for Clinton if Florida close
  5. Hillary Clinton Storms Fox News And Blows Up Their Biggest Benghazi Lie
  6. tPF So lets talk some policies.
  7. tPF Why Can't Hillary Clinton Stop Lying?
  8. trump is already making excuses
  9. Clinton Cash: Everything Is For Sale
  10. Looks like Pense is talking about Trump
  11. Wonder how deep this water is....
  12. Bug Eyed Monsters and Liberals
  13. tPF If you don't want this walking talking circus
  14. For Clarity how did Trump get here?
  15. Strategic Voting Plan for Leftists
  16. Throw me under the bus eh?
  17. Hillary’s ties to Putin
  18. tPF I have come to believe that it is too late!
  19. Donald Trump History In The Making!
  20. Tammy Duckworth KILLS Donald Trump in one tweet
  21. Babies Know ...
  22. Trump spokeswoman blames Obama for death of Captain Kahn
  23. Hillary Clinton Is One of America's Most Honest Politicians
  24. Wikileaks: Hillary lied under oath about arming ISIL in Syria
  25. A Scott Walker smackdown!! Wisconsin's Voting Laws Struck Down
  26. GOP gives birth to Donald Trump
  27. Who will win the presidency?
  28. Crying baby from Trump rally issues a statement to the GOP Candidate
  29. tPF Donald Trump Promises to Out-Pork All Comers...
  30. Saving the Republican Party
  31. Breaking News WSJ reporting $400 Mil paid to release the serviceman captured
  32. tPF Hillary’s attempt to disguise her email incompetence – and other stuff
  33. Cigar smoke
  34. High-Profile GOP Donor Meg Whitman Indicates She Is Likely to Support Hillary Clinton
  35. why the coughing attacks??
  36. Jill Stein Announces Running Mate
  37. How is Trump going to F'ck-Up Today?
  38. New York Daily News Front Cover: Trump Takes Nation To Pathetic New Low
  39. Donald Trump transcript: The Republican nominee in his own words - Yep he said it!
  40. Cons & Libs ask is Trump mentally ill?
  41. Republicans think Trump might quit — so they’re scrambling to find a replacement
  42. Lewandowski raises question of Obama's birthplace - beats talking about policy
  43. 2016 Voting Guide
  44. Now the Trump kids are getting a smackdown
  45. tPF Who are repubs going to blame when Trump goes off the rails?
  46. Rebuilding our "depleted" military
  47. Purple Heart Veteran
  48. RNC Can Legally Dump Donald Trump But It Has To Act Fast
  49. Trump got picked because you think ‘Duck Dynasty is a think tank’
  50. AP FACT CHECK: Trump off base on Clinton and Iran payment
  51. Here's an interesting view of the election
  52. The Best/Worst/Weirdest (We Can't Choose) Political Ad We've Ever Seen
  53. Here is the latest FOX poll results.
  54. Comey grilled, Mr.s Clinton does not tell the truth
  55. Manufacturing in America
  56. Former CIA general counsel: won’t vote for either Hillary or Trump
  57. Clinton's connection to ISIS
  58. Facing the facts for both sides!
  59. Suicide Squad!
  60. Trump gets nomination, gets access to classified intel, shares "military tape"
  61. Now this is Hillarious - Breitbart does it again.
  62. It is time to face facts
  63. Black Votes Matter
  64. Megyn Kelly cried, “Must he help them?! Must he help them so generously every day?!”
  65. Trump: Once I’m president, police officers will no longer be shot on the job
  66. Young boy to Pence: Are you Trump's apologist?
  67. Hum is the press just trying to drive the polls?
  68. GOP Strategist Calls Donald Trump a 'Loudmouthed Dick' on Live TV
  69. For the first time in 128 years.....
  70. There goes another one.
  71. Vets demand McCain rescind his endorsement of trump
  72. tPF Clinton surges to 15 point lead in McClatchy-Marist poll
  73. Latest 538 NowCast...
  74. Obama warns trump regarding classified material
  75. Change
  76. First Jill Stein TV Ad
  77. A majority of Americans now want Democrats to lead congress.
  78. GOP Prepared To Stop Government Indefinitely Even If Hillary Wins.
  79. Why facts don’t matter to Trump’s supporters
  80. The unbearable stench of Trump’s B.S.
  81. Better dig up Grandma to vote repubs!
  82. Finally, some common sense..............
  83. Baiting the bull
  84. tPF Good luck with your credit card information!
  85. soft headed liberals
  86. tPF Still no legal authority in the war against ISIL
  87. Only (1) One Percent Of Black Voters Support Donald Trump
  88. Look at MASSIVE LINE to Trump's Town Hall!
  89. What's up with Hillary's bizarre behavior?
  90. Hillary, first press conference in ages
  91. tPF Hillary Clinton's relentless ad campaign
  92. natural born killers
  93. “Good morning, ma’am,”
  94. Democracy
  95. UN backs Obama’s secret plan to federalize police
  96. tPF The Emasculated American
  97. tPF What happens if Trump drops out?
  98. NEW POLL: Johnson in 2nd, Trump in Nose Dive with Voters Under 30
  99. Protesters with pocket constitutions kicked out of trump rally
  100. Here is what it sounds like in the audience of trump rallys
  101. Clinton's lead over Trump narrows to less than three points: Reuters/Ipsos poll
  102. Virginia’s Syrian Refugees Resettled In Poor Communities Hours Away From Wealthy DC S
  103. Clinton's third-party headache
  104. tPF Burn the sorcerer! Kill him with fire!
  105. $2.67 trillion: Federal tax receipts through July hit record
  106. Clinton mistakenly refers to Trump as her ‘husband’
  107. Recent Breaches Raise Fears of Voting System Hacks
  108. The "media"
  109. tPF Narcissistic personality disorder
  110. Information about George Soros
  111. what's wrong with Bill Clinton??
  112. The U.S. Has The Worst Income Inequality In The Developed World, Thanks To Wall Stree
  113. Don't you just love the rights desperation?
  114. tPF Your single most important issue and why
  115. They don't say it is satire but it obviously is...
  116. unstable Clinton
  117. Clinton-Targeted Tweet Sparks Outrage
  118. Ex-CIA Chief Morell: Hillary Didn't Lie About Benghazi
  119. Nuclear Weapons
  120. Trump beholding to no one?
  121. Johnson Rises To 1st Place With Young Voters, Trump Last
  122. Donald Flinches and Sh!t his Panties, Hillary stays Cool and Calm Under Pressure
  123. An American president paid a ransom to Iran, but it wasn't Barack Obama
  124. 10 million new jobs in Hillary's first term.
  125. Fact-Checkers Rebut Trump’s “Pathetic” Economic Lies In Real Time
  126. Donald Trump sent cease and desist letter from The O'Jays
  127. Republican Strategist: Since I know his loss is coming-I pray to God that it is total
  128. Clinton lead over Trump strenthens day by day
  129. Trump's Tax plan
  130. 50 Republican officials call Trump a security threat
  131. Study: Obama issued $743B in regs
  132. Erik Prince: Hillary Clinton ‘Very Likely Caused’ Iranian Nuclear Scientist’s Death
  133. Benghazi parents sue Clinton
  134. Republican strategist speaks
  135. Whose the liar Donny?
  136. NH Vets on Trump
  137. McConnell is a little snake and is hated....
  138. tPF GOP Sen. Susan Collins 'I Will Not Be Voting for Donald Trump'
  139. tPF ‘Ashamed’ of Trump, Harvard GOP Club won’t endorse top GOP nominee for first time
  140. tPF David Duke’s getting more support from black voters in his race than Donald Trump is
  141. Top Corporate Tax Dodgers
  142. Former CIA Officer Evan McMullin Launches Independent Presidential Bid
  143. The Polls Aren’t Skewed: Trump Really Is Losing Badly
  144. Larry Klayman Blames Hillary for Benghazi
  145. Finally the NY Times tells the truth that Trump is a pathological liar
  146. Clinton vs Trump: Latest Polls, Predictions Show Hillary Taking Georgia, Arizona
  147. Americans of both major parties say infrastructure has worsened; want more spending
  148. tPF No surpirses here: Drug Warriors lie.
  149. Florida: Probably not a swing state anymore
  150. Clinton being sued by parents of two Benghazi victims
  151. Libertarian Gary Johnson May Be Included in Presidential Debates!
  152. Draconian Ohio Rules Force Johnson/Weld to File as “Independent” Ticket
  153. Here is a thoughtful post by someone who dislikes Hillary
  154. tPF The End of History Not Turning Out as Hoped
  155. tPF "....Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is."
  156. I laugh every time I see another "fix Donny" post
  157. Warning: Drug fraud Martin Shkreli "Diagnoses" Hillary Clinton With Parkinson's
  158. Trump up by only 5 points ... in KANSAS!
  159. Recent phots of Melania Trump edited
  160. The Sanders movement is only just beginning
  161. Hill’s ‘assassin’ talk a shocker
  162. Newsmax Free Streaming
  163. Predictions Show Hillary Leads, Attracts Sanders Support and Takes Swing States
  164. Think Trump's words are innocent? Let me remind you of Gifford's being put on Palin's
  165. Rick Scott cut mosquito control to the bone --- now over 400 Zika infections
  166. tPF What is Required to Save the nation!
  167. How low can some go?
  168. The Republicans tried to sink Obama. Instead, their party imploded
  169. tPF Why is Hillary Clinton the "most qualified person in history" to be president?
  170. tPF Why is Donald J Trump qualified to be the leader of the free world?
  171. Warning: Ask Forum Members Question ... then Ban them for not likeing their answers
  172. Joe Biden threatens to shoot Obama
  173. Newly released Clinton emails shed light on relationship between State Dept. and Clin
  174. 'Classic Pay-to-Play': Giuliani Blasts 'Corrupt' Clinton Foundation
  175. State Dept. shuts down questions on Clinton Foundation emails
  176. Deleted Clinton emails might remain secret until after election
  177. Okay, you're in charge
  178. Americans reject the media hype on Trump
  179. The Media
  180. tPF Reagan's Prophetic Warning against Liberal Ideology
  181. What does Trump actually believe?
  182. President Obama just keeps getting more popular
  183. Donald Trump's Streight Talking Republican, and I agree with him!
  184. NBC poll has Trump winning by landslide.
  185. tPF What qualifications should we look for in the president?
  186. Donald Trump. Making America great again.
  187. why is the media obsessed with Trumps controversies...
  188. The wall
  189. Compilation of CNN cutting feed on criticism on H. Clinton.
  190. The Clinton's live in Chappaqua NY
  191. Nice try in NC but no cigar
  192. Trump Doubles Down on Claims That Obama and Clinton Are 'Founders' of ISIS
  193. tPF Panic in the Cons world....
  194. Reagan's daughter tells Trump that words matter
  195. Warning: Political Assassination - the American Way
  196. What It's Like At a Trump Rally
  197. Effects of a fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage in the city of los angeles
  198. Warning: Obama already has collected nearly $20 trillion in taxes
  199. Trump On Election Strategy: ‘I Don’t Know That We Need To Get Out The Vote’
  200. The GOP must dump Trump
  201. Clinton Ad Spotlights Republicans pressing Trump to release tax returns
  202. tPF GOP members call for Trump removal as candidate....
  203. tPF Trump says calling obama founder of isis was sarcasm.
  204. tPF The Idea of moving money down Ticket???
  205. Johnson: We Would Be Polling at 20% if Included on “Top Line” of Polls
  206. Rand Paul calls for indictment of Hillary Clinton
  207. Warning: Did george w. Bush create isis?
  208. tPF Breaking news: Trump has epileptic seizure on stage!
  209. Today's gift today for conservatives
  210. Trump wasn't on the radar until he used media
  211. The Danger of Excessive Trump Bashing
  212. Obama's War
  213. Liberals hacked again
  214. Former Bush Cabinet Secy voting Cllinton
  215. I believe this...
  216. Shame on You Rubio!
  217. Nate Silvers latest
  218. tPF The ugly, slow, strangled death of the Tea Party
  219. tPF Trump's insanity may be a good thing.
  220. tPF Politicians hate working people
  221. No Group Loathes Donald Trump as Much as African Americans. Here’s Why.
  222. Latest Polls: You Trumpets better get your Donald to step down - pronto!
  223. Conservative host: 'We've created this monster' of fact-hating right-wing voter
  224. The Manafort Candidate
  225. tPF I think it's a given that all politicians lie at times
  226. tPF Randy Barnett on Trump, the Supreme Court, and the Future of the Republican Party
  227. tPF Hillary’s Website Scrubbed Of Statement Saying Rape Victims Have A ‘Right To Be Belie
  228. Trump's foreign policy speech
  229. Young Voters Fleeing Trump In What May be "Historic Trouncing:" USA Today/Ipsos Poll
  230. tPF As a American citizen I demand the FBI investigate
  231. MGM Resorts CEO: I’m crossing the aisle to back Clinton
  232. Da-Debate
  233. Maybe The 19th Amendment People can do something about Donald Trump
  234. Donald J Trump would get an "F" on his Immigration Test
  235. WATCH Joe Biden And Hillary Clinton Share An Awkwardly Long Hug In Pennsylvania
  236. Amazingly Shocking New Polls from Huffington Pollster!!!
  237. Average Voter Wait Times a new study finds
  238. *****breaking***** trump being obliterated in virginia 52-38
  239. My Tuesday 8/16 "Today's Gift For Conservatives"
  240. Katrina Pierson (Trump's spokeswoman)
  241. Hey, Rudy! How could you forget?
  242. *****breaking***** trump being obliterated in florida 48-39
  243. 85 Days..................
  244. Democrat dodges the question "Is Hillary Clinton trustworthy"
  245. Trump overtook Dems on Gay rights with his immigration proposal
  246. Only female marine officer drops from infantry officer’s basic
  247. CNN to Host Green Party Town Hall!
  248. tPF Trump overhauls campaign for 3rd time--weeks before labor day!
  249. Prisons for Profit: Under Kasich, Ohio Becomes Laboratory for Privatizing Public Jail
  250. Great News - Breitbart now running The Trump Campainge