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  1. Glenn Reynolds: Tax the blue zones
  2. When Government Obstructs Charity...
  3. Van Jones Talks to Barack Obama Voters Who Switched to Trump - Try not to laugh
  4. This from Town Hall maybe some repubs are catching on
  5. Need a good laugh?
  6. Stop the CIA Coup
  7. Warning: IF
  8. Trump Chooses Rick Perry For Secretary of Energy.....
  9. North Dakota Democrat Top Of Trump's List For Agriculture Secretary,
  10. Bernie Sanders: Donald Trump Won Because People Are Tired of Political Correctness
  11. New Poll Shows Who Dems Want for 2020.....
  12. The first skirmish.
  13. Divisions deepen inside Trump Tower
  14. tPF Trump taps Montana Rep. Ryan Zinke for Interior Sec.
  15. The FED
  16. Warning: Our rightwingers prove Trumps comment!
  17. Too many votes in 37% of Detroit’s precincts
  18. Appeals court upholds VA voter-ID law
  19. Why would Putin...
  20. Why They Hate Rex Tillerson
  21. Warning: Patton was right!
  22. Trump ordered to give deposition in Washington restaurant suit
  23. 5 Points On House GOP Bill To Impose Major Cuts On Social Security
  24. Trump taps Israel envoy, eyes moving embassy to Jerusalem.....
  25. If ever there was a time
  26. Where’s the autopsy?
  27. Trump's Princelings
  28. It was President Ronald Reagan who said......
  29. Yes, Reagan Is Rolling In His Grave...
  30. Bill De Blasio Fined Over $47,000 For Violating Campaign Rules......
  31. Trump is NOT President yet and already
  32. REPORT : Trump Considering Stallone to Chair National Endowment for the Arts.....
  33. Electors Under Siege
  34. Obama Warns Trump Against Relying On Executive Power
  35. Perception of Democrats as ‘Latte Sipping, Politically Correct’ Hurt
  36. Trump Chooses Secretary of the Army.....
  37. Donald Trump Secures Electoral College Win, With Few Surprises
  38. Obama announces record wave of pardons, commutations
  39. Things to get done
  40. This Ladies and Gentlemen is what Republicans do when they are in Charge
  41. Warning: Mattis: Trump Cabinet’s lone green hope?
  42. Downsizing The Cabinet and Federal Level Departments.
  43. 'Next idea?' After Electoral College fail, anti-Trump forces look for new cause
  44. Just to remind you if you question why Trump won....
  45. The New Swing Voters Are Suburbanites And Populist, And Both Lean Right.....
  46. Bill O'Reilly Wants To Maintain The White Male Supremacy In Our Elections!
  47. When Tolerance Attacks: Voters
  48. The politics behind income taxation in the USA
  49. California's effect
  50. Sean Spicer Named WH Press Secretary.....
  51. These maps are an interesting take on the election
  52. NYU Professor on "Russian Interference" & Putin
  53. Clinton FBI Director Backs Trump's Attorney General Pick Jeff Sessions,-
  54. Modern Conservatism, a nihilistic hatred of liberals
  55. The Real threat to the two party system & most of us.
  56. With Republicans poised to control the economy this is a very real threat.
  57. Black Man Burned African-American Church, Painted ‘Vote Trump’ On The Walls
  58. Letter: Liberal heads explode after Trump victory
  59. Warning: Will Trump do more to preserve liberties and freedoms?
  60. Imagine the value to National Security that becoming energy independent would bring.
  61. White House Sharpens Its Case For Obamacare, As Republicans Sharpen Knives
  62. Obama ‘confident’ he would have defeated Trump if he had been allowed to run
  63. Warning: Warren Asks Newly Chatty FBI Director to Explain Why DOJ Didnt Prosecute Banksters
  64. A Letter to Donald Trump About Health Care
  65. Will Obama pardon Clinton? And if he does, will she accept?
  66. Warning: Gun Homicide Rates Up 31 Percent Since Stand Your Ground
  67. New Year's Eve Protests
  68. Warning: More "presidential" tweets
  69. IN 2017, GOP Congress Sees Mandate to undo Obama's Agenda
  70. In your opinion
  71. Exit Obama in a Cloud of Disillusion, Delusion and Deceit
  72. Live / Die by Pen: Trump to 'repeal a lot' of Obama's actions on day one
  73. Clinton's ‘storm of problems’ lost her the election, NOT Russia, says top Democrat ad
  74. What do they expect to happen?
  75. Is This Obama’s Last Political Gasp?
  76. How Donald Trump Tweets
  77. Obama admin trying to delegitimize' Trump
  78. SCOTUS Recess Appointment
  79. What Journalists Can Do When The President Is A Liar
  80. Warning: Much is happening or planned.
  81. Trump believes Australian rapist over all US intelligence agencies
  82. Mark this Date on your Calendar - March 16th 2017
  83. Schumer Promises to Block Trump's Supreme Court Pick
  84. Julian Assange and Wikileaks: “Donald? It’s a Change Anyway”
  85. WaPO Richly Rewarded for Spreading Fake News
  86. Chuck Schumer's tirade
  87. 2016 in Charts - Obama End Presidency on High Note
  88. Gun Free Zones
  89. An Open Question to All Non-Believers of US National Intelligance
  90. Hey look what the party that spent 4 years furious about Benghazi is doing ....
  91. Fact Checker: Julian Assange's claim that there was no Russian involvement
  92. House Passes Legislation to Undo Last Minute Obama Regulations ......
  93. FBI, CIA never examined DNC servers ??
  94. Myth of the national debt
  95. Hillary Clinton being urged to run for mayor of New York?
  96. More Americans Narrowly Prefer Trump Over Obama
  97. "What Donald Trump Cannot Do Is Erase The Mark Of The Man"
  98. The Electoral College and the House of Representatives
  99. Warning: Joe Biden "its Over" bitch!
  100. mattis to trump transition team- fuck off
  101. tPF Almost half of Trump voters believe in Pizzagate
  102. Monica Crowley: original thinker
  103. Trump opposition sets up blue-state Headquarters.
  104. More on Trumps Racism
  105. "Farewell Video To President Obama"
  106. International hacking, When Is It Really A Big Deal?
  107. Inauguration parade announcer since 1957 replaced
  108. tPF Is this real? Grandma paid 160K for life for being a live in grandma, TAX DOLLARS!
  109. Corruption during the Obama administration.
  110. Donald Trump was bailed out of bankruptcy by Russia crime bosses
  111. For those of you who generally trust the government what do you case that trust on?
  112. For those of you who generally trust the government what do you case that trust on?
  113. Sanders vs Small Businesman
  114. The Memos of Trump Russian Collusion are Now Public
  115. How hard is it to understand...
  116. Donald Trump's Colossal Error on jobs during his Press Conference
  117. Warning: The Deep State Goes to War With Trump
  118. Missed the boat
  119. Ukraine Meddles in US Election
  120. Conservatives really are better looking, research says
  121. tPF How the Trump dossier came to light: secret sources, a retired spy and John McCain
  122. Rudy Giuliani to lead Trump's cybersecurity team.....
  123. Bonds bonds and more bonds, go government!
  124. Warning: Approval ratings just before inauguration
  125. Warning: What's Cory Booker's Motivation?
  126. MI6 agent behind Trump dossier fears for his safety
  127. Intel says Trump let Russia have Ukraine in exchange for hacking
  128. John Lewis on the legitimacy of Donald Trump's presidency
  129. tPF Vice's List of All the Promises Broken by Donald Trump
  130. Trump & Supporters Are In Over Their Heads
  131. Rosie O'Donnell and martial law
  132. tPF Does Congress Want to Govern?
  133. trump promises health insurance for everyone
  134. Democrats who are NOT going to the Inauguration
  135. Is John Lewis as ignorant as he sounds?
  136. Dems went for Trump because they thought Clinton cared more about bathrooms than job
  137. The Greatest Inauguration of all Time
  138. This week 3
  139. Republican Flees Town Hall When Constituents Show Up to Discuss ACA Repeal
  140. MLK’s niece: I voted for Trump
  141. Trump is a classic case
  142. Huff Po: Hillary Clinton is the Legitimate President-Elect.
  143. 58% say Trump would have won regardless of Russian hacking
  144. Poll: 80% Want Justices Who Apply Constitution as Originally Written
  145. Nearly 40 Democratic Lawmakers now Skipping Trumps inauguration
  146. The Debt And The Trump Agenda
  147. Will Trump Tweet Himself Out Of The White House?
  148. Republicans Never Questioned Obama's Legitimacy, Really No Lie
  149. Trump's right about drug prices: Our view.....
  150. Are the Democrats worried about losing the black vote due to non performance?
  151. More than 400,000 of those people losing coverage are Wisconsinites If #ACA Is Repeal
  152. Warning: Seth Meyers nails Trump for insulting John Lewis’ district ...
  153. tPF The 401(k) revolution was a victory for retirement savers:
  154. #ThanksObama: 5 Scary Powers Trump Will Take Over as President
  155. Willie McCovey pardoned by President Obama
  156. Obama scores the worst legislative record in History.....
  157. Buyers Remorse
  158. Tom Price Insider Trading Story Seems to be Debunked
  159. Bush counting down days until he is no longer worst president in history
  160. News Flash! Obamacare And The Affordable Care Act Are The Same Thing
  161. David Letterman foiled a blackmail plot by coming clean
  162. Dem Senator On Republican O'Care Replacement: 'They Are In A Panic'
  163. Warning: Democrats, Progressives, socialist are America's new home grown TERRORISTS!
  164. tPF Geography, not gerrymandering: why democrats struggle in the States
  165. tPF 10 years ago today Obama made a huge promise.* He didn’t keep it
  166. Last day prediction?
  167. How Hope Has Changed
  168. The great, big, beautiful list of everything Don Cheeto promised he'd do on Day One
  169. Obama First President EVER to Not Reach 3% GDP Growth
  170. Trump team prepares dramatic cuts
  171. What Makes For A Good Inaugural Address?
  172. Military veterans occupy John McCain's office
  173. Sounding Presidential
  174. The hypocrisy of a feminist march banning pro-life women
  175. White Americans Must Open Bank Accounts To Pay For Slavery Reparations
  176. Washington residents outside the White House holding up "Thanks Obama" signs
  177. All References to Climate Change Have Been Deleted From the White House Website
  178. Obama leaves behind a party that's wounded and lost.....
  179. Gen. Mattis Confirmed in Senate Vote As Secretary of Defense.....
  180. He Already Did Something Right
  181. Top 10 Ways Obama Violated The Constitution During His Presidency.....
  182. tPF Donald Trump plans new deal for Britain as Theresa May becomes first foreign leader t
  183. Full text: Trump's executive order on Obamacare
  184. I propose bill page limits.
  185. This is how an adult does it. President Obama 2009 Speech to the CIA
  186. ICYMI: Trump's Transition Team Finished Their Work On Time And Under Budget ......
  187. Seven Truths for Democrats......
  188. CIA’s secret history now online
  189. The history of reckless illegal immigration in California
  190. Report: Trump to Announce Move of U.S. Embassy in Israel on Monday.....
  191. Yes We Can: People Share
  192. tPF Trump's Telecom Chief Is Ajit Pai, Critic Of Net Neutrality Rules
  193. tPF Trump To Nominate Heather Wilson As Secretary Of The Air Force
  194. Let's hear it for the NYT! They've breached the post-factual, alt-fact barrier
  195. After 8 years, here are the promises Obama kept — and the ones he didn’t
  196. The different eating habits of Presidents Obama and Trump
  197. Eight Democratic senators propose 10-year trillion-dollar infrastructure plan
  198. tPF Medical debt top reason collection agencies call consumers
  199. DNC candidate chair wants to "shut other white people down"
  200. Warning: Supreme Court nominee fight coming.
  201. Jehmu Greene On White People
  202. Trump's most offensive statement
  203. The MSM Elephant in the room
  204. Ted Cruz Locks Constituents Out, Won't Make Appointments
  205. Republican leaders privately questioning Donald Trumps mental state
  206. Warning: How angry are you?
  207. Trump Still Trying To Convince Himself That He Didn't Lose The Popular Vote
  208. Trump says he discussed taking hands off Obamacare to hurt Democrats in 2018
  209. The Political Smack Down Of The Century, ENJOY!
  210. "Trumps government looks an awful lot like a badly run business"
  211. Donald J Trump gets a GQ Makeover to help him Look the Part of an Adult POTUS
  212. George Orwell's '1984' Sees Spike in Demand
  213. Warning: Kelly Ann Conway: word whore
  214. The Road to World War III
  215. DNC race: Low on energy, ideas, imagination......
  216. We owe Europe an apology
  217. Expect More Conflict Between Cities and States
  218. The religion euphemism: masking anti constitution ideology with religion
  219. What percent of society is really against Trump policy
  220. Warning: Why Islam is NOT Protected Under the US Constitution!
  221. Obama breaks his silence.
  222. Ted Cruz Issues Statement on Trump Asst. AG Firing…And It’s EPIC
  223. Zinke, Perry Approved By Senate Panels......
  224. Donald Trump’s sister, the tough, respected federal judge
  225. Tough talk on illegal "immigration"
  226. Elaine Chao Confirmed As Transportation Secretary-
  227. California Preparing to Become the First "Sanctuary State".....
  228. Will John McConnell pull the nuclear trigger?
  229. Lefty Islam Challenge: Just a religion, or is it more?
  230. Replacing Gorsuch with a Lefty
  231. Warning: First Lady Melania Trump May Stay in NYC Permanently and Never Move Into the WH
  232. Trump Murderer Allegation was a lie - Man who claimed mom died lied
  233. Tillerson Confirmed
  234. Warning: The Enemy Walks Among Us
  235. tPF Immigration Chaos As long as illegal immigration is permitted, the foundations of Ame
  236. AARP is cranky: Another Warning Sign For Republicans Trying To Repeal Obamacare
  237. Democrats House floor speech invokes power of impeachment over Trumps Middle East tre
  238. Texas Governor Declares War On Sanctuary Cities -
  239. Warning: Jobs Report Prediction
  240. Leftist Progressive-ism Defenders Of Free Speech, In A Pig's Ass
  241. Warning: Here is a Fine Young Democrat Who Registered 19 Dead People to Vote
  242. Sens. Graham, Whitehouse Announce Probe Of Russian Election Interference
  243. Righty media problem with Bowling Green
  244. Hordes of liberals want reassurance on RBG’s health
  245. To WALL or not to WALL?
  246. Washington State Governor Wants to Build Little Muslim Communities.
  247. tPF Fareed Zakaria agrees with some of Trump’s policies
  248. Super Bowl protests
  249. Warning: ​Is America Headed For It's First Coup?
  250. Steve Bannon & The Fourth Turning