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  1. New Reasons To Remember The Lurid Russia Dossier On Trump
  2. Donald Trump is systematically attacking every institution which could hold him in ch
  3. Donald Trump’s White House is plagued with dysfunction
  4. Well, this explains a lot
  5. Byron York: Justice Department demolishes case against Trump order.....
  6. Warning: Inalienable Rights And Things That Are Not
  7. Kill DODD-Frank = inevitable economic crisis
  8. WH backs up presidents claim that media is deliberately ignoring terror attacks
  9. Liberal Redneck on ttrumps "Muslim" Ban
  10. Super Bowl Commercial too Controversial for the (GOP) channel
  11. Crooked trump tells Sheriffs at the white house
  12. Anybody watching the Cruz/Sanders debate on CNN?
  13. tPF Do you support Trump's travel ban?
  14. McConnell Cuts Off Warren to Reprimand Her for Slamming Sessions
  15. Warning: American Civil War
  16. Republican Lawmakers Propose New Law To Reduce Legal Immigration
  17. Over/under on Kellyanne Conway getting fired
  18. Sanders and Cruz Debate Health Care
  19. Hyper Partisan Democrats Hand Trump Another Victory
  20. Trump's 3am call asking his national security adviser ....
  21. Warning: Hundreds of immigrants convicted and not deported committed more crimes — even murder
  22. President* caught lying again
  23. Unheard of! President* whines about retail store dumping daughter
  24. President approval polls
  25. Trumps cabinet picks overturned
  26. What is the GOP going to do for veterans?
  27. Warning: Americans are getting skeptical of the president*
  28. "Are you a paid Russian troll?" asks Wapo.
  29. Warning: Building that wall.
  30. Sessions, Trump And A Renewed Nixon Drug War
  31. Trump Doesn't Get Civil Forfeiture
  32. Blame congress
  33. Tom Price confirmed as Health and Human Services Secretary.....
  34. Democratic party supporters bracing for a Chelsea Clinton versus Caroline Kennedy
  35. tPF The Madness of King Trump
  36. Intelligent lefty
  37. Steve Gern on executive order
  38. Should there be paid maternity/paternity leave in the US?
  39. The trump tax cut: How much, how soon, how certain
  40. Shifting Wealth from the Western World
  41. Is the Anti-Trump 'Resistance' the New Tea Party?
  42. 72 convicted of terrorism from the 7 countries
  43. Trump Jobs and "buy American goods"
  44. Trump lies and nobody really cares.
  45. Tweets! Tweets! Trump Tweets!
  46. The King Letter On Immigration Sen. Warren Won't Read In Congress
  47. New Yorker: The Vulnerabilities of the Ninth Circuit's Executive-Order Opinion
  48. The Democrats' Immigration Problem
  49. An Unintended Side Effect of Trump's Border Wall
  50. Democratic 2016 Autopsy: The Party Is Dead Without Gains At State Level ......
  51. Trump is tightening his grip on communications
  52. The Spy Revolt Against Trump Begins
  53. They're starting to turn on each other.
  54. Trump Hasn’t Rolled Back Obama’s Executive Orders (So Far)
  55. Clinton reminds us why we are lucky she lost
  56. Tweets will be trumps undoing if nothing else
  57. A Brief And Appalling History of The Department of Education
  58. Oregon: Second Amendment “sanctuary counties” sought
  59. Pelosi and Cummings cite fake news
  60. An Expert Debater Illustrates How Kellyanne Conway Dodges Tough Interview Questions..
  61. tPF Charlie Daniels: It’s Only a Matter of Time Before There Is Blood on the Streets
  62. The Real Agenda Is Oh So Apparent
  63. From Russia With Love:
  64. The Deep State is at war with Trump
  65. tPF The Common Core Thread
  66. Obama Admin Knew Immediately That Benghazi Was A Direct Terror Attack: FOIA
  67. Trump is an Actor and his Supporters were Duped
  68. Warning: A Day Without Immigrants
  69. Looks like Trump is going for his 4th consecutive $3 million trip to Mar-A-Lago
  70. Reason Trump Holding a Rally
  71. Trump approval poll: 55%
  72. The biggest Deep State players
  73. Lefties and MSM on collision course
  74. "About the Press Conference". Josh Marshall nails it
  75. Felony: Flynn in FBI interview denied discussing sanctions with Russian ambassador
  76. News from the Coup Front
  77. FactChecking Trump’s News Conference
  78. Trumps Public Humiliation
  79. Trump Signs Bill Repealing Another Obama-era Environmental Regulation......
  80. Best President?
  81. They are still telling him what he wants to hear .... Wow
  82. Trump’s Inroads in Union Ranks Have Labor Leaders Scrambling.....
  83. How to Stay Sane in a World of Crazy News
  84. Legitimate Fact Checking site
  85. Trump Inherited a Fine Tuned Machine.
  86. Trump Presser: The (Republican) Reviews Are In
  87. Scott Pruitt Confirmed as EPA Head.....
  88. The Left's Once Mighty Echo Chamber Is Losing Power Read more: http://www.americanth
  89. Leaked Emails: Dem State Leaders Think Obama’s New Organizing Army is ‘Grade A Bullsh
  90. Pence Seeks To Reassure Nervous European Allies, Vows U.S. Commitment To NATO
  91. Mr. President: ‘Just who the hell do you think you are?’
  92. tPF Binary Only
  93. America's spies are playing a dangerous game against President Trump
  94. Oakland Metro Operahouse Cancels Marduk Show “in the Interest of Public Safety”
  95. There's no environmental problem
  96. Texas Ranchers Hurt by Trump's Trade War
  97. Warning: The Lord's Prayer Before President Trump's Great Speech Yesterday
  98. Draft executive orders on immigration.....
  99. Warning: Mysteries on Easy St.
  100. The biggest threat to world peace is the United States?
  101. Second senior Trump appointee canned in under a week.
  102. tPF Regret voting for trump?
  103. Is Robby Mook A Poor Loser?
  104. The Press
  105. Congress Slashes Funding For NASA’s Global Warming Research ......
  106. Trump Allies Quietly Push Plan for Russia and Ukraine
  107. Golfer in chief
  108. Remember "True Blue"?
  109. Warning: Milo resigns from Breitbart.
  110. We want our money back!
  111. UNREPORTED NEWS , Mandate removed from 2016 taxes
  112. Democratic socialists make headway
  113. VA To Toss Out 500,000 Applications For Healthcare Due To Its Own Errors
  114. Maxine Watters embarrasses herself yet again
  115. All along it was CANADIAN Left wing that was trying to swing the election!
  116. Drop A Nuclear Bomb On Syria Now
  117. Fighting leftist racism... with a mirror.
  118. With Protests, Both Obama And Trump White Houses Saw 'Manufactured' Anger
  119. Brzezinski: Our job is to control exactly what people think
  120. Is The Drug War Worth It?
  121. Increasingly Unhinged Russia Rhetoric
  122. Regime Change
  123. Trump Will Not Use Military For Immigration Control
  124. Vulnerable Dems lay low as town hall angst rages
  125. Republicans accuse voters of using town halls to express themselves
  126. A New McCarthyism: Greenwald on Clinton Camp's Attempts to Link Trump, Stein & WikiLe
  127. Federal police agencies investigating presidents and candidates
  128. tPF Trump's appointment of H.R. McMaster: A return to realism in foreign policy
  129. tPF How To Replace ObamaCare And Save Social Security
  130. Executive orders
  131. Trump Arrested !
  132. Meet the terrorist behind the next women’s march
  133. Trump is doing something right!
  134. The Impossible Obama-Care Fix
  135. Great expectations: Trump voters expect him to deliver for them
  136. People's misplaced faith in the health care industry
  137. Prohibitions supporters
  138. Trump's denunciation of the media
  139. MSM lies about the media war with Trump
  140. 'Power Can Be Very Addictive'
  141. Trump not filling federal jobs!
  142. Trump's first address to Congress
  143. Warning: trump's budget doa
  144. Source of National Security Breach Identified – Leaker is David Laufman of DOJ
  145. Political Cults of Personality
  146. Regulatory reform can make America great again
  147. Rand Paul: End Nation Building
  148. ‘Hillary for Mayor’ signs appearing around NYC
  149. MSM deception and Jeff Sessions
  150. Resist: Since Trump's Win, Dems Have Flipped Zero Seats in Four Blue -
  151. Oregon judge faces scrutiny for allegedly helping illegal immigrant escape ICE
  152. Warning: On the eve of the insurrection......
  153. Warning: Can, Will You Answer These Questions?
  154. Warning: Using national power to crush the opposition party
  155. Was Obama Also In On Hillary's Uranium Deal
  156. Pelosi meets Russian ambassador
  157. Heating and AC , You're screwed
  158. tPF Republicans, please be honest
  159. The Fall of the Elites
  160. Hillary calls for a post-mortem
  161. Trump Right about Illegals Voting?
  162. Endless Russian Hysteria
  163. Of Course Trump Was Surveilled
  164. Smell Test?
  165. In terms of US politics, when you think of the GOP, do you....
  166. Democrats Demonize Obama's Russia Policies
  167. What Is the Democrat Strategy for Russia?
  168. What We Could Have Had...
  169. When I think or see the term Democrat, I....
  170. Next time the question arrises as to how "left" this forum is
  171. The Left Is About To Eat Their Own.....
  172. Donald Trump's wiretap tweets raise his risk of impeachment
  173. Women's History Month
  174. tPF Trumpcare v. Obamacare
  175. Warning: Blue state model fails in Connecticut
  176. Why we’re unlikely to find any Russian connection in Trump’s tax returns
  177. Bluexit -- How would the red states cope if states rights were real?
  178. Evmetrocare health law
  179. State Republicans Push For More Restrictive Voting Laws
  180. In My Opinion The Only Way.......
  181. Jorge Ramos is rich blue eyed white guy
  182. Even as a woman Trump would still have won.
  183. The Great Trumpkin's favorite TV shows.
  184. The GOP’s ObamaCare replacement will boost jobs and cut taxes.....
  185. Trump's 9th golfing trip in 7 weeks
  186. Are the Members of Congress Going to Use Trumpcare?
  187.  Can a Feminist Be Pro-Life?
  188. Warning: Russian ambassador met with advisers to Clinton campaign too
  189. Warning: Suspect In House IT Security Probe Also Had Access To DNC Emails
  190. Warning: Watergate was physical break-in at a Campaign HQ • Trump Towers was a cyber break-in
  191. No One Cared About Hacking until We found Out How Corrupt Liberals Are
  192. Trump Voters Would Be Hit Hardest By Health Care Replacement Plan
  193. Texas Rep. Jessica Farrar Trolls GOP By Proposing $100 Fine For Men Who Masturbate
  194. Russian Conspiracy Theories Losing Steam
  195. Finally A Real Life Voter Fraud Conviction!
  196. Mike Pence’s falsehoods start catching up with him
  197. Paul Ryan caught on tape trashing Trump before Election
  198. AP FACT CHECK: What about Trump's vow on health coverage?
  199. Dennis Kucinich on Trump's wiretap charge: 'It happened to me'
  200. Number of sanctuary cities nears 500
  201. tPF Who would have been better?
  202. Jobs Numbers and the real unemployment rate
  203. So will Comey spill the beans today or Run and Hide?
  204. Republicans should really read the CBO Report
  205. Trump's plan to dismember government
  206. Executive/Legislative branches clash on Obamacare releal
  207. McCain On Trump-Russia Ties: 'Lot More Shoes To Drop'
  208. Medicaid for all as a basic blanket coverage for all Americans
  209. China to Trump: We dont want a trade war but if there is one, you'd lose
  210. Elvis Delivered Big Foot To Rachel Maddow Last Night
  211. ​TrumpGate
  212. Trump Appoints FIFTH Goldman Sachs Alum To His Growing Swamp
  213. Warning: McCain: Rand Paul Works for Putin
  214. Trump To Kill Of Big Bird and PBS Propoganda Machine
  215. tPF McCain: Rand Paul Works for Putin
  216. War on Science Continues
  217. Illegals Cancel Foodstamps in Fear Of Deportation
  218. President Trump's proposed budget
  219. Warning: Tillerson: US Military Force Against North Korea 'On the Table' ......
  220. What Has Gotten Into the Democrats?
  221. The Oral Argument that cost the Democrats the Presidency
  222. 7 ideas to reduce health care costs
  223. Makes sense to me.
  224. Democratic Lobbyist Bundlers Tied to Russian Interests
  225. Kellyanne Conway was banned from some shows
  226. The actual News from the Hearings
  227. Feinstein very concerned.
  228. Will Russiagate backfire on the left?
  229. GOP smoke screens & our Constitution.
  230. More MSM Fake News
  231. The American Socialist Mafia must die
  232. Leftist, Clueless, Or Just Plain Biased Hypocrites?
  233. tPF Trump Transition Members were under Surveillance During Obama Regime
  234. Confederate Constitution
  235. Well (R) there goes another one
  236. The Democrats’ ditch is only getting deeper......
  237. Democrats Plan to Filibuster to Thwart Gorsuch Nomination
  238. Adam Schiff: Grifter, Racketeer, Warmonger
  239. Senate allows ISPs to collect personal information
  240. Warning: Senate votes to overturn Obama's FCC privacy rules......
  241. I Have A Drivers Licence...
  242. Why The Healthcare Bill Should And Did Fail
  243. Demographics and time are not on the side of the Right
  244. Trump’s Next Challenge: Russia Returns to Afghanistan.....
  245. Were Dems Apologists for Saddam?
  246. Is sci fi always relevant?
  247. I'm glad we liberated Libya
  248. A 50 States Laboratory For Best Healthcare.
  249. CIA Created ISIS - Wikileaks Releases 500K US Cables
  250. Did Michael Flynn rat out Trump?