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  1. Democrats Trade Places on War and McCarthyism
  2. You who secretly now "get it" have lots of company
  3. Leahy Is An Elitist Snob And Partisan Obstructionist
  4. Russia Russia the Dems tit for tat Bengahzi plan
  5. House Signs Bill Releasing EPA 'Research' to Public: "Days of 'Trust Me' Science are
  6. Warning: Wont see this guy invited onto MSNBC anytime soon
  7. Founders And The General Welfare
  8. One overview of the movement to call a constitutional convention
  9. The Sleazy Origins of Russia-gate
  10. Larry Sabato on the Democrats' strategy
  11. Why do we attribute so much to the president ?
  12. On Diversity of Top Staff, Senate Republicans Outpace Democrats
  13. I support school choice!
  14. Democrats Know the Election Was Legitimate but Persist in a Dangerous Fraud
  15. Question
  16. Trump’s Foreign Policy Incoherence
  17. Trump & Sisi, Unmasking US Policy
  18. Trump Allowed to Get Money From His Trusts at Anytime Without Disclosing I
  19. Trump Donates Entire First-Quarter Salary to National Park Service
  20. Winner Winner another Rice Dinner
  21. tPF If it is all true
  22. Warning: Right, Left, Rep, Dem...........
  23. Bernie Sanders Says Trump Voters Not ‘Deplorables,’ Hillary Clinton to Blame for Elec
  24. Trumps War on Journalism
  25. But what next?
  26. Warning: Confederate Monuments Being Removed
  27. More lies by Rice or maybe she is really stupid
  28. Thought/Questions Concerning Susan Rice's Unmasking
  29. Partial Transcript: Trump’s Interview With The Times
  30. Trump’s Made in America Slogan Doesn’t Fit Ivanka’s Clothing Line
  31. Trump calls Bill O’Reilly a ‘good person’ amid harassment revelations
  32. MSM reporting on Rice: biased, or not?
  33. Lefties think Trump is a racist
  34. Tackling important issues....
  35. March jobs
  36. Trump’s Far-Right Supporters Turn on Him Over Syria Strike
  37. Trust Me...
  38. Thank you Obama for getting all the WMDs out
  39. Oops! Why do liberals think Syrians want to come here?
  40. hillary: new book ! one more run ?
  41. Even a "One-Off" Is An Act of War
  42. Warning: As U.S. Jobs Flee the Country, One of Trump's Biggest Campaign Promises Is Already Go
  43. Assad is not the enemy or monster we are led to believe but...
  44. Dems are so far out on the Russian limb
  45. Warning: This Ad Stunned So Many Liberals The NFL Banned It From The Super Bowl
  46. Susan Rice - Filthy Rich Liberal Hypocrite
  47. The Media's Rapprochement With Trump
  48. Maxine Waters rallies Tax March crowd for Trump's impeachment
  49. Three DEMOCRAT-Run Cities Are Most Responsible For National Murder Rate Increase.....
  50. Warning: What Trump's Taxes Would Not Show About His Finances
  51. Big Dem Win in Georgia Didn't Happen
  52. Unbe-frickin-lieveable! Bernie Sanders and Obama had Russian Campaign Operatives!
  53. Oh No!!! Now, Even the Green Party is Courting the Russians!
  54. tPF Is Brennan the Nexus for the espionage against Trump?
  55. Etiquette Experts Weigh In On Trump’s Awkward Walking Distance From Melania
  56. Honeymoon from Hell: The Liberal Media vs. President Trump
  57. Trump Inaugural Drew Big Dollars From Donors With Vested Interests
  58. Trump's campaign legal fees top $4 million
  59. Democrats begin to wonder: When do we win?.....
  60. Obama Forgets His Roots, Turns Into Jet Setter
  61. Study: Trump has eliminated $86B in regs
  62. Warning: A Reminder of the Obama Days
  63. Al Franken rumored to be next Democratic nominee
  64. Amendment 13 And A Military Draft
  65. At a ‘Unity’ Stop in Nebraska, Democrats Find Anything But
  66. chelsea!
  67. Pompeo Threatens Speech and Press Freedoms
  68. Milo's back
  69. U.S. will not give Exxon permission to drill in Russia
  70. Wash Post poll hides: Trump still beats Clinton, 43%-40%
  71. Trump, The Golfer In Chief
  72. Trump's First 100 Days: An 'Entry-Level' Presidency
  73. Removal Of Historical Monuments Has Begun
  74. The Budget
  75. Warning: Trump Has Been Crushed
  76. Tom Perez Just Further Divided The Democrat Party With His Extreme Abortion Demands..
  77. "I disapprove of what you say...
  78. The core is hanging tough
  79. Ex-spy admits anti-Trump dossier unverified, blames Buzzfeed for publishing
  80. What's Wrong With These Pictures?
  81. Immigration
  82. ​Dems Have Hissy Fit On Capitol Hill
  83. Challenge Climate Change Hypocrites and Liars - Here's How
  84. The Democratic Party Has Been Crushed!
  85. The World's Most Leftist ("Progressive") Country - North Korea
  86. WARNING: Americans are at serious risk of losing their first amendment rights!
  87. Trump considers breaking up big banks, raising gas tax
  88. Grover won't like this!
  89. A Cesspool Of Snakes
  90. Clinton Blames 2016 Loss On Comey Letter, Russian Interference — And Herself
  91. Here's The Donald Trump Ad CNN Refused To Air
  92. What Is Fake News?
  93. Warning: ​Obama Bloviates
  94. How would you fix healthcare?
  95. A budget primer
  96. The Never-Ending Election -- Why Trump, Clinton, Comey won't go away.
  97. Trump’s Support of Despots Is Central to the U.S. Tradition
  98. What 'Fascism' Talk Really Accomplishes
  99. 129 People Have Already Filed To Run For President In 2020
  100. Did Obama Spy on Rand Paul? Others, too?
  101. Sally Yates to testify today
  102. Fourth Circuit to hear Trump's travel EO en banc
  103. Original Intent #5 (Second Amendment)
  104. Original Intent #4 (First Amendment)
  105. Original Intent #3 (Electoral College)
  106. Original Intent #2 (3 equal branches of a powerless government)
  107. Original Intent #1 (Bill of Rights)
  108. tPF Our trade deficit puts us on the brink of another financial crisis
  109. tPF Meet Tulsi Gabbard, Future President of the United States
  110. Jimmy Carter agrees with Trump on Canadian lumber trade practices
  111. tPF Is America at full employment? Not even close
  112. Stephen Colbert’s sheep audience cheers Comey firing, changes tune after host’s corre
  113. Polling Firm Asks People For The First Word They Think Of For President Trump....
  114. Oh No! Colbert Said a Dirty Word!
  115. The Path of Most Resistance
  116. 33 states to crack down on sanctuary cities
  117. tPF What is US goal in the world? Does anyone know?
  118. Bipartisan support for the new US trade representative
  119. Obamacare’s crushing costs to some families:
  120. The bipartisan ‘single payer’ solution: Medicare Advantage Premium support for all
  121. Looking Like a Liar or a Fool: What It Means to Work for Trump
  122. Trump, irked at cabinet and staff, mulls sweeping shake-up
  123. Warning: The American Left is talking itself into violence.
  124. What a week Trump had!!
  125. An objective look at the Trump whitehouse
  126. Donald Trump
  127. Why the left is hell bent on a special prosecutor.
  128. Even Ann Coulter thinks Trump's presidency has been a 'disaster'
  129. Obama Also Shared Information With the Russians
  130. Poll: Do You Approve of Trump?
  131. More Desperation From The Left
  132. What is a "snowflake"?
  133. Which Founder Are You?
  134. History will refer to Donald trump as the "ADD president"
  135. Dems war chest grows
  136. FBI director Comey's testimony on May 3, 2017
  137. Major players in the Russia investigations
  138. Osssaf and Handle in dead head in Florida
  139. Trump’s Media Strategy is Failing — Here’s How to Fix*It
  140. And The State With Most Voter Suppression is
  141. Can we truest federal budget and spending numbers?
  142. Soros is quietly buying District Attorney’s seats
  143. How Long Before The "Union" Descends Into Violence?
  144. Who owns the Washington Post?
  145. Trump most honest POTUS
  146. Cali’s universal health plan to cost more than entire budget
  147. Fox guarding the hen house
  148. Factors In Healthcare Outcomes
  149. Leftist Propaganda And Bald-Faced Lies Oh So Predictable
  150. Do You Approve of Taking Down Confederate Statues, Monuments, Etc.?
  151. Hillary Clinton's mean-spirited speech
  152. Democratic Party mail surveys
  153. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz threatens police chief using her office
  154. FBI illegally shared raw intel on Americans with private parties
  155. Upping the ante
  156. The Camel Riders of the Apocalypse
  157. Obama’s NSA Rebuked for Snooping on Americans
  158. I'm Starting To Like The Whackjob
  159. Politicians are in “crisis,” not the ordinary american
  160. The next time anyone tries to suggest that the GOP are Nazi’s . . .
  161. Maxine Waters meltdown
  162. White House finds three leakers
  163. What's next for the Dems?
  164. The Coming Conservative Supreme Court
  165. tPF Bloomberg: '55 percent chance' Trump will win reelection
  166. 12 dumbest reactions to Withdraw
  167. I'm still laughing... Trump Punks the Fake Media:Covfefe
  168. Why Hillary Clinton claims that she lost
  169. Why modern environmentalism must die
  170. The Proud Boys
  171. How are Conservative and Liberals different?
  172. Coats and Rogers refuse to say if Trump asked them to sway Russia probe
  173. This is why the Cosby incident is important to you.
  174. Tough talk from Neil
  175. GAO: 437,000 deportation cases backlogged, hearings delayed to 2022
  176. Should We Dissolve the Union?
  177. Trump continues 'Dreamer' amnesty program for undocumented immigrants
  178. Investors conclude that Trump will not be impeached
  179. US revives space-policy council after 24-year absence
  180. tPF If Kim Dotcom produces the goods, mainstream America will be forced to wake up
  181. CNN severs ties with host who called Trump 'a piece of s---'
  182. Missing From Comey's Fireworks: Trump-Russia Collusion
  183. ACT for America Stages Marches Against ‘Sharia Law’ Nationwide
  184. The damaging case against James Comey
  185. Warning: Look at the sky and see those dark clouds
  186. Does Comey's revelation on Lynch make you question her tarmac explanation?
  187. Voter Fraud - Canvassers charged in fake, fraudulent voter registrations
  188. Trump attorney signals a firm stance in dealing with special prosecutor
  189. Trump's reactions are so predictable.
  190. My Lawyers Got Trump to Admit 30 Lies Under Oath
  191. tPF Is Special Counsel Mueller a Good Guy?
  192. Sanders:Democratic Party 'An Absolute Failure
  193. VA gubernatorial primary
  194. A political double standard
  195. More CNN Fake News
  196. Let's Put the Comey Leaked or Didn't Leak Story to Rest.
  197. House Democrats battle behind the scenes over impeachment
  198. Well this looks a little suspicious don't you think (
  199. Did Mueller Grant immunity to Comey ??
  200. What we know about the Russian Collusion Story
  201. Republican who helped impeach Ptresdent Clinton speaks
  202. Resist movement, violence are tearing America apart
  203. The Cold Civil War
  204. 5 fake stories that CNN pushed
  205. Leftists on twitter show true colors
  206. Archives of Alexandria shooter’s pro-Maddow, Democrat*Facebook
  207. The Left Is Rotting From Within
  208. To My Old Friend Who Abandoned Me Over Politics
  209. Changing Tone
  210. Could Illinois be the first state to file bankruptcy?
  211. Warning: Trump disapproval hits 64%
  212. Dreamer
  213. Police In America
  214. The left's response to the shooting in Arlington, Virginia
  215. Rightwing zealots claim the violence is libs fault.
  216. When a liberal power lawyer represents the Trump family, things can get ugly
  217. How do refugee supporters square that type of immigration and women's rights?
  218. How do refugee supporters square that type of immigration and women's rights?
  219. Do the Democrats support Antifa?
  220. Democrat Violence was Predictable
  221. Warning: Susan Rice ‘Unmasking’ Documents Moved from NSC to Obama Library and sealed?
  222. Warning: President Pence
  223. Handel vs Ossoff
  224. Study supports Trump: 5.7 million noncitizens may have cast illegal votes
  225. FBI Report on Alexandria Quietly Debunks the Gun-Controllers’ Talking Points
  226. Democrats Play Blame Game With Pelosi After Georgia Election — To GOP's Glee
  227. Warning: Is the democratic party anti second?
  228. Nancy Pelosi Faces Heat From Democrats After Georgia Loss
  229. America is on its way to divorce court
  230. this pic and article pretty well sum up the dem party
  231. "Sexual Assault" : The media just reported what I've been telling you.
  232. LAPD officer gets arrested with his own cuffs
  233. Westerville Ohio man charged with threatening Republican Rep. Steve Stivers
  234. Cindy McCain: Crony Philanthropist
  235. tPF Why I am confused
  236. Trump was likely correct about non citizens voting.
  237. Big cases, retirement rumors as Supreme Court nears finish
  238. America at the fork, go right or left?
  239. Leftist Extremist Maureen Dowd Lectures Democrats Big Time!
  240. Harvard Poll: Two-Thirds Say Russia Investigations ‘Hurting Country’
  241. Democrats refuse to temper the rhetoric
  242. The Epic Failures of Neocons
  243. Anyone care to comment on the pleathora of SCOTUS decisions today?
  244. Trump's Lies
  245. How many Republican judges does it take to overturn a left-wing law?
  246. Is the Flynn Investigation a Setup?
  247. Obama the Bologna Master and his Bologna Party
  248. Warning: Why Avoid Discussing Health Care?
  249. 49 should do it
  250. JFK: Democrat or Republican?