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  1. Bigotry is natural, right down to the cellular level
  2. Trump is dropping the ball in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands
  3. Jared Kushner Used Private Email In Trump Administration, Lawyer Confirms
  4. tPF The Convention of States - Political Power
  5. Listen up!
  6. Corker (R-INO) to retire
  7. Why single payer health care is a terrible option
  8. tPF Is The Star Spangled Banner Racist?
  9. Alabama Senate Special Election Primary Runoff
  10. The next trump failure
  11. tPF Democrats: It's Time To Move On
  12. GOP proposes deep tax cuts, provides few details on how to pay for them
  13. Do "poor people" even exist in America?
  14. Culture Wars - The anti-American Left versus the Americans
  15. Trump Administration To Drop Refugee Cap To 45,000, Lowest In Years
  16. U.S. Slaps Hefty Tariff On Bombardier Jets, Angering Canada, U.K.
  17. Chuck Schumer
  18. tPF A Common Sense Measure to Limit Federal Tyranny
  19. Another left-wing fascist movement on the rise
  20. US Presidents that were possibly psychopaths
  21. Democrats Try To Force Dream Act Vote, As GOP Rolls Out Conservative DACA Fix
  22. Warning: Will Trump be re-elected in 2020?
  23. Convention of states
  24. Why Be a Libertarian
  25. tPF What Democrats Must Do
  26. US Citizenship
  27. Compares Trump to an Emotional Teenager: ‘We Have a High School Girl as President"
  28. Was the Las Vegas Attack an Act of Terrorism?
  29. tPF Wealth Inequality Is Higher Than Ever
  30. Gun Control Debunked
  31. tPF The Case for Single-Payer
  32. Massacre / Gun Control summery
  33. The Real Causes of Gun Crime
  34. How about raising the age for military eligibility to 21?
  35. tPF Beyond $15
  36. What Is An Acceptable Amount of Gun Homicides?
  37. California challenges Trump's rollback of birth control mandate
  38. President Trump and the press corps
  39. tPF The Union Option
  40. Biden's Busy Schedule Spurs 2020 Speculation
  41. tPF Comprehensive Immigration Reform I can Back
  42. Trump's lack of decorum, dignity, and statesmanship.
  43. tPF Republicans privately admit defeat on Obamacare repeal
  44. tPF California's old guard Democrats under siege
  45. Why Should the States Be "United"?
  46. Trump Nominates Kirstjen Nielsen As Next Homeland Security Secretary
  47. Your government...
  48. Federal Cover-Up of Barbaric Factory Farms
  49. How Is Abortion a Right?
  50. Executive orders are bad, right?
  51. trump still trying to shield Russia from sanctions?
  52. It's Getting Interesting
  53. Hillary Clinton calls Trump 'sexual assaulter' in BBC interview, but says Bill's...
  54. Is There Anything Government Cannot Solve?
  55. Healthcare Is A Right
  56. Congress warned North Korea EMP attack would kill 90% of Americans within 1 year
  57. tPF The Clinton Double Standard
  58. Vice Presidents Enter Fray In Final Weeks Of Virginia's Governor Race
  59. Bannon: 'It's A Season Of War Against The GOP Establishment'
  60. Trump Percentages
  61. Quote of the Day
  62. How Hillary Can Still Become President
  63. The Court Challenge Begins: Is Trump Taking Unconstitutional Emoluments?
  64. Thank you, Obama
  65. Tom Marino, Trump's Pick As Drug Czar, Withdraws After Damaging Opioid Report
  66. How The NRA Uses Its Political Clout: An Early Lesson In Oklahoma
  67. tPF Trump leaning toward former pharma exec for health secretary
  68. Warning: How Your Political Views Have Changed Over The Years
  69. The Next Election
  70. Who Was The Biggest Influence?
  71. tPF Trump Likely to Block Release of Some JFK Files
  72. tPF Niger attack fuels new push for war vote
  73. This is the real reason why American politics is so polarized
  74. There’s talk of capping 401(k) contributions at $2,400 per year
  75. Silverglate: How Robert Mueller Tried To Entrap Me
  76. GOP Congress Presides Over Highest Spending Since Obama’s Stimulus
  77. Bannon burns Bush
  78. Sessions admits negligence
  79. Trump says he'll allow release of Kennedy assassination files
  80. Anti-American?
  81. Bannon Attacks George W. Bush After Ex-President Decried 'Nativism,' 'Bigotry'
  82. Higher Taxes
  83. The debt clock and quantitative easing
  84. Wall Street is on the verge of its first major win in Trump's Washington
  85. McCain calls out Trump on draft dodging
  86. tPF Corker Must be Censured and Booted out of the Senate
  87. tPF We are going to need a Bigger Prison
  88. Senators Corker and Flake deserve recognition for what they have done.
  89. 2-Party System? Americans Might Be Ready For 8
  90. Whoever Is Qualified
  91. Bernie betrays Democrats, announces reelection run as an independent
  92. tPF Steven Rattner, Kickback Hack
  93. Reality begins to set in for trump supporters.
  94. Military Times Poll: What you really think about Trump
  95. National Security Threat: Unlicensed Massages
  96. tPF The Prime Directive
  97. Free Beacon Funded Original Fusion GPS anti-Trump Opposition
  98. tPF Why Are They Lying?
  99. Coming To A TV Screen Near Year
  100. Uranium One, Clinton Collusion Zero
  101. Trump Administration High/Lowlights
  102. tPF When the Serfs Rebelled
  103. tPF Partisanship: America's Original Sin
  104. RIP Dennis Banks
  105. What Manafort’s Indictment May Tell Us About Russian Election Meddling
  106. Mueller team won battle to force testimony from lawyer for Manafort and Gates
  107. tPF More Cronyism: UnitedHealth-backed HHS Nominee
  108. tPF Why NAFTA Needs An Expiration Date
  109. The end of science
  110. Is teaching evolution in public schools racist?
  111. Greatest Candidate Who Didn't Win
  112. Warning: Dems' Favorite Special Interest Group, or ......
  113. Why Some Black and Brown People Can’t Trust Bernie Sanders, in 1 Quote
  114. Ta-Nehisi Coates Schools John Kelly On History Of Civil War And ‘Compromise’
  115. Tax Bill Delayed As GOP Divisions On Eliminating Tax Breaks Persist
  116. Immigrant poll
  117. tPF The First Clinton Coup was Successful
  118. tPF Schumer's Terrorist
  119. Draining the swamp? Not so much.
  120. Trumps tweet about his account
  121. The G.O.P. Is D.E.A.D.
  122. Trump Presidency Was a Wake-Up Call
  123. tPF Where in the World are Jeff Session's Testicles?
  124. Sorting Out the Russia Mess
  125. Students Were Offended By a Play That Mocks Political Correctness, So Brandeis...
  126. Liberal College Students Vs. SJWs
  127. Is it protocol for citizens to refer to the POTUS as President of the USA
  128. Warning: Knives, Blunt Objects, and Fists (Oh my!)
  129. Pompeo toadying
  130. Can the Democrats end meanness through restrictive laws?
  131. Illegal Irish Immigrants Fear Deportation Under Trump
  132. Trump walking back tough guy talk?
  133. Historic Tax Credit On Chopping Block
  134. Roy Moore seems OK with molesting children
  135. No jobs in the "tax cut and jobs act" AKA the "cut cut cut act".
  136. Warning: Republicans Tire of Winning
  137. Senate judiciary committee forcing through unqualified judges on party line votes.
  138. Podesta Group on the Verge of Shuttering AmidslTies to Mueller Probe
  139. Senate Democrats Won’t Say if Menendez Should Leave Senate if Convicted
  140. Jeff Session sued by 12 year old girl
  141. GOP strategist: 'Trump has made the Democratic Party great again' BY OLIVIA BEAVERS -
  142. tPF Trump approval pops to 46%
  143. Presidents Are Just Figureheads
  144. REPORT: Locals Say Roy Moore Was 'Banned' From Gadsden Mall
  145. tPF Trump's HHS Sec Boosted Drug Prices
  146. Warning: Nuclear Strike
  147. Here's Why Liberals Are Finally Reckoning With Bill Clinton's Alleged Sex Crimes
  148. Wild idea
  149. GOP tax plan is Historically unpopular
  150. What happened on October 9, 2007?
  151. Allred Admits She Does Not Know If Moore Signed Accuser's Yearbook
  152. tPF Azar received millions from Eli Lilly in last year
  153. College asks NYPD to use bathrooms out of sight from students
  154. Twitter doesn't like Trump's attack on Lavar Ball
  155. More Than 300 Cook County Workers Laid Off
  156. Net Neutrality Is a Fraudulent Power Grab
  157. Longtime Dem Corrine Brown Guilty of Stealing Scholarship $$; Blames "Racism"
  158. Subway’s newest $740M train breaks down in less than a day
  159. It’s Astonishing That It Took This Long for the Bill Clinton Moment of Reckoning to A
  160. The book that will shatter your illusions!
  161. Bill Clinton and the 'Lolita Express
  162. General Admits Terrorists Had Psychological Advantage Under Obama
  163. Guess what the FBI kept quiet during the Russian hacking apocalypse
  164. Rep. Jackie Speier joins Nancy Pelosi in shedding doubt on Rep. Conyers's accusers
  165. Rand Paul gets it right again
  166. Bait and Switch
  167. tPF Why Democrats are to blame for CFPB debacle
  168. 12 reasons Michelle Obama will run in 2020 Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2017/11/12
  169. Trump Spreads more hate
  170. Yet another unreported meeting with Russians
  171. Navaho code talkers
  172. Another republican tax experiment goes wrong
  173. Staging an end run around accountability
  174. Democrats and the moral high ground
  175. Michigan Candidate: Vote for Me, I Don't Have A Penis
  176. Hawaii attack sirens blare across state for the first time since Cold War
  177. LTG (Ret.) Flynn's plea agreement
  178. Question About Social Security
  179. tPF What If Republican and Democrat States Were Separate Countries?
  180. Reich Wing Heroes! RWNJ'S(humor)
  181. Best Southern Border Wall Design I've Seen
  182. tPF Reasons to impeach trump
  183. Warning: Clinton aides lied to the FBI
  184. Veterans and the public agree US foreign policy isn’t working
  185. *trump administration* considers proposal for American gestapo
  186. Trump showing more signs of dementia
  187. Trump finally gets a 1st place!
  188. Steinle's Wall
  189. Do Democrats Have Anything In Common With the Founders?
  190. Female Ex-FOX Host Accuses Trump
  191. Read Al Franken's resignation speech
  192. The media's Russia probe meltdown: 3 screw-ups in one week
  193. The U.S. Media Yesterday Suffered its Most Humiliating Debacle in Ages: Now Refuses A
  194. Congressman Phil Roe on Gun Control
  195. List of failed Trump accusations
  196. AP tweets Jones wins
  197. Omarosa Tried to ‘Storm the Residence’ in Reality TV-Style Ouster
  198. Beware republicans bearing gifts
  199. Clinton Struck Deal With Obama State Dept. to Keep Records Private
  200. Head of Congressional Ethics Office Sued for Abusing Position, Accused of Assaulting
  201. Trump just made a 355-ship Navy national policy
  202. Moore won't concede
  203. Prominent lawyer sought donor cash for two Trump accusers
  204. Canadian Comedy
  205. Report: Trump Bans ‘Transgender,’ ‘Fetus,’ ‘Science-Based’ From CDC Documents
  206. Comey Should Be Indicted
  207. tPF The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook
  208. Corker kickback
  209. If White Liberals Are So Tolerant...
  210. Dozens of lawmakers stand to reap a tax windfall due to a last-minute GOP loophole
  211. Is repealing the individual mandate a good idea?
  212. Chained CPI, the hidden tax increase
  213. Alimony tax increase
  214. Why I registered as an "Independent"
  215. Congressman Demands Probe into Evidence Obama Admin Protected Hezbollah to Score Iran
  216. Judge dismisses lawsuit alleging Trump violated emoluments clause
  217. Bernie Fans Love Republican Tax Plan
  218. Capitalism needs Socialism?
  219. Why don't liberals accept the fact that Obama is a traitor?
  220. Malik Obama Drops Obama’s Real Birth Certificate – It’s from Kenya
  221. Warning: This Tax Bill Is a Trillion-Dollar Blunder
  222. Law Clerks Say Federal Judiciary Isn’t Equipped To Handle Sexual Harassment
  223. Rich liberals in DC area rush to pay property taxes early
  224. More Fake News Exposed
  225. The anatomy of Hillary Clinton’s $84M money-laundering scheme
  226. Only the government
  227. Weather Channel Claps Back At Trump, Explains The Difference Between Weather And Clim
  228. Well Said
  229. Poll from tRump's re-election fundraising org.
  230. For The Love Of Satan
  231. Democrats Are Terrified
  232. Michael Wolff’s new book, “Fire and Fury
  233. Another excellent move by Trump
  234. Comey’s original Clinton memo released, cites possible violations
  235. How good the stock market under Trump really is, in one chart
  236. The Russian "Collusion" Conspiracy Theory
  237. Investigators Tried To Illegally Buy Guns Online.
  238. Stephen miller spends 12 min with his tongue down the back of Trump's trousers.
  239. Liberal Journalist Slams "The Resistance"
  240. Top Level Insider Explains US Empire
  241. Illegal gun transactions
  242. liberals are becoming communists
  243. Henry A. Giroux | Challenging Trump's Language of Fascism
  244. Obama Admin. Lost ‘Gold Opportunity’ to ‘Crush’ Hezbollah
  245. Trump slips, reveals actual human being under ridiculous coiffure
  246. American kids are 70 percent more likely to die before adulthood
  247. Trump's Base Is Thrilled
  248. Feds Collect Record Income Taxes Through December; Still Run $225 Billion Deficit
  249. Walmart’s Shiny New $11 Minimum Wage Isn’t Really A Result Of The Tax Law
  250. tPF Russian hackers planning to target U.S. Senate, cybersecurity firm says