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  1. Warning: Does Anyone Really Doubt...
  2. President Trump and Jeff Sessions
  3. Georgia Sheriff's Concealed-Carry Sign Goes Viral​
  4. 1 trillion/year deficit, courtesy of the Republican terrorist organization
  5. McConnell sends warning over nomination votes ......
  6. TREY GOWDY - what - why - where?
  7. Wells Fargo resists pressure to stop offering banking services to NRA, gun makers
  8. Good riddance to Paul Ryan (SPIT)
  9. The Democrats’ ‘Russia collusion’ narrative turns on them
  10. Rand Paul Questions Pompeo
  11. Is there a doctor in the House?
  12. Warmongering republican terrorist organization at it again with Syria strikes
  13. Fifty Shades of Greitens
  14. GOP to Run Against Clinton. Again.
  15. Is This A True Statement?
  16. What Can the Congress Do?
  17. tPF Is This The End of the Trump Presidency?
  18. Warning: Divide and Conquer, CA-3
  19. Do 40 percent of young Americans think free speech is dangerous?
  20. Comey’s last stand for the deep state......
  21. McConnell shuts down bill to protect Mueller
  22. Immigration not a winner for dems.
  23. Kobach humiliated again
  24. There's absolutely no evidence out there that Trump colluded with the Russians
  25. 9th Circuit to appoint special prosecutor to oppose pardoned Arpaio
  26. Dems sue Trump, Russians & Wikileaks alleging the 3 conspired to disrupt election
  27. ‘Yes, I’m Running as a Socialist.’ Why Candidates Are Embracing the Label in 2018
  28. Are You A Capitalist Scumbag?
  29. Trump Is A Joke.
  30. DNC Reveals Their Future Victory Plans Including… Reparations (Of Course)
  31. Russia Report Loses Luster as its Architects Comey, Brennan & Clapper Are Proven liar
  32. Students Shocked That Obama Also Sent Troops To Border​
  33. Humanitarianism
  34. Democratic Majority Would Act Quickly on Guns, Dreamers, Infrastructure, Pelosi Says.
  35. More Meddling: Steny Hoyer Caught Encouraging Democrat to Leave Primary Race.....
  36. DNC Wikileaks Lawsuit a Threat to Press Freedom
  37. Feinstein Staffer Raised $50,000,000, hired Fusion GPS, Planted News Stories
  38. Secret Service Has No Record of Dr. Ronny Jackson Banging on a Door While Drunk
  39. Nashville PD Creates Security Racket, Costs Skyrocket
  40. Interesting commentary on the Mueller Trump Interview
  41. Warning: A question...
  42. Black Male Approval For Trump Doubles In One Week
  43. Why Are Millennials Turning Against Democrats? The Answer Is Simple
  44. Hillary: Being a Capitalist ... Hurt Me ... Because Many Dems are Socialists
  45. Republicans Would Rather Blow Up Foreigners Than Feed Americans
  46. 'Blame Russia Narrative'
  47. Trump defenders
  48. So, trump is broke?
  49. Kerry Quietly Seeking to Salvage Iran Deal
  50. Warning: An Ideal Society.
  51. Vice president’s Indiana brother seeks his former House seat
  52. Nevada court OKs execution, rejects challenges on procedure
  53. Top candidate for Maryland governor dies suddenly
  54. Did Mueller Indict a Company That Didn't Exist ??
  55. Did the FBI spy on the Trump campaign?
  56. Franklin Graham Eviscerates Trump Over Affairs
  57. Mueller is so full of it
  58. The Strzok-Page Texts & the Origins of the Trump-Russia Investigation
  59. Four socialist – backed candidates win PA legislative primaries
  60. Pelosi supports MS 13
  61. The FBI Informant Who Monitored the Trump Campaign, Stefan Halper, Oversaw a CIA Spyi
  62. Does the MSM hate Trump more than they hate MS-13?
  63. tPF Has the term social conservative
  64. Mark Levin - A National Treasure
  65. House votes to ease regulation of banks, sending bill to Trump
  66. Congress OKs letting terminal patients try unapproved drugs
  67. Woman wins Georgia gubernatorial primary for first time in state's history
  68. Oh My: GOP Surges to 2018 Generic Ballot Lead in New Reuters Poll.....
  69. The Liberal Civil War
  70. Trump, The IRS, Michael Avennati, and Witchhunts
  71. Are they coming after our guns?
  72. Why Not Just Separate Peacefully?
  73. Four of the last five presidents ( Before Trump) have served 8 years
  74. The Republican Party Was the Party of Slavery
  75. Do Americans have a Responsibility to obey Laws they had no hand in making?
  76. A few questions for the supporters of the president.
  77. May jobs report is great news for everyone — except Democrats running for office
  78. The porn star (really) running for president.....
  79. Clinton tells the truth for once
  80. McConnell: August Recess Is Cancelled.....
  81. Deregulation and Trade Tariffs
  82. God, I hate the Corrupt Federal Government - Slow rolling the IG Report
  83. More Obama corruption.
  84. If Dems win House, may propose Medicare for all
  85. US sending 1500 illegals to federal prisons
  86. Let Federalism Determine the Fate of Gun Control in America
  87. tPF Is This Too Much To Ask For?
  88. Meet the guys who tape Trump's papers back together
  89. Civil War - Democrats have become a burden to this country's political system
  90. If I could choose a president.......
  91. Social Darwinism.
  92. Impossible to truly answer but important question
  93. Have Republicans Turned Against Trade? We Asked Them
  94. What would an automated world look like in terms of shorter work weeks?
  95. Plan to split California into three states on November ballot
  96. Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by Norwegian politicians.....
  97. Rising interest rates and debt / deficit spell big trouble for US
  98. One Man, one vote?
  99. Rand Paul Slams Indefinite Detention
  100. Why Can’t Democrats Give Trump Credit on North Korea?
  101. The Smoking Gun Revealed In IG Report, What It Means For James Comey And The FBI
  102. DEEP STATE Scrubbed Obama’s Name from FBI Report on Hillary’s Emails ​
  103. Democrats Strike 1 Strike 2
  104. Theatergoer Holds Up ‘Trump 2020’ Flag At Robert De Niro’s ‘Bronx Tale’
  105. How Will Baby Boomers Respond...
  106. Supreme Court punts on partisan gerrymandering cases
  107. The Trump Foundation and the Clinton Foundation
  108. Strzok Booted
  109. Kimmel vs Cruz - Blobfish Basketball Classic
  110. I'm Amazed, NOT
  111. Will President Trump Cave?
  112. Are we close to war in the US?
  113. Senate Can't Muster Votes to Trim 0.08 Percent of Federal Budget
  114. Is There Any Confusion About The Democrats Agenda?
  115. Melania wears 'I really don't care do u?' coat on migrant visit
  116. Charles Krauthammer dies at 68
  117. The Kochtopus Crushes Nashville Transit
  118. Chuck Doesn't Give A Flying Bleep About Immigration Or Kids
  119. Pelosi in 2014: "Let’s not politicize all of these children in detention facilities"
  120. Trump Moves to Obama’s Position on Family Detention, Democrats Outraged
  121. Trump ‘bullish’ on midterm elections, poll shows ‘rising tide’ for GOP.....
  122. Media blitz On Border Children Separations Appears To Have Failed
  123. Hey! I Have The Solution For The Illegal Immigration Mess!!!
  124. 11 MS-13 members charged in murder of two teenagers in Virginia
  125. They Might Want To Be Careful What They Wish For
  126. It's time for the far left to change the lives of the right wing.
  127. Oh! More Trouble for the President!
  128. Court Ruleing Should Have Been 9-0
  129. Growing deficits set to expand GDP to almost 100% by 2028
  130. Op-ed: THE DEPORTABLES: Media Fake Outrage Over Trump…OOPS…Obama-Era Immigration Poli
  131. Never Romney
  132. Our Lord and Savior Returns!
  133. The wall worked at Tijuana
  134. The second ‘civil’ war
  135. Hillary Vs. Founders
  136. Pat Buchanan 1992 Donald Trump 2016
  137. Are there problems with our version of land ownership.?
  138. Firing on all cylinders....
  139. Rosenstein Shows His Arrogants and Hot Head At Congressional Hearings
  140. California passes strictest online privacy law in the country
  141. Warning: Your president will select any judge to the supreme court, there's one issue.
  142. Not exactly Jenny from the block...
  143. The Federalist Society's List
  144. The Only Thing Liberals Understand: "It Could Happen to Me, Too!"
  145. If It Wasn't so Pathetic, It'd Be Humorous
  146. Jenny from the Block on Meet the Press
  147. Senate Votes To Legalize Hemp After 80 Years Of Prohibition
  148. tPF Why Does Trump Have Supporters?
  149. The Left Needs to Face Reality: Trump Is Winning
  150. Rosenstein conflicts undermine legitimacy of Mueller's investigation
  151. America Really Did Have a Manchurian Candidate In The White House
  152. Why this attempt to fill a vacancy is not at all analogous to Merrick Garland case
  153. In 2013,Trump predicted changing the filibuster rule would haunt the D’s
  154. DNC Chair Tom Perez Calls Democratic Socialist Ocasio-Cortez 'The Future of Our Party
  155. Anti-gun propaganda is sin.
  156. Democracy Or Constitutional Republic?
  157. PRESIDENT TRUMP Tops Obama in Approval Numbers at Same Point in His Presidency
  158. Are we on our way to civil war?
  159. Does it surprise anyone that Putin was hurting Hillary?
  160. Court Packing in 2004
  161. Conservatives' victories in key cases are a harbinger of what is to come
  162. Judge tosses termination claim by woman forced to resign after flipping off Trump
  163. DHS Reports Drop in Border Crossings Due to Zero-Tolerance Policy ......
  164. Poll: Black, Asian, Hispanic support enough to help Trump win re-election......
  165. Jim Jordan and his accusers
  166. CNN Finds A New Target
  167. Should Tobacco be illegal?
  168. Christmas in July!
  169. It lives!!!!
  170. Dick Durbin: Blocking Trump's Supreme Court pick more important than red state Dems
  171. Trump is Bankrupting his Base.
  172. Bill M gets handle by Shapiro
  173. tPFs Offical Trump Always Wins.. Live SCOTUS Thread 9pm Eastern Time
  174. Kavanaugh & Roberts, Two Obamacare Nuts In The Same Shell
  175. How should a justice vote?
  176. Judge Kavanaugh will probably be confirmed
  177. The American Left Makes Socialism Great Again
  178. UNHOLY ALLIANCE: Did US Intelligence Agencies Collude With Clinton To Influence The
  179. The New Religion of the Left: Selectivity
  180. ‘Unmasking Antifa Act' Includes 15-year Prison Term Proposal
  181. My Score Card On Trump
  182. Warning: The Trump Movement Will End With His Presidency
  183. DC, Detroit, NYC worst run cities
  184. Joint Hearing Of Congress A Circus
  185. Freedom Caucas Prepares Impeachment Charges Against Rosenstein
  186. Judge Brett Good on Civil Rights
  187. CNN Wants Other Americans In The Room
  188. Warning: Tired of winning yet?
  189. Poll: Do You Count Yourself Right, Left, or Center?
  190. Libs outraged: Elon Musk, Republican Donor?
  191. Some Handwriting On The Wall?
  192. Op-ed: The poodles of war
  193. A female member made a post
  194. There's Nothing Progressive About Ignoring The Constitution
  195. This Is Why I Don't Vote For Democrats!
  196. Rand Paul Defends Trump-Putin Meeting
  197. Golly Gee, Intel Says Russia Hacked Our Election
  198. Ocasio-Cortez “Unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs."
  199. Poll: What's Your Opinion of Trump?
  200. George Soros calls Obama 'greatest disappointment,' says he doesn't' want to be Dem
  201. The Democratic Party’s New Motto Same As A Used Car Dealership, Personal Injury Law F
  202. Every Day There's More Reason To Despise Democrats And Leftist Media
  203. Should Donald Trump Replace Roosevelt on US ten cent piece/Dime?
  204. First announced dem idiot for president
  205. Fall Forecast: An Anti-Leftist Electoral Rout....
  206. Trial Runs for FASCISM being done NOW!
  207. Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez are remaking the Democratic Party
  208. Warning: Trump Derangement Syndrome
  209. Trump invites Putin to the White House.
  210. Art of the bum deal
  211. $1.5 trillion for the wealthy. But we have cuts for our wounded, sick, or aging vets
  212. The Name Of The Game: Votes For Democrats
  213. 9th Circuit: Second Amendment protects right to openly carry firearm in public.....
  214. Democratic mayoral candidate hands out 200k in church.
  215. Martha McSally The Coolest Gal In Washington, D.C.
  216. Does Socialism have a bad reputation due to Communism?
  217. The Tennessee senate race
  218. Warning: Poll Finds Vast Majority Of Americans Would NOT Vote
  219. Ex-NY Assembly Speaker gets 7 years in prison
  220. Deep thoughts. By Ocasio-Cortez.
  221. Obama's Dying Vision:The Only Card in the Democratic Deck
  222. Obama speaks; "What took you so long?"
  223. Claim: Wave watch: GOP's toughest map in 88 years - Axios
  224. Democratic Governors Are All Kind of Meh
  225. Warning: EU president discovers how to talk to dOnald tRump.
  226. Tribute ton the Great Ronnie Reagan!
  227. Pompeo vs. the rabble of the Senate
  228. Hollywood Celebrities Gear Up For the 2018 Midterms....
  229. In God we trust, not authority
  230. tPF Communism makes a comeback
  231. The Democratic Party's "Socialist Revolution"
  232. Should Twitter Ban House Candidate Who Called Melania Trump a ‘Hoebag’ ?
  233. Medicare for all would save the government over two TRILLION dollars over 10 years
  234. Kamala Harris for the DNC nomination?
  235. Trump Legitimizes QAnon
  236. Now it's Howard Schultz for President.
  237. Non-citizens find it easy to vote in the US
  238. Death of America Official Trailer
  239. Oh God, Plastic 3D Printed Guns, It's The End Of The World!
  240. Republican candidate, WWE wrestler Kane, elected to mayor in Tennessee
  241. "Justice For All"..... Yeah Right!
  242. Portland fears planned rightwing rally could be 'another Charlottesville'
  243. The Midterm Elections: Early Analysis
  244. 5 Reasons Not to Feed the Russian Troll Hysteria
  245. Seriously. Seen at the Ohio Rally
  246. "Polarizing?" They're Kiddin, Right?
  247. Twelve Republican-Led Cities With Higher Murder Rates Than Chicago
  248. 2018 Ohio Special Election Results
  249. Islamists in America - the Duplicitous Enemedia
  250. The problem of doctors’ salaries