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  1. Unions Feel the Pain after SCOTUS Decision Stops the Flood of Cash
  2. Candace Owens vs. Michael Eric Dyson In Shoutfest: "Democrats Are The Racists"
  3. Could the government be sued for mismanagement?
  4. Warning: Trump's Latino Support Grows NBC / WSJ Poll Shows / TDS May not be enough for Ds.
  5. A Banner Day for Georgia Democrats
  6. Warning: If Criticizing Government Is Anti-American...
  7. How Does US Foreign Policy Benefit Americans?
  8. The Absolute Proof Of Collusion To Rig The 1016 Election
  9. Short on Cash, DNC Does About-Face on Fossil Fuel Donations.....
  10. John Oliver Takes On Abuse by Prosecutors
  11. An Old OLC Opinion on Whether the President Can Be Subpoenaed
  12. A Democrat Darling - Woodrow Wilson
  13. Gallup: More Democrats now view socialism favorably than capitalism
  14. God's Gift to the Nation - Devin Nunes
  15. The Constitution as Written or as Interpreted?
  16. tPF Manafort- Convicted or Acquitted?
  17. Anti-immigration question
  18. Warning: Real America Doesn't Approve of Trump
  19. Obama Set Up The Trump Economy
  20. The Great One Tells It Like It Is
  21. Nellie Ohr: Woman In The Middle.
  22. Do We Really Need A 92 MILLION DOLLAR PARADE?
  23. OMG Trump Called Omarosa A Dog
  24. The CNN & MSNBC Jokes
  25. Benghazi Hero Destroys 'Kool-Aid Drinker' John Brennan
  26. The Political Views of Millennial Women
  27. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) bans media from town hall meeting.
  28. Facebook censors Wall Street Journal, Prager University.
  29. Rachel Maddow's Brilliant Interview With John Brennan
  30. Are Republicans too Timid to Run the Legislative Branch?
  31. The Congress
  32. Democrats brace for Chicago battle over superdelegates.....
  33. Ya think Clapper?
  34. Is it a crisis or a catastrophe?
  35. The hypocrites that live in GLASS HOUSES from all sides never cease to amaze me
  36. Comey DELETED Obama's Name From Hillary Hacked Emails Report
  37. Trump calls on Hispanic-American ICE officer to speak, saying he 'speaks perfect Eng
  38. LOL. President Trump Could Revoke Their Security Clearances
  39. In Spies Battle,Trump Holds the High Ground
  40. Would this have been less intrusive energy policy than what we actually did?
  41. Man Who Was Clubbed By Antifa For Carrying an American Flag Was Actually a Leftist
  42. My Morning Opinion
  43. The Politicians Who Killed Mollie Tibbetts ...
  44. Is AG Sessions a Complete Idiot?
  45. Seventy percent of Americans support 'Medicare for all' in new poll
  46. Mueller and the Media Represent The Ancien Regime
  47. Whistleblower: It Was A Failed Coup, Mainstream Media …
  48. example of the 2 different judicial systems we have
  49. Democrat Mark Penn: Associates of Trump Being Targeted by Mueller to "Get Trump"¯
  50. What Should President Trump's Next Move Be?
  51. The Democrats are giving us a real-time lesson in how dictators are made
  52. Reality Winner given record federal sentence for media leak
  53. When Justice Is Partial
  54. Trump and Sessions
  55. Child Porn Re-Legalized
  56. Cohen Attorney Backtracks On Claim That Trump Had Advance Knowledge Of Russian Hackin
  57. Loyal Democratic donors: We’re done with the DNC ‘until they get their act together’
  58. Interesting Politico Story - Sleeper case could derail Mueller
  59. Today's online insults are NOTHING compared to public slander in ancient Rome
  60. Evidence for McCain's Perfidy
  61. Good $$$ information on the Open Secrets site
  62. WHO Controls the Executive Branch?
  63. Warning: All Things Considered
  64. Why putting the limitations back on government has to be a process
  65. What to do with federal agencies?
  66. Bill to make California first state to end bail before trial
  67. China hacked Hillary’s server
  68. Bruce Orh
  69. More CNN Stupidity
  70. Corrupt Democrats Are Not 'News'
  71. good read on McCain. Worth it the read.
  72. A real witch hunt
  73. Reports: Bruce Ohr Testimony Reveals More FBI Corruption
  74. Weinstein paid off Cuomo
  75. Campus policy destroys student's life.
  76. Florida Governor's race to be a repeat of 2008 tactics
  77. Now There's Ties Between DeSantis Campaign and Trump's Fixer
  78. What Happened?
  79. Weissman Fake Dossier Knowledge Should Shut Mueller Down
  80. Something Remains Rotting In Upstate New York
  81. RBG airs tonight
  82. Pakistan out 300 Million US dollars
  83. I Get Pissed When They Use My Tax Dollars For.......
  84. An Event For The History Books.
  85. Bruce Ohr Testimony Exposes Even Deeper Cesspit of FBI Corruption
  86. Kavenaugh hearings today.
  87. Ben Sasse Conducts a Two-Minute Master Class in American Civics
  88. More Washington Kabuki Theater
  89. 1,000,000 Plus Documents - for people who've already commited to vote NO!
  90. Senate Democrats Prove They’re Unfit to Govern
  91. Guess What
  92. Prerequisite For Politicians, "Love Thy Self."
  93. Anatomy of a Fusion smear (2)
  94. Birth Control: "Abortion-Inducing Drugs"
  95. The Battle Liberals Have Wanted From The Beginning Is Here (but they won't like it!)
  96. Foreign Policy Realism
  97. Trump and Rand Paul, A Bromance
  98. Who in hell made that law?
  99. Obama Goes on Attack, But Arguments Fall Flat Against Trump Successes
  100. The Top Five Ways Obama Attacked the Free Press
  101. Confidence In American Justice? Really?
  102. Crucial supplies hoarded in Puerto Rico.
  103. Report: THIRTEEN Different Deep State FBI Agents Fed Information to ONE LIBERAL REPOR
  104. Storm surge of bias
  105. Obama's Benghazi Body Bags No Mere Conspiracy Theory
  106. Dems Silent As Violence Against Republicans Escalates
  107. The hurricane is Trump's fault, the good economic news
  108. 'The Way We Were'
  109. A new California law, if passed, could force companies ... to add more women to their
  110. CNN Reports
  111. The Good Old Days Of America's Healthcare System, Bring It back.
  112. Obama's Lies And The Lies Of The Media
  113. Was Eugenics Practiced In the USA?
  114. Bloomberg reportedly plans to run for president as Democrat in 2020.....
  115. Why Now? Oh, We All Know Why Now!
  116. Ocasio-Cortez Can't Say How She Will Pay for Her $40 Trillion Price Tag in Government
  117. Democrats: Enough with Anti-Confirmation Tricks
  118. Is Trump the Dumbest President In US History?
  119. Will the Libertarian Party Ever become a Major Party?
  120. Lisa Page: Collusion unproven by time of Mueller appointment
  121. Blue Wave Receding? TX GOP Wins Spc Election In District Held By Democrats For 139yrs
  122. Both Sides Are Exaggerating the Importance of Trump's Supreme Court Picks
  123. Cory Booker wrote in his student newspaper back in 1992 ...
  124. Trillion-Dollar Deficits Are Already Here. Thanks, Republicans!
  125. Rose stein Suggested Invoking 25th Amendment
  126. Amazing Interviews with "The Boss" Tulsi Gaabbard
  127. IT’S OFFICIAL: Kavanaugh Vote Set for Monday
  128. She's a danger to American Justice
  129. Napolitano Hands Democrats Their Next Tactical Attack On Kavanaugh
  130. Douglas Brinkley Worries Rosenstein Story Validates Trump Deep State 'Narrative'
  131. The illusion of Democracy
  132. The Left's New Smoking Gun
  133. Yale shocker: 29.5 million illegal immigrants, 3X higher than Census number
  134. Senator Grassley Should Apply True American Justice
  135. Democratic Candidate For Congress April Freeman Has Died, Husband Says
  136. Busted for threat against Trump.
  137. Democrats slam GOP for doing what they requested.
  138. Seems Deborah Ramirez Won't Testify
  139. Does Any Of This Look Like What Judge Kavanaugh Is Getting?
  140. Due Process? Where?
  141. Beto O’Rourke Will Not Get the Kavanaugh Treatment
  142. Time to Vote
  143. Stalin Would Approve -- The Only Thing Missing So Far Is The Live Ammo.
  144. Former Massachusetts State Senator Found Dead Inside Home, Brian Joyce
  145. Who do you believe?
  146. Be Advised!
  147. Would it be crazy
  148. Woman who accosted Sen Flake in elevator is a Soros lieutenant
  149. Make A Prediction, Start A Pool
  150. Track Palin, Son of Sarah Palin, Arrested
  151. On The LIbertarian Party and Changing My Registered Party Affiliation
  152. Trey Gowdy nails it again
  153. Bernie Sanders: Confront them and then confront them some more ...
  154. The case against Dr. Christine Blasey Ford
  155. Donald Trump and east Tennessee
  156. Kander, citing mental health concerns, drops out of KC race
  157. The Hypocrisy of "Conservative" Republicans
  158. Kavanaugh's 1983 Yearbook Released, Suggests 'FFFFFF' And 'Devil's Triangle' Meant Wh
  159. Kavanaugh, Kremlin, Putin, Oh My
  160. Impeaching Kavanaugh
  161. The junk science Republicans used to undermine Ford and help save Kavanaugh
  162. Kavanaugh Drama Over?
  163. Warning: Why I’m Leaving the Republican Party
  164. The Left's FAKE Promises To Inspire Their Base
  165. Tulsi "the boss" on Syria, Trumps hypocrisy & arming terror
  166. McConnell Walks It Back...Just in Case
  167. Former Top New York Dem Headed To Prison
  168. Need a little help from "Righties"
  169. If Dems refuse to denounce incitement to harassment and murder, make them own it
  170. Trump is a genius marketer
  171. Camille Paglia: Trump Already Headed Towards Reelection, Democrats Have Overplayed Th
  172. They'll Go As Low As It Takes
  173. Democrats are ramping up the hate.
  174. US Stock Market: Biggest Bubble In History?
  175. Witches to hex Kavanugh (Seriously?)
  176. Democrats fear Hillary Clinton's 'kiss of death' as midterms near
  177. Nervous Democrats ask: Could Election Day disaster strike again?
  178. Three reasons Mueller may not charge Trump with obstruction
  179. CNN Poll: More see Trump win likely as Biden leads crowded Democratic field
  180. Warren releases results of DNA test
  181. Ocasio-Cortez' inside strategy for baseball ...
  182. Death threat sent to GOP candidate from Vermont: ‘We will rape you for days’......
  183. Sessions needs to grow some gonds
  184. Info Every American Should Check Out
  185. Mitch McConnell Calls to Cut Social Security, Medicare
  186. Federal Deficit Jumps 17 Percent As Tax Cuts Eat Into Government Revenue
  187. When Is A Peaceful Protest Really A Violent Protest?
  188. White House Lawyer Quits After Helping Trump Put His Mark On The Federal Bench
  189. Democrat forced to resign over patriotic Facebook post
  190. Ryan Zinke Has Fired the DOI Inspector General
  191. The way politics as usual stays in power
  192. The 11 Million Lie
  193. La Raza voter fraud ring
  194. Look what's heading our way ```
  195. Convention of States to fix our elections.
  196. tPF Libertarianism
  197. Pittsburgh Democrat Party leader forced to resign for no good reason.
  198. Trump Sticks To Trump Country As He Pushes For GOP Wins In The Midterms
  199. Nation's Only Independent Gov. Drops Re-Election Bid In Alaska And Backs Democrat
  200. The IMO Most Important Election
  201. Voting Democrat is insane
  202. At Least Trump Gets Something Of Value
  203. Mob Rule and the Resistance
  204. President Trump Declares Himself a Nationalist
  205. Awesome Democratic Ad
  206. #1 Trump's Alliance With Body Choppers, Death Squads And Child Killers
  207. This is a great illustration of sincerity
  208. Socialist and Libertarian Alliance?
  209. are today's politicians exculpable or complicit, in the new "made in China" movement?
  210. Here come the rightist crazies
  211. Warning: Get the picture here?
  212. Warning: Who would YOU say is the real genius?
  213. How I'm Seeing The Political World Today
  214. The Division on the Study of American Fears
  215. WANTED! For crimes against America......
  216. Is it unfair, to deem Obama as the worst President in USA history, for Black people?
  217. Conservative Tolerance of Opposing Ideas and Leon Trotsky.
  218. New York Times Publishes Trump Assassination Fantasy as Bomb Threat Emerges
  219. hehe ... guess who Donald Trump hung out with, yesterday?
  220. Absurdities % Hypocrisy
  221. People are Yacking about Nate Silver and 538 again
  222. Fake-news?
  223. Re-Boot Or Bust?
  224. Indicted (R-Ca) Rep. Duncan Hunter calls his opponent a 'Muslim Infiltrator'
  225. That 57% Increase The ADL Touts Maybe Short on Fact.
  226. The audacity of Obama’s lying
  227. Warning: Back to Dred Scott!
  228. Republicans Acting Like Democrats
  229. Donald Trump is Finished!
  230. Humps for bumps?
  231. Poll: Nearly 4 In 5 Voters Concerned Incivility Will Lead To Violence
  232. Next Speaker Of The House.
  233. Pittsburgh, pipe-bomber attacks halted mid-terms momentum says Trump
  234. The Party Of The Poo
  235. ND Democrat Voter Suppression. Let’s scare hunters.
  236. Pence says Republicans will keep control of the House.....
  237. tPF The Official TPF Election Prediction Thread
  238. You Bought it!Now live with it!
  239. Investigation Underway Into Alleged Failed Hack By Democratic Party of Georgia
  240. Federal Court Strikes Down 2 California Laws As Unconstitutional
  241. Democrat agenda: Facts to consider on November 6th.
  242. The celebs who want to influence the elections
  243. Taking Back The House Could Be 'Life And Death' For Democrats
  244. The Price of Inequality
  245. Trump in Cleveland
  246. New ABC 13 poll: O'Rourke (D) 54 Cruz 41 (R)
  247. TOO MANY DEMS: Hillary And Avenatti To Face Off In 2020 Primaries?
  248. p00 Folks Spend 80 Million Bucks To Beat Ted Cruz
  249. What Exactil Is The U.S. Constitution?
  250. Black Panthers at Philly polls again.