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  1. Alabama voters OK amendment on rights for unborn
  2. Warning: The Midterm Results: My Commentary
  3. Can President Trump now officially change his name? To "subpoenaed"
  4. SNL will not survive. I give it about one more year at most.
  5. Warning: Trump fires Ray-Ray, replaces him w/cousin Pookie Whitaker: Is The Fox In The Henhou
  6. Should Mueller now subpoena, Ray-Ray? To ward off the impact of Whitaker's potential
  7. The Blue Wave Was A Nasal Drip, And Medicare For All Cost 32.6 Trillion
  8. Organizations where everyone has to take a turn at a leadership role
  9. I am Angry. Democrats are Stealing Florida Elections
  10. Racism on the Rise
  11. NBC Wonders How Long ‘American Majority Will Tolerate Being Pushed Around By Minority
  12. Warning: Was it, politics? Or, realizing disparate racism?
  13. tPF weeping and gnashing of teeth by an unhinged, GOP as they scream voting fraud in AZ:
  14. A dead pimp wins Nevada state assembly seat.
  15. Who's Your Favorite NEW Candidate-Elect?
  16. tPF 10 Notable People Leaving Congress
  17. Warning: More proof? That Clarence Thomas is the worst human in USA, history, for Black People
  18. Richard Ojeda, West Virginia Lawmaker Who Led Teacher Strikes, Will Run for President
  19. The dangers of a narcissisitc bubble!
  20. Sure Obama's the worst President ever, for Blacks, but Clarence Thomas is the worst h
  21. The Gun Grabbers are already starting.
  22. Maine Republican Sues To Block State's Ranked-Choice Voting Law
  23. Are Democrats Now the Party of the Rich?
  24. Paul Ryan wants to deprivelage congressional war powers in yemen Call your reps today
  25. Georgia Senator Arrested for protesting
  26. BREAKING: Kevin McCarthy Beats Jim Jordan for House Leadership.....
  27. Tulsi Gabbard on Veterans Day & Foreign Policy
  28. Democrats Not Ready for Hillary Poll: Democrats' top issues are socialized medicine,
  29. tPF Federal prosecutors reviewing altered election documents tied to Florida Democrats
  30. Feds Collect Record Taxes in October; Still Run $100B Deficit
  31. Reclaiming our Democracy, Uprooting thieves of Democracy
  32. 155 Democrats Sign Letter Backing Hoyer for Majority Leader.....
  33. Decoding 4Chan's Favorite Code Words
  34. What is socialism?
  35. The Congressional Black Caucus Just Rejected DNC Chair Tom Perez.....
  36. Stupid political sounds
  37. Dem Rep Swalwell on gun control
  38. How the Democrats Lost Their Way on Immigration
  39. Abrams says she can't win, ends challenge in Ga. gov race
  40. The Georgia senate race
  41. Scott says Nelson concedes Florida Senate race
  42. 5 Signs That Extreme Wealth Deadens 'Empathy' & 'Honesty' Parts Of The Brain
  43. Trump administration backs down and DROPS plan to keep reporter Jim Acosta out of the
  44. Judge blocks Trump administration from denying asylum claims to immigrants who cross
  45. President Chicken Sh*t
  46. Those 5-to-4 decisions on the Supreme Court? 9 to 0 is far more common.
  47. How to reclaim our nation, By The People For The People, and what that means!
  48. Kelly and Nielsen out?
  49. Trump needs to start reporting death tolls
  50. Should President Trump Permanently Close the Southern Border?
  51. Sanders to force a vote this week to end support for Saudi genocide in Yemen
  52. Trey Gowdy Exposes Comey's Cowardly Refusal Of A Closed Door Hearing
  53. The Common Thread That Unites Republicans and Democrats
  54. The Border War
  55. Mississippi US Senate
  56. Border Patrol Chief: No Migrant Was Able to Scale New Border Wall.....
  57. Lobbyists have paid five of the Senators who shot down Yemen bill
  58. Unions Fight New York Single-Payer Health Care Plan
  59. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Will Retire from the US Supreme Court in January, 2019
  60. House Demos unveil their first bill in the majority: a sweeping anti-corruption.....
  61. Michael Cohen
  62. Democratic socialist wunderkind Ocasio-Cortez compares her election to landing on the
  63. Why Are Members Leaving Congress?
  64. Warning: 1.4 Million Ex Felons Can Now Vote In Florida
  65. Pelosi pledges to pass Dream Act with Democratic House majority....
  66. Chris Hedges speaks the truth!
  67. LTG Flynn
  68. Camille Page on Dems and 2020
  69. Will The Real Collusion Investigation Please stand Up?
  70. Michelle obama tells a secret
  71. Is This It?: A Trump-Hater’s Guide to Mueller Skepticism
  72. FBI email chain may provide most damning evidence of FISA abuses yet
  73. Elizabeth Warren's advisers want her to APOLOGIZE for American Indian DNA stunt
  74. Senate Measure Holds Saudi Crown Prince Accountable for Killing of Jamal Khashoggi
  75. Trump expected to pick State spokeswoman for UN ambassador
  76. Judge orders Justice and State to reopen narrow inquiry into handling of Clinton emai
  77. Nancy Pelosi and the border wall
  78. "I Can't Recall, I Can't Remember" (James Comey)
  79. Patriotism On Display
  80. Washington Governor Jay Inslee
  81. Statue of former governor returning to University of Texas...
  82. "The Browning Of America," Really?
  83. SJRes54 goes to vote tomorrow & More
  84. The Trump, Schumer and Pelosi meeting.
  85. Budget deficit soars first two months of fiscal year
  86. Trump, Pelosi and Schumer
  87. Corker speaks, but makes little sense
  88. Corker speaks, but makes little sense
  89. Democrat admits opposition to free speech
  90. Warning: Paul Ryans Cowardly act on Yemen
  91. Ted Lieu, phone the psycho ward ...
  92. That Oval Office sit-down? Pelosi and Schumer got skunked.
  93. Justice & The Double Standard
  94. What The FBI Did To General Flynn Should Be Illegal
  95. An Extra $500 A Month? 100 Residents To Be Selected For Basic Income Pilot Program
  96. Democrats will push to restore California tax deductions
  97. Federal court says NY ban on nunchucks unconstitutional
  98. Comey May Not Like the New AG
  99. Trump signed letter of intent for Trump Tower Moscow project
  100. Did President Trump Cave on the Wall?
  101. Fed Raises Rates, "We Need to Destroy Trump's Economy"
  102. tPF For Trump supporters and the GOP
  103. Bernie top progressive candidate for 2020
  104. Women Who Love Trump
  105. President Trump Signed the Farm Bill - Hemp and products legal
  106. North Korea says it will not denuclearize unless US removes 'threat'
  107. Hang Tough Mr. President!
  108. Does McConnell have the guts?
  109. Acting Attorney General Whitaker Won't Recuse Himself From Mueller Inquiry
  110. Republicans and Democrats alarmed over Mattis resignation
  111. Macron criticises Trump's withdrawal decision
  112. General Mattis will leave Jan 1, not Feb
  113. Viscious Twitter attack on conservative commentator Dana Loesch.
  114. For or against anti-BDS laws?
  115. The Creatures From The Black D.C. Cesspool and Corker Hissy Fit Over Trump Again.
  116. Trump's campaign promises - has he delivered on them?
  117. Democrats file House Resolution to Prohibit Taxpayer Funds to Build a Wall.....
  118. tPF AOC: Furlough Congressional Salaries Too
  119. Government shut down
  120. What changes to government could most of us agree on?
  121. Media Hype Questionable Gun Control Study
  122. The Constitutional Article V Convention of States
  123. Government is Force by definition & Corruption by nature
  124. US Soldier in Iraq Tells President Trump: “I Came Back into the Military Because of Y
  125. Federal Debt Up $1.37 Trillion Since Last Dec. 25; $10,743 Per Household
  126. This just in
  127. The Year In Washington Scandals: The 'Swamp' Remained Murky In 2018
  128. Dossier fails the test of time; Trump-Russia collusion claims now called 'likely fals
  129. Elizabeth Warren makes big move toward 2020 presidential run
  130. Inside the Pence-Schumer showdown
  131. Trump's tweets: Judges in government secrecy cases say they are 'speculation' and not
  132. Parkland Children are just that Children
  133. Why is everyone so polarized as concerning President Trump?
  134. Federal Workers Suing President Trump
  135. Trump’s Historic Impact on Judiciary
  136. A Holiday Mystery: Why Did John Roberts Intervene in the Mueller Probe?
  137. The Duopoly's Stupid Partisan Blame Game
  138. Democrats Announce Major Changes To U.S. House Rules
  139. Cuomo Vows New York Will Lead Nation With Progressive Agenda
  140. Hill leaders, Trump to meet on border in WH Situation Room
  141. Facing Actual Facts
  142. Democrats' flip-flop on border security has everything to do with 2020
  143. Little Sign Of Progress On Wall Stalemate After Hill Leaders Briefed At White House
  144. Trump outpaces past 5 presidents in confirmation of appellate judges
  145. The 'Green New Deal': A Radical Mandate for Government Control of American Society
  146. New Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Goes off on Trump: ‘We’re Going to Impeach the Mother
  147. House Democrats counting on their base voters being the morons they think they are
  148. Buy a Brick. Build the Wall
  149. What happened at GHWB's funeral?
  150. Illegal Border Crossing Happens
  151. House Democrats Introduce Anti-Corruption Bill As Symbolic 1st Act
  152. What are the long term consequences of automatization?
  153. HR 51- DC Statehood Bill
  154. Dems submit bill to end the electoral college
  155. Clutching Their Pearls
  156. Prison Justice - Child Pornographer Beat to Death
  157. A Proposed Amendment to the US Constitution - Term Limits
  158. Warning: What, precisely, do Democrats want to impeach Trump for?
  159. Net Neutrality: The Sky Failed to Fall
  160. Ocasio-Cortez supports providing alternate facts.
  161. Socialist Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Accidentally Endorses Social Security Privatization, Min
  162. Dems eye corporate tax rate of 28%
  163. Mueller Desperation?
  164. NYC Single Payer, Just The Laboritory Experiment The Nation Needs.
  165. Warning: Tlaib: I Won’t Apologize for My Comments About Trump—I Still Want to Impeach him
  166. Who in the Trump Administration do you consider trustworthy?
  167. Live Thread for President Trumps Address
  168. Republican House Increased Debt $7.9 Trillion in 8 Years
  169. "Shocking Video"
  170. Likely 2020 Dem Presidential Candidate Ups The Ante: Speaks Of 90% Tax Rate
  171. tPF Manafort DID NOT share polling info with Russia, NY Times issues “correction"
  172. Illegal Immigration and Crime.....
  173. A National Emergency Declaration
  174. tPF EXCLUSIVE: Cabal Of Wealthy Donors Financing $50 Million Trump-Russia Investigation
  175. 'Over 90 percent?' Liberals eyeing White House vie for title of highest tax raiser
  176. The 'doomsday' scenario: Here's what happens if the shutdown drags on
  177. Fed Chairman Powell says he is 'very worried' about growing amount of US debt
  178. Warning: Justice Ginsburg and her health
  179. Governor DeSantis suspends Broward Co. Sheriff Scott Israel
  180. Border Patrol agents overwhelmingly support Trump's wall in new survey.....
  181. Warning: Tulsi Gabbard will run for president 2020
  182. Guess who he was related to
  183. Yes, de Blasio really said this ...
  184. Texas Republicans fail to oust Muslim official over religion
  185. Warning: Republican Steve King in white supremacy furore
  186. Acosta making another ass out of himself again.
  187. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez CANNOT BE CONTAINED
  188. Bolton's mustache ?
  189. Trump Administration Issues Fewest New Regulations in History
  190. DeBlasio Hates Private Property
  191. DeBlasio Hates Private Property
  192. tPF The truth behind "American Racism"
  193. Graham goes squishy (again)
  194. Ron Paul offers an alternative solution to fixing America's illegal immigration probl
  195. The 5 most likely Trump impeachment scenarios
  196. The FBI’s Investigation of Trump as a “National Security Threat” is Itself a Serious
  197. Goodbye Middle East Hello Latin America
  198. Mike Pompeo touts American goodness and threatens more of it
  199. Pushing back hard on idiot Democrats: Sanctuary Homes
  200. Thoughts on a flat-tax solution to economic inequality and corruption.
  201. Pelosi asks Trump to reschedule SOTU because of the shutdown
  202. Federal judge REFUSES to make Trump pay federal employees who say they're SLAVES work
  203. The Wall: Chuck You Schumer
  204. Border rancher says migrants coming from all over the world, including Europe.
  205. Giuliani doesn’t deny Trump campaign may have colluded with Russia
  206. On the Senate floor with a gun on her hip, Republican says packing heat can deter vio
  207. Government Shutdown Day 31, Tuesday the 22nd
  208. We're Not Even 30 Days Into 2019 And It Looks Like Democrats Are About To Have A -
  209. Tulsi Gabbard Attacked For Anti-Gay Past
  210. Criminality Of Deep State Investigation Of Trump Confirmed — Has U.S. Become A Banana
  211. Exclusive: Trump plans shutdown compromise
  212. Don't get your hopes up patriots, the swamp rats are still in charge
  213. Oregon State Government wants mandatory Home Surveillance Visits
  214. Jim Acosta is a Dickhead
  215. The Tables Turn on Pelosi and the Media
  216. Freshmen Democrats balk at impeaching Trump
  217. America: The new Socialist frontier
  218. 800,000 non-essential Federal government workers laid-off
  219. How Republicans deny people their right to Vote
  220. Shutdown's damage to economy could exceed $5.7 billion cost of Trump's border wall?
  221. Especially for lefties
  222. McConnell steps into shutdown fight, scheduling dueling votes
  223. MLK and NRA
  224. What could possibly go wrong?
  225. tPF Is Pelosi Insane
  226. Why Trump's immigration compromise is a shrewd move
  227. Over-the-Counter Contraception Is Immensely Popular. But Democrats Have Doomed It.
  228. The Real Nick Sandmann (MAGA Teen)
  230. Trump delayed the SOTU address for a good reason
  231. The Fight for America's Future
  232. Tulsi 2020
  233. Roger Stone Indicted
  234. Waiting for a Shutdown to End in Disaster
  235. White House demands 'large down payment on the wall' as Senate tries to reach shutdow
  236. Officials rejected Jared Kushner for top secret security clearance, but were overrule
  237. Elizabeth Warren’s Wealth Tax Would Cost Jeff Bezos $4.1 Billion in First Year
  238. Warning: President Trump Caved: Now What?
  239. SwampyLeaks
  240. Will Texas fall?
  241. Howard Schultz thinks politics are broken, and may run for president as an independen
  242. Why America needs more billionaires
  243. Clinton not ruling out running in 2020: report
  244. tPF How Republicans can gain the minority vote.
  245. Matthew Whitaker says Mueller probe 'close to being completed'
  246. If I were President
  247. Dems float idea of primary challenge to AOC
  248. Warning: Wealth distribution
  249. Liberals ain't liberal, & conservatives ain't conservative.
  250. Here we go again: Trump Stabbed in the Back