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  1. It’s NOT about Taxes, it’s about American Lives!
  2. Ok I’ll give Mitt Ronmey this much …
  3. Obama Bill-Paying Hoax Sweeps Nation
  4. Pelosi made up to $5 mil on Asian investments in 2011
  5. You just can't make this stuff up ... Mitt you're a one of a kind Snob!
  6. Obamacare Now Estimated to Cost $2.6 Trillion in First Decade
  7. Auditors: Obama administration is bending health law
  8. New Republican Thread
  9. 5 Democrats Side with Republicans in Repealing Obamacare.....
  10. Michelle: Go out and multiply yourselves!
  11. New Democrat Thread
  12. Oh Mitt ... did you tell a Lie?
  13. Romney 'deliberately got booed...'
  14. It's not Obamacare people!
  15. The greatest lie ever told
  16. America's coming civil war
  17. Breaking News: Biden just got booed speaking to the NAACP!
  18. Blacks just want Free Stuff from the Government!
  19. Health Care Law Repeal Efforts By House GOP Cost Nearly $50 Million
  20. Tax Facts: Lowest Rates in 30 Years
  21. Unethical Strategy: Opposing Obama now officially racist
  22. Did Biden speak to an empty room?
  23. House Republicans Block "Bring Jobs Home Act"
  24. Is Obama taking black vote for granted?
  25. Outsourcing? Look no further than Obama Job Council
  26. Obama's Absence The Talk Of NAACP Convention
  27. Testimony Undermines Bain Departure Claim
  28. D.C. cop allegedly threatens First Lady ... is anyone Surprised
  29. Speaking of Waterloo ... Mitt's Taxes will become Public sooner or later
  30. Barack, pack your bags - By Hank Williams Jr.
  31. 8 of the Biggest Pork Projects Cancelled By Obama
  32. So You Hate ObamaCare ... feel free to ...
  33. US Government Records $904.2 Billion Deficit Thru June.....on Obama's Watch.
  34. Obama does it again
  35. Harry reid vs. The bimbos
  36. The diminished importance of incumbency
  37. Republican Weekly Address 2012.....
  38. Legal basis for US military force
  39. Divide and Conquer in America - 2012! (A Poem of Protest)
  40. Quote of the day!
  41. U.S. Olympic Uniforms: Made in China by Democratic Donor’s company
  42. Quote of the day!
  43. From one of the members of the Greatest Generation.
  44. Obama campaign worker dies
  45. Unrelenting Obama jabs at Romney's job record
  46. Rice as VP?
  47. So when do we win over the Black female vote?
  48. Weiner eyes mayor or public advocate run
  49. Multi-Chem: Less Bragging About Fracking?
  50. "If you’ve got a business you didn’t build that"
  51. Why won’t Obama release Birth Certificate?
  52. Why Is Everyone Focused on Bain Capital?
  53. Alabama’s GOP Governor Calls On Romney To Release More Tax Returns:
  54. When’s the Next Repeal Vote ... ?
  55. Afforable Care Act: What’s Changing and When
  56. Pop Quiz for Conservatives: Who Owns Your State DL or ID; You or The State?
  57. You're So Bain
  58. Democrats Mock GOP For Protecting Own Health Care In Repeal Vote
  59. Law of the Sea Treaty now dead, DeMint says
  60. Social Security; unsustainable
  61. Obama Grants Himself a Waiver From Civility
  62. Mitt Romney Ad Taken Down Over Copyright Claim
  63. Does this Guy Look Worried?
  64. Creative Fund Raising
  65. Chris Christi, Jeb Bush and Condi Rice won't run with Romney because...
  66. Dems beg for more QE before the election
  67. How Both Parties Bankrupted America
  68. Obama vows to make Texas a 'battleground state'
  69. Star of Pro-Obama Super PAC Ad Unleashed
  70. John Sununu
  71. George W. Bush: ‘8 years was awesome’
  72. Mitt Romney:Chairman,CEO & Sole Shareholder But Not Resposible
  73. What Obama Actually said about Small Business ...
  74. Obama opens up big lead in poll of Latino voters
  75. 18 Prominent Republicans Who Want Romney To Release More Tax Returns Right Now
  76. Think about it ...
  77. Democrats Propose Plan to Sidestep Anti-Tax Pledge
  78. libertarians
  79. President Obama's jobs panel missing in action
  80. Jay Carney: Obama's plate too full for Jobs Council
  81. Obama, Romney in dead heat in presidential race
  82. Former Navy SEAL Launches PAC To Fight Obama
  83. Obama wedding registry fund-raising strategy not a hit with brides
  84. Perfect Explanation!
  85. More Nonexistent Election Fraud
  86. Obama, Romney in dead heat in presidential race
  87. "You People"
  88. That's it; Morgan is OFF the Christmas List!
  89. Journalists Required To Show IDs
  90. Ok who took the Straightjacket off this Moron?
  91. Rush Limbaugh get's Bitch Slapped by Rachel Maddow
  92. Tax Question for Conservatives ...
  93. Don't explain, DOUBLE DOWN!
  94. The Birth of Bain
  95. OK Conservative Women; Defend This!
  96. You can't make this up, continued
  97. Marie Antoinette Rides (Skis) Again!
  98. Explore Homeland: Immigration in America
  99. Liberals, can you answer this simple question?
  100. Criticism of obama racist, 'dangerous'
  101. Ooops: Romney Agrees With Obama: Government Does ‘Help You In A Business’
  102. Ooops Again: Romney's Obama attack gets sidetracked
  103. Finally a Conservative who is not afraid to think on his own; Ed Rollins
  104. Defeating Incumbent Presidents
  105. Debunking the Class Warriors
  106. How Much Money Has Obama Raised From Bain Capital Employees
  107. Will Protest Permits & Free Speech Zones Halt Or Hasten Rebellion?
  108. Adam Smith and FA Hayek Respond to Obama
  109. OK, are you a believer now?
  110. Income tax Fraud
  111. Romney says there's no need to ban assault weapons....
  112. Romney camp gains - 100,000 Twitter followers in 48 Hours?
  113. Tampa Florida is ready for The GOP Convention
  114. Yea ... Mitt is that Stupid. "You didn't do that"
  115. The more thngs change, the more they stay the same!
  116. Donate with care: Big Brother is Watching YOU!
  117. Uh Oh, More Bad News For Obama and Cigar
  118. GOP Delegates sue to be free from Romney
  119. RNC confirms Ron Paul will be up for nomination
  120. Another First For The Obama Administration
  121. House republicans have wasted $1.3 billion fighting over debt ceiling
  122. At VFW, Obama talks about promises kept
  123. MORE PROOF: Pennsylvania GOPers Concede That Voter Fraud Claims Are a Myth
  124. Kim Dotcom's Obama Protest Song
  125. The collapsing Obama economy
  126. Question for Everyone
  127. Is ICLEI running your town or coming to a town near you?
  128. Botton-Line it's a Choise.
  129. isidewith.com
  130. Should States have the Right to Secede from the United States?
  131. Republicans ‘panicked’ over defense spending cuts
  132. Job Creator? Republican Style
  133. Increased Poverty Key Step to Socialism
  134. Is There a Connection Between Colorado Shooting, U.N. Arms Treaty?
  135. Liberalism Drives Men to Madness
  136. This should be the Democrat convention theme song
  137. Hostile Takeover
  138. Romney accuses Obama of classified material leaks
  139. Obama's Ratings Dive
  140. Obama’s New Immigration Policy Could Cost More Than $585 Million
  141. No Daily Economic Briefing for Obama Since April 2011
  142. Obama's victory dance a tad too early
  144. Whiney Eagle Scouts return their medals because the Boy Scouts have principles
  145. NDAA 2012 Update: Odrona Demands Dismissal Of Section 1021 Injunction
  146. Where are they now?
  147. Democratic Voting Enthusiasm Down Sharply From 2004, 2008
  148. Obama creating African-American education office
  149. What is the definition of "Fair Share" in regards to taxes?
  150. Mayor Rahm Emanuel welcomes the black KKK Farrakhan's storm troopers
  151. Obama Urges for Tighter Background Checks on Gun Buyers After Aurora Shooting.....
  152. Romney shows what a moron POTUS he would be in England
  153. Two Lessons
  154. A Poll Libs will hate.
  155. Freedom of religion, as currently reinterpreted...
  156. Romney trying to destroy U.S. British relations
  157. Speech Got Standing O in Congress Today
  158. News that will be ignored by establishment media
  159. Hitting Obama for 'You Didn't Build That' Is Racist
  160. Obama Says His Economic Policies Worked!
  161. America's Two Economies
  162. President obama’s trickle-down tyranny
  163. Depopulation
  164. Dick Cheney said Sara Palin should never have been picked for V.P.
  165. Are Riots and Drones Obama's Ace?
  166. Obama's Civil War
  167. What a Statesman .... Mitt
  168. FOX NEWS: Covering Romney’s International Trip Feels Like Being In ‘A Modified Pettin
  169. Is OWS gone?
  170. Deficit Junkies Run the Elections and Country
  171. More Corruption and Lying From Holder's DOJ
  172. Cheney to Skip Republican Convention
  173. Democrats Violating the First Amenedment.....
  174. GOP’s Three Biggest Fears in 2012
  175. Question for Loyal Conservatives, Republicans and Tea partyer’s …
  176. Wow; So Voter Fraud really does exist!
  177. Party Caters To ‘Extremes,’ Is ‘Incapable Of Governing’
  178. Don’t worry .. we got this covered.
  179. Turn america into a democracy now!
  180. Cruz wins!
  181. Obama Is In A Bind Again
  182. Can you imagine what would be said if Obama only gave 1 year Tax Returns?
  183. Gop report finds no connection between white house and ‘fast and furious’
  184. Romney aide loses cool, curses Kiss My Ass then said "Show some respect"
  185. Key State Poll Numbers?
  186. FOOD FIGHT! Between Sarah and Dick!
  187. Brookings Institute: Romney Tax plan raises taxes on 95%
  188. The ADP National Employment Report July 2012
  189. Breaking: Mitt Announces VP Running mate ...
  190. In November the Choice is Simple
  191. Just for Cigar
  192. Ask the Right Question
  193. Just for Mainecoone - The Answer to your equation
  194. Liuberals demanding cross dressing freaks be protected from deportation
  195. Another "Secret"
  196. Can a Rational Conservative explain this one to me?
  197. Reid Lies?
  198. National Gay Flamebaiting Day
  199. Now this will Piss-Off any Conservative ... Big Time!
  200. The Future looks Bright for Conservatives
  201. How Are You Going To Pay Your Bills?
  202. Layoff Notices
  203. Obama campaign sues to restrict voting by military
  204. Romney Fires Back at Harry Reid.....
  205. Dog Chasing Tail vs the Fairy Duster
  206. Obama Turns 51: Plays Golf Weekend at Camp David.....
  207. Democrats Believe In Democracy--When It Suits Them
  208. Has Roseanne Barr any chance of any votes?
  209. Gays taunt old man reading a bible
  210. Obama Launches Massive Ad Buy in Swing States
  211. What is the purpose and impact of the electoral college
  212. Lewis Black is a genius
  213. Ted Cruz: Tea Party to support Romney "overwhelming[ly]"
  214. Top 8 biblical definitions of marriage
  215. The Real Mitt, from Mitt himself
  216. Where's The Love ...GOP ?
  217. If Harry Reid bitch slaps you … what do you do?
  218. David Axelrod is a Liar.
  219. A nice read for Cigar when he gets to "work" in the morning
  220. Pelosi Is Mentally Ill
  221. Still More Abuse of Power And Corruption From The Obama Regime
  222. Michelle does Leno. Again and again and again...
  223. Desperate times, calls for desperate measures!
  224. The USA -- Upside-down Land
  225. Dirty Liar
  226. Good News for America and Americans
  227. Study: Obama losing voters more than republicans
  228. Poll: More Obama Voters than McCain Voters are Switching Parties this year......
  229. I'm Going To Vote For Mitt Romney ... But
  230. The Obama Deception
  231. The Problem With Republicans...
  232. New PAC ad....."Romney Killed My Wife"
  233. Obama & Geitner's Lost Pensions For American workers.
  234. The Real Scandal Is At Columbia
  235. It’s that Time in the Election to bring out The Old Fateful
  236. The Birther Hypocrisy
  237. Mitt Romney’s poll numbers at standstill
  238. Romney confuses ‘Sikh’ with ‘sheik’
  239. There’s still Hope for Sarah Palin
  240. Mitt Romney hopes his supporters are too Stupid to Check the Facts on his Lies
  241. The Health-Care Lie
  242. Allen West Offends congressional Black Caucus
  243. Obama's lead over Romney grows despite voters' pessimism
  244. Connecting with Common People
  245. Patriotism: Left Wing and Right Wing
  246. The Quiet Depression of Barack Obama
  247. Liberal Fools--How Long Do You Think This Can Go On?
  248. Good Old Party goes Ballistic over Andrea Saul telling the Truth!
  249. Another Bad Day For Romney
  250. Top Ten New Anti-Romney Attacks Planned by Obama