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  1. Posted odds to win 2020 POTUS election
  2. US to hit debt limit (again) between July and December
  3. Poll: Warren Moves Up to Second Place
  4. Former Vice President Joe Biden does not see China as a threat.
  5. Today Senate votes to override Trump's Yemen veto
  6. Another Day, Another Democrat With No Chance of Winning Enters the 2020 Race....
  7. Remain in Paris Climate Agreement — HR 9, Climate Action Now Act
  8. Obama-Biden Regime Planted Two Spies in Trump Campaign - Sep 2016
  9. Doubling all income taxs wouldnt pay for single payer
  10. Retribution is Coming - The White House Fights Back
  11. Getting to the Start of the Obama-Biden Coup Attempt Against President Trump
  12. Joe Biden becomes the official 2020 Democratic primary punching bag.....
  13. GOP Lawmaker Gave Pro-War Speech on Yemen — by Reading Saudi Lobbyist’s Talking Point
  14. Jesse Ventura-Man who speaks the truth!
  15. It's Now A Clown Bus: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Expected To Announce 2020 Run NextWeek
  16. tPF Remember Kent State -- May 4, 1970
  17. Ron Paul comments on Tulsi Gabbard
  18. Barr v. Mueller on Presidential obstruction of justice- a case study
  19. 5 facts: the new Social Security Board of Trustees Report
  20. Warning: Trump Attacks Facebook on Behalf of Racists and Grifters
  21. NY lawmakers vote to ban pesticide blamed for harm to babies
  22. Since the Mueller Report exonerated Trump,
  23. Joe Biden: “First thing I’d do is repeal those Trump tax cuts.”
  24. Arizona? What's up? (Oh Porn)
  25. The Pseudo-Impeachment Democrats hold show trials
  26. Gotta Love President Trump - Reparations
  27. Mike Pompeo Praises Climate Change in the Arctic as ‘New Opportunities for Trade’
  28. Federal court rules Trump's asylum policy can stay in effect
  29. Why Libertarians Should Support Bernie Sanders in 2020
  30. 5 Takeaways From 10 Years of Trump Tax Figures
  31. Hillary advocates meteorites to stimulate the economy.
  32. PELOSI: 'Cannot accept' second Trump term.....
  33. Senate Dems Twitter poll backfires
  34. Rep. Adam Schiff introduces constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United
  35. College Students Support Censorship of Conservatives
  36. FBI's Steele Story Falls Apart:
  37. A Heartwarming Story From the Illegal Alien Wars
  38. Former intelligence analyst charged with leaking classified docs to reporter
  39. Is the Fed's existence and power consistent with Capitalism.
  40. Pence calls for Omar to be removed from House Foreign Affairs Committee.....
  41. us-debt-payments-will-soon-exceed-military-spending
  42. Trump Admin Inflated Iran Intel, U.S. Officials Say
  43. Any Republican President
  44. Washington is flirting with a debt crisis. No one has a plan to stop i
  45. The troubling reason why Biden is so soft on China
  46. Democrats are falling into Trump’s trap. History proves it.
  47. Why Does The RIGHT Aleays Find Itself On The WRONG Side of History?
  48. tPF The Liberty Amendments
  49. Another High Tax State Bites the Dust
  50. Eliminating Social Security caps has some serious risks
  51. Tax Hikes on the Wealthy Alone Can’t Pay for ‘Medicare for All’
  52. The Early ‘90s Called Joe Biden. They Want Their Foreign Policy Back .....
  53. "The Heart of Trump Country" Applauds Warren
  54. Who Murdered Seth Rich and Why was Seth Rich Murdered
  55. tPF Retribution is Coming
  56. Steve Bullock, Montana governor, announces he's running for president......
  57. Israel, Saudi Arabia and Trump aides want confrontation with Iran
  58. Oof: As Kamala Attempts Campaign 'Reset,' She's Still Stumbling Over Healthcare.....
  59. Marianne Williamson: An Interesting Candidate
  60. Ted Cruz confronts state department official
  61. Actor Isaac Kappy dead at 42 after he 'forced himself off' a bridge
  62. House Dems fall in line with Pelosi's no-impeachment strategy despite Trump's defianc
  63. The FISA Footnote that Could Doom Collusion Hoaxsters
  64. The Democratic Party's political correctness
  65. Was Hillary Clinton involved in highly unseemly activities?
  66. George Papadopoulos Tweet this afternoon
  67. Big tobacco secretly bankrolling think tanks
  68. Trump Administration Accomplishments - Debunked
  69. Mayor Pete Buttigieg On Biography, Policy and Politics.....
  70. No Do-
  71. No Do-Overs For the House [s]Traitors[/s] Democrats
  72. Barr! Laughable Pelosi Accusation
  73. Spartacus on Economic Freedom
  74. Non-Citizens Commit 42.7% Of Crimes Despite Being Only 7% Of US Population - DEBUNKED
  75. The desire to impeach Donald Trump
  76. DNA tests reveal 30% of suspected fraudulent migrant families were unrelated
  77. Buttigieg FOX town hall
  78. tPF Democrats Lied About Their Mental Distress After 2016 Election to Make Trump Look Bad
  79. Non-Citizens Committed a Disproportionate Share of Federal Crimes, 2011-16 - DEBUNKED
  80. Barr Opens Up About The Mueller Report: It's About Protecting The Presidency, Not
  81. Pets Buttigeig on Fox Townhall
  82. Warning: Pelosi Schedules Emergency Meeting With House Dems to Discuss Impeachment ......
  83. Are conservatives throwing in the towel on fiscal responsibility?
  84. Trump-Endorsed Republican Easily Wins Special Election In Pennsylvania ......
  85. tPF Is name calling new to American politics
  86. Prince George’s County, Maryland City Mayor and Council Hate Crimes
  87. I like this: Where are the rest of the worthless Republicans?
  88. Nevada passes National Popular Vote bill
  89. The merit of merit-based immigration
  90. Pentagon agrees to set up tent housing near border for some 7,500 migrants
  91. An Example of Fake News: Cryin' Chuck and Crazy Nancy
  92. Warning: House Democrats’ Lawsuit Over Trump’s Border Security Agenda Hits A Different Wall:
  93. Never before in modern history has this nation
  94. A Good Time Was Had By All
  95. Senators say Trump using loophole to push through Saudi arms sale
  96. Exclusive Report: Sold to an ally, lost to an enemy
  97. Obama’s Spying On The Press Was Far More Extensive Than Previously Thought
  98. For Pelosi, the biggest test awaits: Impeach or not impeach?
  99. Donald Trump makes good on a promise but Dems cry ‘coverup’
  100. The Secret of Bernie’s Millions
  101. Democrats, the party of abortion
  102. India Elections Show Conservative Nationalism on the March Worldwide
  103. Larry Sabato and the election in 2020
  104. Was the Armies failure of John Needham isolated?
  105. Illinois Dems Pushing Bill to Legalize Partial Birth Abortion.....
  106. CNN Poll: Overwhelming Majority Wants Investigation into Obama DOJ Spying on Trump
  107. Equal Justice Tour
  108. Don Jr. warns Roy Moore: Stay out of Alabama Senate race
  109. Nancy Pelosi and impeachment
  110. Pete Buttigieg, democratic capitalist
  111. Dershowitz: Shame on Robert Mueller for exceeding his role
  112. Mueller missed collusion with Russia
  113. Jurisprudence and the Failed Coup
  114. Conservatives Stunned by Mueller Suggesting Trump Is Not Innocent
  115. its ok with democrats as long as your not a citizen
  116. Twitter: Trump: Border
  117. Will democrats just run on I hate trump
  118. Hillary to host cyber security event
  119. tPF Would a Criminal Trial be more fair than a Democrat House-Run Impeachment Hearing?
  120. Trump's ethanol plan goes into effect.....
  121. President Trump and tariffs
  122. Political media
  123. US to ask most visa applicants for social media information
  124. What Americans die of, google, and media coverage comparisons
  125. tPF 'American Soil' Is Increasingly Foreign Owned
  126. Is a new credit bubble getting ready to burst?
  127. What would it take to
  128. Please keep cortez
  129. tPF Net worth of Americans aged 18 to 35 has dropped 34 percent since 1996: study
  130. Here Are the 2020 Democrats Who Want to Impeach Trump
  131. Ex-governor’s phone seized in Flint water probe
  132. tPF Florida congressman is first US politician to be 'milkshaked'
  133. I have a question for democrats
  134. Never Trumpers give up on 2020 GOP primary ......
  135. Now I don’t believe Mueller
  136. Yet another question for democrats how is trump racists
  137. Record number of undocumented immigrants flooded the southern border
  138. Antidiscrimination Laws and the Administrative State: A Skeptic's Look
  139. Impeachment the democrat pipe dream
  140. Judge dismisses Dem lawsuit against Trump on border wall
  141. Biden's climate change plan stands out for not being insane —
  142. The 8 Senate races likely to determine control of the chamber
  143. 'Scorched Earth': Mueller's Targets Speak Out
  144. pressure on mexico
  145. Here Are the 2020 Democrats Who Qualified for the First Democratic Debates.....
  146. al sharpton the democrats best freind worked for the mob and the fbi
  147. nut cake cortez claims trump is being bribed by the saudis to start a war with iran
  148. cortez shows she has no clue again
  149. Voting. Who should be allowed to vote?
  150. The Democrat Party is waging War against Americans
  151. Mexico Withholds Identities of Migrant Caravan Funders in U.S., Britain
  152. tPF Mexicans are doing work America's Enemies in Congress Just Won't do.
  153. Speaking of Hypocrites
  154. Boarder whats wrong with democrats
  155. The Mother of Evil in America: The Republican Party! By Persepolis, Sunday at 06:30
  156. Iowa Poll: Warren Within 10 Points of Lead
  157. Warning: New Poll shows Trump Losing to Biden
  158. Justin Amash isn’t just rebelling against Trump. He is fighting the two-party system
  159. May deficit hit $208B- 42% over last year
  160. American Politics is slowly becoming Cult central
  161. Rep. Adam Schiff wanted the naked pictures of Trump... real bad
  162. Corrupt, Unethical Democrats - Cummings
  163. Traitor Trump: Collusion with foreign enemies to get elected is "OK!"
  164. AOC schooled by FBI counterterrorism official after suggesting white supremacists...
  165. October 2020 Real ID
  166. tPF Kamala Harris' "big idea"
  167. Impeach Trump Rallies
  168. hillary the heat is on 23 violations
  169. Warning: I cant belive b8den said this
  170. tPF Democrats, crying about foreign influence, used foreign influence to try to get Trump
  171. Mexico publishes Trump's 'secret deal' on migration.....
  172. A Pride Flag is flying over California’s Capitol...
  173. Trump's Threats Against Mexico Are Working...Round Two ......
  174. Big Brother has Got your Numbers
  175. Joe Biden under fire for segregationist senators remarks
  176. Dems and the GOP agree: Nobody cares about the national debt
  177. Question for democrats about immigration
  178. Calif. Begins Removing 5 Million Inactive Voters on Its Rolls......
  179. High tax state exodus just beginning
  180. President Trump Masterfully Trolls The Left On Summer's First Friday Afternoon ......
  181. Single-Payer health care will increase fraud and corruption
  182. Which do you prefer? Drowning in debt or government shutdown
  183. The Polling Industry Is in Crisis
  184. Hawley Free Speech Bill
  185. Beto Unveils New 'War Tax' That Would Tax Non-Military Families.....
  186. Warning: Pelosi stops deportation of illegals
  187. Kushner's Crazy Izraeli Peace Plan!
  188. did omar marry her brother or not
  189. Demo cry but wont put out the funds for illegals
  190. Upcoming demo debates
  191. Aoc claims illegal held in concentration camps
  192. Mueller to Testify
  193. the clintons and cartel cocaine
  194. tPF The Road Not Taken - Lordstown closing buries a lost chapter for workers control
  195. tPF The Boomers Ruined Everything
  196. The First Debate Event: Who I'm Rooting For
  197. What Democratic debate participants should NOT do
  198. “Freedom Dividend,” a universal basic income program. ......
  199. Team Trump plans debate night offensive ......
  200. Aoc supports wayfair strike aginst mak8ng beds for the boarder
  201. So who won?
  202. Leaks and turmoil at DHS
  203. passing $4.6 billion aid bill backed by Senate
  204. Yet Another Republican Sellout
  205. Idiot Treasonous Supremes - The Census
  206. the demo debates show the socialist have taken over
  207. Tonight's Dem Debate
  208. adam schiff blames America for Irans agression
  209. schiff blames trump for father and daughter drowning
  210. Democrats why was it good when Obama
  211. What will the effect of this be
  212. Dems on taxes
  213. tPF Should the government pay reparations for the tuition you paid for child's college?
  214. Healthcare: a "human right"?
  215. Senate Rejects Attempt to Restrict Trump's War Powers ......
  216. Federal judge blocks Trump from using $2.5B in military funds for border wall
  217. Obama Regime DOJ Granted Immunity To Crooked’s Lawyer Who Destroyed 33k emails
  218. Trump's Proposed Budget: Eliminating agencies
  219. The real loser in the Democratic debate
  220. Are Dems dumb or are they dumb like a fox?
  221. Immigration: Legal VS. Illegal
  222. Looking ahead to the presidential candidate debates nect year.
  223. Her ambition got it wrong.
  224. Democrats supporting socialist aoc
  225. Trump haters versus Trump loves
  226. 14 million k8ds live 8n proverty in tge usa
  227. Why is race the most important thing to the new democrat party
  228. Could D.C. ever cut CA or any of the Reconquista states loose from the Union?
  229. whos telling the truth the hispanic pastors or AOC
  230. Yes, She is a Communist
  231. And It Looks Like We Have Our First 2020 Democratic Drop Out.....
  232. It Is Only About "Some" Of The Children
  233. This Woman Does Not Represent the United States
  234. Big Hands = Big Crowds (and other things)
  235. While the media promotes Harris for her race card campaign tactics...
  236. Slow Boat To China
  237. Learning Russian While in the Womb
  238. 2nd Customs and Border Protection-connected secret Facebook group shows mocking image
  239. AOC's avoidance of a reporter
  240. The boarder crisis and so on
  241. Two Progressive Kooks Wrote a Book
  242. Billionaire Tom Steyers announcing run for the Presidency......
  243. will liberals head pop like the aliens on mars attacks
  244. Warning: The great divide: The civil wars gripping America’s political parties.....
  245. harris has 100 billion dollar plan for black only housing
  246. How the gOP became the Party of Putin
  247. democrat has nazi sympizer on here staff ??????
  248. Ilhan Omar admits she may have flubbed facts in dramatic story she told high school s
  249. White House: Americans Deserve to Know Who is in Their Country......
  250. Whats wrong with this