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  1. Democrats care more about helping illegal aliens than Americans.....
  2. Killer Cop Gets Gigantic Pension for PTSD
  3. Mueller report does not show Russia attempted to help Trump
  4. Who will the obamas endorse for PRESIDENT
  5. Globalist Biden: I respect no borders
  6. Scuffle on White House Lawn
  7. The democrats partisan socialist attacks on boarder staff
  8. Updated Perspective on the Democratic Contest
  9. Ex-ICE chief blasts House Democrat after tense hearing: 'He ran out of there like a l
  10. Dem Operatives Say Ocasio-Cortez Media Coverage Could Derail Party In 2020
  11. The Squad
  12. Bill Barr: Don't Give the Trump-Hating Music Industry Special Treatment.....
  13. tPF Chappaquiddick — Justice wasn’t served.... 50 years later
  14. FBI spreadsheet debunks Steele dossier
  15. New elections systems use vulnerable software
  16. Majority of Americans oppose making DC a state
  17. In lopsided vote, House kills effort to impeach Trump
  18. Demographics
  19. Maoist left trying to change the past.
  20. Bombshell! Other shoe finally drops....
  21. The Plot to Undermine the Electoral College
  22. Ilhan Omar entered this country illegally...true or flase?
  23. How do you think this current political/social divide in the U.S. will end?
  24. 2020 Dems grapple with how to pay for 'Medicare for All'
  25. OCare takes a positive hit.
  26. Fox News host shuts down Stephen Miller’s defense of Trump’s hypocrisy and racism
  27. ‘If others have rifles, we’ll have rifles’: why US leftist groups are taking up arms
  28. New Poll Just Obliterated The Core Of The 2020 Democratic Agenda .....
  29. Warren Warns of New Economic Crash
  30. Budget deal likely to include few or no cuts while lifting debt limit for two years
  31. Murder rates drop as concealed carry permits soar
  32. Wealthy New Yorkers continue to flee to Miami
  33. DOJ Refuses To Hold Barr, Ross In Contempt. Here's Why.
  34. TRumpoid Corruption and the Mueller Hearing Farce!
  35. Trump wins in 2020,great...what is plan B if he loses?
  36. tPF Tax Hike You've Never Heard Of - Congress seeks to raise SS tax & eliminate cap
  37. GOP challenger Bill Weld: Trump is a "raging racist"
  38. tPF Democrats ask a judge to ignore the law.
  39. hillary clinton the defender of women.
  40. Will democrats ever take sincere action or keep ignoring the problem
  41. Trump tells black lawmaker to clean up 'disgusting, rat and rodent infested' district
  42. how much will this cost you in new tax
  43. What do trump and Obama have in common other than being presidents
  44. Gun Violence related to world violence!
  45. tPF US election 2020: Do front-runners win their party's nomination?
  46. democrats need to fed ex the election to trump
  47. Ronald Reagan called Africans at UN 'monkeys', tapes reveal
  48. Warning: Infested ??
  49. What to expect at night two of CNN’s Democratic debate ......
  50. tPF Trump is going to lose.
  51. Fact: Baltimore is more dangerous that 99.2% of US cities
  52. CNN: Dems dish out a Biden beatdown
  53. Mysterious 2017 radioactive cloud over Europe originated in Russia
  54. The AP fact-checks democrats
  55. ACLJ obtains Obama DoJ immunity agreements with Hillary lawyers
  56. No, military spending is not bankrupting us
  57. tPF “The Left Can’t Meme”: How Right-Wing Groups Are training future memers
  58. Protesters hit Democratic debate: 'I can't breathe' chants interrupt NYC mayor Bill d
  59. WaPo: Wednesday’s presidential debate turns on character as much as ideology, a foreb
  60. The European health-care models eyed by Democrats are at risk of faltering
  61. I saw a clip with Elijah Cummings calling Baltimore a drug infested place
  62. I think Tool cool for School lost the race last night. KHAR will lose now.
  63. tPF The People of the South and that silly Flag
  64. Putin Must Really Love America
  65. polls
  66. Dem lawmakers stunned after poor debates
  67. RealClear Investigation: 5 big holes in Mueller’s work
  68. Has Pelosi gotten A-OC under control?
  69. Sanders campaign announces it will cut hours to pay staffers $15 minimum wage...
  70. Dems use tragedies to play politics
  71. tPF US mass shootings: Trump condemns racism and white supremacy
  72. Confusion: Biden offers sympathy for the tragic events in Huston today and also Michi
  73. tPF America has never had a more unqualified, contentious President
  74. never said better
  75. Why welfare keeps poor people poor
  76. A balanced piece on incarceration in America
  77. Tide has again turned
  78. tPF Could the Ohio Shooter Help Trump?
  79. tPF How would you handle this?
  80. OK...this is insane
  81. A gun policy that works
  82. Barr has far bigger things to prosecute Comey for than leaking memos
  83. Dems or Reps- which party has the best plan to fix social security?
  84. Florida raking in billions as Americans abandon high-tax states
  85. warran and harris lie about fergson
  86. One apparent truth of our daily Congress:
  87. The Left Needs to Engage Men not Condemn Them
  88. Senate Dems Deliver Warning to Supreme Court
  89. tPF What if Trump loses and refuses to give up power?
  90. Biden allies float scaling back events to limit gaffes
  91. Senators File an Enemy-of-the-Court Brief
  92. New Fox News poll has Trump losing bigly to well, just about everyone!
  93. Psychoactive Drugs That Can Get Your Gun(s) Taken Away
  94. Scaramucci says Trump 'has declining mental faculties.' Trump's latest rally bolsters
  95. First Responsers
  96. Things Only A Tyrant Would Do
  97. Trump’s speech at a Shell plant drew thousands of workers - paid OT to attend
  98. Another non-existent title for the liar in chief
  99. Con George Will gets it right
  100. New CNN Poll Qualifies Julián Castro For September Democratic Debate .....
  101. Poll: If Recession Comes, Trump Owns It
  102. Like we didnt already have a voting problem
  103. Report Finds Coal Power Investment Plummeting 75% Since 2015
  104. AP-NORC poll: 62% disapprove of how Trump’s handling his job
  105. Trump's shows his 'psychotic-like state' says doctor
  106. Trump's Deregulation
  107. tPF I'm a non-leftist that isn't in Trump's Base
  108. RBG scare: David Axelrod warns Supreme Court vacancy fight could 'tear this country a
  109. We should welcome deep digs into 1619. Slavery and white supremacy shaped today's Ame
  110. Another FBI failure involving the Clintons surfaces
  111. Will Trump Replace Pence With Nikki Haley?
  112. Democratic National Committee votes against allowing 2020 candidates to participate i
  113. tPF Democrats talk up mandatory gun buybacks, licensing
  114. Trump suggested nuking hurricanes to stop them from hitting U.S.
  115. Joe Walsh announces Republican challenge to Trump
  116. How Do Politicos Discuss Trump's Obvious Mental Instability?
  117. they want omar gone
  118. DoJ to decide whether to charge McCabe
  119. Biden stutters, stammers, gets lost during SC campaign event
  120. Trump launches Space Command ......
  121. Trump Admin Considering Orwellian Surveillance System and Gun Confiscation
  122. we will take your guns
  123. I already knew about this, but Charlie Kirk tweeted this about Rich Cory
  124. another hearing investigating trump
  125. Dems Propose First Gun Grab Since Lexington And Concord ......
  126. Williamson Expresses Shock Over How Awful the Left Is .....
  127. Here is why I oppose new backgrounds check laws...AS CURRENTLY WRITTEN
  128. Want some educational light reads?
  129. Bernie Sanders is a grumpy old man
  130. Republicans to scrap primaries and caucuses as Trump challengers cry foul
  131. Mark Sanford and the primaries
  132. Mattis pinpoints 'increasing contempt' between Americans as major national security
  133. 'Hell to pay': Democrats warn Republicans against ignoring background check bill ....
  134. Government Accountably Office rules on DoD funds for the border wall
  135. Deficit surpasses $1 trillion: CBO
  136. Probably Not Their Best Or Smartest Idea
  137. September 11.
  138. Our best friends!
  139. The Surprising Reason That Oil Subsidies Persist: Even Liberals Love Them.....
  140. Democrats struggle to find right 2020 campaign message.....
  141. Naaga
  142. Why NC-9 Should Frighten the Democrats.....
  143. Will President Trump cut a gun-control deal with the Democrats?
  144. 16 Tons, what do you got
  145. Democrats frown on targeting gang databases with 'red flag' laws ......
  146. nadler with he achive or be a crash and burn
  147. tPF Biden claims his tax credit would create 720 million jobs
  148. Ilhan Omar tells us how God wants us to vote.
  149. tPF Lewandowski hearing
  150. Liz Warren Holds Biggest Rally to Date
  151. Bernie outs the entire democrat slate as "revolutionaries".
  152. Why knowing Roman history is key to preserving America’s future
  153. Warning: Where Americans Stand On the Issues
  154. The Enemy
  155. Pennsylvania state Sen. Michael Folmer arrested for child porn
  156. Gun grabber politics not supported by the data.
  157. NY Mayor Bill de Blasio drops out of race for 2020 Democratic presidential nominee...
  158. The Science Between Gun Regulation vs. Climate Change
  159. How US senators invest in firms they regulate
  160. Impeach trump and jail him
  161. Bill weld. Trump should be executed.
  162. The Week in American Politcal Scandals
  163. The White Working Class: National Trends, Then and Now
  164. As of 9/19 Trump disaproval poll
  165. Impeachment Time!
  166. democrats the party of hate radicals and violence
  167. Warren Pulls Into First in New Nationwide Survey
  168. Lawyer fights ...
  169. DNI Maguire
  170. Carlson predicts the death of the US at democrats' hands.
  171. 4 Reasons The Ukraine Call Is No Watergate .....
  172. tPF Pelosi claims Russia was involved with Ukraine phone call.
  173. Changing History's Path - President Trump
  174. Looks Like Setup
  175. Hunter Biden’s Perfectly Legal, Socially Acceptable Corruption
  176. Tucker Carlson: Congressman Adam Schiff Is “Mentally Ill”
  177. Interesting Data On Who Supports Which Dem
  178. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
  179. Impeachment: We Are here
  180. This Will Be the First of Many Upcoming Newspaper Editorial Positions
  181. A clear perspective on Elizabeth Warren.
  182. Who hates you, America?
  183. Is the president the monster or is the real monster trying to take him out?
  184. Harry Truman knew what socialism is....
  185. Kamala Haris supports fascism
  186. Trump urges China to investigate the Bidens
  187. Try to impeach this?
  188. Impeachment Screws Tightening
  189. Should we change the term lawmaker?
  190. What is going on in the IC’s IG Office?
  191. Monica?
  192. Is Fascism on the Rise in America?
  193. Here’s why Trump’s poll numbers are defying the impeachment mess
  194. Third-Quarter Fundraising Totals Commentary
  195. Trump's Addiction Revealed
  196. Abuse of power
  197. Federal deficit highest in 7 years
  198. Should Bernie drop out?
  199. For First Time, Warren AVERAGING in First
  200. Hillary clinton text book white privilege
  201. Can't we let Democrats start their own social program club
  202. Why would you vote against a Trump Second Term?
  203. Campaign finance violation?
  204. tPF How Poor Americans Get Exploited by Their Landlords
  205. The emerging anyone but Warren campaign
  206. Joe Biden worked with whistleblower when he was vice president, officials reveal
  207. Warning: The modern liberal: the list
  208. Tulsi Gabbard Accuses the DNC of 'Rigging' Another Election......
  209. Can anyone tell me what high level jobs that Hunter Biden has been doing since 2017
  210. Turns out that Fedral Revenues were up in 2019 so what was the tax cut diasaster?
  211. Warning: Be prepared for the Democratic exit strategy on Impeachment.
  212. Bring Snowden back. Put him in charge of the NSA
  213. After my previous thread on the Dem exit strategy for impeachment
  214. Hunter Biden steps down from Chinese private equity board, promises no foreign work i
  215. tPF Hillary enters 2020 race after entire Democratic field have surprise heart attacks
  216. Obama WH approved Hunter Bidens job on the board of a Ukrainian gas company+deepstate
  217. Don't you think there is a problem with the sponsor of a debate attacking a candidate
  218. Trump announces steel tariffs and sanctions on Turkey in response to assault on Kurds
  219. Trump Suspects a Spiteful John Bolton Is Behind Some of the Ukraine Leaks
  220. What are the Dems hiding about impeachment inquiry?
  221. Now that we saw the latest DNC debate, does anyone else feel like vomiting?
  222. The SCOTUS list if a Dem wins
  223. Impeachment
  224. How many of you Democrats are upset with your own party?
  225. Jimmy Dore trashes the MSM and defends Tulsi's comments at DNC debate.
  226. Send ​Them to Syria
  227. Tulsi Gabbard calls out Hillary Clinton
  228. Why we need a Convention of States
  229. Facebook's Zuckerberg pushes back against Bernie Sanders's call to abolish billionair
  230. Nancy Pelosi’s Brother Thomas D’alesandro III Dies
  231. Romney's fake Twitter account
  232. #1 Steve Bannon Admits There’s No Truth To “Deep State” Conspiracy Theories
  233. SNIFFLES THE CLOWN- satire!
  234. Hillary E-Mail Investigation Over. Again.
  235. Liability to be a public charge is mostly about health care
  236. Barr’s investigation is heating up
  237. Brutal wipe-out for Dems in Louisiana and the “press” tries to keep it quiet
  238. Obamacare plan rates to fall in 2020 for second time under Trump
  239. It is about time the republicans fought back against this BS!
  240. Joe Biden has been forced to apologize for suggesting the impeachment of Bill Clinton
  241. Hillary Clinton 2020
  242. Sen Graham Resolution condemning the House Secret Impeachment Inquiry
  243. How important has war become to our economy?
  244. This is the documents on impeachment exp past impeachment rights
  245. Fro those of you watching CNN and MSNBC - Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi is dead
  246. POLITICO: How the baby boomers broke America.
  247. Longest serving congressman John Conyers dies at 90
  248. Was Trump’s Situation Room Pic Fake?
  249. Pelosi Blinked
  250. Record Federal individual tax revenue; record federal spending