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  1. More Oops for Mitt ... Thanks Newt, you're a Big Help.
  2. Rush Limbaugh On Romneycare Defense: A ‘Goldmine’ For Obama
  3. Obama's Days at Black Rock: Begin......
  4. Rick Santorum Chuckles When Asked To Defend Mitt Romney On Health Care
  5. What Will Happen If Obama Is Reelected?
  6. The New Planned Parenthood Business Plan
  7. What Does The Left Have To Offer?
  8. Republican plan will cause another recession.
  9. Exotic School Bond Financing
  10. The Crystal Ball on the presidential election
  11. Republi-cant's.
  12. Will Conservatives Reject Obamacare’s Rebates?
  13. Ever ask yourself why ... ?
  14. Obviously CNN and Fox News are Liar’s
  15. Former GOP Chair Jim Greer says party didn't want minorities to vote
  16. Obama Campaign Admits Lying
  17. The Dykes Are In Charge
  18. Romney's "Dog Whistles" Are Clear to White Racists Online
  19. The Postmodern President
  20. Mitt Romney's Problem Isn't Obama's campaign strategy —It's Mitt Romney
  21. Obamacare Is 14 cents Per Pizza ... one we know how much it will cost.
  22. Islamists and Liberals On The Same Page
  23. Another Lefty "journalist" busted for lying
  24. Obama going for Knucklehead vote says Michelle
  25. Rumors Romney will pick Paul Ryan
  26. Paul Ryan Dismantles ObamaCare
  27. Where Are The Jobs Going To Come From?
  28. Dick Morris on the polls showing a widening lead for Obama
  29. The US budget, where did it go?
  30. Republicans awaken red scare...
  31. Private sector experience not necessary in 2008, but important now?
  32. Lying Weasel Reveals Her Fear
  33. Join the Revolution
  34. Obama's Marxist Redistribution Schemes
  35. The failure of supply-side tax cuts
  36. Ryan skipping Florida has nothing to do with his plan to End Medicare
  37. I don't live in Florida ... but ...
  38. The Difference Between Obama And Ryan’s Medicare Cuts - AARP Endorsement
  39. TrapWire: If You SEE Something SMASH Something!
  40. Jesse Jackson Jr has Liberal Mental Illness
  41. Pics that keep Obama & Biden up all night
  42. Host for Romney event is a convicted drug dealer Read more here: http://www.sanluiso
  43. 74% of the Elderly DISAPPROVE of Ryan Plan
  44. Why doesn't The GOP showcase how well their policies work at The GOP Convention?
  45. New Gallup Poll -- is anyone in the DNC listening?
  46. It's Confirmed, he's a Muslim !
  47. Electoral College opinion map update
  48. Oh SNAP!; Obama Smacks Mitt with Joke about Mitt !
  49. The Eternal Fight For Freedom
  50. In Paul Ryan, The Right at Last Has Their Man
  51. Is Your Government Arming Itself Against You?
  52. How Paul Ryan Could Put Romney in the White House
  53. There are no coincidences in politics--FDR
  54. Socialist, Kenyan, Marxist, Anti-American invades Iowa State Fair! See-Pics
  55. Paul Ryan Proves Obama Lies and the Democrats Are Lying To the American People.
  56. Romney Tells Obama To Take His Ghetto Politics Back to Chicago.....
  57. Obama Compliments Romney
  58. Finally the Boss with the Balls talks ...
  59. So Transparency you say Mitt ... Hummmm
  60. Oh Mitt, Remember when you said this?
  61. President Soetoro Makes History Again
  62. Crazed Liberal Open Fires at Family Research Council Shooting Guard.....
  63. Chelsea Clinton Getting Ready to Run For Office.....
  64. Uh Oh, Vote Stealing In Philly just got a lot tougher
  65. The latest numbers in some important swing states
  66. Demographic Nightmare for Republicans (RIP)
  67. Koch Brothers Up To $8.7 Billion - Each in Taxes
  68. Question for Republicans about Ann Romney.
  69. NEW Migraine Headaches for Democrats: Unions Protest Democrats at State Fair.....
  70. Illinois Governor Disses Obama and Makes Light of it.....
  71. Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad got his Ass Smoked after telling a LIE!
  72. 11 facts about the tax debate
  73. 11 Chicago Police Officers Sue Democrat Mayor Rahm Emanuel......
  74. Romney a 'Stupid Back Stabber'- (R) Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa
  75. Boehner Calls Opponents To TARP "Knuckledraggers"
  76. Paul Ryan to Obama on Medicare Debate: BRING IT ON!!!!!
  77. Untangling the Romney Distortions, Spin, Rationalization and Flat-Out Lies
  78. Come-On Mitt WTF; is it Different, Identical or Very Similar?
  79. Paul Ryan Dings Biden as VP as Being Dumb.....
  80. OK ... Who's the Doormat now boy wonder?
  81. Prove it Mitt
  82. Against Voting? The GOP Wants to Help
  83. Gallup: Obama's Approval Rating with Buisness Owners Drops.....
  84. SFPD underreports Latino, Asian arrests
  85. Niggerization of Obama
  86. Obama's hard-hitting interview... on Entertainment Tonight!
  87. Joe Biden's Outrageous Remarks - Funny coming from Republicans
  88. Against Voter ID laws?
  89. John C. Goodman: Why the Doctor Can't See You
  90. Obama's America. 2016.....
  91. Romney to release 2011 Tax Return......
  92. You Built That, Right?
  93. Even Leftist Newsweek Turns On Barry
  94. So exactly how many more examples do you need?
  95. I am dismayed by Candidate Mitt
  96. Wow: Victims Of ‘Legitimate Rape’ Don’t Get Pregnant
  97. Graphic Example of why unions need to be thrown out of government and our schools
  98. How Stupid can this guy get? Out of Touch yea think?
  99. Visual Hard Evidence: Ryan forcefully advocating Stimulus Funds!
  100. Another Obama Administration Policy Success
  101. Mitt caught in another Flip-Flop & Lie at the same time!
  102. What qualifies as News on Fox News
  103. Shock poll: Obama could lose Illinois!
  104. Obama: "Nobody Accused Mr. Romney Of Being A Felon"
  105. Is Obama hen-pecked?
  106. Ever ask the question and examine what if there were no U.S.?
  107. More than 500 economists, 5 Nobel laureates back Romney’s economic strategy
  108. "Issues" or America?
  109. Kudos to Rhode Island
  110. OWS and their Allies Agenda
  111. Survey: Democrats More Racist Than Republicans
  112. Satan, Thy Name is Paul Ryan
  113. Your tax dollars at work
  114. Apologists are saying Akin's comments not reflective of mainstream gop thought
  115. Liberals - The Herd of Independent Minds
  116. By any means necessary...
  117. Democrats Start A War On Women At Democrat Convention
  118. The Moral And Economic Collapse of America.
  119. Another Obamanomics failure on the way
  120. Did You Ever Think In Your Wildest Dreams. . .
  121. America, the Police State--continued
  122. The latest University of Colorado poll on the presidential election
  123. Citizen you! And indispensaible handbook for non-gay Americans with thwarted egos
  124. In Praise to Sen. Moynihan
  125. Isn't it Ironic .....
  126. LOL I Thought They Were Doing This All Along
  127. Personally I agree; it is time for a Civil War.
  128. Obama as some see him
  129. Reminder to all those who are nervous about debt ... !
  130. Conservative books sell better than liberal books. Why?
  131. What a difference one TV interview can make.
  132. We don't give the school bus driver credit for the honor roll.
  133. Ooops; another inconvenient truth!
  134. They are starting to Eat their own.
  135. Welcome to The Real America.
  136. Another Obama Donor Found Giving to Republicans.....
  137. Why do Americans get so easily upset?
  138. Al Franken tells it like it is ...
  139. Why do Americans vote Republican?
  140. A Historian Looks At Obama
  141. Senator Famous for Joking About Rape Campaigns for Obama, Biden
  142. Fox News Outs Member Of Navy SEAL Team 6 That Killed Osama Bin Laden
  143. Todd Akin's best friend ... Kevin Yoder
  144. Obama Begs for Time
  145. OK, now I'm mystified
  146. Someone yelled "Rape"? Let's take a walk down memory lane
  147. Question for Obama Supporters
  148. Another interesting email from my buddy
  149. Obama administration has been “cooking the books”
  150. Martial Law by Executive Order
  151. The CBO warns about Obama’s irresponsible tactics
  152. New Black Panther: We Must Create Military To Murder Babies And Skin White People
  153. Miracle Cure for Constipation
  154. Is "faggot" or "fag" generally offensive?
  155. Gaily New Zealand
  156. Romney Screws up and Touches Birther Issue.....
  157. SSI Fraud
  158. Rep. Rangel: Biden's Chain Remark About Slavery
  159. Here's Romney's Plan for a Stronger Middle Class
  160. The Hope And The Change - Official Movie Trailer
  161. Black Democrat Congressman Arthur Davis "This isn't the Dem Party I used to know"
  162. Happy landing..........
  163. Obama's fault, of course....
  164. Paul retiring but passing the torch to others
  165. Ron Paul on Romney
  166. Obama-Romney race is focused on 7 states
  167. Obama wants to see 5 years of Romney taxes
  168. Obama's Warfare: 'From Power To A Policy'
  169. Former Gov. Charlie Crist: Here's why I'm backing Barack Obama
  170. GOP Hopes House Hopeful Will 'Change Impressions'
  171. Tampa Bay Gay Prostitutes Gearing Up For Flood Of Closeted Republicans
  172. Obama Tells Supporters If He Loses It’s Their Fault…
  173. Republican Women for Obama
  174. New Details on the GOP Plot to Obstruct Obama
  175. Obama Calls Romney's Ideas 'Extreme'
  176. The News Room last night ...
  177. Chris Matthews just ripped Rience Priebus a new AZZ on Morning Joe
  178. An Inconvenient Truth
  179. What Party is more divisive …
  180. Democrats better at Economics
  181. Voter ID is Good for America
  182. It’s Personal Now
  183. Ancient Chinese proverb updated!
  184. Most Americans believe that the country is on the wrong track
  185. Why are Americans so religious and why does it have such an impact on their politics?
  186. Samuel L. Jackson asks why GOP 'spared' by tropical storm
  187. Who's after Obama?
  188. 2016: Obamas America... explained..
  189. This Canadian band doesn't seem to like Obama.. :D!
  190. Newt Gingrich just ripped Chris Matthews a new AZZ on MSNBC
  191. Steinem Slams Democrats
  192. I Am Who I Am
  193. ...As We Know It
  194. Affordable Care Act?
  195. DemCon: Islamic Prayer YES Catholic Blessing NO
  196. Reggie Love: Obama leads like he plays
  197. Commissars Strike Back
  198. Rage Against the Machine disses Paul Ryan
  199. Interesting Clip about Obama being a Pathologigal Malignant Narcissist
  200. Question: Are Republicans & Conservative Voters really the stupid?
  201. Todd Akin Claims Breastmilk Cures Homosexuality
  202. Giant uterus heads toward GOP convention
  203. Obama Offends Me Nicely Here....
  204. The Bitter Secret
  205. Just Google: This is how we feed animals.
  206. Republican National Convention puts a brown face on a white party
  207. Mia Love Makes Big Splash at Convention
  208. Lies, Damn Lies and G.O.P. Video's
  209. How is this election even close?
  210. Why not, if the Stupid Believes it.
  211. Barack Obama: American Tory
  212. Are Social Cons Still Relevant in the GOP?
  213. Wow!! The Bush video was awesome!!!
  214. Mia Love Attacked
  215. Discussion:Republican Convention Talk 2012
  216. Freedom (TM)
  217. "Unexceptionalism", American style.
  218. Republicans sink to new low as they feed nuts to a Black woman .
  219. Too Busy Playing Golf?
  220. Immigration Policy
  221. Rand Paul’s RNC Speech and the Future of the Republican Party
  222. When you guys gonna do it?
  223. It's football time and...
  224. Chicago Public Schools to Strike......
  225. John Voight Calls Obama a Marxist from the Floor of the Republican Convention......
  226. More Great News About The Obama Economy
  227. How sophisticated are voters?
  228. Another Pair of Democrat Lies Shot Down
  229. Mutt Romney in vents , We believe in America .
  230. Obama speech to soldiers met with silence
  231. Anti-Obama Artist Debuts 'Obamanation' Interactive Painting
  232. Rains wash away Mount Obama in Charlotte, N.C.
  233. A painting that encapsulates the Obama presidency.
  234. Paul Craig Roberts Tells It Like It Is
  235. Who Benefited Most from Obamanomics? The 1%
  236. David Axelrod deflects on FOX News Sunday
  237. Iowans Send Message to Obama
  238. Clint Eastwood Gets Cut From Romney RNC Video
  239. Ubama's trickle down government
  240. US and China tango in South Pacific
  241. Another interesting read from my email buddy
  242. La Krem de la Krem
  243. Dem Gov O'Malley: We’re Not Better Off Now
  244. Ubama and Carter talking world affiars
  245. World Hated the US uintil Obama was elected
  246. 5 things you won't hear at the DNC
  247. Who’s not better off now than they were on September 15th 2008?
  248. Mitt Romney kicked in the Balls by a 75 year old Women
  249. Democrats and Women
  250. FBI file on Ubama's mentor-Frank Marshall Davis