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  1. Proud Texan - Proud American at a Stockyard Music Festival of all places.
  2. Romney ignored warnings about Ryan’s history of lies, exaggerations
  3. Todays agenda at the Democratic convention
  4. The Open Pyramid
  5. DNC Convention Watching Thread
  6. How soon we all forget … such sweet memories only 4 years ago
  7. Dems set to move big speech to smaller venue?
  8. Bill Clinton’s ‘closest political adviser’ voting for Romney
  9. Obama Acknowledges Real Child
  10. A Case Study in Democrat Fanaticism
  11. Character vs. Policy
  12. Some swing-state numbers
  13. Rove says sorry to Akins over murder comment.
  14. Democrat Government Unites
  15. Anniversary
  16. Obama is not qualified to be President according to the US Constitution
  17. The Non-Existent Poor in Both Campaigns.
  18. Iran: the politics of war .... and fear ... and how to become prezzy of the US
  19. Even Critics of Safety Net Increasingly Depend on It
  20. Voters React to Michelle Obama's DNC Speech
  21. "Journalists For Obama" T-shirts snapped up by Obama Idiots
  22. Yea Right; Country First
  23. Paul Ryan Slams The Democrats For Removal Of ‘God’
  24. The First Lady’s Most Powerful Moment
  25. Fact Check: First Lady’s False Fairy Tale of Struggle
  26. Is this Bull Shit? Mitt taxes Hacked
  27. Repeal this; Paul Ryan
  28. When you're caught in a Lie, stop telling lies...
  29. Voter Fraud
  30. THIS is nice..
  31. A Liberal Apologize....Get Real
  32. Once again liberals claim it's someone or something else's fault...sheesh
  33. Four former Sec.s of State endorse Romney
  34. 5 Standout Moments From Wednesday's DNC
  35. This is the 2012 Democratic Party-Boo God!!!
  36. Ubama voters want to ban corporate profits
  37. Will the dems keep on the 'war on women" meme...
  38. Good News for Americans, Bad News for Republicans
  39. Obama. Hey Big Spender...
  40. Hypothetical Question on Pro-Life
  41. Promises Kept
  42. Maybe the really Stupid need pictures to understand the question!
  43. 4 Years Ago Today
  44. Stewart on Democrat Tolerance & Inclusion
  45. Even the First Lady lied
  46. Michelle Obama Pants on Fire
  47. Letting go.......
  48. Clinton's speech at the DNC
  49. Denis Leary is Hilarious ...
  50. Approval Ratings -- measuring the nation's mood
  51. CNN Reality Check: 4.5 million jobs created?
  52. Obamacare Summed Up in One Sentence
  53. Mitt and Paul are running from Michigan ... RunRunRunRun
  54. DNC Venue Change; Smart
  55. Now they've done it-Illegal took the stage on Wed. at DNC
  56. Pits ubama against himself-In his own words
  57. More People Watched Bill Clinton than Cowboys-Giants
  58. Media Whores for Obama
  59. Time To Get Out The Empty Chair Again
  60. Occupy vs DNC: Are Dems Crony Capitalists?
  61. Dinner has been served ...
  62. Emails suggest Axelrod leaned on Gallup after unfavorable poll
  63. Guess How Many Jobs Were Created Per Month During The Bush Administration?
  64. Powerful and moving speech by John Lewis
  65. Network TV CENSORS Revealing Moment
  66. Backbone & Strength ?
  67. My Man, Chris Rock
  68. R.E.M. orders Fox News to stop playing ‘Losing My Religion
  69. Todays Tampa Bay Times
  70. Some great insights here
  71. Anti-Romneyites for Romney
  72. Guess Which President Has Been Best for Stocks?
  73. Ohio Secretary Of State Backs Down
  74. 500 jobs at first in-house tech center
  75. Don't Waste Your Vote!
  76. Fact checked: Bill Clinton at the DNC
  77. Former Treasury secretary falls into hotel pool at DNC
  78. A New poll shows Romney ahead by three points
  79. Did you like Bill Clinton as president?
  80. Jerimaih Wright/Obama....
  81. Ryan says to leave medical pot to the states
  82. George HW Bush confined to wheelchair.... good friends with Bill Clinton
  83. Pre-emptive Strike by Media
  84. Wash Po: Obama the demigod comes down to Earth
  85. An Un-narrated Obama Documentary/Review - in his own words
  86. How can states fix education?
  87. Flashback: Obama Scoffed at Bush Jobs Report Showing Gain of 300K
  88. Press Freedom Index
  89. Did you like Bush #43 as POTUS?
  90. What would your federal budget look like?
  91. Why isn't Obama well ahead in the polls?
  92. Look Who Puts Their Money At Bain
  93. Romney or Obama.....??
  94. DNC Speaches: Sandra Fluke (pronounced Fluck)
  95. An Overdose of Hope
  96. Protesters converge before President Obama's visit to Melbourne
  97. That's What I'm Talkin' About!!
  98. "The people have given me political capital..."
  99. REMEMBER: It was The Republicans who blocked the American Jobs Act and 2 Million Jobs
  100. How Is It Possible?
  101. DNC Fundraiser: Men dancing in thongs with dollar bills stuffed..........
  102. The Party of Inclusion
  103. Mitt Flips ... Again! More like Cave-In!
  104. More Lyan from Paul Ryan
  105. The scoialists plan for taking over America
  106. The Bounce Matters
  107. Good News: Ford To Add 1,200 Workers At Detroit Plant
  108. Lazy Welfare Asshole In the White House
  109. She wasn't joking...
  110. How would you amend the Constitution?
  111. Joe Biden is a lying Coward Hack
  112. Can I have a show of hands?
  113. Any reliable polls?
  114. 9/11 and US politics
  115. Not a huge fan of Donald Trump but I agree with him 110%!!
  116. Romney would lead if data were accurate
  117. The Chicago Teacher Strike: My Position
  118. Sept 11, 2001 - What were you doing when you heard the news?
  119. 911 - What do you believe really happened? So many theories out there...
  120. Looks Like Someone Else Spotted the Forgery
  121. Cutest Campaign Ad Ever
  122. So sick of people blaming Bush for our economic status!!
  123. The Left and Propaganda
  124. Patriotic Hippocrates
  125. Obama Ignores 9/11....Chooses To Hobnob with "The Pimp With A Limp"
  126. The things obama hates the most
  127. Fundamental Arithmetic ... Ye Right
  128. Remember This ?
  129. The 'New' GOP
  130. Rasmussen on the Missouri Senate race
  131. Paul Ryan to run ads in Wisconsin for congressional re-election
  132. As usual, the French are leading the way.
  133. Simple and honest question for would be Romney voters
  134. Jim Cramer Says Father Will Not Be Allowed To Vote Because Of Pennsylvania Votrer ID
  135. Laura Ingraham To GOP
  136. The Deafness Before the Storm
  137. Romney losing lead among men
  138. Rmoney made millions from disposing of aborted fetuses
  139. Employment in the Obama Economy
  140. Russian ships displayed at DNC tribute to vets
  141. Hypothetical Question.
  142. Romney Just Killed That Press Conference! OUTSTANDING!!!
  143. The face of a Republican Candidate after an American Tragedy
  144. The Quick and the Dead!
  145. A 'Lehman moment'
  146. My favorite picture of Barry Obuma...
  147. The latest electoral map
  148. 4 More 4 Obama . YES .
  149. Congratulations Barry-The ObamaEconomy has undone half of the Clinton economy
  150. Wanna Know Why The Embassy Came Out Apologizing?
  151. PinkSlip Romney's foreign policy experience? Anyone?
  152. My View: Obama's Non-Strategy Strategy
  153. Breaking News: President Obama sends his Apologies!
  154. What a Dumb Shit Mitt turned out to be ...
  155. Class Warfare Obama Style
  156. President Obama Elaborates On Romney Criticism
  157. Sarah tell President Obama to Grow a Bigger Big Stick
  158. US median income lowest since 1995
  159. Obama Invites MB Pres/ refuses BB
  160. Even Joe Scarborough can see the light.
  161. Steve Schmidt said it best ...
  162. Media ignore anti-Obama Dems
  163. Obama's lead...gone!
  164. Monica Lewinsky to write tell-all book?
  165. John McCain
  166. Embassy Attacks Due To “Perceived American Weakness" - O-Really?
  167. Aide & Comfort" to the Enemies? Remember That?
  168. Chicago Teachers’ Strike
  169. More Regulatory Transgressions
  170. The Case For Trimming Back The EPA
  171. Question for the Leadership Experts
  172. Mark Your Calenders: The Debates are coming!
  173. Right Wing Myth That Obama "Skips Daily Intel Briefings"
  174. Dumb Question - Can Someone Objectively Clarify.....
  175. Romney is now supported by 18% of white Democrats
  176. Obama’s abuse of power historic
  177. Joined at the Hip, The Left and Islam
  178. So,l whatever happened to Global Warming...?
  179. Kansas wanting Obama off ballot........
  180. Romney Is Right !!!
  181. Michelle Obama Plays Defender-in-Chief
  182. Rock Bottom: Jimmy Carter Corrects Obama
  183. What Media Bias?
  184. Barry and The Hildebeast
  185. Pennsylvania Supreme Court Judge Seamus P. McCaffery makes a good argument.
  186. GOP elector resigns, says she can't support Romney
  187. Romney: Middle income is $200,000 to $250,000 and less
  188. From a Foreign Service Officer …
  189. Question
  190. Obama Supporter Interviews Herself
  191. Thoughts?
  192. Barack Obama Declared Peace in Our Time at the United Nations
  193. Why Romney Will Win
  194. Abortion
  195. 2012 U.S. Election Predictions
  196. Obama's America: Unmaking the American Dream
  197. QUALITY Candidate-Match Quiz
  198. Kirsten Powers...God Help Her.
  199. Obama ad
  200. Business in an Obama Administration
  201. Romney's Capitalism vs Obama's Socilaism
  202. One millon dallar doner to Obama made. Press ignores
  203. Ryan pick puts Wisc in jeopardy
  204. Teachers' Unions Illustrated
  205. What a doctor thinks about Obama's NARCISSISM....dangerous to the U.S. and World!
  206. Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Obama, it's time to wake up and smell the global jihad
  207. Black Pastors Say 'Stay Home' Election Day
  208. Conflicting Campaign Promises
  209. Pelosi: Medicare wil help Dems retake House
  210. Gillibrand and her false tax return
  211. When ever you see a Moron on the Net say ... "Democrats controlled Congress for 2yrs"
  212. Why aren't you winning?
  213. "You Were Wrong!" said John McCain
  214. Congradualtions; Republicans score another GOP Supporter
  215. Romney Tax Plan Will Be Sorted Out By Congress
  216. Tax Cuts Don't Lead to Economic Growth, a New 65-Year Study Finds
  217. JFK would be a Republican Today
  218. Lybia versus Obama and Obama Supporters
  219. There will be new polls this week.
  220. Rarely Has an International Crisis Been More Predictable
  221. More Brilliant Political Advice, from The Fox News Experts
  222. I don’t care what Fact Check says;
  223. Famous Last Words -- Obama Flashback
  224. Ouch; the sound you heard was Obama Bitch Slapping Romney
  225. 4 years ago today ...
  226. The Election - What is YOUR prediction??
  227. Can Obama successfully stonewall the media?
  228. Oh my... Axlerod's not gonna like this one
  229. Obama prepared to fund Known Terrorist Organization
  230. Americans love slavery
  231. To Republians who might be bored.......
  232. Mutt calls it a day and resigns as Presidential candidate
  233. Ooops! The Obama Admin was Warned After All
  234. Facts, Who Needs Facts ... Just Lie and they will believe
  235. Facts, why would liberals want facts?
  236. Whatever Became...
  237. The Long Strange Leak Of Mitt Romney's 47% Video
  238. Are The Police Part Of The Central Authority?
  239. I will stand with the muslims....
  240. DOJ and Media matters.
  241. Bush vs Obama -- Lessons in Courage
  242. Shame On You
  243. How To Identify A Racist
  244. America not better off under Obama
  245. Obama Team Tries to Lower Expectations for Debate
  246. Obama: I Actually Believe in Redistribution
  247. Reporters Ignore Ethics Violation
  248. Mutt being trussed like a Turkey ( Dog0 by one revelation after another .
  249. Why the Press Dumping on Mitt Doesn't Bug Me
  250. Federal Reserve is as Mad as a bunch of Hatters