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  1. Obama's Cairo Speech: Islam has played a role in the rich history of the US
  2. New Topic: Obama on David Letterman - New Topic:
  3. New Topic: Thurston Howell Romney - New Topic:
  4. America basher’s backfire: Killed by flag smoke
  5. Hedge Fund Head Taking Care of Obama's former Body Man
  6. Romney Apologizes To Nation's 150 Million 'Starving, Filthy Beggars'
  7. Misinformation from the Obama campaign, as regarding taxes
  8. Occupy Wall Street Organizer Unravels
  9. Beyonce, Jay-Z Raise $4 Million for Obama
  10. I Agree: Mitt Romney "should" double-down on his Video Speech
  11. Msg to Islamic Terrorists
  12. Has anyone fallen apart as early as Mutt
  13. Wait a minute! How can this be?
  14. Romney has inched ahead in New Hampshire
  15. End Corporate Person-hood and corporate contribution
  16. Mitt's father is one of the 47%
  17. The enthusiasm gap
  18. A Note on Romney’s Arrogant and Stupid Remarks
  19. Now That My Campaign Is Over
  20. The New and Improved Republican Party
  21. Mitt Romney ad spot leaves coal workers fuming
  22. barackobama.com selling desecrated American flags?
  23. A retirement home for the president?
  24. Obama: The Collectivist
  25. I've been posting on a liberal dominated system this week
  26. Obama: I Don’t Always Call People Unpatriotic, But When I Do, It’s On Video
  27. Pawlenty Steps Down From Romney Campaign
  28. Obama's early life
  29. Chris Stevens
  30. Barack Obama "The Rock Star Legal Professor" is a Total Fairy Tale
  31. Mr. Scam Man
  32. Loony leftists...
  33. Interesting Articles about Obama
  34. Der Hund auf dem Dach...or, The Dog on the Roof
  35. Chicago's Black Community leaders: It's Over
  36. Chick Fil A
  37. You want to laugh Republicans?
  38. Homosexuality
  39. LOL Funny Comic!!
  40. How Many Lies Can You Count?
  41. Andrea Mitchell Takes Hackery To New Levels
  42. Huge Boost to Welfare Industry
  43. Finally. A flag Americans CAN burn
  44. chance that romney can win the race ? 25% ?
  45. The Cherokee people demand the truth
  46. seriously now
  47. Michelle Obama's Patient-Dumping Scheme
  48. What Romney said...
  49. Pissing-Off Old People ... Again!
  50. How the Tea Party Killed Mitt Romney
  51. The Media--fooling no one but the Democrats these days
  52. Herman Cain says he would have a ‘substantial lead’ over Obama
  53. Romney's Tax 2011 Return + PriceWaterhouseCooper
  54. How is Romney's campaign going
  55. Remind me to never bring up politics around my DEM. family again!
  56. How do you think Romney will perform in the debates?
  57. Mutant Romberg Tax Release implications are final straw
  58. The Fake Truth and the Real Truth
  59. Obama Tightens His UN Diplomacy going into Election Mode.....
  60. Ann Romney's Plane Makes Emergency Landing.....
  61. Howard Stern exposes Brain-Dead obama supporters
  62. Attack Ads
  63. Peek inside Obama's wallet...
  64. Forget Tied National Polls, We're Winning
  65. Our own Baghdad Bob explains The View but not world leaders
  66. Maine Claim: HomoMarriage may win statewide vote
  67. ObamaCare described in one sentence...long sentence
  68. Obama Voters asked why they are going to vote for Obama
  69. Obama Site has STOPPED selling images of the desecrated flag
  70. First "Lady" seeking more negro voters
  71. 60 Minutes
  72. Early Voting in Iowa
  73. Voter Registration Fraud caught on tape in Colorado
  74. Romney support among older Americans is going south!
  75. Obstruction First, Country Last!
  76. Mitt and the threat of abandonment
  77. Sarah Palin may not be thrilled
  78. OK, so is Rasmussen now not creditable?
  79. Powerful Add that can't be disputed.
  80. NASCAR Fans like Obama more than Mitt
  81. So; How Stupid is Mitt Romney?
  82. Obama cancels election-season meeting with Egyptian Islamist Morsi
  83. Senate slaps Extremist Reps over cutting Foreign aid .
  84. Elizabeth Warren has a law license problem
  85. Fauxahontas Elizabeth Warren Caught in a New Big Screw-Up
  86. OMG: Do they really beleive they don't have a record ... on Video?
  87. OK: Now we know how Stupid Mitt Romney really is.
  88. Obama, Biden Lead Romney, Ryan in NC
  89. Latest Swing State Polls
  90. Don't believe the big lie of the latest Gallup polls
  91. I’m the guy running for president, not him.
  92. Could Michelle Obama get away with Ann Romney’s ‘fire’?
  93. FEMA Pulls Swap On Rick Scott, Denies Florida Federal Funds
  94. Lindsey Spits It Out...
  95. If Republicans mandate a Test to Vote ... Guess who won't be able to Vote?
  96. Obama: Bush presided over ORGY OF SPENDING
  97. Best case for the Democrats
  98. Hillary Clinton Aide Tells Reporter To “Fuck Off” And “Have A Good Life”
  99. WH Silent Over Demands to Denounce ‘Piss Christ’ Artwork
  100. Mitt Romney Doesn’t Get Why Airplane Windows Don’t Open
  101. If you vote for Obama or Romney then you are part of the problem.Here is why
  102. We Pledge Allegiance to 'Tha King'
  103. Democrat operative on Democrats
  104. Obama May Be Reelectedd
  105. Mitt Romney, Iran And Dirty Bombs -- So Very, Very Wrong
  106. Transparency?
  107. Voted Yet?
  108. First Place Prize
  109. Hey, Wisconsin, do you still support Union Busting?
  110. Is This A Penalty or a Tax or Just The Result of More Bad ObamaIdeas?
  111. Paul Ryan vs. The Stench
  112. Libya Attack Casts Unwanted Spotlight on CIA and Blackwater Role in Syria
  113. Obama Revealed Thru his Mentor Frank Marshal Davis.....
  114. Kids to Michelle Obama: WE ARE HUNGRY!
  115. Just Remember…
  116. Obama's Lead is Starting to Look Insurmountable
  117. This is what getting off the liberal plantation looks like
  118. Obama Now Second Worst at Doing His Job
  119. If you're looking for the 47% that do not pay taxes, look in these 10 states.
  120. Now the Polls Suck!
  121. Romney dead according to , " Scott , The Seer , Rasmussen "
  122. Ten Reasons why Romney will Win
  123. Israeli Lobbiest Talks About False Flas.
  124. Should this President be impeached?
  125. Obama vs. Romney for Small Business
  126. It's a wrap, folks
  127. The swing states according to Rasmussen
  128. Should everyone vote?
  129. Obamacare Promised $2500 Decrease in Cost for Families; Ends up as $3000 Increase
  130. The Republican party mostly represents white people?
  131. Why The 47% Matter
  132. The rising cost of fuelling White Flight
  133. Lots more on the Obama Economic Miracle Today
  134. 2012 Voter Guide for Demopublicans and Republicrats
  135. Quinnipiac Pollster Admits: "Massive Dem Skew" is "Probably Unlikely"
  136. Eltahawy arrested in NY for vandalism
  137. I am appalled as an American ... !
  138. The Obama you don’t know
  139. Oh No ... Not Again Mitt
  140. Latest Romney Hypocrisy Alert - "BarTeachers Union From Contributing to Campaigns"
  141. Phoenix Mayor Attempts To Live On A Food Stamp Budget
  142. Internal Poll: Mia Love 51 points
  143. Mitt Romney's Gaffes Are Needlessly Weakening Him Against Obama
  144. Just keep talking Mitt ... Please keep talking.
  145. Nancy Pelosi; The GOP afraid of the people.
  146. Ouch. Soul crushing. Mitt Romney and the Infinite Sadness
  147. Clinton and Others Announce Contraception Deal.....
  148. Willard M Romney on Guns, in his own "words" !
  149. Republicans on the wrong side of the issues: #1 Education
  150. Barack Obama: Serial Liar
  151. Early Voting Means The Election Has Already Begun
  152. CBS Investigates Pro-Obama Polling Bias and Finds None
  153. Did you Hear? Obama 'gaffe'. Oh. well i guess not
  154. Defeat Limbaugh's Tea Party In 60 Seconds --Hilarious (and True)
  155. Mitt got Owned by whis Own Words! "I care"
  156. Obama Admins TERRIBLE handling of this Benghazi Assassination
  157. A debate drinking game proposal
  158. Republicans on the wrong side of the issues: #2 Social Security
  159. Obama Doing What He Does
  160. Democrat Voter Registration Down In Key States
  161. Mayor of New Jersey Capitol arrested
  162. Chris Matthews on the Unemployment numbers
  163. Next Republicans will blame the Data as Liberal Bias
  164. President of The United States, Barack Obama’s Coolest Presidential Moments
  165. Mitt's a Big Hit with College Students.
  166. Romney Supporters Say He Was Right About the 47 Percent
  167. Isn't it a little early for debate excuses
  168. Mitt Romney's Crocodile Tears: Game-On!
  169. George W. Bush posts better favorability ratings than Mitt Romney
  170. Obama Too Constrained By Governing For Debate Prep?
  171. Election 1980 déjà vu
  172. Obama’s Cost Taxpayers $1.4 Billion Last Year
  173. Obama Calls for New Economic Patriotism
  174. MSNBC Caught Doctoring Clip From Romney/Ryan Rally
  175. Killing is the Solution
  176. Free Colonoscopies
  177. True or False - Romney outsoursed most work?
  178. Voting Disaster
  179. "Obama Phone"
  180. J-Z supports obama cause of color
  181. In the end, it’s Mitt
  182. There IS an alternative for President!!! Canada!
  183. Ann Romney Worried About Mitt's "Mental Well-Being"
  184. Congressional Black Caucus honors Holder by naming him
  185. Jackson's absence testing patience in Chicago
  186. We call this Vote Buying - Ohio Obamaphone Program doubles in election Year!
  187. Obama - Clueless or Purposely Hurting the United States??
  188. This could be the nail in Mitt's political coffin
  189. "How Racist Is the Obama Phone Video?"
  190. McGurk Effect
  191. Pollsters: Frauds, incompetents or partie lackies?
  192. Republicans on the wrong side of the issues: #3 Medicare
  193. Updated U.S. Election Predictions
  194. Another Obama Endorsement
  195. Biden as much as admits the left are liars
  196. How to put America Back together...
  197. Joe Biden - Screws up Number of American War Dead
  198. The Great Debate
  199. Medicare to fine hospitals
  200. Ryan - Romney Tax Plan Too Complex To Explain
  201. Hussein Obama Hates Capitalism & America
  202. Obama's America: Are You Sick Yet?
  203. OBAMA AND THE THREAT TO ISRAEL-Absolutely Uncertain!
  204. The Russians Hate US Fracking
  205. Obama Pulls ALL The Stops For Coming Debate
  206. Rosanne Barr
  207. Univision tries Journalism
  208. THE Graph all Obamah supporters must see
  209. It's All Over - Romney Wins!
  210. Wait -- It Might Not Be Over...CNN says they're tied
  211. The next time a Republican talks about ACORN … tell them to STFU!
  212. I Don’t Have The Time’ To Explain How We Will Pay For Our Tax Plan
  213. Romney “strategically” placing minorities at rallies
  214. Romney has zingers that he has has been practicing since August
  215. Member poll
  216. Another Distraction…
  217. Democratic Ditz Candidate
  218. The Left Opts For Restriction Of Freedom Of Speech
  219. Some Black Americans See Obama For What He Really Is & They Don’t Like What They See
  220. Judge halts Pa.'s tough new voter ID requirement
  221. Obama Leads Romney by 18 Points Among Women
  222. Obama's Failed Policies
  223. Poll: Obama's lead with Latinos jumping to historic high
  224. AmEx to refund $85 million to customers
  225. Biden: Middle Class 'Has Been Buried the Last Four Years'
  226. The Dirty Fuckin' Hippies...
  227. Why are we not seeing better Republican ads?
  228. Who Is Goinng to win the debate?
  229. Parallel Universe where Romney leads all polls
  230. Done
  231. Oh, Oh.....Looks like the fixed poll results aren't working. Oops!
  232. NPR Pop-Up Politics
  233. Paul ryan 2011 american spectator speach - Wow ... just Wow; Game Over!
  234. Bachmann: ‘We Must Ban Falafel’ in School Lunches
  235. Who will you be voting for?
  236. Only Ayman Zuwahiri and al Qaeda can save Mutant from defeat .
  237. Women's Voices - Join Women for Obama
  238. Private-Sector Employment Increased by 162,000 Jobs in September
  239. Does this MF actually think I'm going to Vote for him?
  240. A Sign For The Times
  241. Here's my view
  242. Ryan Tells Retired Seniors To Get A Job So They Are "Good Taxpayers"
  243. In Obama's own words...
  244. Obama's daughters are listed as SENIOR STAFFERS
  245. Big Dog takes a bite out of Mitt's Ass
  246. Questions for the president
  247. Eric Bolling CLOBBERS Obama On His Stafford Act Demagoguery
  248. POEM: Ode to the Welfare State...1949
  249. Is it me or is Romney CRUSHING Obama?!!!
  250. Any predictions for the VP debates?