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  1. Too much sun
  2. Karma
  3. Terminator-like’ liquid metal developed by scientists
  4. Rampant Fish Fraud
  5. Rampant Fish Fraud
  6. The 48 Laws of power
  7. Patrick Henry's "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" Speech
  8. Conor McGregor announces surprise retirement
  9. Spring breakers turn tables on armed robber at Florida gas station
  10. March 28, 1979 - Three Mile Island accident - Happy 40th!!
  11. OK Men. It's time.
  12. The Worst Disease Ever Recorded
  13. What the hell bit the head off this enormous shark?
  14. Idiot woman scares off a moose throwing a cat at it
  15. Social media monster gets a slap on the wrist after kicking puppy
  16. Helicopter Crash in NY's Orange County
  17. Mississippi man pleads guilty in ‘Vote Trump’ church arson
  18. Let's Talk
  19. Germany demands apology after Trump claims his father was born there!
  20. Of the millions of decisions we make in life. Only a handful can make or break it
  21. Cops: Pals Took Turns Shooting Each Other
  22. Amazon wants to launch thousands of satellites so it can offer broadband internet fro
  23. Bezos divorce done
  24. Dogsitting a friends dog for a day or so
  25. Why is it that
  26. Detroit police officer shows up intoxicated to MSP breathalyzer training
  27. What's good in your life today ?
  28. Proof The Wall Is Going Up- Paloma For Trump
  29. The Permian Basin Is Now The World's Top Oil Producer
  30. No Selfies Allowed! Tourists at This Phuket Beach May Face Death Penalty for Taking
  31. Video captures bull running into motorcyclist at top speed
  32. Fisher Concrete Border Wall Presentation 12 08 17
  33. James Dean / Cat person
  34. How much leeway do judges have and how is that leeway
  35. Individual dies after donating bone marrow
  36. Man gets 60 days in jail for sexually assaulting dog
  37. The mystery of Julian Assenges cat
  38. Does anyone enjoy solitude as much as I do ?
  39. Botched Penis Enlargement is an Epedemic
  40. Warning: Socialist, ignorant or evil?
  41. Game of Thrones
  42. Dog Found Swimming 135 Miles at Sea
  43. DNA sheds light on origin of Stonehenge builders
  44. Game of Trumps
  45. There'a a Reason God put Alabama next to Floriduh
  46. Other message Boards
  47. Scientists Re-Animate Dead Brains! Zombifying Miracle Provides Hope For Trump Support
  48. Max is slipping
  49. Bare-faced cheat: Women 'better at hiding infidelity'???
  50. Has anyone had Cataract Surgery
  51. Windows 7 to End
  52. GOT - Arya reunites with the Hound
  53. Arab Dating
  54. What are the worst jobs in America? These have stress, low pay and lack of job securi
  55. Happy Easter Everyone
  56. GoT - Episode 2 - Spoiler alert for those who suck at TV
  57. OMG!!!!!!! sickening
  58. COLOGUARD ..worse place in America to work?
  59. GoT - Episode 2 - Uproar? Spoiler Alerts... Any GoT thread will have spoilers...
  60. Jeopardy fans?
  61. Horrible
  62. Special warm hearted moments !
  63. Last Hurrah: Social Justice Warrior Vegan Restaurant That Charged Men More Is Closing
  64. An answer given on test
  65. Something in the water
  66. Nvidia RTX 2080 ti video card
  67. GoT - Episode 3 - Spoilers...Duh...
  68. Dont Sleep in Contacts
  69. Flight to Europe -- Business or Economy
  70. My New Social Group
  71. Lets role play!
  72. New Men-Only Group
  73. Are women only clubs legal in the #MeToo era?
  74. Marx on the Evil of Private Clubs
  75. What would happen if you didn't shower for a year?
  76. Real life Photo of Jaws
  77. Max our Little Big Boy is 14 yrs old
  78. Video shows student kick officer at Homestead Senior High School
  79. A bird got in the house today ..
  80. People who have become very difficult to look at ...
  81. Moron walks his dog while driving
  82. New Campaign Poster
  83. London - Things to see / Places to stay and restaurants?
  84. Belfast. Things to see / hotels? Restaurants?
  85. Tragedy at Fort Carson
  86. Timelapse video: USS Abraham Lincoln transits the Suez Canal
  87. Who owns an Air Fryer
  88. Retarded Neighbors
  89. Tarantino, Hollywood and Political Correctness.
  90. Happy Mothers Day !
  91. The men’s Locker Room.
  92. GOT - Season 8 - Episode 4 - Spoilers
  93. Happy Mothers Day
  94. Pitbull wins over Chandler
  95. Lima vs Paige
  96. Phoenix known dangerous fugitive arrested
  97. Why are dogs so needy? It disturbs me
  98. AARP Alternative
  99. Big Gator walks across golf course with fish in hits mouth
  100. Report: All Six Men Attracted To Feminists Deeply Affected By Sex Strike
  101. Heh: Even Chris Matthews is Calling Out the Left’s Trump Tax Return Lunacy ......
  102. Video shows woman pushing elderly man from Las Vegas bus; he later died
  103. The good old days
  104. A message from the future
  105. Common Ground
  106. Ever Hear About a Full Moon Cacao Ceremony?
  107. Grumpy Cat, internet sensation and animal movie star, dies at 7.....
  108. Eating Roadkill Is Illegal in California. But That May Change
  109. How This Man Went from Being a Troubled Teen to a Navy SEAL
  110. GoT Episode 5 - Spoilers of course
  111. Discipline = Freedom
  112. Low 70s for high temps in Phoenix, in May! I love it
  113. Scientists figure out why grocery store tomatoes suck
  114. #MeToo backlash: More male managers avoid mentoring women or meeting alone with them
  115. World’s largest’ brain tumor removed from man
  116. Bat HO's
  117. Steak and Burgers
  118. Artie Lange
  119. Rack em' and stack em'
  120. NYPD identify the 'subway brake bandit' from a picture of his PENIS
  121. On autopilot: 'Pilots are losing their basic flying skills,'
  122. Legendary Packers QB Bart Starr Dies At 85
  123. Memorial Day Reflections
  124. MH 370/ Air France 447. Similarities. Could they be related ?
  125. NYC Lyft Passenger Caught on Camera Savagely Beating Driver
  126. Man Sets Himself on Fire Near White House
  127. 10,000 Steps A Day? How Many You Really Need To Boost Longevity
  128. Country folks
  129. Oklahoma driver goes around roadblocks set up for flooding, crashes into sinkhole
  130. Georgia girl saves sister from drowning in pool
  131. John Deere 240 Tractor Steering Problem
  132. Crazed leftist attacks Trump supporters at pro gun 2nd Amendment rally in L.A
  133. 3D printed homes for the extreme poor
  134. YouTube bans Hate
  135. Millennial dads have pathetic DIY skills compared to baby boomers
  136. Tankless Hot Water Heaters
  137. Bucket list stuff thatll likely be a no show
  138. Walmart to deliver and put groceries in your fridge while your not home
  139. Wow.....
  140. Dreams ..to dream .funny/ non funny
  141. Prehistoric wolf head found perfectly preserved in Russia
  142. Why Russia won’t win a stealth showdown against the US
  143. Trump just made a TREMENDOUS deal to make Hawaii our 50th state!
  144. Kellyanne Conway to leave White House immediately to begin new job at Kremlin!
  145. Trump Really knows his Base
  146. Have You Heard of the Prince of Whales?
  147. A Great Pit Bull story
  148. Cat filter accidentally used in Pakistani minister’s live press conference
  149. Cough-us Interruptus
  150. What risk do you mitigate on an ongoing basis?
  151. Sacramento county cal
  152. Replacement for Sarah Sanders DQ'd after telling the truth on job application
  153. Self-help psycho-therapy for tPF posters.
  154. Airbus wants pilotless planes. Do you?
  155. Young people are growing horns from cellphone use
  156. Congress Members To Wear Barcodes So Lobbyists Can Scan Prices, Self-Checkout
  157. Trump proposes constitutional amendment making it illegal to burn him on Twitter!
  158. Official Application for Slave Reparations
  159. What are your interests or hobbies?
  160. Murder in the Atlas Mountains
  161. How the Neighborhoods of Manhattan Got Their Names
  162. How a Bad Night’s Sleep Birthed the Sound Conditioner
  163. Tiger versus Sherman LEGO Style
  164. Older Pet Help
  165. Caught by her own surveillance camera
  166. Billy Drago Has Died
  167. Warning: 30 Things About Life I Wish I Had Known 10 Years Ago
  168. Do Not Celebrate World Pride Day !
  169. OMG ..! Atlanta is burning to the ground !!
  170. One Year Anniversary
  171. Handshake grips — who has a stronger? Obama, Trump or Kim Jong Un
  172. A JET stowaway’s body fell 3,500ft and smashed into a back garden
  173. News site launched during the Bush years is running millions of dollars short.
  174. What Do Gays Contribute To Society?
  175. Lee Iacocca Dead
  176. Artie Johnson
  177. To the Veterans on this 4th
  178. What is this house?
  179. Have fun and be careful my friend !
  180. Oh geeze... Chateau Laurier renovations
  181. talk about karma...............hahahahahaha
  182. Is President Trump re-establishing slavery?
  183. 2012 Shiraz
  184. Year One Observations!
  185. An old man remembers
  186. The Perks of Being a Psychopath
  187. US Army to drop ‘US’ from name over past links to slavery
  188. $1200 a month for a bunk bed in a shared space in LA - more in San Fran
  189. DARPA develops ‘smart grass’
  190. Max isnt doing well
  191. Good SHTF interview with a survivor of the Bosnian conflict
  192. Cannibal killer slaughtered and ate ...
  193. Mom Arrested For Driving With Inflatable Pool On Car — With Kids Inside
  194. Why the Moon Landings Footage Would Have Been Impossible to Fake
  195. The Badlands Guardian: Geological Feature that Stunned the World
  196. You Can Now Buy DIY Tiny House Kits on Amazon With Free Shipping
  197. Deplorable Self Abuse!
  198. Disney Starlet: 'I Was Molested From Age 6 To 14 - Exposes Disney Pedophile Network
  199. Meth Gators ...
  200. Meanwhile at the Chik-fil-A in Nashville
  201. Pernell Whitaker has Passed
  202. 911 Memorial
  203. Thank you !
  204. I found your data. It’s for sale.
  205. Drone pilots now authorized to telecommute
  206. A new version of Firefox will warn you if your passwords were pirated
  207. Science says " talking to oneself " does NOT mean I'm crazy .
  208. Strange Phone Call
  209. Question for Motorheads
  210. This is not good.
  211. Americans Are More Charitable than “Socially Conscious” Europeans
  212. Why Being a Jerk Can Be a Valuable Life Skill
  213. Say Something About the Person Above You
  214. Political Labels and Me
  215. Trump Blames White House Air Conditioning on Obama
  216. Watching a snake fart will take your breath away
  217. Driving?
  218. Stuff
  219. Recycling
  220. Cooee, it's Refugee
  221. ‘Idiots’: NC gun shop billboard mocks AOC and three other liberal congresswomen
  222. Hundreds of bees drop dead around ‘5G towers’ in California
  223. Death by chocolate
  224. Dealing with the Right Wing Idiots On Forums
  225. Dog Protests the Summer heat
  226. Evidence of ancient ‘time machine’ star found 35,000 light-years from Earth
  227. Warning: Boy Scouts’ pedophile epidemic may be worse that the Catholic Church
  228. A Frustrating History of the Claw Machine
  229. Scientists uncover creative formula for movie making success
  230. Brian Banks
  231. Kathie Lee Gifford Aims To Become TV Preacher!
  232. Worlds of My Own.
  233. Support for abolishing gun laws.
  234. Intelligent Cruise Control
  235. Trump demands Facebook investigate why Obama's post got so many likes!
  236. Not comforting to see your doctor Google your Treatment Plan
  237. Draco the Bush Plane, and Bush Plane Games.
  238. O.O too funny!
  239. Called My Lawyer
  240. Mexican self driving car spotted.
  241. Peter Fonda dead at 79
  242. What is it about liberals and there must be more. .
  243. Car Opinions