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  1. New Record : 69 hotdogs consumed
  2. America's oldest fridge still keeping cool
  3. Awful story - leaving a child in a car
  4. Obama's Columbia transcript
  5. Happy birthday, KC!
  6. Pics from Space
  7. 10 Year Old Beat International Master of Chess
  8. Man caught hiding in septic tank of ladies room
  9. Countdown to Royal baby
  10. For the parents out there
  11. I woke up this morning
  12. son gets dumped by another young lady.......
  13. Who are the Early Birds around here?
  14. How can you tell it's getting Later in the week ...
  15. My apologies for not being around...
  16. Rush Limbaugh: A War Criminal !
  17. 6:30 am the phone rings.....'someone stole my pants'
  18. Miracle message in a bottle on LI
  19. Kevin James Comedy Magician
  20. Book "Men on strike"
  21. Dead' Hospital Patient Wakes Up To Doctors Preparing To Remove Organs
  22. TV report: names of the Asiana pilots.
  23. Ok Young guys Help me out
  24. 'Vampire' graves unearthed in Poland
  25. Smartphone During Sex
  26. Men--the new second class citizens
  27. Funny the way it is: Stranded Dave Matthews hitches ride with fan to show
  28. Apple probing death linked to charging iPhone
  29. Need a good laugh?
  30. Neighborhood Watch and Insurance
  31. Mosquito Trivia
  32. Please Hold Your Fire ... and don't be Afraid
  33. Just noticed something...
  34. B37? B10 g63
  35. Happy Birthday Oceanlover
  36. Americas most dangerous cities
  37. Ok this is Funny
  38. Pimp Baddy Rev Al and His New Squeeze
  39. A jokes thread
  40. North Texans Sick With Cyclospora Infection
  41. Vancouver man’s gun shooting defense: Biden
  42. Now this is a Happy Meal
  43. An Actual Bank Heist
  44. Heat wave
  45. I'm a vampire
  46. Washing hands
  47. Ready - Aim - Fire !
  48. The women will love this :)
  49. Seriously guys of the world
  50. Study: Men with sisters tend to be conservative
  51. True Facts About The Owl
  52. New Private Detective Series
  53. 4 Signs You May Have Had a Past Life
  54. Call of the Wild and Bourgeois Society.
  55. Paddleboard Yoga
  56. Man Saves his dog from raccoon
  57. Franklin County dog swarmed by hundreds of bees dies
  58. Twain on London.
  59. HERE? Or "Food And Drink?
  60. Best Ad For A City Council.... Ever!
  61. IE10 and TPF
  62. It Begins: Pedophiles call for same rights as homosexuals
  63. Zoophiles Threaten Legal Challenge As Germany Pledges To Toughen Bestiality Laws
  64. Thousands Of Bees Attack Texas Couple, Kill Horses
  65. The Real Carlos Danger: Weiner's Alias is a Real-life Psychiatrist
  66. Funny GIFs
  67. bad tv but i like it..real housewives of new jersey
  68. Would you like to have sex with me?
  69. Man believes 'FBI Warning' computer virus, tricked into reporting own child pornograp
  70. This burger takes extra cheddar — $383,000 sandwich
  71. Audi r8 - Fast
  72. Woman sues over taxpayer fund boob job
  73. New drone airplane program sets out to find Bigfoot
  74. Two Things Occur To Me ...
  75. White & wrong
  76. I ate meat today....thought a couple of you on here would like to know
  77. Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse: Just Do the Math
  78. How about Coffee Instead
  79. Fashion trends and your own personal style
  80. Marine Helps Boy Finish Race
  81. Tomorrow is Friday!
  82. The Lady of/from the South IS Rising
  83. Man with 132 lb. scrotum gets TLC show
  84. Best Bartender Joke EVER
  85. How Short Should You Cut Your Grass?
  86. Medieval Boat Found In England
  87. Biblical find! Piece of Christ’s cross claimed found
  88. Just got back from the beach...
  89. Have you ever had a day...
  90. Okay, so a socialist walks into a bar
  91. Joke of the Day: The Pope Goes to Alaska
  92. Python found in homeowners shed
  93. 15 million-year-old whale skull found
  94. Is America overexposed?
  95. Tampon and Condom Ads
  96. White boys in the hood...
  97. Chelsea Handler
  98. All in the name of science
  99. Backward Plots
  100. How many Licks does it take ....
  101. Random Acts of Kindess
  102. Want to lower the divorce rate? Try ‘wedleases,’ lawyer says
  103. Tampex commercial
  104. Trolling Ram
  105. Some Beethoven for the minds at peace. . .
  106. More than 100,000 apply for mission to colonize Mars in 2022
  107. Oldest Cold Case ever solved
  108. Baltimore researchers turn carnivorous fish into vegetarians
  109. big bang fan
  110. Forget high-speed rail...Hyperloop is the way to go?
  111. So, this is funny... Daft Punk vs. Colbert
  112. How to Tell when Bananas turn Bad!
  113. Falcon Nesting in a Tree......
  114. Google Analytics
  115. Why She Mows my Lawn...
  116. I now carry chalk in my glovebox
  117. Iran is now allowing Women to Drive...
  118. Never Lose your Grandson...
  119. Amazing Photo...
  120. Monopoly On The Internet
  121. Benefits of Obamacare
  122. New Jet just for GAY MEN...
  123. SIGN of the TIMES....
  124. Dallas Folk not afraid to speak their minds....
  125. Guide Dog for a Muslim Woman
  126. American Presidents in Uniform...
  127. The Power of Makeup...
  128. Watch the guy on the left, not the girl
  129. Men: How you should Factor Women in your everyday life?
  130. Decapitated Copperhead Bites Itself
  131. Impress-A-Vention!
  132. The Star Wars Conspiracy
  133. "Duck Dynasty" Star Explains How He Was A Victim Of "Facial Profiling"
  134. What car do you like best
  135. Who will you like to have lunch?
  136. Lahti 9mm
  137. Winchester Model 52 Rifle
  138. The hip flask
  139. Who are the beautiful girls
  140. I hate candy crush
  141. 40 pythons found in Canada hotel room
  142. Do you agree with this girl
  143. The Stay Long Pub
  144. Need a laugh?
  145. Testicle-biting Fish Found In Sweden
  146. New York woman whose testimony at age 9 jailed father for rape now says she lied
  147. Got my laptop back!
  148. I was wrong Justin Beiber he do sing good
  149. President of European Council
  150. Geriatric Traffic Jam
  151. Many People Would Save Their Dog Over A Foreign Tourist
  152. What Queen is more beautiful
  153. Elmore Leonard, R.I.P.
  154. Scarlette Johansson she have Thor Hammar tattoo
  155. We the People...
  156. Made in Canada
  157. Meet m y friend Kleinbok
  158. Animals Jumping on Trampolines
  159. Can you find yourself?
  160. Take 10 Pills and You're Fine....
  161. A Bar for Senior Men....
  162. Easiest way to test batteries...
  163. Juggler Performing for Reagan and Tip O'Neil
  164. Update on Kathy's Breast implants.....
  165. Geriatric Traffic Jam
  166. Brazilian Man picks wrong shop to rob
  167. Animals on Trampolines
  168. Help Me Name My Blog
  169. How Often Do You Meet "The Love Of Your Life"?
  170. When you tell a lie
  171. BMW M6 Pass @ 145 MPH at Autobahn Country Club Joliet IL
  172. Couple married 65 years die on same day
  173. Childbirth's not so hard...
  174. Do you think shaved head it is sexy or creepy?
  175. Do you have tattoos
  176. Liberals vs Conservatives
  177. How a Man can use 3 naked women
  178. Five Masculine Moments
  179. New Information about Aspirin
  180. Eleven-year-old boy genius is now a college freshman
  181. 9 Urban Dictionary Definitions You Need To Know
  182. Jersey City woman fought back, stabbed attacker during sex attack
  183. Today's Giggle
  184. Overused terms
  185. Michelle's Home
  186. Flinstones
  187. Unconditional love: Molalla mother aches for her murderer son
  188. Isn't if funny how
  189. Entrepreneurs Live
  190. Buying a House
  191. The Reason men drink Alcohol...
  192. Hurricane 'Sandy' should have been named "SHINASTA"!
  193. Billy's Desire........
  194. Hi!
  195. Estate Taxes - the Pros and Cons
  196. "Maybe" by Alison Krauss and Union Station
  197. My Turn For A Joke
  198. 19 Jokes Only Grammar Nerds Will Understand
  199. Hillary to Change her Name for Security Reasons...
  200. Difference between Men and Women Driving
  201. Animals do Make us Laugh
  202. Underwear Dust
  203. Will Jill, Marie, Mr. Happy et al play a Game with me?
  204. Happy Birthday to Me!
  205. Open Sores On Feet?
  206. What Are You Wearing, Right Now?
  207. On Syria...
  208. Blind Leading The Scared
  209. Short Marriage
  210. Putin, Assad, and Obama finally resolve the issue
  211. Undeniable Truths of Life, almost as good as Rush's 35 'Truths'
  212. The Most Popular Swear Words on Facebook -- WARNING: GRAPHIC
  213. More U.S. seniors being targeted by phone scammers, police chief says
  214. How governments solve problems
  215. Alert: New Virus
  216. Too Soon? The 6 Weirdest Things
  217. World’s oldest man, 112, dies in NY
  218. Top Ten Reasons You Know Your Employer Has Changed to ObamaCare
  220. Sock in da house
  221. An international bird story
  222. I'll send you the name of my plumber!
  223. The Best Divorce letter, ever!
  224. Three Ladies joined our PUB.....
  225. Nothing to Live For
  226. Fifth Grade Assingment
  227. Off work due to hurt knee
  228. How Italians Tell Time
  229. Giving
  230. PooPouri
  231. Body Slam
  232. Kindle Fire tablet
  233. 9 Body Hacks That Will Save Your Life
  234. Fake Beef.....
  235. cheap reliable car
  236. Obese toddler has gastric bypass surgery
  237. This is pretty funny.....
  238. Fact Free News Reporting
  239. So you like McNuggets..........
  240. Your trips: What is the place that you most enjoyed?
  241. Comics, Everyone Should Try 'Em
  242. Rules
  243. The Greatest Song in the World
  244. What is the most screwed up thing about your state?
  245. L'Estaca a Revolutinary song
  246. America Cup
  247. Copying Your Clothing Outfit
  248. How to take care of your d*ck in 3 easy steps
  249. Doctors Grow Nose on Man’s Forehead
  250. Racialnyms